DIY Homemade “Scrubbies”/Scouring Pads

July 7th, 2011 - filed under: The Farm » Home

As you may have noticed, I’m sort of on a constant quest to reduce my waste and find creative ways to repurpose disposable items. And this month, that mission is especially present in my mind. Which is why, dear friends, this little hack brings me so. much. glee.

I do most of my produce shopping at the Farmer’s Market, and secondarily at the local market or co-op. But the truth is, I live 5 blocks from a Trader Joe’s, and sometimes it’s just super convenient to pop over there for an emergency onion or whatever.

In this way, over time I’ve amassed a collection of those coarse plastic produce bags, the ones that usually house garlic and such. You know the type? These ones:

And I have been saving them, oh yes, because I saw in my little mind’s eye the perfect way to put that plastic back into action. So easy. So simple. So effective! The wiry plastic and diamond pattern lends itself so well to the project, it’s almost like it was meant to be. Meant to be: a Scrubbie.

1) Collect a number of plastic produce bags.

2) Stuff all of them into one of them. The Trader Joe’s organic garlic comes in a little yellow bag that’s just about the size of a sponge, and I had a whole bunch of those. So I stuffed one of them full, and then used the others to make a couple of “layers” of exterior. Not necessary, but I think it helps keep everything together.

3) Sew up the seem. I used dental floss! I didn’t even use a needle, though it would have been a lot faster if I had.

4) Fin.

See how easy??!


  • ciara

    awesome! you can also make bird feeders out of them! just fill them with seed and hang them up!

  • Serenity

    I have been meaning to try this especially when I learned that Brillo and S.O.S. has pork by products in the soap….

  • Chelsea

    Genius. Simply Genius.


  • Joselle

    What Chelsea said! I am so doing this tonight!

  • Celloluv

    I knew I was keeping those bags for something good!!

  • Jackie

    Fantastic! I was saving mine to try to make a homemade shower loofah/poof/thingy. If that doesn’t work out, I will definitely do this!

  • Nat

    wow, you’re mind is always working! i love it :) jackies idea is great too!

  • Kate

    Emergency onion. I love you.

  • Emma

    Brilliant. Keep these brilliant ideas coming! Thank you :)

  • Lily

    I love it! What a great idea!

  • Tony

    You could also put a regular sponge inside a couple layers of those produce bags if you want a wetter, soapier scrubbie.

  • Barbara

    If you don’t have enough of the net bags, you can buy inexpensive nylon netting at any fabric store (or online).

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  • Norma

    I Don’t sew them. I just use a flame and melt the edging together. Takes 1 minute. A little stinky but fast. Don’t have your kids do this.

  • Joleanna Ann

    what do you stuff them with?

  • Sayward Rebhal

    More mesh bags! It’s a bag stuffed with bags. =)

  • Carolrobbe

    Do you know where I could purchase some nylon netting “globs” like they use to make?
    Thanks much

  • phytotherapy

    Hey there! I know you don’t blog anymore, but hopefully you will notice this little shout out! =) I pinned this post on Pinterest a while ago, and I also linked my blog to this post as well. It’s a great repurpose idea! I hope you are enjoying life to the fullest!

  • Africainside

    BRILLIANT. I will do it. and i like the flaming it together idea. EASY SCHMEEZY.

  • Africainside

    R U serious? Pork by products. GOD! WHY?

  • Kathryn Grace

    Great idea! I don’t shop Trader Joes and seldom get any of these bags, but next time one comes into my house, I’m turning it into a scrubbie.

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  • Dreaming Farm

    WOW – thank you for this idea- I knew I saved the lemon bag for a reason, I just couldn’t figure out for what yet. I also like the bird feed idea. THank you so much. I can’t wait to buy more lemons and oranges ! Awesome echo here !

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  • Patch

    great! Also some of the comments below give me some good ideas!

  • EnergyWon

    My new place has more things to be recycled than any thing else. Most of it from food shopping. This article is a great help.

  • Liziloo

    Don’t the bags inside start smelling from being wet. They can’t dry out after dishes and the moisture would be trapped inside.

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  • miracatta1

    Please have ventilation in the room if you do this, and keep the kids out.

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