“What I” Wednesday: Oh, Hello Autumn!

September 28th, 2011 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles

It’s official. The temperature has dropped 10 degrees. The leaves are suddenly turning, and the gusty wind that’s arrived from nowhere is happy to pluck them from their branches, pick them up and carry them off and away. It’s raining again.

So naturally, I’ve been: baking, cleaning, sewing, re-organizing, planning, brooding, and imagining fun new ways to use pumpkin. I think it’s fair to say that fall is my favorite season, and even though we barely had a summer, and even though I’m truly dreading winter, I’m really really happy to be exactly where I am right now.

This past Monday seemed to feature an especially autumn-inspired menu.

Also, I always forget to mention it, but Waits still nurses . . . like, a lot. At least once between every meal/snack, and with free access all through the night.


The first thing I did upon waking was my shred. After a workout you’re supposed to get some calories and some protein into you pretty quick, and since I’m never hungry in the way-m, a half a banana and a protein “shake” is what does the trick. And by “shake” I mean 1 scoop of hemp protein in water. Chug ‘n glug, blech.

The other half of the nanner went to Waits, sliced thin with a dollop of peanut butter on each piece. I’ve been trying to get some food into him a little earlier, and this kept him occupied while I made . . .


I’m drinking coffee again these days, because I’ve been fighting this cold and I feel like I need the extra kick. Yes, coffee is actually worse for my immune system, I know. But it gets my groggy ass up in the morning and more importantly, it really brightens my mood. So coffee it is!

I had my coffee with stevia and fortified coconut milk, and Waits had some fortified coconut milk in his steel sippy.


After we’d had a long lovely dog walk (don’t you love the smell of fall?,) I gave Waits half of a homemade gluten-free sugar-free pumpkin muffin (recipe coming next month for MoFo!), while I set about preparing our smoothie:

Kombucha, banana, blackberries, hemp protein, a sprinkle of stevia, and a ton of kale. Yum! Waits drank most of this, and had a jolly ol’ time dipping his muffin in the green goodness. Breakfast is always a messy project, but it sure is fun. We both finished off with a spoonful of molasses.

While Waits was making a mess, er, I mean eating, I threw a rough-chopped mirepoix (onion-celery-carrot) into a pan and sautéed it a bit, then covered it with water to simmer while we took our bath. This became a lovely veggie broth that went into our dinner.

First Lunch

I munched on this veggie plate while Waits was napping and I was working. Farmer’s Market tomatoes (unbelievable! so flavorful!), Farmer’s Market white cucumber (I fell in love with these last year – so crisp!) and Farmer’s Market broccoli. Farmer’s Market at this time of year is sort of amazing!

I ate them all with a raw tahini sauce. I’ve been stuck on this stuff for a while, I think it’s about time I changed it up . . . nah.

Second Lunch

When wee little mister woke up, I fixed him a snack tray using my awesome new stainless steel plate. Snack trays are so fun! I swear, he eats more when food is presented like this (and for a super-active guy like Waits, more calories is definitely a good thing). This particular tray had: watermelon (he can’t keep his hands off, ha!), the other half of his breakfast muffin, a bottle with more coconut milk, black and kidney bean mash, a couple of pickled asparagus spears, and a lot of kale chips.

He ate the watermelon, some of the muffin, and a few kale chips. I ate the asparagus (he took one bite and refused any more) and most of the kale chips. The beans were a no-go, which is odd since I call him my “beanie baby” based on his undying love of beans. But otherwise, that’s pretty typical. What I put in front of Waits, and what Waits actually eats, are often very different!


Autumn on a plate! This is an heirloom acorn squash, a white variety called “Cream of the Crop”, which I picked up at the Farmer’s Market (of course). I roasted and stuffed it with a mixture of pink rice and green lentils, which I’d cooked up in that veggie broth from earlier. I also sautéed some more onions, celery, and carrots, and stirred those in along with some garlic, salt, and pepper. This was reeeeeally good.

Served with a side salad of spinach, cukes, and tomatoes, tossed in garlic olive oil and balsamic. Waits had basically the exact same thing:

He wasn’t a fan of the squash – he’s not so big on starches (doesn’t like sweet potatoes either, crazy right?) but he sure dug the rice/lentil filling.

Dessert/Late Night Snack

Frozen banana slices, peanut butter, maple syrup. ♥ ♥ ♥


This outfit is actually from Tuesday, because on Monday I sort of didn’t happen to leave the house. Well that’s not entirely true – we did walk the pooches to the grocery store. But I promise, you don’t want to see what I wore. We were still getting over the sick, and it wasn’t anything worth sharing.

