The Weekend Send-Off

February 11th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

What a strange, strange winter it’s been! While the rest of the country is pummeled with record snowstorms, us folks here in Oregon are enjoying outdoor play in February. We were supposed to get 12 inches of snow this winter; instead I’m hiking at elevation with naught but a flimsy thin (RAD) sweatshirt!

It’s also flying by, it seems. For you too? I feel like I just said goodbye to my market, but next month is March and March is when the market returns! Wha-??? This weekend Damian and I start working on the garden ‘remodel’. So exciting! It’s almost time to start seeds!

Just a reminder that this month’s MMM is super fantastic. Have you checked it out yet? We’ve already had a number of gift recipients come and find the site. That is so wonderful! I love the simplicity of this mission and I love how much it touches people. What a lovely thing to put out in to the world – thank you guys for being so awesome and making it happen.

And speaking of love . . . the Love List! Oh, of course.
1. Announcing my first book!!! Yeah, that was FUN
2. Reading all the comments when I announced my book, and especially hearing from some of my most active readers that they’ll be *needing* that book sometime very soon. EXCITING!!
3. Planning my Valentines Day menu, which will include a modified omg alfredo and a raw chocolate raspberry torte. OH YES

Now your turn!

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Have a fantabulous weekend!

  • @tishushu

    :) Lucky you with the weather. I live in Georgia, and we had the craziest snow in January… Usually this time of year it gets a little warmer, but it’s still cold! Its been a roasted sweet potato and apple soup kinda winter.

    Hopefully, I will be starting a garden soon. My friends and I all wanna focus on one vegetable and do exchanges… I may do potatoes! We’ll have our own market! Plus I’m sprouting like crazy!

    Happy Weekend! (And yay for Egypt!)

  • Rea

    1. Class has been cancelled since Wednesday due to those winter storms you alluded to!
    2. Steven Tyler’s twitter account. You need to look at that. It has nothing to do with being an Aerosmith fan, it’s just so crazy and fucked up. I laugh every single time that man tweets.
    3. Knowing that, in under three hundred words, I can make my nationally revered writing professor/dean say that I -ooze- talent. Yeah, my ego inflated this week. ;)

    I planted some little indoors babies last week! I’m so excited to grow this year! <3

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I have no idea where the past few months have gone! I’m already planting two of my beds this weekend and if my husband gets my greenhouse/cold frame finished, I can start some other seeds, too.

    By the way, if the Bonzai seed swap is happening, I managed to save some seeds last year – let me know!

    1. NC weather; yesterday morning we had a couple inches of snow on the ground, but by day’s end it was 50 degrees outside!
    2. Nina and I are marking off our own hiking trails in the wooded part of our property – 100% her idea, and it’s been awesome to see her totally own this project.
    3. Making mini Valentine’s Day treats for Nina’s class on Monday.

  • Tara

    Oh how I wish it was warm here in Missouri. We are currently several inches deep in snow and seeing my beautiful backyard and beginning to plant seems so far away. All will come in time though, it might just take us a little longer to get there.

    Love List:
    1. Losing a job (due to a lack of business) and gaining a new part time gig in the same week.
    2. Working on a new crafting adventure with a close friend. Yudu here I come!
    3. Hitting up a big antique show tomorrow that I am seriously looking forward to! I can’t wait to find a few hidden gems to add to our home.

  • StMongo

    I’m so jealous of the weather you get to experience. Up here in Ontario (Canada) it’s minus 18C today and the snow in my front yard is about 3ft high. Winter can go away any time now.

    Okay, here’s my list:
    1. newly discovered refried bean burgers
    (buns, refriend beans, salsa, cheese, avacado, toast in oven, stuff face)

    2. recently having my wisdom teeth out has caused me to lose 8lbs

    3. when my patients give me kisses (don’t worry…I’m not freaky…I’m a vet tech).

    btw…plz check out my new photography site. it’s the edgier side of my work. no wedding photos or pretty flowers here!

  • farmingtheburbs

    1. Having extra cuddle time with my sick little boy.
    2. Cooking delicious food for my family.
    3. Listening to my toddler, he is just so full of surprises and imagination.

  • Lenn

    You better stop the hanky-panky on v-day long enough to take pics of that meal, it sounds scrumptious and I want to try to make both of those and see if us omnivores can tell the difference.

    1. MOVING IN 2 WEEKS! Getting closer!
    2. Saw snow for the first time ever…And in Texas, who’da thunk?
    3. My new little tea-drinking friend: a porcelain tea bag holder I found at a thrift store for 50 cents. It’s all cute with purple roses painted on it. Yay for weird finds.
    4. (Adding one extra this week since it’s awesome) My truck is running again! YAY! We need it to haul all our stuff, so…

  • Tenise Rae

    Sheeeeeeiiiiit! I’ve already started seeds, my dear! lol. I’m SO all over it I can barely stay in my own skin. I’m so antsy to get ta gardenin’. Cleaned out the little greenhouse today. Too many black widows….*shudder* S’all good though. Planting more seeds later tonight after the pea seeds soak. Wahoo!!

