What We Ate Wednesday: Breaking The Fast

July 26th, 2011 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles

Spirulina + Strawberries = a match made in heaven.

Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day, comfortable in your ritual, dialed in to something that really rocks your world? Or do you like to switch things up, keep it interesting, keep your tongue guessing?

Me, I’m a “weekday routine” person, so I do my morning smoothie and I don’t tend to deviate. But for Waits, I like to offer a lot of variety. He’s still exploring different tastes and textures and I like to keep him stimulated, culinarily. And for this WIAW, I thought it might be fun to replace an entire day’s worth of food, with an entire week’s worth of breakfasts. What do you think?

Here’s what it looked like:


I had an extra dark green smoothie, with: home brew kombucha, Irish moss, raw hemp protein powder, Vitamineral Earth, vitamin K2, stevia, FarMar kale, and frozen blueberries. Noms.

Waits always helps me drink my smoothie. I prepare his breakfast first, which he eats while I throw together the green goodness. Then we each drink a portion. I don’t note it every time, but it’s safe to assume that he’s *always* sharing my smoothies.

Waits had an “oops mom wasn’t prepared for Monday” plate, with mini portions of: the last of the raw coconut yogurt, plain flax meal (a big hit!), coconut shreds, sprouted dehydrated buckwheat, almond butter, and the last few raspberries.

He was really into this plate. And here’s what it usually look like, post meal:


Beautiful bright green smoothie! This one featured: homemade kombucha, Irish moss, raw hemp protein powder, Vitamineral Green, stevia, FarMar kale, a bit of leftover fresh mint (yum! so good in there), and fresh FarMar strawberries. I adore fresh herbs in my smoothies, and mint is no exception.

I tried something totally unique for Waits’ breakfast. That’s cooked chickpeas! Mashed with coconut oil and cinnamon, topped with strawberries. I really wanted this to be a surprise hit, but he was sort of so-so. I’m still playing with it though . . .


I didn’t remember to capture this one until it had already been enjoyed, but maybe that’s okay? I’m sure you’re getting sick of smoothie pictures by now.

This delicious green monster had: homemade kombucha, Irish moss, raw hemp protein powder, spirulina, spinach, stevia, vitamin K2, and fresh FarMar strawberries. Love the spirulina and strawberry combo!

Waits had “green oatmeal” – cooked rolled oats with spirulina and flax meal and strawberries. That boy does love his spirulina (and that makes me a lucky mama, don’t I know it).


On Wednesday I was feeling like I needed something with a bit more “oomph”. I went straight to my old stand-by, chia seeds! I love love love chia pudding. If you haven’t played with this amazing, super healthy little seed, you really should try it. So fun!

I made a super runny smoothie using lots of home brew kombucha, raw hemp protein powder, Vitamineral Green, stevia, and lots of FarMar beet greens. Then I poured 2/3 cup smoothie over 1/3 cup chia seeds. I also added chopped prunes and liquid stevia, stirred it all up, and let it gel. Then I topped it with homemade almond-pumpkin-hemp milk and fresh raspberries.

Waits and I split the rest of the smoothie.

Waits had a pretty simple meal, attempt number two at breakfast chickpeas. This time they were mashed with almond butter and topped with raspberries. Still not a huge hit. I’m working on it . . .


Haha, I love this shot of the smoothie. So moody! This dark and brooding beverage featured: nettle infusion, Irish moss, raw hemp protein powder, Vitamineral Earth, FarMar beet greens, stevia, vitamin K2, and the last few FarMar raspberries. Alas, I thought it was . . . not so good.

Waits had a small bowl of chia porridge, made with canned full-fat coconut milk and mashed raspberries, topped with more whole raspberries. As an aside for all you mamas, chia is *great* for treating constipation (we weren’t doing that this time, but we have in the past). Just make sure to follow up with plenty of fluids, and you’ll be shocked at how well things clear out. *ahem*

Funny thing, I wasn’t so fond of the smoothie, but Waits adored it! Go figure.


My day to sleep in! Damian gets up with Waits and they play together for an hour or so, and Damian does breakfast duty. Always oatmeal:

I snapped a photo of the remains when I got up. Oatmeal made with homemade alt milk, topped with cherries. Side of cherries.

