Photos From The Farmers Market: The Final Days Of FarMar 2010

January 10th, 2011 - filed under: The Food » Food and Health

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place . . . I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
~ Elliott Erwitt

My beloved market has gone into hibernation. It’s near freezing outside and my diet has moved from high-raw to hot soups . . . ahh, I love the seasons. I took these pictures during our last few visits to market back in December. What I love about them is the colors – proof that there’s still such a thing as fresh produce in winter! It may not be the bountiful berries and peaches and cukes from last summer, but there’s rainbow chard, and hard squash, and purple potatoes. There’s still plenty to treasure eating locally in winter. Also, this year Damian and I decided that the Savoy Cabbage is probably the most beautiful vegetable ever:

Every morning our first stop was coffee at Velo:

Followed by breakfast at Blacksheep:

Then on to market!

Deep Roots is one of my very favorites, they’re un-certified but all organic and always have amazing prices. Best peppers, best soft squash. Cheapest tomatoes.

Our final buy from Deep Roots (for Damian’s favorite, of course!)

There was evidence of the impending holidays:

And the flower stands had to get creative (yep – that’s cabbage!)

There were so many treats to be had:

Petunia’s gluten-free vegan pastries.

Gluten-free artisan breads.

Insert joke about eating Freddy’s nuts. But seriously, these are the best hazelnuts I’ve ever tasted; we gave away bunches of them as gifts this year!

Dave is an ex-con turned baker, and Dave’s Killer Bread is the best sandwich bread you can buy, just ask anybody who’s ever had it.

But really, it’s about that gorgeous produce.

So until next year . . .

Here’s to the market!

  • Melissa L.

    OOOHHH!!! Eye candy without the calories!!! What beautiful pictures!
    Do I see some future material for next year’s Bonsai calendar? I love mine!!!

    Damian so rocks that baby, and Sayward you rock that hat!!!

    If you guys ever get to Florida, you could experience farmers’ markets year round. Sort of makes up for the year round insects. Not so nice!

  • Minna

    I always love your Farmers Market posts! My favourite photos this time are the three-fingered carrot(!) and the carrot piles :) – the purple ones are so pretty.

    And I agree with Melissa L. – cool hat, Sayward! I could use one like that right now, but I discovered some retro ear muffs so this winter I’m wearing those, teehee. They’re so cute and fluffy! ^^

  • Joselle

    Gorgeous! And I also love your snow queen headgear!

  • Stephanie

    Sayward, you inspire me in so many ways. To be happy with how I choose to live, mostly. You make it all look so effortlessly awesome. So, thank you.

  • Christa

    Oh man, Dave’s Killer Bread is the best! I don’t even live in Portland and I know it!!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Such gorgeous pictures! I love the cabbage-eucalyptus floral arrangement.

  • Charley

    I’m literally swooning at that gluten free produce, wow, the gluten free bread I encounter is beyond disgusting but that looks amazing.

  • Rachel

    With all the sucky things life is throwing at me in school right now, being able to read your blog and view such an awesome person doing what she loves – it seriously gives me the only motivation I’m feeling these days. Thank you for that!

  • Farmingtheburbs

    Love the photos and miss my market……

  • Sayward

    Haha, thanks for all the hat love! This is totally my happy hat, there’s nothing quite like peering out from behind a corona of faux fur!

    @ Melissa L – Yay, so glad you like the calendar! There’s so much great material there, it makes my job as photographer pretty easy. =)

    @ Stephanie and @ Rachel – Thank you, I’m so glad I can offer some positivity. It means so much to me to hear that!

  • daoine o’

    lovely pictures! makes me sad it’s winter where i am, no farmer’s markets for months, still.

    but i gotta say, i think broccoli romanesco definitely takes the prize for most beautiful vegetable, hands down. fractal food…so *awesome*! ;)