    Love list:
    1. Gardening season!!! Seeds sprouting! Cleaning of the greenhouse!
    2. Love that my 2 and a half year old is just dying to get out to dig in the dirt, just like her momma. “Dig dirt! PLEEEEEASE?? Shovel? PLEEEEASE??” Haha…it’s so dern cute.
    3. Looking forward to going to the local garden nursery to get dirt, compost (I’ll have my own soon but in the meantime….), fertilizer….and whatever else my little gardening heart desires. Heheh..

    Yeah, yeah…all gardening. What can I say?? I’m freaking excited! First yard EVER!! :D

  • Anastasia

    1. Your book cover design. Seriously, it’s gorgeous. I often judge books by their covers (ha!) and know this design matches the contents!

    2. Coconut water and milk. I just got into both and I love ‘em! Delicious and good for you.

    3. Cupcake scented candles. No better way to relax then come home and chill out while smelling cupcakes. :]

  • Nicole

    1) Finally getting our apartment decluttered, organized, and scrubbed down.

    2) Making my own cleaner from vinegar and water. I know it’s not a new concept but I love that I can get a gigantic thing of vinegar for $2 when other green cleaners are way more expensive.

    3) Making my own cleaning rags/mop heads out of repurposed tshirts and sweatshirts that were too faded/holey to donate.

    4) Abundant time with my wee munchkin. She’ll be two next week and she’s amazing.

    5) My Dad coming to visit next week!!!!

    6) My Mister for being such a good helper during the great apartment detox!!

    7) Ordering my water kefir grains- Thank you for posting about them, Sayward!!

    8) Finally, the promise of a new day tomorrow. It is mine to fill however I choose and I choose to fill it with love and light.

  • Theresa

    1) Listening to my toddler sing “twinkle twinkle little star” by himself in its entirety while splashing in the bathtub.

    2) Optimism! I don’t know where it’s coming from but I’ve grabbed on and I’m not letting go.

    3) Finding a new Vegan restaurant/pub in town. The food was amazing on its own, but they also rock some awesome tunes and have wi-fi, what’s not to love?

  • Amanda

    1. Checking out Vegan cookbooks from the library
    2. Valentine’s Day party with my 4th graders
    3. Hot tea on cold days!

  • Angela

    Oi Sayward! Just wanted to let you know that yesterday was the day I turned vegan! Due in no small part to this awesome website and your awesome articles. I’ve been wanting to transition to veganism for a couple of years but never felt like it was the right time/environment for me. Then I discovered Bonzai Aphrodite! Thank you so so much for everything you share with us! I feel totally supported, encouraged and far better informed because of you! This website has helped change my life :)

  • Melisa

    I love that so many of us are mamas to toddlers! Isn’t is cool (most of the time)?! My baby girl loves digging in the dirt, too! StMongo–I’m a vet tech, too! Uncertified, but I gave myself the right to say “tech” instead of “assistant” after taking a hardcore bite to the face in the line of duty. And Nicole, I love #8. :)
    Sayward, I wanted to say THANK YOU for always thoroughly answering my random questions. I know how busy you are and I truly appreciate it.
    Love List:
    1)Sunday is vegan chocolate chip pancake day at my house. Thank you, Vegan With A Vengeance!
    2)My husband RULES. For my birthday, he got my an Indian cookbook. But not for my to use. He also gave me 12 coupons redeemable for the dish of my choice from the book. He has always been the most thoughtful gifter!
    3)My sweet, smart three-year-old who makes me aspire to be better by consistently reflecting me back to me.

  • Minna

    @ Theresa – love how you said that about optimism! I’ve been feeling the same thing lately, not wanting to let go of my strange optimistic way of seeing everything.

    @ Angela – YAY for going vegan! Good luck!

    …No Spring for us yet, it’s gonna be -30C in the following days :( But nonetheless I’m going to start my first indoor seeds tomorrow and try to grow my own herbs and greens for the first time! So exciting.

    My love list:
    1. Our vegan community that we have developing here and coming together to cook vegan dainties at someone’s place almost every week!
    2. My new awesome skill of turning destructive depression-energy into productive-positive-happy energy! I guess that’s called optimism :)
    3. The advantages of being single.

    (PS! Sayward, your MMM link leads to this post.)

  • erosan

    1. Taking care of the baby is a breeze (and fun as hell too)! I don’t know if I’m super lucky to have an exceptional child or if everyone I talked to before having it are all fear mongers. xD
    2. I’m running again! gosh, I can’t figure out why I stopped in the first place, I love it!
    3. New gadgets.

    I am a little sad that you decided to ditch the alliteration on the title… I digged FFF, even if it didn’t happened on Fridays all the time.

  • RK

    1. We moved into a new house and I finally have ground to plant in! Excited to get into that this year. But really have now idea where to even begin. Some help in this area would be great!
    2. Warmer weather! 50 this weekend!
    3. Helping my daughter make valentines for her little classmates. She puts so much thought into each one.