I quickly nommed down two of these:

Medjool dates stuffed with almond butter. Heavenly, and perfect fuel for the ride across town to Farmer’s Market. Which, of course, is where the *real* breakfasting happens!

Miniature raw vegan handmade hand pies. These are insanely amazing and my super duper weekend treat. Breakfast of champions! I really almost always go the fruit route (passionfruit is my favorite), but this week I selected chocolate hazelnut. I chose wisely.


On Sunday morning I made pancakes. Ya know, because it’s Sunday morning! It needs pancakes! Gluten-free blueberry pancakes cooked in coconut oil, with real maple syrup, to be exact. Ohmigod these were so good.

Waits got one gluten-free blueberry pancake, topped with coconut cream and strawberries. His very first pancake, but dudes, he totally didn’t like it! That crazy kid. Maybe I should have added spirulina . . .

So what do you think guys? Did you like this deviation? For next week: back to a full day’s food, or a week’s worth of lunches? You tell me!

What do you normally eat for breakfast? And what’s your “special treat” breakfast?

  • Rubi

    Gluten free buckwheat (vegan) waffles topped with berries, coconut cream and pecans – to die for! Although, apparently not super toddler friendly either!

  • http://www.spottedsparrow.com Julia @ The Spotted Sparrow

    Do you make your green smoothies with a juicer or blender? I’ve been trying to get into the green, but am struggling so far! I can’t get over the “my smoothie tastes like spinach” thing. ;)

  • http://www.vegansunshine.wordpress.com whitney

    I love seeing what the baby eats! You are such a good mommy!


  • http://www.scrubyoursoul.com Carolyn

    My typical breakfast is inspired by you! It is a take-off of your “overnight oats in a jar”. I found I liked it so much I couldn’t only have it when I had a nearly empty jar of nut butter. So every night before bed I mix up some oats, milk or soy milk, yogurt and a dollop of nut butter in a jar and put it in my fridge. In the morning I toss in some dried fruit and a tsp of raw cocoa powder. OOOH, heaven.

    I love your What We Ate Wednesday posts. Post whatever inspires you!

  • Meghan

    I’m not too into breakfast… I never ate it when I was younger, but now that I’m older I’m smart enough not to starve myself in the mornings. I usually just eat either a bowel of kashi, or whatever breakfast baked good I have for my husband. Lately that’s been zucchini bread (see garden update!) but is usually a rotating selection of muffins. Definitely not as healthy as it could/should be! But better than nothing. Every Saturday Aaron makes us pancakes.

  • Kathryn B.

    I love the all breakfast post (my favorite time of the day) Would love to see an all lunch and all dinner one! This post has given me some great breakfast ideas.

    Plus since I work 9 1/2 hour days and eat breakfast and lunch at work I love that I can pack up my food in my mason jars and take them with me!

    FYI – Have fallen in love with your iced coffee that I have every morning now! I have also switched to mason jars because of the MMM and love the resuable storage and great portion control that they offer.

  • http://windycityvegan.wordpress.com Monika {windycityvegan}

    Love that you changed things up for this week’s wiaw post. I say, do what you think will be the most interesting as each Wednesday approaches! (My next wiaw post won’t be until next week, and it’s about food from my trip. Guess I’m bending the rules a little, too…)

    I love seeing what Waits eats – Nina had a similar diet at that age, but her food preferences have expanded so much that it blows my mind! Also, she’s able to make her own breakfast now, which sort of freaks me out.

    Those hand pies, and the pancakes, too, look deeeeeeeeelicious! Nina is on a pancake strike right now for some reason, but I just may make some this weekend anyway. Our blackberries and blueberries are almost ready to harvest. :-)

    Smoothies are my #1 way to start the day – but lately I don’t want to wake Nina up with the blender before I head off for work. Debating getting a second-hand blender for work (but then I may be unknowingly green mustachioed, eek), or making my smoothies at home the night before (and probably lose some nutrients by the time I drink it). I don’t think I *need* a smoothie first thing every day for optimal energy, but I love my routine! The mental/mood boost it gives me to have a morning smoothie is worth it.

  • Alley

    This post was in inspiration for me! I too, have a toddler who’s still learning and exploring with her taste buds and I’ve been amazed at what she’ll eat AND love. Dill pickles? Black olives? Cold black bean chili? Yes yes and YES! And all your coconut products have me intrigued. What would be your advice for a first time coconut newb to use for her babe?