On Tuesday afternoons we like to go to “Tiny Tots” storytime/singalong at the public library. My mom was a children’s librarian, and the first time I took Waits to something like this, I totally cried. Super embarrassing. But now it’s all fun and songs and blowing bubbles and making friends. And dancing!

A hoodie and knitted knee socks – yup, summer’s over! I wore :

  • “Vegan” hoodie: secondhand
  • Red and navy skirt: secondhand, originally Forever 21
  • Black tights and white knee socks: Sock Dreams
  • High-high-high top converse: the secondhand score of the year, especially considering the monster size of my massive monster feet
  • Red bandana, which is way old


  • Meghan2

    You will be posting a link to your muffin recipe right??

    Have you heard of Teeccino? Andrew is wanting to wean off coffee and he got a sample of it and now is in love. Look it up, it’s pretty crazy cool.

    Also, I am loooving the book. It’s been a great little go-to guide when I got past the morning sickness and started taking more vitamins in addition to my vegan pre-natal; but here is a question for ya: did you take protein powder during pregnancy? The reason I ask is because of my intolerance to gluten, sesame, etc, I am a little more limited at where I can get some of my vegan protein. I know that the best place to get protein is from whole foods and I am, but even then I am on the low spectrum. I started counting my protein this week just to see where I am at and makes sure I am getting enough. So far I hit 60 grams the past two days. The problem is I feel like I am eating a little more food than I want or having to force high protein choices, because I am trying to get more protein in (and sometimes I just don’t want another tablespoon of peanut butter!). Anyway, so I am thinking about adding a hemp or rice protein powder to my diet. I feel like I will feel more at ease, knowing I am getting enough, not barely getting the bare minimum. Do you have any experience with this? My biggest question is whether it is safe (I am talking just protein powder, no added vitamins and minerals because I already have those covered). Sorry for the long winded question, but my midwives aren’t vegan and I want to know what someone who was a pregnant vegan thinks.

    And lastly, yay for having mother’s who were/are a children’s librarian!

  • http://almostveganchef.com Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh my gosh! I’ve got like 10 pairs of socks from Sock Dreams, all ordered online…LOVE them! Totally forgot they’re located in Portland…damnit, should’ve stopped by there while I was in town for VVC!

  • Morgan(NoLongerInJapan:)

    I love that you’re including fashion in the blog again!

  • Sara Ann

    Love love love love the high tops :)

  • Karly Paige

    Ohhh how I love Sock Dreams! Yay! <3

  • http://alternativehousewife.com Janine @ Alternative Housewife

    Don’t ever apologize for coffee! Coffee is the best!

    PB on banana slices is genius – I’ll have to do that to mix it up. Snack trays are totally the best! Sebastian still eats a lot (although I anticipate that changing soon) but the tray meals are fun for ME to put together. :) I am always interested in seeing what he eats first/most.

    Glad that you mentioned Waits is still nursing. I assumed he was, but had wondered about it. <3 that you still nurse on-demand all night as well. Seems like a lot of mamas cut off the night milkies but I can't really imagine doing that. (Do wish he'd fall asleep some other way though.)

  • Sonja Gaedicke

    Love your skirt and the high tops and can’t wait till you post the muffin recipe next month :-) I’m a big fan of your wednesday posts :-)

  • Laura Agar Wilson

    Love the outfit and can’t wait for the muffin recipe! That green smoothie mix also sounds delicious, I have some blackberries in my freezer so I’m thinking of copying that!

  • Christina

    How nice that it’s fall there. Here (PA) it looks like fall but feels like July. Yuck!

  • Selina

    Aah! Seriously so excited for the muffins! Lover of pumpkin, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free…that’s me! The sugar-free thing is recent as we have been battling some health issues with the nursing babe over here, so it’s been rough transitioning to a no-sugar diet for me. I am thankful that I’ve finally had to kick the addiction though!

  • http://windycityvegan.wordpress.com Monika {windycityvegan}

    Can’t wait to see that muffin recipe! Loved the post, the food porn, the outfit . . . but I have MoFo fever these days and I really just can’t wait until next week, and for your MoFo posts!

    My surfing time is severely limited right now, so if you have any A+ raw cupcake or muffin recipes online that you can direct me to, please and thank you in advance! I’m officially going with the theme Owlowe’en, and it will still mostly be treats. But I want healthy treats for the fam, of course.

  • http://dietplaid.wordpress.com/ Jen

    Today is the first day of “fall” weather here. I am so happy! My birthday is next weekend and I can’t wait for the cake Mike is making me, then I am bringing cake to work, hopefully we can go to the orchard, then the chili cook off! Oh! I love fall!

  • Ebby’s Mama

    I like that snack tray very much. I think it will definitely help with my almost one year olds pickiness.