The Weekend Send-Off

November 15th, 2013 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback


This little rock star drinks orange, celery, and dandelion greens juice.

Love! These days, the paragraph of my life reads hope and joy and love and ooh, just lots of good old fashioned fun. And moments of fear and moments of panic are little punctuation marks, little dots amongst those beautiful words. And maybe you can imagine how precious that is, but maybe you can’t, because I don’t know if I could’ve before these last few years. When it was literally flipped and I lived fear and panic, punctuated by mere moments of happiness.

But now I’m on the other side.

And it’s so damn good I can hardly sit still!

I want to write a Love List every week, every single week I intend to. But you know, Time. I have to manage mine carefully these days, and prioritize that which is financially wise. So it’s been less blogging for me, like we talked about, and even though it’s been good I know – the right way to use my time – I still miss you guys! And man, I miss the Love Lists.

So I made sure to squeeze one in this week. I’m going to try to do them more often. Try!


Le Love List

Taking Waits trick-or-treating with his little bestie. Listening to him say “Hello! Happy Halloween! Trick or treat! Are any of these vegan?” and seeing the look on people’s faces, haha. He makes his mama proud .|. Spending entire afternoons holed up in my house listening to RadioLab marathons and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning .|. Meeting up with long-time online friends turned real-life friends turned potential new venture partners, hanging out, eating Indian food, talking veganism, and finishing it all off with a trip to the LA Vegan Book Fair at the Animal Advocacy Museum .|. reading science writing (books) again, and dreaming of being a science writer someday (funny how dreams circle around, innit?) .|. This gallery of science tattoos – Science, Skin, and Ink .|. Building my Día de los Muertos altar, which for some reason brought up a lot of emotion this year. I guess that sadness never goes away, and part of me is grateful for that. .|. A gaping hole in the fence .|. The Turtle Island coconut curry tempeh, seared and sprinkled over my lunch salad EVERY DAY .|. Planting wine boxes full of veggie starts .|. I did my very first live radio interview, eeep! I am paralyzingly frightened of public speaking, so this was huge for me, and I definitely learned a lot. Onward and upward! You can hear me yakking about vegan pregnancy here, if you’re interested .|. Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez. Still slays me .|. This art essay by Maira Kalman. So I know *I’m* many years late, but this is some of the most exciting art I’ve seen in ages .|. Oh hai, as of about 45 seconds ago, I HAVE TICKETS TO SEE AMANDA PALMER .|. So you know what? Eff yes, 2013 sure is wrapping up right! .|. LOVE .|.

And now, my friends, it’s your turn to share! I do so love your Love Lists, and all the gratitude and joy that radiates from them. I hope you’ll share, and I hope hope hope that you have an amazing weekend!

  • Gaby de Vries

    Finally deciding to take better care of myself, making me a priority. Singing along the Mumford & Sons album, my favorite TV shows that I watch while I’m cooking, tea, cold Canadian weather (an excuse for hot coco) :)

  • Francine

    The fact that it’s Friday and the office is nearly empty so I plan to sneak out nice and early. Also, take an extra long lunch involving a giant bowl of pho. There’s today’s gratitude haha

  • cheli

    the altar is so gorgeous

  • The Vegan Cookie Fairy

    Your first paragraph was so beautifully, lyrically written. You are a very good writer; I can only imagine you would make science sound magical :) (And we need that! I’m not a science-y person, but good writing can dress up anything I don’t like.)

    My love list: It’s Friday. Thank f***. // I’m going to a Disney-themed quiz tonight. I love all things Disney and I have never been to a quiz night out, so I am very very excited even though I should probably stay home and do more work, but DISNEY. // Thirty Seconds To Mars concert on Tuesday! // I’ll be ogling Jared Leto like my life depends on it. // I have received my weekly fresh veg and fruit devilry, form a local Scottish organic farm, and it contains vegetables I have NEVER cooked or eaten before. The celeriac looks scary. But scary good. // My cat is sitting in my lap. I love him. // My relationship with my boyfriend has always been great, but somehow it keeps getting stronger. I love him to the ends of the universe and back. // I have my book club meeting today, and it was lovely, and I love my book club ladies. // I am making pancakes with pomegranate syrup this weekend. YES. // I just had French onion soup and it was goooood. // Only 40 days till Christmas. <3

  • Courtney Bliss

    This blog. Honestly, every post brings a smile to my face, which is usually really needed. ~ My amazing ASL teacher who is being really supportive and helping me so much with my statement of intent for grad school. ~ My wonderful hubby who is dealing with me while I deal with all the stress brought on by work, school, grad school application, the potential chaos getting into grad school will bring, and my mom. ~ Snuggling with said hubby while watching ‘Time Bandits’ for the first time last night. So wonderful! ~ Kelly Carlin and her amazing podcast, Waking from the American Dream. Listening to her and her guests just help to put the crazy that is my life into perspective. ~ Doctor Who, the 50th Anniversary Special that’s coming up, and all the fun surrounding it. ~ American Sign Language. Need I say more? ~ Larabars. Apple Pie Larabars. Why hadn’t I tried them before Wednesday? ~ Coupons for Jo-Ann Fabric.

