“What I” Wednesday: A Day With My Family

October 4th, 2011 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles

In reviewing my WIAW posts, it became abundantly clear that I have a bias towards featuring weekdays. And more often than not, one weekday in particular: Monday. So I thought, perhaps this time I would spare you yet another green smoothie/tahini dip type of a day (okay, I admit it, I’m in a rut. But it’s such a tasty rut!) This week, I lugged the camera along for our Saturday adventures, as me and my boys went about our Rebhal-y business. It looked something like this:


I enjoyed a strong cup of french roast with [store bought, fortified] almond milk and a dash of stevia, while perusing the Internets.

Waits had some semi-naked time [pre-potty training] and played with the old [defunct] coffee maker (best. toy. ever.) and peered out from between the bars, dreaming of freedom . . . (his old knee pads make great little leg warmers!)

Then it was time to go to the Farmer’s Market!


I had (as always) a raw vegan hand pie. I’m partial to the passionfruit cheesecake, but this week I just couldn’t resist the special – a combination of chocolate and chipotle chili. It was OHSOGOODAMAZING (as always).

I also grabbed some more coffee:

A Late and Hasty Lunch

Waits woke up halfway through his nap and I had to nurse him back to sleep in my arms, which left me trapped underneath him. His nap ended up being extra long (mommy is comfy!), so by the time he woke up I was STARVING. I just grabbed the quickest/easiest thing, which was leftover “protein mashed potatoes” (tofu mashed in). We all three had a bowl and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t absolutely delicious!

Afternoon Treat

We went out to run some errands and made a quick stop by the co-op. I grabbed a [hippie-tastic] xgfx agave-sweetened quinoa peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and a can of coconut water (Amy and Brian’s is the best!). It was such a lovely afternoon . . .


I made us an awesome feast of fajitas! Refried beans (with salsa and nooch) topped with grilled veggies (onions and red/orange/yellow bell peppers) and mexican-spiced soy curls. So good!

The boys each enjoyed their fajitas in a traditional style – ie, in tortillas. But I wanted to get some raw veggies and some greens in, so I used large lettuce leaves as a wrapper. It worked great and I think the lettuce really allows the flavors in the filling to shine.


A scoop of coffee hemp ice cream and a scoop of vanilla coconut ice cream with peanut butter. Awwww yeah.


A couple years ago I got on this big kick of wearing clashing patterns. I always had a minimum of two, but often worked in three, even four different motifs (ie plaid, stripes, polka dots, and argyle). I fell in love with the quirk of it and I guess it sort of stuck, because this is a pretty typical autumn outfit for me.

I know I live in my own little fashion world. I’m pretty okay with that.

  • Plaid work shirt: thrifted
  • Tan shorts: secondhand, originally American Eagle Outfitter
  • Black leggings: from Target, long long ago
  • Green stripey long long long socks: from Sock Dreams (on sale even!)
  • Brown engineer boots: secondhand, pre-gan

What did you do last Saturday??

  • Jeni T

    I want your green socks! they are LUSH.

  • cheli

    that pic of you and waits walking away is so very very lovely!
    we just had the easiest, most uneventful potty trining ever. let me know if you want to hear our story

  • http://vkreesphotography.com vanessa

    That dessert looks delicious!!

  • Shannon Cook

    Yummy eats! That raw vegan hand pie looks soo good!


  • http://twitter.com/FarmerMarketVeg Ali Seiter

    Hey, Sayward!
    I’ve been noticing coconut water popping up all over the vegan blogosphere and was wondering if you could explain its popularity/health benefits?

  • http://www.love-life-project.com Stephanie

    I’ve never really liked coconut water. I WANT to like it, because it sounds so delicious, but I always push it aside after a few sips. That raw vegan pie? Absolutely beautiful.

  • http://buttonss.wordpress.com/ Cherie

    Oh my gosh that pie!! and that icecream!! and everything really!!
    Adorable outfit as well ♥

  • http://healthyhotandhappy.wordpress.com Madelaine

    I’m obsessed with coconut water. And now I feel the need to make raw chocolate pie. (:

  • http://twitter.com/keephealthstyle Laura Agar Wilson

    That breakfast pie looks amazing! I wish I had a farmers market like that close to me, the best I have is my local green grocers but I have to admit they are pretty awesome. I’m really trying to save cash right now and they offer a discount if you get their password from their website, sweet! Oh and last weekend I was doing a detox – which I decided to rename as a ‘healthy feast’ – it was fabulous and I’m feeling so much more balanced :-)

  • Anonymous

    That raw pie has me drooling!

