What We Ate Wednesday Is Back In Effect!

July 5th, 2011 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles

My little monkey, riding along at the grocery store.

It’s been a long time! And actually, I took these photos over a week ago, intending to post them last Wednesday. But I was in editing overdrive and blogging fell by the wayside. So they make their debut today! This is what we ate when I was careening towards a deadline. It’s pretty hippie-dippe stuff, man.

The other day, I opened my refrigerator and peered inside . . . and burst out laughing. True story. Between the strange powders and the bubbling ferments and every. single. thing. sitting there in a recycled mason jar, well, sometimes I am just so damn crunchy I can’t help but laugh at myself.

You gotta keep your sense of humor.


Iced of course, with NuNaturals liquid vanilla stevia + homemade alt milk. Enjoyed while perusing email, with Mr Waits playing nearby.

Baby Brekkies

See? That is the hippie-ness right there. Nut pulp left over from making alt milk, mixed with coconut cream, sprinkled with dulse and spirulina and cinnamon, topped with homegrown strawberries.

Oh yeah, about those strawberries . . .

We collect strawberries and greens from the garden every morning. We’re so lucky! The strawberries go straight to the little monkey man; the greens go right into my blender.


I’ve really been focusing on making my smoothies with more greens and much less fruit. This guy, which is pretty standard for me these days, had 3-4 cups fresh dark greens (chard, spinach, bok choy, beet greens, dandelion greens, kale, etc), 8 oz homemade kombucha, 1 scoop hemp protein, 1 tablespoon Vitamineral Green, 1 capsule vitamin K2 (for Waits’ growing bones and teeth!), some acaí powder I had left over, a sprinkle of powdered stevia for sweetness, a tablespoon of Irish moss gel for creaminess, and a small handful of organic frozen berries. Boo-ya, it was awesome. Waits and I shared this.


After we’d had our bath and had gotten all napped, I did a little kitchen puttering. I’d snapped up a ton of organic blueberries when they were super on sale, and they were finally ready to come out of the dehydrator. A few of these *may* have fallen into my mouth.

Like candy they were! After that it was time to walk the beastie. We worked up a good appetite on our favorite trail:

So we split a banana at the grocery store on the way home:

The remains of the nanner that Waits tossed overboard . . .

They were demoing prosciutto and melon, and were very kind to give me a sample cup overflowing with cantaloupe. Verdict: Waits is a huge fan of cantaloupe.


Nettle infusion in the sippy cup.

Toddler Sampler Platter: celery with peanut butter, mashed kidney beans with raw sour cream and onion dip, and fresh blueberries. Big sticky mess.

Me too me too! I had FarMar sugar snap peas with raw sour cream and onion dip.

and then later that afternoon:

Apple with almond butter. Apple season is so over, I really need to just let it go.

and of course:

More coffee + liquid vanilla stevia + alt milk (I think this batch was sesame-pumpkin-walnut, which was insanely creamy)

Baby Dinner

Waits had a lovely little plate, complete with organic hummus (store bought) sprinkled with hemp seeds, Persian cucumbers, red bell peppers, and red beans mashed with raw sour cream and onion dip. He loves hummus almost as much as his daddy.

Mama Dinner

Big. Ass. Salad. With red leaf lettuce, red onion, Persian cucumbers, grated carrots, grated beets, and tossed in some modified sour cream onion dip as a dressing. SO GOOD.

I also had some homemade sprouted lentil crackers with mashed avocado, red bells, and DIY rooster sauce. Noms.


I worked very late into the night, and I asked a banana, some almond butter, and some coconut crystals to come keep me company. I was seriously *thisclose* to dedicating Rawsomely Vegan to almond butter and frozen bananas. Can you dedicate a book to inanimate objects? Is that offensive? I wasn’t sure, and I ended up changing it, but I had it all written out and everything. Gosh, I love me some frozen nanners dipped in almond butter!

And that, as they say, is that! What have you been eating and enjoying recently? And what’s your favorite unconventional dessert or treat?

