Master Cleanse Journal – Day 8

May 19th, 2009 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles




Another short one, ’cause there’s just not too much to say. Today I felt great, barely aware that I haven’t eaten in 8 days. I actually got a ton of stuff accomplished, which was awesome,  and I didn’t fatigue as long as I kept up with my drinks. A few times I let too much time lapse, and my blood sugar would crash. This wasn’t a big deal except for my poor husband, who had to then bear the brunt of my cranky.

I got my salt yesterday, and was back on track with my SWF this morning. I can’t believe how much is still coming out . . .

I got some limes today to use in place of lemons. A nice change. I’ve been drinking a lot of peppermint tea, which I did last cleanse as well. I like to make my lemonade drink with half the maple syrup, reserving half the sweet stuff to add to my tea. That way I keep all my proportions correct (2 pt lemon:2 pt maple:dash cayenne) but I still get my yummy tea!



  • Kelly

    Hi Sayward.

    In your readings about The Master Cleanse, have you ever heard of anyone developing white spots in the inside of both cheeks?? I developed them around Day 8 I think and I wondered if it might be caused by the acidity of the lemons. Thoughts?


  • Sayward

    @ Kelly – Were they just spots (like discoloration), or were they more like sores? Or calluses?

    More importantly, did they go away?!

    I haven’t come across that in my research, but I have read about all sorts of crazy reactions. The body does strange things when in detox.

    I suppose it could have been the lemon. Also could have been totally unrelated! You never know. I really wish scientists would get their act together and do some careful, methodical studies of fasting/cleansing!

    So you’re done now, right? How are you feeling???

  • Kelly

    They are clusters of white, raised spots on the gums near both lower back teeth. They don’t hurt or feel in any way tender and I think they appeared on Day 8? Can’t remember exactly. I’ve never had anything like this before…It’s weird! Tomorrow is my first day of eating solid food, so I’ll give it a week to see if they disappear. You’re right. Every body reacts differently. It’s so fascinating!

    I feel great. Since days 8, 9 & 10 were perfect, I extended the cleanse an extra day. I have felt light and clean and in tune with my body. I definitely have to watch my blood sugar levels carefully though because without a consistent dose of OJ or juice or broth yesterday and today, my head ached and the fog rolled in! Such a great experience overall.

    You’re almost done with your second go ’round. Good job!

  • Ginger Baker

    @ Kelly
    The very first thing that came to mind when you say “white spots on the inside of my cheeks” is thrush (aka candida). I know of it through the breastfeeding angle :-) but if you follow some of the links here you should be able to get ample information that will confirm (or not) that that is your issue.


  • Sayward

    @ Kelly – That’s so awesome to hear that everything went smoothly for you, and that you’ve had such a positive experience. You sound super grounded and solid – so awesome!

    I have no idea about the white spots, but I think Ginger may be on to something with the thrush. I’ve heard it mentioned before. Maybe investigate that avenue? Regardless, please do let me know how it works out. =)

    @ Ginger – I think you may be right. Thanks for the info and the link!

  • Kelly

    Ginger/Sayward…thank you both! But you won’t believe it. The day I was able to eat solid food, I first ate a delicious, organic Gala apple. Right after I was finished, I felt around the area and the white spots had started to diminish. By 11 that morning, they were completely gone! My theory is that they had something to do with the lack of certain digestive enzymes caused by chewing. Interesting, don’t you think? Anyway…yay! And congrats on your completion!

  • Sayward

    @ Kelly – Wow, that’s just crazy! The body is so amazing.

    I bet that was the most amazing gala apple EVER. =D