Monday Monthly Mission # . . .

March 1st, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Monday Monthly Mission

Today is Monday, March 1st, and I know you’re expecting our next Triple M. However . . .

Well, frankly, I’m about to have a baby! And also, we just celebrated our 10th Mission (woo-hoo!) and ten in a row is quite an accomplishment. So, this month we’re taking a little hiatus. For me, you can call it maternity leave. For you guys, consider it a well earned reward for the many missions completed.

I am planning a ‘Mini Mission’ for later this month, so definitely stay tuned for that. It’s a real important one.

In the meantime, why not revisit one of the previous 10 MMMs? Perhaps there’s one you missed that you’d like to attempt anew? March is the month for freestylin’, so you can choose a prior mission OR come up with a brand new mission of your own! Here’s our master mission list:

1) Composting!

  • With a comprehensive beginners guide here and a follow-up here.

2) Completing a Cleanse!

  • With some background info here, my first cleanse journal here and the follow-up here.

3) Ditching the Dryer!

  • With a how-to and follow-up here.

4) Sustainable Feminine Products!

  • With a follow-up here. (and lots of great reader comments)

5) Changing Our Dietary Habits!

  • With a check-in on being a local-vore here, and a wrap-up here.

6) Reducing Our Plastic!

  • With a follow-up here, and a second follow-up here.

7) Going ‘NO-POO’!!!

  • With a starter article here and a final follow-up here.

8) Switching to Family Cloth!

  • With a handy how-to here and a recap here.

9) Shopping Exclusively Secondhand!

  • With a follow-up here.

10) Saving Change to MAKE Change!

  • With an explanation and information here.

So what do you think, my dear ones? Will you be taking the month off to recharge? Or will you be charging into one of our past adventures? Or, perhaps, will you be inventing your very own unique mission? (do share, if you do!!)

Me? I’ll be diligently working on ‘Operation: Dirty Diapers and Sleepless Nights’. I can’t wait!

  • Kate

    I had been planning on Master Cleansing ever since I found your blog! I just finished up the RAGNAR Relay Del Sol (check it out! !) and wanted to let my body recover before fasting. My cleanse will start this Friday!!

  • erosan

    Mmm… composting is something I’ve been wanting to try since a while ago… might as well give it a try!

  • Sayward

    @ Kate – I hope the cleanse went well! I’d love to hear about your experience.

    @ erosan – How’s the composting going?