Celebrating the Wheel of the Year: Litha

June 17th, 2019 - filed under: The Farm » Family

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On the summer solstice, we celebrate Litha!

Litha is the first day of summer — the longest day of the year! On this day, the life-giving sun is strongest over the powers of darkness. Litha is a time for light magic, honoring:


By the time the summer solstice comes, all the seeds have been planted. The stage is set. Summer is here! Litha celebrates the precious moment of pause, between those early tender spring crops, and the coming bounty of the summer harvest. Look for butterflies, bees, and birds. Honor your pets.


My Litha altar, 2018.


Litha is blooming and bounty.

Litha is feast and fulfillment.

Litha is health and healing.

Litha is light, love, and luck!

Often, pagans decorate their Litha altars with flowers, fruit, and images or objects related to the sun. Traditional celebrations include lighting bonfires on hilltops and then rolling burning wheels down the hillsides, to represent sun. Maybe not practical in modern times, but fun to imagine nevertheless!

For a more manageable celebration, you could try:

♥ Make “solar water” by leaving a jug of water out in the sunlight, all day. ♥

♥ Make sun tea. ♥

♥ “Solarize” your crystals by giving them a bath in the sunlight. ♥

♥ Do yoga or take a walk at sunrise or sunset. ♥


Not sunrise or sunset per se, but I was able to take a lovely Litha beach walk on my lunch break at work.

♥ Make sun catchers. ♥

♥ Honor the bees by putting out dishes of water, or buying some bee-friendly plants/flowers for your yard. ♥

♥ Eat berries. Make jam! ♥

♥ Make a flower mandala. ♥

♥ Read or watch A Midsummer’s Night Dream. ♥


Litha sunset beach ritual.

Last year on Litha, me and all my witchy women were so very busy with our kids and careers and very, very grown-up things. Such is the way of life, sometimes. We weren’t able to make a whole party of it, but we did meet on the beach at dusk. I brought sunflowers and golden pilar candles. We sacrificed an entire bottle of wine to cast a circle, then we called the corners and thanked the light.

Then, we lit our candles and made wishes as we leapt over them.

IMG_4667 (2)

Mama and baby.



However you celebrate Litha (or not!), I hope that you’ll get some extra time outside in the coming days. I hope you’ll stop to stand still in the sunlight, to *pause* your very, very grown up things, if only for a moment.

Soak it up.

♥ ♥ ♥


  • Nikki

    Thank you for sharing all of your rituals and ideas. How did you find your witchy friends?

    -HSP, introverted anxious hermit witch!

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    Hi Nikki, sorry for this late response! I am very lucky that two of my witchy friends are women I have been lose to since college. The last is a woman I met at Wait’s preschool! She has become a great friend and we’ve done a lot of really special magic together. I am also an introvert! It’s so hard for me to make new friends, which is why I feel so lucky to have found this little coven. I’m definitely not they type to find my local pagan potluck and just show up to meet a bunch of strangers! (though I sometimes wish I was more that person).

    So I don’t know. Are you out of the broom closet? Wearing magical symbols in you clothing or jewelry, or finding ways to bring up magic — even subtly like mentioning the full moon — is a good way to test the waters with people you already know or are just meeting. I think a lot of people practice magic but everyone’s kind of secretive about it. So if you’re comfortable, bring up the eclipse or mention your herb walk or see who comments on your pentagram ring. You never know what you might find in common with someone if you just sort of subtly put it out there and see what happens . . .

    Good luck! I hope you find some kindred spirits to make magic with!

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