    I miss the nursing naps…. I don’t miss potty training. Good luck!

  • Jeni T

    Ha ha, I’ve just spent 40 dollars on socks and it’s all your fault!
    (I’m in love with that site)

  • http://brokencookiesdontcount.wordpress.com/ Fran @BCDC

    I just found you over on Peas & Crayons for WIAW! I love your blog and I love the outfit even more. Cheers!!

  • http://www.neonflamingosandwhitepeacocks.wordpress.com Melissa

    I enjoy all of your posts, but this one is esp. drool-worthy (raw hand-pie, please) – just love ur eats and Waits is so adorable ! Have a lovely day

    xoxo Mel

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=692392402 Joselle Palacios

    LOVING the socks and boots. Hot.

  • Nicole Iwaszko

    Love those socks. Totally just dropped some cash for a pair!

  • Brianna

    I love that you had a pie for breakfast. Lol. That’s adorable

  • http://sarasexpletives.wordpress.com/ Sara Grambusch

    What I WORE Wednesday? Adorable.

  • Jill

    Ha, my son had a lot of bare-bottomed days around the same age and it led to a very smooth transition from cloth diapers to potty. Brings back fun memories!

  • http://eatplantbased.com Josephine

    That pie looks amazing, now i need to find one ;)

  • Amberle

    I would also like to add I immediately went and and bought several pairs of socks for my bf and I from Sock Dreams. He loves the Tabi socks : ) You have my my cold lil legs and feet so happy, but I may adicted now…

  • Melisa

    Apparently a lot of us had a similar reaction to this post! I could lose hours looking through the Sock Dreams site. I’m in love!

  • Evanjuncker

    Been quietly reading this site and following you on Twitter for a while. Loved this post and find your posts/journey generally inspiring! Thanks so much. My newly vegan high raw self is loving the tips and recipes I find here!

  • http://eerosa.wordpress.com erosan

    I have to say that this has been the WIAW that I’ve liked the best so far. The fact that you woke up with no time and starving and pretty much just grabbed whatever you could from the fridge reminds me you are not only a blogging goddess, but also human ^_^

  • http://twitter.com/GFreeVeganFam Julie Lynn

    Just popping in to say…love the blog. :-D

  • Vi_pi

    I just ordered some socks as well – to Switzerland, silly me, but I was also hooked.

    I really, really love your blog.

  • Meghan


  • Vicki

    Yikes, not even go to the Sock Dreams site- I could possibly do some damage to my wallet there and I’m not even going to allow myself to be tempted right now lol! Love the post and pictures, and such a cute outfit!

  • http://survivingcandyland.wordpress.com/ Lindsay

    Those mini pies look so amazing. They definitely make me sad that I can’t eat gluten. Love the baby booty. Too cute.

  • Jenny @ Simply Be…me

    Naked bums over here too – unfortunately our little man is not that interested in potty training yet! Trying not to push it. We infant potty trained for the first year and it went well but once I went back to work he regressed. All in good time I suppose :)

    Love your style!

  • Catnip13

    Look closer at the label on those. Gluten free. :)

  • kate in sb

    You are so gorgeous. That is all. xoxo

  • http://twitter.com/tigermilking Savannah

    I will try one of those pies one of these days. I’ll eat it and love it.

    Also, Amy and Brian’s is too sweet for me! I love coconut water but I picked up their brand the other day and I felt like I was drinking coconut-y sugar water, sigh.

  • samm

    That always happens to me too! Nursing makes me SO HUNGRY! Also question re: coffee when nursing… I have always been afraid that the caffeine would get through to my nursling… what do you think? Do you ever notice that with Waits?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/freespirithoops Sitara Bird

    So funny! Before I even read any text pertaining to your outfit, I thought about how I used to rock this red plaid shirt/paisley tights combo. I absolutely adore it. My fav thus far. :)

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