  • Vegantravelgirl

    This week has been pretty tough so it’s a good thing to focus on the good : Just picked up my new Vaute Couture coat! Whoo hoo! // Sending positive energy out that I’ll get the new apartment I really, really want.// Getting excited about my new business -the fun/stress/fun of planning it all.// Looking forward to the farmers market & Animal Shelter cat-bio writing session tomorrow.// Working on changing a relationship so that it works again.// My cats, always up for cuddles.// Going dancing with friends!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Good for you for taking care of yourself, Gaby. I know how hard that can be, but it’s so important and you deserve it! Also, I secretly love Mumford too, ha! =D

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Woo-hoo! Hope you get/got out early and hope you got that pho for lunch. Mmm pho. Definitely something to be grateful for!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you lady, I do hope to be able to make science sound like magic some day. And I love your Love List! Yes thank Eff it’s Friday, ha!

    Also, totally random, but I have had a crush on Jared Leto allll the way back since My So-Called Life, and girl – I met him! My senior year of high school, on my BIRTHDAY, I was in line at a CVS in LA buying, of all things, tampons, and he friggin’ got in line behind me! AND he friggin’ asked me out, ha! Apparently he’s quite the romancer, as I’ve since heard from many other women who he approached and hit on. Anyway, he is definitely just as gorgeous in person. Get ready to ogle! =D

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aww, thank you Courtney, I love hearing that. Are you going to grad school for ASL? I took one class way back at the beginning of college, and I am SO bummed I didn’t continue to pursue it. I deaf man used to come into the shop where I worked and I always loved helping him and using the little sign language I knew. He appreciated it so much and we became friends. I would love to take it again some day!

  • The Vegan Cookie Fairy

    You are KIDDING me! I have the biggest crush on Jared Leto, trumped only by Tom Hiddleston (and this purely because he’s ginger and British). Lucky you! :) I would probably just faint on the spot if that happened to me.

  • Rebecca

    How funny! I just re-discovered Heartbeats this week! Has been on permanent rotation ever since. Great minds, I tell ya!

  • Lina Dominugez
  • Sayward Rebhal

    Amanda Palmer has spoken at length about this issue, like here, and here, and oh also in her acclaimed TED Talk, here.

    But really, she’s been involved in so many scandals, who can keep them all straight? That’s what tends to happen to fiercely independent revolutionaries who are driven to share and make art and make noise. Especially when said revolutionaries happen to have vaginas.

    So you don’t have to like her, that’s fine, but I friggin’ adore her and happen to think she’s one of the most incredible and visionary thinkers of our time. Difference of opinion!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    It’s soooo good!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Sorry you had a tough week, but I hope the weekend brought some fun and some rest. Good luck on getting the apartment!

  • Courtney Bliss

    I’m glad, because it’s true. :)
    I’m hopefully going to be going to Gallaudet University for Linguistics with a focus on ASL. Their program is amazing and is the best place for focusing on ASL.
    If there aren’t free classes in your area, there are always Deaf people who are willing to help you learn their language. Most are usually really happy that someone wants to learn, and Waits is at a perfect age to start learning too.

  • Lynn

    Late to the party on this one, but better late than never!

    Here is the link to the Winter Veggie Puree I mentioned :)

    Love List!
    -Fabric Shopping Trip with Mom and cousin :)
    -My kittens :)
    -Brownies :)
    -Getting all the yard work done!

    I also need to ask you all for some positive/good luck vibes. My external hard drive was damaged, and it’s unclear how much of my data is salvageable. I have a dear friend who is very skilled at data recovery working on it right noe, but there is almost a decade of my life backed up on that thingthousands of pictures, my entire Master’s Portfolio, and innumerbale irreplacable files. Please send vibes that it is not lost and everything will be recoverable. Thank you!!!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I’ve been meaning to post my love list since Friday, but the best happy accident happened: my work computer went on the fritz and I was forced into taking an all day break! This is a crazy time of year for me and I never slow down until I push through my year-end projects. Not so on Friday! I let my internet fast continue through the weekend, except for maybe 15 minutes each evening. It was bliss.

    Other things I’m loving at present: recipe testing for Kitee, and especially – finding uses for teff sourdough starter .|. giving a vegan mac n’ cheese cooking demo to a group of vegan pledges, and seeing their faces when they took that first bite .|. Nina wants to be Q-bert for Hallowe’en next year, and has decided to teach herself Q-bertese .|. eavesdropping on a conversation between Nina and her friend R, and hearing them toss the word ‘vegan’ around in conversation with normalcy and ease .|. my husband, for talking me into a Walking Dead marathon to accompany my knitting marathon .|. being a night person, so after said husband turns in I can watch the Following and Asylum by myself while knitting a secret gift for him .|. did I mention testing for Kittee? because this cookbook of hers is going to be AMAZING and I finally had a legit excuse to stock up on Ethiopian spices and I forgot how much I love bere bere and am now putting it on everything .|. radishes! so many of them coming up that I lost track of which varieties I planted where, and I just can’t wait to start plucking them out of the soil.

    Happy Monday!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Oh, I hope I can include fabric shopping into a love list soon! And sending lots of positive vibes your way.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I’m so excited about the 50th Special – I think my daughter is dressing up like a weeping angel. I’m going as the Silence! We never checked if it’s a costume party or not.

  • Courtney Bliss

    It’s a Doctor Who party, of course it’s a costume party! ;) That is awesome. I love seeing kids dressed up.
    I’m just happy I get to watch it at home without my husband complaining about the squeeks of joy I’ll be making throughout. I’ll probably be snuggled under my TARDIS blanket wearing one of my Doctor Who t-shirts and Fourth Doctor arm-warmers.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I NEED a pair of Fourth Doctor arm warmers – how did I never think to make these for myself?!

    I’m knitting my husband a Jayne Cobb hat and a Fourth Doctor scarf for this winter – but I have to wonder: if he wears them together, will the universe go all wibbly wobbly?

  • Courtney Bliss

    No. I think it would simply get better.