The Weekend Send-Off

July 8th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

At the NW Veg vegan barbecue on the fourth of July.

Oi! Is it the weekend already? I loooove short weeks, don’t you? And it’s been a great week! The first with my new bike *and* a baby bike seat. Waits adores his iBert and we have been going on loooong adventure rides every single day. So much fun! I will be sad to give that iBert back (it’s on loan), but we’re definitely going to get one for ourselves. Pray to the Craigslist gods for us, okay? And just in case you’ve been considering getting one yourself, DO IT! It’s the best baby bike seat ever!

Before I get to the fun stuff, I just wanted to remind all y’all that I don’t accept Facebook requests from online friends. It’s my one place for “in-real-life” only, but it’s nothing personal, k?? I love you guys! And there’s always the Bonzai Facebook page, which I’ll be much more involved in very soon.

Okay . . .

Le Love List

1. That song up there!    It is so damned cute and sooo catchy. Waits and I have been dancing to it and singing along all week.

2. Planning for the Bonzai Book Club.    Seriously dudes, I. Can’t. Wait. I have soooo many great books lined up for us to read. These are all books that have been on my list, but I haven’t been able to get to. Now, not only do I have a reason to read them, but I get to discuss them with some of the raddest people on the Internet. That is AWESOME!

3. Leslie Hall.    Okay, so remember a few months back, one of my Love List items was this video of unparalleled awesomeness by one miss Leslie Hall, of rap music and Gem Sweater fame? Well, on the fourth of July I was talking to another super rad lady, miss Kittee, and it just so happens that she is a superfan and friend of Leslie Hall’s. And, she informed me, that Leslie has gone vegan! So that, my friends, IS SUPER HAPPY-MAKING! I love it when radical people get even radical-er. Love love love. <3


Alright guys, now it’s your turn – tell me what you’re loving this week!

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Have a radical weekend, my radical ambassadors of awesome!

  • Angela

    I love your love list! That’s so great about Leslie Hall. I can’t wait for the book club. I’m a reading fool and it will be fantastic to be able to discuss with some other rad bookworms.
    This week I love that there is a new food cart in my city that has a tofu bahn mi sandwich! Seriously, it’s amazing to have a vegan food option around here that you don’t have to ask the restaurant to manipulate in some way.

  • Jackie

    Any chance we could get a sneak preview of the book club list? I do most of my book obtaining from Paperbackswap ( and it often takes a loooong time for the books I’m looking for to come up on the list. The sooner I can get them on my wish list there, the better!

  • ~L~

    I was watching Leslie Hall’s newest video the other day and she’s slimmed down amazingly, presumably from the vegan thing. You should check it out, its on youtube, look for “hydrate”. :)

  • natashia

    i totally agree with you about face book, I prefer to only have friends that I actually know in real life :)

    This week I’m loving the surprise ‘Christmas in July’ themed bday party we just threw for a friend. It’s winter here in South Africa, so it fits the European stereotype of Christmas much better :) we sang ‘we wish you a merry birthday’ as she walked in the door, gave Christmas card instead of birthday cards, and a Christmas stocking full of pressies – a good time was had by all (I think the egg nog may have helped)

  • Selina

    I love that video!! I’m totally making my husband watch it- not that it will do any good…

    1. It’s my three month veganniversary! Also, the word veganniversary…
    2. Lemonade made with stevia
    3. My baby is crawling AAHHH!

  • Lori

    Hey everyone, This weekend I will be making my FAV snack of all time. I learned it at a workshop with Matthew Kenney the once owner of NY nPure Food and Wine before he split with Sarma. It’s addicting, the snack that is. You can find the recipe at my site as my latest post named “Nuts on Safari”. Enjoy.

  • Danika

    Well, Selina gave a couple ideas that are additions to my love list!
    1. A couple of my friends have been incorporating veg meals into their meat/dairy laden diets thanks to yours truly :)Makes me feel awesome to know people are open-minded and we can make a difference!
    2. My little sister. She is lending me another one of her dresses tonight so i can look pretty for a wedding without having to go out and buy something to wear. (I borrowed a different one for a wedding two weeks ago!)
    3. My 2 year veg anniversary was this week. I am beyond thankful for the events that led to this amazing change in my life.
    4. My baby is walking! I forgot how awesome it is to watch your child begin to walk. How I forgot in just 1.5 yrs, I don’t know–but I did. I am loving watching Harper with her little pigtails get the hang of the walking business.
    Happy weekend everyone!!
    P.S. Jealous of Portland’s veg-friendly events! Someday, I will organize a Minneapolis based Veg Society :)

  • Neysa

    Hooray for the weekend! Hope everyone has had a great week, and has an even greater weekend. Hmmm, quick ponder on what shall be on my love list this week…

    1. Talking to my mum. Recently she’s been caught up with her awesome new job, awesome new husband, and awesome new life in general, and unfortunately we weren’t talking much. That changed back for the better this week, as we’ve been talking heaps. Hooray! Have missed her heaps.