  • http://www.iheartvegetables.wordpress.com Liz @ IHeartVegetables

    Aw the little guy is such a cutie! I eat basically the same thing for breakfast every morning! A banana smoothie with granola and pb. Simple but delicious! Sometimes I switch it up and have greek yogurt, but that’s about it!

  • http://peasqueues.wordpress.com Becks

    I love your breakfast post! It gives me so many new ideas for breakfasts, and for whatever reason, breakfast is the one meal I can’t get on top of! I’d love to see lunches and dinners as well. It makes it more comprehensive.

    Thanks for the tip on the chia seeds! Looks like I’ll have to pick some up from the bulk food place in town!

  • Selina

    I love this WIA(Breakfast)! Would love to see lunches and dinners!

    Usually I have a green smoothie for breakfast, baby has chunks of fruit and rice baby cereal, and daughter has “Koala Crisp” with almond milk. Every. Day. On the weekends our special breakfast is either scrambled tofu and breakfast potatoes or pancakes, but we haven’t been too into those since going gf a few months ago.

  • sarah

    OK, I totally need your GF pancake recipe. I have yet to make pancakes since we’ve been gluten-free and I was just thinking I need to find/come up with a recipe this week…

    I, also, love these posts. Great combo ideas ;)

  • http://Www.pickyeatingrd.com Allison @ PickyEatingRD

    Proof that you if you offer kids a healthy good for you option they will eat it and some even enjoy it! I love it!

  • http://www.nourishniagara.hubpages.com H. Kate

    I’m looking to make some healthy additions to my morning smoothies. I would love to purchase the whole gamut but each one is so pricy.

    At the moment these are the 3 I’m debating over: maca, spirulina,and whey/hemp protein.

    Is there one you would choose over another to start ? Is there one which you prefer that I haven’t included?

    Side bar: Today is my first morning of replacing cow milk and sugar for home made almond milk and date paste! Steeping as I type.

    Thanks so much for your time.

    H. Kate

  • http://thelittleveganbaker.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Usually I’ll just have fruit or a green juice for breakfast because it makes me feel best. As a treat I’ll usually have french toast. Btw, easiest french toast recipe ever: mash up a ripe banana, add water, cinnamon and vanilla to make banana milk. Then just dip your bread in it and fry ‘er up. It’s not really egg-y but that’s fine with me. Eggs have always grossed me out. Bananas, not so much.

  • Rebecca

    Ha ha..adding spirulina to make someone like pancakes—so much is “wrong” with this scenario.

    My friends and family always joke that I would eat things that tasted like cardboard if I knew they were healthy for me. However, spirulina? I can barely TYPE the word. Honestly, I had been so pumped about trying it several months ago and I almost gagged (actually, come to think of it, I did gag). I tried it straight up, as an ice pop, etc. and….. Glad your kiddo digs itl

    Oh, and in regards to breakfast, I am totally not a brekkie person. I have always sort of despised cold cereal (except for snack..and with no sort of milk). Although I love pancakes I find they are more of a holiday treat for me as they are typically quite calorically dense (although I created a pumpkin—cranberry buckwheat pancake that provides awesome nutrition and is low-cal to boot! Note to self: Make these babies more often!

    On that note..am off to try out a “raw scrambled egg” recipe. Yes, I realize this might go the way of juicing romaine hearts, spinach and carrots and expecting it to taste like chocolate milk (ehhh…sadly *not* so much!)

  • http://www.twitter.com/alihalsaba Alina S

    Great post! Would love to see lunches and dinners as well!

    Breakfast for me lately is normally a green smoothie, but often I’ll do green juice and add some fruit/nut butter on the side for a calorie boost and some healthy fats.

    I’m the type of person who wakes up SO HUNGRY but now I find a bit of fruit before making my smoothie/juice is all need- not a bagel or “energy” bar like I used to do.

    My favorite “treat” breakfast is a vegan version of an egg&cheese breakfast sandwich. Now I use sprouted bread w/ earth balance, scrambled tofu w/ turmeric (I like my egg replacement yellow!), daiya, tomato, avocado. yummmm..

