WTF, SWF? Welcome To The Salt Water Flush!

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Ahh, the joys of cleansing.  And it all begins with the salt water flush (SWF), the simple isotonic solution that runs right through you and [hopefully] takes everything out along with it.  I suppose now is as good a time as any to say:




The SWF is an easy mixture of sea salt and water, but the proportions are very important.  You must maintain the proper osmotic balance to ensure rapid travel through the body.  Hypotonic (too much water) will get caught up stealing salt, stalling along the way.  Hypertonic (too salty) will draw water from you and leave you dehydrated.  None of this is dangerous, but there’s no point in forcing yourself to drink a giant bottle of *yuk*, if it’s not gonna do its duty.  So measure carefully!

The recipe is easy: 2 level teaspoons of coarse sea salt (not iodized table salt) dissolved in 32 oz of warm water.  Drink this down as fast as you can.  Hold your nose if you have to, ’cause this stuff is *icky*!  But it’s important to the process.  And really, it’s not that bad!  Remember not to drink anything else (water or lemon drink) for about an hour after the SWF, lest you dilute the solution in your system. Between 1/2 hour – 2 hours later, the SWF should be making its grand escape.  Make sure you’re near a bathroom and not distracted (work is not the best place), because this may be a bit all-consuming . . . 


This morning I made my first SWF for this cleanse.  I mixed it in an old oversized mason jar, and drank it down in 5 minutes flat.  That was almost 2 hours ago, and although my tummy gurgles, I’ve had no trips to the bathroom just yet.  That’s okay, I’e got a full belly of food from last night’s dinner.  This will get easier as the days wear on and my body empties out.  For now, there’s a lot of blockage to combat.

If you are joining me in this journey, I’d love to hear about your first SWF. Remember that if you skipped this morning, it’s okay!  When I did my last cleanse I didn’t start flushing until the third day.  Just keep on track and begin flushing as soon as you can.  Good luck with it!

And Happy Flushing!!!  (ewwwwww)


  • Michael

    I just made the mixture and drank it down in less than a minute. I feel like vomiting. I just walked to my room and laid down and it’s making it easier.
    Here we go!

  • Sayward

    @ Michael – Oh good luck! Let me know how it goes!

  • Michael

    So far so good. Lol, if that’s what you can call it.
    My mouth is feeling dehydrated, but it’s been an hour since I drank the solution, so I think some ice water wouldn’t hurt….

    So far so good, it’s nice that it’s clearing out everything, and usually when one gets “sick” like this, there are stomach cramps associated, but I have nothing of the sort. It’s awesome. <3

  • marjan

    heey i have just a question for this cant we eat afther drinking this seal salt mixture or i should wait like 1 to 2 hours

  • Sayward

    @ marjan – Well, the SWF should be done as part of a cleanse, so ideally you would not be eating after doing it. I don’t think it’s something you’d do as part of your regular schedule, ie if you were not cleansing. Hope that helps!

  • marjan

    ok thx :)

  • Kythe

    I am going to try this.
    I have a couple questions, sorry if my spelling is bad english isnt my first language.

    1. How many days do I do it for?
    2. What can I eat? when?
    3. May I smoke weed?

    And I think that is it.
    I think this will do me the world of good.

  • Sayward

    Hi Kythe! You can find much more information here –

    Good luck!

  • Jen (and Ken)

    (Jen) We just started our first ever cleanse! Well, I did. Ken isn’t awake yet, but instead of his morning coffee there is a SWF waiting for him on the kitchen table. Snicker. He’s not gonna like that part. I don’t either. I miss my coffee already!

    Anyway, we are really excited to start this. I’ve been intrigued since I read about your cleanse a long time ago. We quit everything else, we can do this too. *wink*

    Thanks for leading the way!

  • Sayward

    @ Jen (and Ken) – Oh my goodness you guys! Good luck! Let me know if you need anything, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  • Jen (and Ken)

    We’re starting Day 3. I want asparagus. How weird! :) I thought we were really well prepared, but today we have to go get more stuff. We are both only drinking 6-8 BLDs a day but we are already almost out of syrup. We are doing it like this:

    2 tbs lemon juice
    2 tbs syrup
    1 pinch ceyenne
    splash of water

    We slam it like it’s tequila, then chase it with a big glass of water. :) Tastes great this way and for us it’s way easier to drink.

    All that time we spend shopping for food, preparing our food, eating our food, and cleaning up after our food – whew, it takes up a lot of time! Now that we have all this extra time, I spend a lot of it trying to remember why we are doing this. lol Yesterday I did a lot of inner talk. Still with it today but don’t know how long it will last. Doing it one day at a time, like I do those other things. *wink*

    Hangin in there,

  • Sayward

    @ Jen (and Ken) – Man, part of me is sorry for you, and part of me is jealous, ha! But remember that days 3-4 are usually the hardest. Getting over that first hump is really powerful and the nature of the experience begins to change after that. It sounds like you guys are doing great and learning a lot already, which is so awesome. Good luck, I’m thinking about you guys!

  • Jen (and Ken)

    So far so good! Starting Day 4 and this sounds crazy but I’ve lost 8 lbs and feel pretty much normal. I have had an easy time of it compared to some folks I’ve read about. I am not hungry but I do miss veggies. We committed to 3 days and are now on Day 4 so I guess we will keep going. Looking forward to the nature of the experience changing. :) Going to read about your cleanse again now… when you going to do another one? How often do you cleanse?

