Photos From The Farmer’s Market: Spring Season 2011

June 20th, 2011 - filed under: The Food » Food and Health

Oh time, she flies! It’s been weeks since we’ve peeked in on my Market, as the ever-changing produce marches onward towards those lazy days of summer’s bounty. When FarMar 2011 opened in March, it was all leafy greens and hardy radishes. Since then we’ve seen the arrival of snow and snap peas, which are actually on their way out again. Asparagus already crested as well. We’ve been eating plenty of these every week!

This year I’m really excited about the “wild crafted” harvest – that means foods grown and gathered from wilderness. Fiddleheads, ramps, sea beans, sorrel, mushrooms, and more. And oh! The nettles, of course!

Strawberries are beginning to show up, and this Saturday I saw cherries. It’s such an exciting time in the season! The floodgates are about to open . . .

<3 this skirt I made many years ago.

Damian captures me shopping, from afar.

Raw, vegan hand pies at my market? Are you serious?!

Oh yea, it’s true!

The solstice is tomorrow: the very first day of summer! How will you be celebrating?

What seasonal produce have you been enjoying lately? What are you looking forward to?

Happy Summer Solstice!

  • Nat

    wow! those are awesome pictures!
    Ive been enjoying lots of stuff from my mums garden. Kale, beets, carrots and just enjoyed the last of her lettuce. I took your idea and put some beet tops and kale in my green drink! Thanks:)

  • Sara Ann

    What a beautiful post!! I’ve been eating a lot of apricots and steamed, artichokes :) However, I’m in France still so it has been worrisome with the E. Coli breakout…canned vegetables it is, sadly. I can’t wait to come home and have kale!!!!!!

  • Meghan

    My town’s farmer’s market is super small, but I live fairly close to the USDA… I might check out their market this week!

  • TeniseRae

    We’ve been enjoying all kinds of lettuce from our garden this year. It’s really taking off. The snap peas are finally getting big and juicy sweet. *drool* Nothing else in the garden is doing that well. :-\ Broccoli looks good but it’s definitely not big enough yet. Tomatoes aren’t even really blooming. One plant just completely died. Wilted over night. Possible dirt fungus….still researching.
    The only other thing we’ve eaten from the garden is radishes but those are all gone. :D Mmmmm….

  • Beens

    I’ve just returned from my travels to find a garden filled with juicy snap peas. I picked a couple to try and they were crunchy, juicy and sweet – absolute bliss!

    My friend lives close to a farmer’s market location so I may pop up for a visit as they have carrots in a beautiful variety of colours :)

  • Kathryn

    I just got done enjoying sugar snap peas from my garden. MMM MMM GOOD!

    I wish I had a farm market where I live! Enjoy an extra day at your farm market for me :)

  • nicole

    i wish my farmers market had more organic options, only one farmer practices organic methods, its so sad:[

  • Melissa

    Hey! I’d really love a closer look at the skirt you are wearing at the Farmer’s Market. Super cute! I am trying to make one and would like to see exactly how you put it together. Thanks!!

  • Sayward

    @ Melissa – I don’t have any better pics, but I’ll try to take some soon. I seriously just split the interior seem on my jeans, laid one side over the other in a way that allowed them to lay flat, and then sewed the top one to the bottom one. The slit up the back is pretty high because the jeans were on the tighter side in the thighs. I think this would work better with loose-fit jeans. I did the same thing out of very baggy cargo pants and didn’t need to leave a slit at all. Made an AWESOME skirt. =)

  • aundrea23

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