  • http://mutualmenu.blogspot.com Joselle

    I love smoothies for snacks but am always hungry pretty quickly after having one so I never have it for breakfast. Breakfast is almost always oatmeal. I just let rolled or steel cut oats sit in soy or almond milk overnight and add flax meal and cinnamon. In the AM, it’s ready to eat. In the summer, I just eat it cold and topped with fruit. I heat it up in the cooler seasons.

    Special breakfasts are usually tofu scram or waffles with syrup and fruit. I love tempeh or coconut bacon with both. Or an everything bagel with hummus, red onions and avocado. YUM!

  • http://natsmithillustration.etsy.com Nat

    yum yum YUM!!!!!!! it all looks so good! My recent fav breakkie is a banana mushed up topped with flax meal, chia seeds, hemp seed and a bit of sucanut. i should really add some spirulina!!

  • Kristin

    Oooooh week’s worth of lunches, yes yes! I love seeing all these great ideas, I need to make some of these for my little man (he’s 10 months). Loved this post, it was my favorite WIAW yet!

  • http://www.peasandcrayons.com Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

    Love the week worth of breakfasts! You have me writing down spirulina on my to-buy list… i def need to get back into the habit of eating it! my pets too! its been too long! <3

    Happy WIAW!

  • Kim

    Loved it! I need the recipe for that Chia seed porridge….I have never used chia seeds but want to give them a try. I usually prefer savory breakfast to sweet so most of the time I eat things more like toast or tofu scramble. Would love to see a weeks worth of lunches next time!

  • http://vegmomof4.blogspot.com/ April

    I love love love chia! My favorite is white grape juice blended with strawberries, then I add my chia seeds and let it set up. Nom Nom Nom.

  • http://sweetness-light.tumblr.com Natasja

    Loved this! Breakfast is always BORING for me, usually just toast, oh how bland… cereal sometimes if I mix it up…wish we had more fruit available here in Winter, I adore raspberries.

    WOW does anyone know how one might go about possibly making a vegan-friendly chocolate/hazelnut pie? OMG they just look heavenly! Thanks for the tip about chia, will definitely try that if needed :P though we have plenty of kiwifruit around these parts which are good for that *problem* too!


  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    It’s so fun reading everybody’s breakfasts! And interesting, because it really seems like most people are pretty monotonous like me, haha. For some reason I imagined that everyone eats these elaborate, amazing breakfasts every morning. Don’t know where I got that impression?

    @ Julia – I do my smoothie in a blender (a food processor works well too). If the green is bothering you, try lightening up on the greens and boosting the fruit. A base of banana (frozen is great) works well because it adds creaminess and richness and it’s sweet. Add another piece of sweet fruit on top of that (frozen mango or fresh strawberries or whatever), then like a small handful of spinach. Some people even add agave or other sweetener if you’re really sensitive to the greens. Over time you’ll get used to the “green-ness” (you really will!) and you’ll be able to up the greens and back off the fruit. The smoothies up there ^^^ are pretty hardcore and I would NOT have been able to tolerate them even a year ago, haha. Luck!

    @ Kathryn B. – Isn’t iced coffee the BEST! I really love it. Th only problem is, it’s so easy to drink so *much* of it! =D

    @ Alley – Canned coconut milk is great, because it’s easy to find and it’s super versatile! Definitely get the full-fat kind for the kiddos. You can sub it in anywhere you would use dairy. If it’s warm it will be uniform, a thick milk. But if you keep it in a cool cupboard and then open it, you’ll find that the “cream” rises to the top and hardens. The liquid underneath will be a lot thinner. You can use it either way – all mixed up, as cream, or as thinner, less fatty liquid, for different applications. Try playing around with it, it’s great stuff!

    @ sarah – Oh, I’m a total cheater! It’s just Bob’ Red Mill gluten-free pancake mix, made with coconut milk instead of dairy and coconut oil instead of veg oil and a “flax egg” instead of a real egg. SO GOOD. Here’s the link on Amazon.