    2) FarMar. Today is our monthly local farmer’s market (just a block from my apartment, yay!), and since I’ve been living off supermarket veg for the last week (ick!), I’m super excited to get down and see what seasonal goodness they’ve got this month.

    3) Deadlines. Yes, I’m a bit weird. They stress me out, but I love a good challenge, and working toward that goal. fingers crossed I make it though!

    4) Trying get through to my housemates on all the waste they produce. I’m a low plastics, low waste in general type of person, so for this months MMM, I decided to educate others, and in the process try to cut our whole households footprint (instead of just mine).

  • Sierra Dawn

    Oh my gosh, Leslie Hall is vegan! Rock on! Yeah, as “L” mentioned, I noticed some significant slim down action while checking out her newer videos. Hmmm. I’d like to hear her vegan story!

    My love list:

    1. My new cat, Elvis! My neighbors had to move and couldn’t take him, so we took him in. I had to put my cat of 13 years down last year and didn’t think I was quite ready yet, but, man is it nice to have a furry lil feller around again:)
    2. My natural hair color. I’m finally embracing it! Seeing my features and hair color on my baby girl has really given me a new outlook on my natural beauty.
    3. The spirulina and cashew organic live food bar made by Raw Revolution. Sooooo yummy! I just ordered a whole case.

  • Meghan

    Love list!

    1. Since there is someone from South Africa reading your blog, I feel it necessary to mention my love for 7de Laan. It is a South African soap opera. It is awesome. I started watching it when I was in Cape Town for three weeks last summer, and now I watch it on SCOLA. I think if it were an American show or in English I would be absolutely uninterested in it, but for some reason, I’m hooked! Plus it gives my husband a chance to practice Afrikaans, he doesn’t get much opportunity for that in the US. :-P

    2. My new toothbrush. I’ll tell ya’ll more about my new toothbrush at the end o’ the month.

    3. My new flannel toilet “paper.” Dude, what took me so long?! IT IS SO SOFT!!!! MY VAGINA REJOICES!

    4. That song up there. Jeeze. It is going to be stuck in my head for all of eternity.

  • Meghan

    Oh! And reading the posts above reminded me that my uh… (*counts on fingers… runs out of fingers… crap*) 15 year veganiversary happened this past week. Woot!

  • zerowastelifestyle

    Dear Sayward, as you are my one stop shop for all things vegan please could I ask your advice about vegan omega 3, 6, 9 sources. Do you have a list of top omega foods/supplements that you eat/take regularly? We are in a(slow) phase of transition to a vegetarian/vegan diet in our family and I am looking for future alternatives to fish.
    PS:Guess what, I am also a South African Bonzai reader but I now live in Portugal-hello SA readers!

  • zerowastelifestyle

    Just wondering what happens when you click the link to my zerowastelifestyle blog in my comment above? My blog is about environmental awareness about household waste-I get another site when I follow the link in the above comment. Would you mind deleting my comment if you get a non-environmental site with that link? Might be my computer that has picked up a weird link?

  • Moira

    My love list:
    1. Listened to the Dalai Lama speak about inner peace and world peace in DC. <3
    2. I'm inspired.

  • Kathryn P.

    A little late, but! I shared that vegan myths video a few weeks back to a club at my school (veggie might! is our name, haha) and they all thought it was hilarious, score! And Leslie Hall is fantastic, I’ve been sharing her around since you first posted that video, hilarious! My friend is thinking about asking her to make some spandex outfits for our circus club, hopefully it happens!
    I’m loving:
    1. My hair! My dreads are a little over 1.5 years now and I love them more all the time. I’ve been at the beach every day this past month and I can feel how happy they are to be in the salt water, tightening up and getting blonder! And they’re getting longer, yes!
    2. Living a ten second walk away from a bakery and getting a fresh, warm, out of the oven loaf every morning, then walking five seconds to the fruit/veggie/nut place that our friends own. Umm, my life is complete.
    3. Greek! I’m trying to be fluent again like I was as a kid, and it’s really encouraging to have people tell me I’m speaking well and helping me when my grammar is off.