So, Why Cleanse?

May 8th, 2009 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles

The Master Cleanse:

The Master Cleanse is a prolonged period of limited intake with the intention of detoxification.  It’s a form of ‘body cleanse’ – an attempt to induce the mass release of accumulated chemicals.  Poisons are stored within fat cells, and breaking down these reserves (by severely restricting calories) releases the poisons.  These are then eliminated from the body with the aid of herbal laxative tea and the saline flush.

All over the world and throughout the ages, people have fasted for mental, physical, and spiritual benefit.  However, Western medicine has limited interaction with these practices. There is little accepted research, and virtually no peer-reviewed studies.  Modern medicine and traditional techniques seem unable to reconcile their differences, and so the validity of the mechanism is highly (and hotly!) debatable.


Personally, I would encourage anyone to consider cleansing.  I learned so much about myself during my first Master Cleanse.  Now, a year later, I’m looking forward to round two!  If you’re interested in joining, please please do your research before you jump in.  Remember, knowledge is power and education is your own responsibility.  So do your homework, investigate the pros and the cons, and follow your own intuition.  You know what’s best for your body.  Trust yourself.


Here are some simple starting places - 

The Wikipedia article, for a general ‘unbiased’ overview

A summary pdf of the original text by Stanley Burroughs

An article from the standard perspective of a western medical doctor


Will I see you next week for the big kick-off?  Whether you’ll be cleansing or not, participation in the discussion is always welcome.   Monday morning marks the start, with a delicious saline flush (blech!).  Hope to see you there!


  • Meghan

    I think I’m going to wait until the end of the month to start my cleanse… I’m planning on going backpacking in a week and a half, and don’t want to worry about coming off of the fast while I’m traveling. I’m looking forward to reading your blog in the coming weeks though!

  • Sayward

    @ Meghan – That sounds like a smart plan. And I’m sure you’ll be able to get a lot out of watching us go through it right before you do! Definitely check back in when you’re cleansing, yes?

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  • Crystal

    Dear Bonzai Aphrodite,
    Thank you for being an honest person and posting both the pros and cons. You are truly an inspiring person and for the past couple of days i’ve been sifting through your blogs only to be motivated and inspired to lead a healthier life. Thank you!
    You rock!

  • Sayward

    @ Crystal – Thank you my dear, that is just about the best compliment I can receive. Truly.

    Welcome to the community! You all inspire me just as much as I inspire you. I to see you around! =)

  • Katie

    I just started my cleanse today! I woundering if should still take a vitamin?

  • Sayward

    @ Katie – Congrats on the cleanse! But no, you don’t need to take vitamins during the cleanse. It’s just a waste of money since they’ll flush right out, and you risk upsetting your tummy. Just make sure you start back up with them as soon as you start on solids again. And most importantly, make sure you take a full run of probiotics!

    Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions or just let me know how it’s going for you. =)

  • Katie

    Thanks so much for the advice :)i actually stoped cleansing already :( i started feeling really sick and dizzy. I was wondering if there are any other cleanses out there that might work better for me? Again thanks so much for the advice i really enjoy reanding your blog. :)

  • Sayward

    @ Katie – It’s great that you listened to your body and didn’t try to push through something you weren’t ready for. Congrats on being tuned into yourself!

    Maybe you would benefit from a week or two (or month) of eating Raw. I’ve written a lot about my experience with Raw foods, and though it’s not a sustainable lifestyle for me, it certainly felt like a ‘cleaning out’ sort of diet. You might want to give that a try. =)

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  • Robot Unicorns Attack

    I can’t stand waiting to get my little paws on this! I can already feel my grades going down until I complete the game!