  • http://creativespiderbite.blogspot.com/ Pat

    I really really have to try and make that almond milk, you always make it sound so delicious!
    My fav dessert is home made coconut yoghurt with chunks of pineapple. I inherited my mums old yoghurt maker and I looooooove it!!!

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/NatSmithIllustration?ref=si_shop Nat

    I love love LOVE your posts! thanks for the delicious ideas! ive been enjoying vegan blueberry crumble (blueberries are cheap here too!)

  • http://slowsipperoftea.blogspot.com Nina

    I love your WIAW because you include Waits’ food – bookmarking for when I’m a mama!

  • Sam

    Thank you! I need ideas for toddler food! We are in such a rut. Love these “crunchy” ideas.

  • panchu

    excuse me!?!?!? homemade sprouted lentil crackers !?!?!?!?? how DARE you not link to a recipe?!?! it sounds amaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!
    (too exhuberant for crackers?)

  • Kim

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I am so excited! I really like the montly mission thing I hope you continue it. I was just reading this months and I am so hooked on Qips, body lotion, face lotion, paper towels all the things you said! I do not know how I could live without them but I think I will work on paper towels and qtips first since I am almost out of both! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • http://www.peasandcrayons.com Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

    lil miss crunchy granola I’ve missed you!!!! =) haha! <3 my fridge is starting to get taken over by glass pyrex containers and mason jars too… it saves me money AND is good for me? i'll take it! haha

    Everything looks amazing! love ya girl + happy WIAW!!!! <3 mwah!

  • Danika

    I love the inclusion of Waits’ food also. How old is Waits? My youngest, Harper, is 15 months and I am not sure I have tried giving her celery yet. I am the crunchy mom in my neck of the woods and I am not even half as crunchy as you are! I’m slowly but surely working my way there I hope. My favorite dessert right now is frozen naners blended into a soft serve. My kids think it is the coolest even after the neighbor lady gave them store-bought, sugar-infested popsicles :/

  • http://katehateseverything.blogspot.com Kate in SB

    Aww man, I know it’s not your intention at all but these posts always make me depressed about how little effort I give towards eating good food.

    Sad trombone.

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    Haha, I’m so glad you guys appreciate my crunchy-type eats! We certainly do have fun with it. =)

    @ Pat – Mmm, I love both those things separately, but have never put them together. I’m due for pineapple so I’ll have to try it!

    @ Nat – Mmm, sounds awesome. We always do crisps, maybe I’ll make Damian a crumble next time.

    @ Nina & Sam – Thanks! I know there’s not a lot out there for veg*n mamas/families, so I’m happy to provide a little window into how we make it work.

    @ panchu – Ha! Honestly I threw those together without paying much attention. But Waits loves them so much that I’m going to develop an actual recipe. Will post when I get it perfected!

    @ Kim – Aw, thank you. And welcome to Bonzai Land!

    @ Jenn L – Thanks lady, it’s good to be back representin’ the crunchy folk. =D

    @ Danika – Waits is 16 months, so very close! Celery can be tough cause it’s so stringy, but it’s a great vehicle for dips and spreads – especially since we’re off of wheat. But mostly we do celery in green juice, and he loves that. And congrats for getting your crunchy on! I know it can be hard to be the only hippie on the block, so good for you. =)

    @ Kate in SB – No way man! We all have our thing, mine is just healthy living/eating. It’s my passion. I’m sure I’d have less time to focus on eating right if I spent my days, you know, making lasers like some people I know . . . ;-)

  • Selina

    Yum, raw sour cream and onion dip sounds fantastic! My daughter and I have been vegan for almost three months now and just a few weeks ago have gone off of gluten as well. It’s been tough trying to figure out what to feed her…so I, too, appreciate the pictures of your babe’s meals! So many of my daughter’s favorite standby meals included bread in some form, and I’m worried that she’s losing weight now…but I suppose that our meals used to all revolve around animal products and we made that transition successfully!

