The Littlest Rebhal

March 5th, 2010 - filed under: The Farm » Family







So, I may be unavailable for a while . . . =)

  • Callie

    Wow! He’s so cute! And you look great! You three enjoy yourselves, then tell us all about it when you can! All good thoughts to your beautiful family.

  • Julie

    Congratulations!! What is the origin of Waits’ name?

  • melissa

    congrats!! he is beautiful and so are you! I love happy news!!

  • joy

    big congratulations from west virginia! we just found your blog and are very happy for your family… what a beautiful son you have.

  • jen

    Yay! Congrats! He is so cute, well done! I know I don’t know you, but I’ve been following your blog for a while and my little baby boy just turned 2 months so the first little while is still all fresh in my memory if you have any questions :) Enjoy your time with your new little baby, these moments are all so precious. And don’t forget to take care of yourself too, you’ve just accomplished something pretty amazing.

  • Christa

    Wow, he’s so beautiful! You look so happy! Love to you all.

  • Julie

    Wow, look at that wingspan! What a gorgeous veggie baby. Congrats to the new mommy and daddy! Can’t wait for some updates on little Waits

  • Nathan

    Very Nice.

  • Melissa

    so perfect! congrats on your wee one!

  • flower mash


    Gorgeous babe :)

  • EroSan


    I guess you will be busy, but that’s ok… give the kid lots of love, will ya?

  • Shorty

    Isn’t it amazing… the honorable gift we have of providing this world with precious life!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I’m a new reader… love it … thanks

  • Gerry

    beautiful! Congratulations!

  • SJ

    YOU are the MOST precious Mama, he is BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING and gives me the baby feeeeeeVER! (which I don’t need, btw!) I wish you three the very best! Oh my word take all the time in the world you need, we are all so so SO excited about this! You are a wife and Mama first and foremost, and a blogger friend after those important roles. :-) you are precious and so is your family. Have FUN! Know you are loved and supported! I love your site, and look forward to your return,, whenever it may be!

  • Amanda

    oh he is precious! congrats and much love, you are an amazing lady!

  • Christa

    Precious. Congratulations!!!

  • Satchell


  • Lily

    Congrats, Sayward! You two look wonderful. Glad that you and a good labor as well. Blessings to your amazing family! :)

  • Panda

    Pretty awesome!

  • FairMaiden

    Congrats!!! on your wonderful delivery – and your more wonderful baby! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! :)

  • Lucila

    Congratulations! He is beautiful and I wish you the best! You’ll be a great mother.
    Take care,

  • Diana

    Congratulations! And glad to see your vegan baby looking so good and healthy (since so many doubt it’s possible!). Great job on going natural, since I’m planning a natural birth as well would love to hear your birth story if you feel like sharing it at some point. Enjoy this wonderful new phase of your life!

  • Q

    congratulations to you on the new guy; he is perfect, that’s for sure. here’s to many delicious blessings for you and your family!

  • Adrienne

    All our family’s best wishes to you all! What a beautiful addition to the world!! He’s an angel!

  • Sarah


  • Christy

    congratulations. he’s precious and you are a champion. good show, all around. warm snuggly wishes.

  • Kelly

    BEAUTIFUL! Well done Say! I am very impressed you had him el naturale without the use of medication. Amazing! My bf said: “Why the hell would any woman want to do that in this day and age?!” I tried to explain… :o)

  • Richard has lots more baby pics ;)

  • Crusty Baguette

    Congratulations! You are going to love being a mom :)

  • Ginger Baker

    @Kelly My short answer is something along the lines of “Because we’re strong and powerful, duuuuhhh”. (Of course, my longer answer gets into much much more LOL!) The birth of my second child is absolutely the most amazing, empowering experience I have ever had, bar none. The first was good, but I did get one shot for pain, and I went to the hospital way too early (which I knew, but had my reasons) and yeah, just, the second time I KNEW so much more having been through it before. (And that time, I got to the hospital and had a baby 40 minutes later!)

  • Olivia Jean

    Beautiful….and beautiful birth story as well! Came over from the Mothering forums and love your blog! :)

  • Sayward

    Thank you everyone for all the beautiful comments! Waits is just amazing and I’m so in love! Looking forward to sharing more of him with all of you!

  • Katta

    You’re little boy is lovely and I love the name you chose. It’s so unique and rather pretty. Congrats hunny and as usuall your stunning as well.

  • Morgan

    I just read your birth story on Offbeat Mama and it is beautiful. I was recently in the delivery room of one of my best friends and your story took me back to all the incredible emotions that I felt being a witness to such an amazing event.