Photos From The Farmer’s Market: Midsummer 2010

August 23rd, 2010 - filed under: The Food » Food and Health


“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place . . . I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
~ Elliott Erwitt

Ahhh, my precious Saturday morning Market.

We’ve been doing a bit of traveling lately, and I’ve missed a few weeks of this beloved ritual. It’s amazing how much I miss it! I can’t quite describe why I feel so fueled by my weekly visit . . . something about the connectedness . . . sensing my place in a bigger picture. Abstract threads of food and community . . . Oh lord, I’m so crunchy!

Anyway, these pictures were taken over a few different trips, from all of July to early August. Enjoy!

IMG_0611Behold the glory of endless greens!


IMG_0388Tomato starts! I couldn’t resist . . .







IMG_0672This was definitely the year I discovered fancy mushrooms. omg LIFE CHANGING








Lots and lots of love from P-town!

  • MathTutor

    Sayward, you have the coolest hairdos! And Waits always makes the funniest faces =P

  • ber

    The artichoke pic is stunning. And I’m a big fan of fresh, fresh, brand new garlic. I never had it that way til we joined a CSA a couple years ago and I miss it in the winter.

    Your little guy is so sweet – love his eyes!

  • Annie

    The Farmers Market in my city is awesome. I love markets in general, so whenever my boyfriend and I go we get so exited.
    I got a kilogram of organic garlic for $9 (as opposed to non-organic for $20-$25/kg in supermarkets), minced it all in the food processor and kept in a jar covered in olive oil. Organic, thrifty, home-made crushed garlic! YAY! And this lovely little old lady who looks and dresses like Betty White circa Golden Girls has a stall of jams and pies. I want to go to her house and bake with her and drink punch on the porch.
    I can’t wait for spring (I’m in Australia, so it starts next month) for all the asparagus! Come summer, I’m going to buy heaps of fruit and have a girls fruit and fruit cocktails night. I love having access to loads of tropical organic fruit for cheap. Farmers markets make me so happy!!

  • Minna

    Yaaay, you’re back! Awesome!

    Sometimes I forget how important it is to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, but your farmer’s market photos are always a good reminder! Great inspiration :)

    It’s just such a pity that as I start uni this autumn, I’m not earning any money anymore and everything in the store seems to be so expensive! Especially organic vegetable/fruit, vegan foods, like tofu and soy products and health foods like Quinoa etc. These things are still so rare here that prices are really high.

    Right now I can still get fresh vegetables from my mom and grandmother but I’m wondering what will happen when the winter gets closer… I’m going to have to buy expensive imported fruit and vegetables :( What do you usually do to get ready for the winter? Freeze and ferment as much as possible or just buy fruit and veggies that aren’t local?

    Lots of love!

  • Sayward

    @ MathTutor – Thanks! =D

    @ ber – I just tried fresh garlic for the first time this year too! Soooo ggod.

    @ Annie – Your farmer’s market sounds awesome! I love the anticipation of spring – have fun with the coming season!

    @ Minna – I know it can be hard, but try not to expect too much. Don’t be too hard on yourself! I know you’re super health conscious. Maybe make it a winter goal to aim for one serving of fresh/raw food per day. Start there and see how it goes! =)

  • Melisa

    This is gonna sound sappy and kiss-uppy, but you totally inspire me by how you always look great, and wear what you like and feel good in, no matter where you are. Lovely photos!

  • Addicted to Veggies

    omg! LOVELOVELOVE all the food/eye-candy!

  • Kelly H.

    I was at your P-town market this past Saturday! It’s FABULOUS!! So much goodness. Are those sweets up above vegan because I saw a vegan bakery set-up, but I didn’t see those!

  • Alisa’s Garden

    Love all of your photos! I will be hitting up our local markets this week!

  • Sayward

    @ Melisa – Aw, not kiss-uppy at all. Just very very sweet.

    @ Addicted to Veggies – Yay, I know you’re a fellow Farmer’s Market fan!

    @ Kelly H. – Oh man, ain’t it grand?! And yup, all but the chocolate chip muffins are vegan. There’s a few different spots that sell vegan pastries (we are so lucky here!)

    @ Alisa’s Garden – Thanks! And yay, have fun at your market!

  • Melissa

    your little guy is so expressive! all of his pics are amazingly expressive and present, he has alot of personality!