The Littlest Rebhal

March 5th, 2010 - filed under: The Farm » Family







So, I may be unavailable for a while . . . =)

  • Kathryn

    aww, he’s perfect! and you look great! he’s gonna be the coolest kid in school with a name like waits and parents like you. :)

  • Janine

    OH he’s GORGEOUS. Stunning photography as well. Congratulations!!

  • Amycat

    Oh my gosh! He is so beautiful! Congratulations, you look like th prefect glowing new mama!!

  • Lili

    Beautiful! Eight hours of natural labor? Hats off to you.

  • TeanyTinyStar

    Oh my goodness! congratulations! He’s Beautiful!!! :)

  • bashtree

    Oh sweet baby. Mazel tov!

  • bashtree

    Oh sweet baby. Mazel tov!

  • Tenise Rae

    Awe…this makes me kinda misty eyed….eh em…..*cough, *sniff. So cool. So perfect. So awesome.

  • Jenny B.

    so so beautiful the two of you are! Nice work there girly!

  • Kate

    He IS perfect. Congratulations on your natural labor, no complications and a beautiful baby. Enjoy your time away but I can’t wait to see you back here.

  • meriaten

    So happy for you both – what a superb addition!

  • Hope Hughes

    He is adorable!! You look so beautiful!! You have 2 lucky men in your life! :D

  • Susie

    Ahhhhhh….Enjoy your precious time with Waits. I have three boys, 30, 19, and 15….Blessings to you all.

  • Spotted Sparrow

    Oh my goodness, he is beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Minna

    Guess I’m most certainly not the only one totally in awe right now! I’m very very happy for you guys, wonderful to hear that he is and to see that he looks so healthy and beautiful being 100% vegan! I love his name as well :) After Tom? I assume.

    Happy, happy, happy!

    Hope you already have the multifunctional baby wrap sling (or what they’re called), I’ve heard a lot about them and know that babies are most comfortable being attached to their mother/father using these wraps rather than sitting legs straight in a chair-like thing.

    Ah. He’s such a little lentil =o)

  • Squiggle

    Sayward you look gorgeous and glowy! He’s a little stunner…my ovaries are making themselves known now…I want one! :)

  • Tasha

    Congratulations, he’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Lisa

    He’s beautiful, congrats!

  • Charley

    A hundred, million congratulations. He’s beautiful!

  • Richard

    Phew I was kinda worried there it took so long for you to post!
    Congrats!! He looks soo cute!

  • Erin

    Perfect! Congratulations :)

  • Ana

    Congratulations! He’s beautiful.

  • Mrs. Money

    AHHH he is beautiful! Congrats!

  • stephanie

    stunning! mazel tov!

  • Eden

    He is wonderful! I love the little arm wrap-around in that one photo. Maiya used to move around until her tiny fists were on Tom or I’s skin and I do believe it is one of the most motherly feelings ever.

  • Julie

    CONGRATULATIONS!! How wonderful is that?!?!?! He is beautiful! Best of luck!

  • Courtney

    He is so beautiful and adorable!!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Farmingtheburbs

    Now that is love.

  • Carrie

    He is absolutely stunning. Just love that baby up and enjoy these dreamy newborn days.

  • Tammi

    He’s gorgeous! Congratulations Mama and Daddy!

  • Jessica

    Congrats! He is gorgeous! As is the new mama!

  • August

    I have only been reading your blog for a very short time, but have been completely charmed. Many, many congratulations and blessings on your new son! You both look amazing.

  • Neko

    Sayward he is beautiful. Just adorable. You make a lovely family! Congratulations to you!!

  • Tabitha

    He is absolutely precious and you look great. Take all the time you need and congrats.

  • Allison

    Congratulations! You look adorable together!

  • Kenna

    Congratulations!! Great name!

  • Salekdarling

    Yay! He is beautiful. Congrats!

  • Tenise Rae

    I keep coming back to look at the photos, over and over and over again. So sweet!

  • Laura Louise

    I am so very happy for you!
    He is absolutely perfect and extremely cute.
    Take your time, he is worth it!


  • Stephanie J.

    Oh my Oh my!
    this is splendid.
    He is BEAUTIFUL!!! really.
    congratulations! =)

  • Amy Petz

    Simply wonderful! The love spills out of the photos. You and Damian do great work! Blessings to the 3 of you!

  • Melisa

    So excited for you! He is so beautiful, and his name is stellar. My hubs and I were just talking about how we now look back with warm, glowy hearts on even the toughest of those early days, weeks, and months. Welcome to the adventure! :)

  • Sandi Gulin

    He’s absolutely gorgeous, CONGRATS!

  • Rea

    He is precious and I love his name! Congratulations!

  • Amanda

    Congratulations! He’s absolutely precious!

  • Kirstin

    Congratulations, you’re right he is absolutely perfect.
    I’m so proud of you for having a natural birth, enjoy that handsome little man!

  • Kiri

    Congratulations to you both!!! He’s adorable. Don’t worry about us (not that you are) take your time and enjoy this to the full.

  • Sophie

    Congratulations to both of you! I am very glad you and Waits are both happy and healthy.

  • S.

    Aw, congratulations! You both look lovely, healthy, and happy. :)

  • Amelora

    He is amazing. Congrats and ENJOY