Recipe: DIY Homemade Sriracha Sauce (Vegan, RAW, and Gluten-Free Too!)

May 9th, 2011 - filed under: The Food » Recipes

Methinks that this post needs no introduction, yes? “Just hurry up and get to the good stuff.” Okay! It is my absolute pleasure to present my rendition of the beloved Rooster – all raw, gluten-free, and of course it’s vegan.

I culled inspiration from multiple sources, but it’s safe to say this recipe is an adaptation of this cooked, not vegan version. Word.

1/2 cup coconut vinegar, another splash at the end (can use ACV)
1 pound “long red peppers”, crowns intact (can use red jalapenos)
3-6 fresh Serrano chiles, crowns intact (this determines heat – I used 4)
1 tablespoon sea salt
1 tablespoon tamari (gluten-free) or nama shoyu (raw)
1 tablespoon raw agave
4 cloves garlic

Clean the long peppers and Serranos. Remove the stems but leave the little crown, which will add depth of flavor. Rough chop the chiles and toss them in the food processor. You may want to wear gloves if your skin is sensitive.

Add the vinegar, salt, tamari, agave, and garlic to the food processor. Pulse to puree but leave it a little rough.

Transfer the mixture to a mason jar and top it off with a splash of vinegar to make a liquid barrier to the air. Cover the jar with a coffee filter or rag, secured with a rubber band. Let it all ferment on the counter for a few days, out of direct sunlight. It’s done when bubbles form beneath the surface. Leave the mixture no longer than 4 nights, even if bubbles do not form.

Transfer everything to a blender and process until it’s completely smooth. Add water if needed.

Store in a glass jar in fridge for . . . ever? Until it’s bad! It’s fermented so it should keep for a really long time. Natural separation will occur; shake before each use.

This may be my favorite recipe I’ve ever made. Like, ever. IT IS SO GOOD, and it totally fills the spot of the nasty processed stuff that we all know and love. I can’t wait to hear your feedback – so please, make this!