  • MorganInJapan

    1. I fractured my thumb, which is not cool, but I got to see x-rays of my hand which was totally awesome. Plus the fracture is so minor, that I barely notice it. :)

    2. Just ordered the ingredients to start my very first master cleanse. So excited and a little nervous. Wish me luck!

    3. My birthday is two days! (Three days from where you are.) Yay for 27!

  • Moira

    @RK I’m with ya! I have a small patch of dirt in the front of the house that I want to dig up and start planting. I did a bit of research and found this super nifty tool! But I’m most definitely going to ask some experienced folk in my area too.

    Ok my love list:

    1. This month marks my first year of married life, and it feels just the same, lovely.
    2. I love the friends in my life and that I’ll be with them on VDAY while my hub is away in Chile-landia.
    3. Warm sun rays.
    4. I bit the cold in its butt today and went on a blissful run on the National Mall.
    5. Mad spring-cleaning fever this weekend = cleansing.

  • Sarah

    That hiking spot looks beautiful! I’m missing camping and hiking :( With 2 littles, we haven’t been in soooo long!

    1. Preparing like mad for my first faculty interview in a place with FOUR fee to snow!! I can’t believe I got short-listed on my first try!! They seem really friendly too-happy to fly my husband (and sons) up there with me. EXCITED.
    2. Seedlings! Especially the little nasturtium babies. .>

  • Sarah

    Did that get cut off somehow? Weird! Well, here’s the rest…
    2. continued… .>

  • Sarah

    It must be the attempted hearts. Last try, I swear.

    I’m having to enjoy early springs more this year in case we move somewhere that doesn’t have spring until April… Ack! What would I do?! I see a greenhouse in my future…

    3. Did I mention going somewhere with real snow?!? I am totally going to be the crazy girl jumping into snowdrifts… after changing out of interview attire (maybe). The whole family’s going with me-my 2-year-old has NO idea what he’s about to experience! He thinks of snow and pictures ‘Peanut Butter & Jeremy’s best book ever.’ I am having to scrounge winter-wear, though… Galoshes work in snow, right? >.>

  • Meghan

    Ooooh! Ooooh! I am in the process of ordering seeds. My husband is hesitating thought because our shopping cart is up to $83. Are you planning on trying a seed exchange again this year? I hope so!

  • Felicity

    My love list:
    1.) My bed :) Not only is it insanely comfy, it’s a refurbished mattress with all-organic, super soft and stylish sheets!
    2.) The weather! Yesterday and today, the sun was out and it was about 70 degrees outside! Fantastic day for a walk.
    3.) Renewing my passport to go teach English abroad in a few months!

  • MorganInJapan

    @ Felicity: Where are you going to teach English?

  • sj

    1. I’m going to Japan in August with my bf! We likely might live there one day, and I’m so excited to get out of the US and experience it all!

    2. Having a best girl friend who is amazing and helps me understand my crazy bf bc she is essentially him in a female body.

    3. Tomorrow night the bf, the best gf and I are cooking dinner together and studying, a cute and eclectic little valentines day trio! My favoritest ppl in the world, yes!

  • StMongo

    you should see my collection of scars. The worst so far is a 2 incher on my left hand from a cat. Only rivaled by the doberman who was flailing on the xray table and rammed me in the face with her head. Almost broke my nose!

    @sj and @MorganInJapan,
    sooooo jealous! I always wanted to live in Japan, but a long story got in the way. I’m hoping to at least visit in the next couple years. :)

  • Sayward

    I just re-read all of these and they make me so happy. Especially all the optimism! You guys are seriously rad. =)

    @ StMongo – I love the poi shots!

    @ Tenise Rae – Ooh your enthusiasm is infectious, I love it! You’re getting me sooo excited about planting season, woo-hoo!

    @ Angela – CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh wow, that is so awesome! Yay, you totally made my week. =D

    @ erosan – I’m so glad that parenting is going well for you. But, that means you have no excuse – WHERE ARE THE PICTURES??? ;-)

    @ MorganInJapan – Ooh, luck! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    @ Meghan – Yes! This year I really want to do the seed exchange and plan to be more on top of the reminders. So plan on saving!


    Thanks for the love lists everyone, they’re such nourishment for the soul!

  • Meghan

    Eeeeeeek I’m so excited for a seed exchange. I’m so excited for pretty much everything that comes with finally having a YARD. Ha!

  • erosan

    There you go… picture galore. He weights just over 13 lbs now… He is growing super fast!

  • Sayward

    Aaaaaand, now I’m all teary face. Erosan he is so precious! And growing so FAST! Love the joker smile. =D

  • cheli

    can i just say, yippy on your blog. i wish i gardened.
    something to consider: an ergonomic baby carrier like the ergo. or a wrap. or sling. or mei tei. baby bjorns are not great for weight distribution, baby’s developing spine, crotch… i’d link, but my little critters are up and demanding…

  • Sayward

    @ cheli – Yes! I always use a Moby or Babyhawk (mei tai) when wearing Waits. Damian uses the Bjorn occasionally because Waits likes it SO MUCH to face forward! It’s a very rare thing so I don’t really worry about it. =)

  • cheli

    : ) v glad. thks for taking the time to let us know