Photos From The Farmer’s Market: Autumn 2011

October 2nd, 2011 - filed under: The Food » Food and Health

I can’t believe it’s been three whole months since I last posted FarMar pictures! So much changes over the course of the season: we’ve gone from asparagus and tender herbs and wild-harvested delicacies like fiddleheads and ramps . . . to the berry bonanza of an Oregon summer, amidst the arrival of enormous zucchinis and early girl tomatoes. And now, these days, the market is in her prime. Early fall is a feast for the senses, with flowers and herbs and chilis and gourds and oh dear lord, the beginning of apple season.

Yes oh yes, I am a happy plant-eater!

* These pictures are coming out totally desaturated when I upload them to WordPress. It’s seriously depressing and I’m sorry. We can’t figure out what to do about it! SAD FACE!

Random pretty lady shows off truly gargantuan beets!

Waits insists on helping to carry the goods! Little guard baby. =)

What’s your favorite autumn fruit or veggie??

  • Ali Seiter

    Sigh, everything looks absolutely gorgeous. Early autumn truly makes for the best farmers markets with its cornucopia of in-season produce. Those purple artichokes and nubby little carrots are especially striking.

  • B.A.D.

    I think I have market envy.

  • Jen

    What beautiful photos! It all looks amazing! And makes me crave fresh veggies!

  • Appifanie

    Great pics!! The last pic looks like one of the bouquets they sell at my market for $5! I buy them for myself :D

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I wish we had farmers markets like that near me. In the UK their are farmers markets but usually with one lonely fruit & veg stall squeezed in-between all of the meats & cheeses.

  • Whitney

    Squash! Any kind is my favorite. I wish I had time to try them all!


  • Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I don’t know what it means for photos to be desaturated, but they all look beautiful to me!

    I’m partial to sweet potatoes this time of year.

  • Meredith

    Where are all the pumpkins?! :) My goodness I practically worship them!

  • Ameyfm

    fall really is a magical time at the market. amazing. I love the random pretty lady with the giant beets. so sweet!

  • Livreiners

    I’ve been reading your blog for sometime and I just want to say YOU are so inspiring. So cool…I love the squash!

  • Ingrid Taylar

    What is it about Oregon and farmers’ markets? The most interesting, colorful markets I’ve visited are in Oregon, most recently the one in Eugene. Your photos are lovely, provoking some fond memories.

  • Sonja

    the colours are so vivid and I love that you have some live music at your FarMar. My favorite fall fruit: plum / favorite fall veggie: pumpkin

  • Zerowastelifestyle

    Gorgeous food! My autumn favourite is pomegranate. We have lots on our tree.

    I saw this today and thought of thrift shop lovers all over the world. …..thought I’d share these wonderful links. (file under fashion…) Jessi rocks!

  • Lauren

    Always love your market pictures! My fall favorites are apples and pumpkins. Just went and picked 100 lbs of apples this weekend, spotted, bumpy perfectly imperfect apples, all organic and FREE!!! So far I’ve made applesauce, apple butter, dried some, muffins, pie and I made a delicious waldorf salad. What is your favorite apple recipe? Only 75 more lbs to use up, then it’s onto pumpkin madness.


    wow, beautiful picture!! love all the live music pics too! i SO want to be there… one day i WILL live in Portland!!!! My fav fall time veggie is butternut squash! butternut squash risotto….so creamy and delicious, AND VEGAN!

  • April

    I agree!! That giant beet is AWESOME!!!!!!

  • April

    Love the FarMar! What’s going on in the second photo, with the peppers in the tumbler thing? Looks interesting!

  • Jenny @ Simply Be…me

    I love apples! I went to University in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia and remember being able to buy apples the size of my head when school started back in the fall – I miss that! We still live close to orchard (and wine) country now that we live in BC so I can still get my apple fix :)

    Little helpers are the best! I love the way Lincoln will let out a little grunt when he tries to pick up something heavy :)

  • Andrea

    These peppers look ideal for “Ajvar” (in case you don’t know what’s ajvar: ) and is ideal time for preparing food for winter, so in case you wanna store these autunm flavors it could be a good idea to try to prepare your ajvar ;)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Fire roasting! Soooo yum. =)