  • Sayward

    @ Jen (and Ken) – How’s it going? You still on?

    I have done the cleanse twice, once a year for 2 years. The second time was pretty uneventful and I don’t think it was necessary – I think the majority of detox can be accomplished through diet and since I was eating so well, there just wasn’t much to work on! For me, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it more than once a year.

    I think I’ll probably cleanse again . . . some day! I can’t as long as I’m breastfeeding, so depending on how many more babies come along, it’s going to be a while! =D

  • Jen (and Ken)

    We did 5 days and feel good about that. We are still drinking the BLDs for B and L, but have started eating veggies for dinner. And we’re back on the coffee. :) It was a good experience, and I know we missed out on some by ending early, but we’d had enough. Next year we will make it to 10 days, I have no doubt. This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, probably because we do eat fairly well. It has made me want to be even more deliberate about what we put into our bodies, but I also realize there are many steps to getting to where we want to be with that. Progress, though, is certainly underway, and that feels great.

    You going to have more babies?? Our boss has a grandson named Lyric. Isn’t that a great name? :)

    Take care and thanks for all your help with the cleanse. You are our most trusted source for all info organic.


  • Sayward

    @ Jen (and Ken) – Congrats on completing your cleanse! That’s awesome and it sounds like you learned a ton. That’s what it’s all about!

    I *love* the name Lyric. We considered that one! And yes . . . more babies! =D

  • Kelly

    Just found the site and was interested to read about your experience. I wonder how often one should do the SWF during this cleanse. I am not one to be successful with cleanses. I just have a hard time sticking to! I want to try again but I don’t know if I can make it going completely without food.

  • Sayward

    @ Kelly – During a cleanse you would flush every morning. Hope that helps. Luck!

  • Krystal

    does it have to be coarse sea salt. I got fine sea salt because they were out of coarse sea salt. I want to start this next week. I probably only get 9 days in the 10th day we are going to a cardinals game.

  • Sayward

    @ Krystal – It should be fine, maybe use just the littlest bit less to keep the ratio correct. Luck!

  • Torirymer15

    Okay did the flush on an empty stomach, and drank almost a whole quart of the salt water. I used a table spoon of natural sea salt and mixed it in. It’s been about 4 hours and still no urge to go! I’ve heard movement..but still nothing. Should I continue the drinking of the water every morning for a week, to let everything come out and just let this one run it’s course? And when and what can I eat..I’m starving! :(

  • Sayward Rebhal

    This is meant to be done as a part of the Master Cleanse, not in isolation. Are you doing a cleanse?

  • babette

    you must also lie on your right side – this allows the mixture to get into the intestines

  • John

    You have to lay on ur right side for the process to empty thru ur intestines properly

  • Mai

    you should jump around and maybe do a few light exercises! That should help things come out for sure!!

  • Michael McLaughlin

    I have a lot of experience with this cleanse, and there is more than one recipe and I have tried them all. And I can tell you without a doubt that 2 teaspoons to 32 ounces is simply NOT enough salt. NO ONE should have had no reaction 4 hours later. Even 2 hours is too long. The best most effective recipe I know of is: three to six teaspoons of salt to EIGHT cups of water. Trust me, there will be no waiting around 4 hours for something to happen. Your recipe can work, but in my experience, it does not work for many people – they need to increase the salt.

  • luvmygrndhg

    I used Himalayan salt and drank through a straw. Worked like a charm within 20 minutes.

  • luvmygrndhg

    Oh, and I only used 1 table spoon of salt for 1 qt. of water. I let it dissolve overnight and I warmed the solution up to room temperature by letting the jar sit in hot water for 5 minutes.

  • luvmygrndhg

    Do drink it, it helped me to imagine that I was drinking warm broth.

  • dddd

    Only one way it works if you after 1 hour of drinking salty water follow up with another 32oz of clean water. Never failing flush.

  • Uchiha Madara

    My first time I did it I did 2 tablespoons in 32 oz of water in 5 mins and I was on the stool 20 mins later I emptied my life into that stool lol

  • Nepagirl

    Hi, I just did my first SWF about 2hrs ago…WOW…it worked like magic…I had 3 LARGE BMs, then the last few were consistency of water…I feel 10lbs lighter!

  • Ebo Thakid

    Your measurements don’t sound right. If it hasn’t worked in 4 hours it’s not going to. You can do it without the Master Cleanse and lying down is not pertinent. Make sure you aren’t dehydrated, the hotter the water the better (that you can drink comfortably), if you are a woman not right before your period. Make sure you are using the proper salt. There are types of sea salt that don’t work.

  • Shawna-lee Edwardson

    I lay on my right hand sode for thirty minutes, it helps the salt water quivkley move into your small intestine,i also do a few crunches, and massage my stomach after 2 hours, i have to really go release

  • Daniel Hobbs

    I’m worried about raising my blood pressure. When I research this question all I find are a bunch of answers that all contradict each other. My BP is a little high, generally, like 140 over 75, but I want to try this. And if the water doesn’t produce a BM and come out, could that lead to a radical absorbtion of the salt?