    I’m with you on the apple thing too, haha. :S

  • http://windycityvegan.wordpress.com Monika {windycityvegan}

    *Everything* looks so delicious, but I really want that raw sour cream and onion dip recipe! Also, I need to get a dehydrator as soon as I return home from vacation. Our blueberries will be exploding off the bushes by the time we get back. :)

  • http://www.thelivelykitchen.com michelle {lively kitchen}

    Just found your blog through WIAW. So glad to find you! Love your day of food. Before I read your text below the photo, I looked at your boy’s lunch and thought ‘oh that’s a messy one.’ Frozen blueberries are even worse for the mess factor. My kids are under strict instructions to not leave the table until every potent natural dye is off their hands on frozen blueberry days.

  • http://alternativehousewife.com Janine @ Alternative Housewife

    I’m jealous you can be on your laptop with Waits around. Sebastian will not let me spend any amount of time on mine! He is happy and independent if I just park it and watch TV or do nothing but the moment I start typing he becomes a cling machine.

    I am obsessed with sugar snap peas right now! I’ve loved them since childhood and been picking them from my mama’s garden in SE every time we visit.

  • http://www.vegansunshine.wordpress.com whitney

    You seriously have THE CUTEST kid ever. :D


  • Kristin

    Hey speaking of recycled mason jars, I’ve been saving all kinds of containers and most of the paper labels come right off with soap and water but some of the plastic labels are a little trickier. Any advice for getting the sticky glue residue off without resorting to chemicals? I know I could use goo-gone or something but that seems so counterproductive I’d be better off just recycling the damn jar instead.

  • http://www.shewearsshortshorts.com/ Christina@WhoWearsShortShorts

    Wait’s food looks just as delish as yours!

  • http://www.thedomesticvegan.com Jess – The Domestic Vegan

    Damn, girl! Could you get any healthier?! ;) You’re so inspirational.

    And everything looks delicious! That raw sour cream & onion dip sounds fantastic.

  • http://www.pickyeatingrd.com Allison @ PickyEatingRD

    I love love love this I can’t say it enough. I love your baby eats!!!

  • Sonja

    everything looks so delicious and Waits is far too cute! I wouldn’t mind recipes for all those great dishes as well :)

  • Jackie

    Reading your posts has finally pushed me over the edge…just made my first green smoothie. I hope over time I’ll acquire a taste for them and not have to use quite so much fruit and sweetener. Some of the things you use in your kitchen baffle me…I’ve never heard of Irish moss gel or coconut crystals or coconut cream or…. Maybe you could do a post on some of the powders and supplements and things that you use for us aspiring hippie-dippie types :)

  • http://theamberlily.com/ Lily

    Wow, Sayward, what an incredible menu!

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    Thanks guys! About the recipes, a lot of them (including the sour cream and onion dip) are from my upcoming uncook book, so unfortunately I can’t share. Sorry! I’m going to try to make it a priority in future WIAW posts to include at least one recipe, deal? =)

    @ Kristin – BOIL them! It sterilizes them and also helps get rid of the label and goo. Scrape off while still wet/warm.

    @ Jackie – Ooh, have fun with the green smoothies! I started with a lot of fruit and lowered it over time so don’t worry about that. Just have fun with it at first! And you’re right, I use some freaky-deaky ingredients. Sorry!

    Irish moss is actually a seaweed but when prepared properly it’s odorless and flavorless. You’ve probably seen it listed in packaged foods as “carageenan”. It’s easy to make at home and it’s a whole food, plant-based way of adding thickness, like gelatin.

    Coconut crystals are a newfangled product, you can find them at health food stores or Whole Foods. It’s basically the nectar from coconut flowers dehydrated at low temps (so it’s raw) to make a sort of sugar sub. Tastes like brown sugar, but it;s low glycemic and raw. SO GOOD.

    Coconut cream is just the thicker (fattier) portion that forms when you cool a can of full fat coconut milk, same as how cow’s milk will separate into cream. =)

    I *should* do a post on all this stuff!