    @ H Kate – Well first off, congrats on replacing the milk and sugar! WOW, if you stick with it there’s no doubt you will feel the change. Those are both HUGE and each one alone would have you feeling so much better. Let me know how it goes, I bet you’re gonna feel amazing! =D

    As for the smoothie supplements, I guess it really depends on what you want and where your priorities are. Because those three things serve really different purposes, you know? Maca is great and I love it, though some people seem to react poorly to it (much like with chocolate) It’s mostly an overall system regulator, so if you feel “out of balance” or weirdly hormonal or low-energy or anything like that, maca is THE great stabilizer. Spirulina is great for detoxing and chelating. It’s also got a good amino acid profile and it’s high in trace minerals. Spirulina is a great supplement, but I’d say it’s less *necessary*, unless your major goal is to detox. Then it’s great. Hemp protein (whey is made from cow’s milk so I don’t endorse it) is my favorite protein powder, and if you feel like you need to add some more protein to your diet, then it’s a great choice. But if you’re getting good protein elsewhere, and if you’re not pregnant/nursing/an athlete, it may not be necessary.

    So yeah – totally depends on your goals. Hope that helps!

    @ Rebecca – Yeah, with spirulina I had to build up a tolerance VERY slowly. It’s got this weird off-putting . . . saltiness? to it. I don’t know, but yea the first smoothie I used it in, I added a full tablespoon and OHMIGOD. I simply couldn’t drink it. I can’t believe Waits likes it so much!

    @ Natasja – Try searching for “raw hazelnut chocolate pie recipe” or something along those lines. The key is to find a raw foods recipe. Luck!


    Okay guys – next week, all lunches!

  • http://easierthanyouthink.wordpress.com Ginger Baker

    I have had spirulina a few different ways and always liked it. Waverly Health Foods used to make this awesome raw spirulina pie that I just adored, and I’ve had it added to smoothies repeatedly. It never tasted salty or anything to me…I wonder if it’s like cilantro, a genetic difference in tasting.

  • Jen

    I see that you are an Iced coffee lover… sweetened w/ Stevia, and almond milk… it’s a good thing!
    I also read in a post that you brew it every night… while almost falling asleep from a crazy day with a baby – but a momma needs her coffee!!
    I was doing the same thing… every night (after having 3 kids in 3 years!!)… yes an over achiver I am, anyway –
    I have been making cold brewed iced coffee for several months now… and it’s amazing. The attached 2 gallon recipie make about 28 iced coffee’s!!! Yes that’s right Ya, I know it takes more then a hot minute to make…. but once you do, it last’s for 3 weeks in the fridge – that’s 3 weeks of not having to stay up late making your coffee for tomorrow – Hope you try it… it’s soooooo worth it! Iced Coffee at your finger tips… at ALL hours of the day.

    Perfect Iced Coffee


    1 pound Ground Coffee (good, Rich Roast)
    8 quarts Cold Water
    In a large container, mix ground coffee with water. Cover and allow to sit for at least 48 hours. I try to do this in the fridge.Line a fine mesh strainer with cheesecloth and set over a pitcher or other container. Pour coffee/water mixture through the strainer, allowing all liquid to run through. Discard grounds.

    Place coffee liquid in the fridge and allow to cool. Use as needed. Good for 3 weeks in fridge.

    Not only is this WONDERFUl… but you are not wasting daily coffee filters – trying to stay GREEN!

  • Richard

    lol sprouted dehydtaed buckwheat I’ll have to give that a try one day :)

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    @ Jen – Sounds amazing, thanks! I’ll have to try that very soon. =)

  • http://www.spottedsparrow.com Julia @ The Spotted Sparrow

    Thanks so much for the green smoothie advice, Sayward. I think I put wayyyy too much green the first few times. I’m starting small now and they are totally scrumptious. :)

  • http://urbanana.net Lauren

    I’m so intrigued by the powders and supplements… the spirulina and the hemp powder and the vitamineral stuff. How did you learn about all of that? How do you know which to choose? Where do you buy it? I want to be as healthy as I can be, so I feel like I need that stuff! Super food!

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com/ Sayward Rebhal

    Hi Lauren! Well first I feel like I should say, the powders and supplements are fun and they can have some great benefits, so IF you have the time and money, then have at it. But keep in mind that you don’t NEED them in order to be healthy. Just wanted to say that!

    I mostly hear about different superfoods and supplements from reading other blogs, or online articles. Usually I’ll stumble across someone raving about something, say maca, and that will pique my curiosity. So them I’ll Google it, read the Wikipedia for a basic idea, read the woo-woo websites for the “it will give you fairy wings!” perspective, search the blogosphere for any negative experiences, and just sort of get a general sense. If it sounds like something I want to try, I either seek it out or wait until I stumble across it on sale . . . depending on how badly I want it. ;-)