MMM8 Round-Up: Family Cloth

January 1st, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Monday Monthly Mission


I think this is going to be the shortest wrap up ever.

After investing a minimal amount of energy into the setup, I finally ‘sat down’ to give it a try. With a little apprehension and a little bit of doubt, I did what I needed to do (NOT doo-doo, haha) . . . and then reached for the cloth.

Okay, the second I actually did it I was like, “wait, really?” It was a similar feeling as when I switched to cloth pads. As in, WHAT THE HECK TOOK ME SO LONG??

May I be blunt?
1) Cotton *feels* a lot better than scratchy paper.
2) It’s really a relatively dry affair, if you know what I mean. There’s very little that’s actually transfered to the cloth. There’s no associated odor and cleaning them is just not an issue.

So all in all, I think this is one of the easiest, one of the most successful missions to date. I don’t know what I was so afraid of, and there’s no way I won’t keep doing this. I encourage you all to give it a try!


  • Mrs. Money

    YAY! I am glad you are enjoying it! I think the actual *thought* of it all squicks people out but it’s really not bad at all. Go you!

  • Ginger Baker

    I am definitely thinking of trying this soon. At least up on my floor/bathroom if not the downstairs one. :-)

  • Helen

    Glad it’s going well, I was keen to hear the outcome. Would you mind sharing how you wash them? i.e. roughly how often, do you put them in the machine straight from the bin, do you put them in with anything else, do you have to clean out the bin as well, are they fraying in the wash? Sorry so many questions – I’d be excited to try this but convincing DH will be easier if I know the logistics first…!

  • Kate

    I’m going to second Helen. Especially the washing part -how often? In their own load? etc. :-)

  • Sayward

    @ Mrs Money – Thanks! I’m loving it and wish more people could understand how awesome it is!

    @ Ginger Baker – Yup, I’ve only got it going in my upstairs bathroom for now. You should give it a try!

    @ Helen and Kate – Washing is easy and since there’s really no odor, there’s no rush or anything. Maybe once a week? For now I don’t separate because that would be such a small load and I would feel wasteful. I toss them in with the whites/towels, which is the only load I wash on hot. I also add a bit of lemon juice + hydrogen peroxide, as a natural bleach. I fold them up before throwing them in the bin so I haven’t had to clean it yet. I’ll probably give it a rinse eventually.

    Bear in mind I’m just doing this for #1, so there’s really not much odor or residue issue to deal with. =)

  • crookedmoonmama
  • Sarah D.

    Going to try this transition next. Breaking out the sewing machine & some old t-shirts to fashion some squares…dare I make them quilted…oh no! Haha, we’ll see. Gosh, I’m surprised that using these for #1′s actually gives people the heebe geebies. It doesn’t weird me out at all & since it’s just me and my husband it really only impacts me. Each tear of the toilette paper nags at me to make this change. I never even thought of an alternative to toilette paper before. Love this site & others like it for all the useful ideas.

  • zerowastelifestyle

    Wow now that is a good idea! I have a pile of useless knickers (panties)-the elastic is just too stretched-gonna fashion some nice wipes from old pants-what an intriguing and hilarious and very green idea!

  • Jen

    LOL! I thought you were doing this for #2 as well! I couldn’t handle that. I wonder if people do this for #2…Anyway, yeah, #1 wouldn’t be a big deal at all especially since I’m always peeing my pants when I sneeze/cough/jump etc. because of the baby ruining my kegels. ;-) I just wash those panties/pants with my regular laundry (warm or cold) and have never had a problem with them coming clean or having an odor. These reusable cloths for #1 are definitely do-able! Thanks for the suggestion. :-)

  • Sayward

    @ Jen – No way, I am just not that hardcore. And I am totally okay with that! =D

    (but yes, there are people who do it for #2)