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September 3rd, 2015 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

vegan family beach

Waits and his Papa-san (my dad).

Hello my dears! Happy Friday, and happy happy Weekend Send-off! It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve done one of these posts, and I’m so excited to get back to it – back to blogging on the regular, back to trading Friday inspiration, and back to Le Love Lists.

It’s been a really busy — and beautiful — but really really busy summer. I’ve enjoyed the madness of it all, but I’m also really looking forward to settling down a bit. Well, a bit. You know me . . . I never settle much!

Alright, onwards and upwards. Here’s what life has looked like for us, lately:

summer heirloom tomato

Summer at the Farmer’s Market.

vegan cheese party
Vegan cheese plates shared with friends. (Featuring Miyoko’s Creamery artisan cheeses, and ooooooh my goodness!!!)

get sauced spoon
The sassiest spoon.

wonderberrieshomegrown goji berries

Wonderberries and goji berries: summer in my garden.

powerpuff boy
Dinners down on the beach (and this sweet little boy wearing “my Power Puff Girl costume!”)

coconut oil popcorn
Old-fashioned air-popped popcorn for movie night.

farmers market summer
These are weekly staples this time of year. (We like to eat the padrón peppers blistered and sprinkled with sea salt, usually on a Friday evening alongside a cocktail made with the strawberries. Ya feel me?)

vegan kids hike
Our favorite hiking spot.


And now, it’s time for the one, the only, the very best way to kick off the weekend — Le Love List!

This moment: I’m at a barbecue for a friend’s birthday, in the garage playing ping pong on a warm summer night. Waits is sitting at a complete, professional 6-piece drum set in the corner, banging away with all his might. Our friend Jason next to him, leaning in, playing his harmonica full bore. A magical musical duet. Ping pong balls flying and laughter in the air, and Waits banging his drums and hollering his song: “Goo mama!! Gooooo mama! Win! Win! Win! Gooooo Mama!” And it was one of those electric moments where just for one split second you are aware of how perfectly, deeply happy you are, in that instant of your weird, wonderful little life. ♥ // Heartwarming emails from long-time Bonzai readers. // When you hear someone outside the building say “vegan” and you want to run to the door to see who they are and what they’re talking about. // A rather weepy conversation with my mother-in-law, in which I tearfully wailed “Being an adult is so fucking hard! I just want to go back to being a kid!” This is on my Love List because it was really great to talk to her, and because despite the tears, it was pretty funny. Life is hard, dudes. So hard. // A fruit bowl full of avocados. // Road trips with old friends, to visit old friends. // #TacoTuesday // This moment: I’m standing in a friend’s kitchen, surrounded by women. Strong women. Mother women. All of us cooking and chatting together, watching the children wild in the backyard — there were 10 of them, I think — while we made a meal and shared ourselves with one another. Tribe. // Nearing our launch date. // A whirlwind weekend in Portland! // When you have to pack your fairy wings, because it’s going to be *that* kind of wedding. // Blogging again. It feels so good, and I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! //


Alright, so now it’s your turn! Please leave your own Le Love Lists in the comments below, so all of us can share in the inspiration of gratitude and joy. Lay it on us!

And as always, I hope you have a wild and wonderful weekend!

  • Sammie

    Life IS hard, man. So difficult. But hey, even more excuses to treat ourselves and give ourselves an extra pat on the back :)

    Loves: A week full of little ups and not-so-little downs (yay for the ups!) and the constant reminder of balance / My little brother left yesterday on a road trip for Seattle, where he’s doing an environmental policy master’s program, and I’m so proud of him! / Football season is starting as I type this! / Being OK with having less stuff and having more ideas / In October I’m going to New York for a weekend; I’ve never been and I’m so exited to explore the. entire. time. / The show White Collar / And True Detective season 2 / The idea that soon it’s going to be fall, and I’ll be able to turn on my stove and literally warm my apartment and cook food that will warm my insides… rather than currently, when turning on my stove results in me melting onto the floor in a puddle in this humid, 90+degree weather / Push-ups / A much-needed 3-day weekend to recharge.<3

  • Allison Chambers

    My first love list after following them for years! // A break from the heat… it’s starting to feel like fall // Being back in Portland after a year in Bethlehem, PA // The beautiful misery of my grief and bereavement process // The first fall in 20+ years that I am not a student! Finally Dr. Chambers, post-doctoral psychology resident // Working at a job I love // Miyoko’s new buffalo-style mozzarella, OMG SO GOOD // Friends from Philly just booked flights to Portland to celebrate my birthday… feeling the love // Mastering a gf version of Isa’s chai spice snickerdoodle cookies // Portland vegan beer fest is in 3 weeks // Have I mentioned I love being back in Portland? ;) // Yoga, hot tubs, and Vaux’s swifts this weekend // Being an auntie of 4 beautiful kiddos //

  • Sonja

    yeah, love list time :-)
    * that my bf is back from his travels * teaching Yoga to friends * backing * sharing food * crystals * cuddling up * asmr

  • Charley

    Ahhh so much to love. For me: One week exactly until I’m back in California, realising how much strength training is starting to change my life, a sweet day out with my mum and my sister, seeing my oldest and best friends with their new babies, some bargain books and a new sandalwood perfume! <3

  • Ashleigh Adamson

    Hi there! Love your blog Sayward! This is, I suppose, a general question….Was looking through some older posts about nutrition you made in 2010, was wondering if any information that you’ve posted about your nutrition philosophies (raw food etc) that has changed since then? Thanks :)

  • Angie

    I just love how positive and authentic these lists are!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Allison, I’m so sorry I never responded to your comment – especially since it was your first Love List! I just wanted you to know that I read it as soon as you posted it, and even though I let the days slip away from me, it means so much that you shared. Thank you. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you so much for sharing your Love List Sammie, and for the commiseration as well. *pats on the back* all around.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Yay, thank you Sonja!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    WELCOME BACK TO CALI! Yay you got here just in time for some hot weather and some tropical-ish rain. Huzzah! Hope you’re having a blast.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh man, yes, so much! This is a really good place to start (though I hope to write a more formal “from then to now and how I’ve changed” post at some point) —

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you Angie! I always love hearing from you. ♥

  • Ashleigh Adamson

    Thank you! :)