Photos From The Farmer’s Market: Mid Thru Late Autumn 2010

December 9th, 2010 - filed under: The Food » Food and Health

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place . . . I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
~ Elliott Erwitt

My market, my market, oh how it’s become so ingrained in my life! Saturday morning is never a question; it’s always our family time. It’s Waits in the carrier, me sipping coffee from my not a paper cup, Damian eating his Black Sheep Bakery vegan brownie. Holding hands, strolling by the familiar stalls that change their face with the seasons. Last week’s peaches are this week’s potatoes, and we plan our menus as we meander. Wave hello to our favorite farmers. Smile at the overly-enthusiastic honey man. Laugh at the two dueling balloon animal dudes in the plaza. Joke with the coffee crew and talk vegan cheese at the pizza stall. Mostly, we enjoy each other. No matter what else occurs for the rest of the week, we can always count on this.

My market is shutting down in two weeks. We’ll have to find a new Saturday morning activity . . . and we’ll have to get used to less fresh produce. But I’m not thinking about that now – I’m just celebrating my market! Here’s what we’ve been seeing:

Happy winter my dears! Let’s all raise a soup mug and *cheers*, for these days of dark only highlight the lightness to come!

  • Chickenpets

    Just lovely! I wish I had some sun like that in NYC!

  • Staar

    oh my goodness that last picture of Waits is too cute!

  • Annie

    I think I would actually cry if my Farmers’ Market shut down. Mostly because it’s absolutely awesome, but also because I don’t drive and I would have to spend 40 minutes on the train at the crack of dawn on a sunday to get to the second closest one.
    There are the central markets/chinatown with really good organic grocers and a huge grain etc store that is incredibly comprehensive (on my last check, they sold 8 types of organic chickpeas!) but it’s so not the same… And way more expensive.
    Hopefully you find something to replace the joy, price and quality of your Farmers’ Market!

  • Meghan

    What is that in that… contraption??

  • Annie

    @Meghan, I’m not sure, but it looks like some sort of make shift bbq/rotisserie/roaster… thing. And the stuff in it looks like veggies, I’d guess a bunch of peppers and maybe carrots?

  • Valerie

    My farmer’s market is adding a once a month market to get us through the winter, till they start up again in late march. yay! First one is Saturday & I’m excited to go. We are also joining a CSA in January. They already deliver to a business just down the street on Tuesdays. too bad its at the bottom of a really long steep hill or I’d bike!

  • Jade @ No Longer 25

    So jealous! I have to find some kind of equivalent round here – we do have farm shop but it’s tiny. The markets are more commercial that I’ve been to already, I need to make a resolution to visit some of the smaller more local ones.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Such gorgeous photos! I haven’t been to my local market in awhile and I really miss it; over the summer Nina and I would head over after our Saturday morning runs and she would get to choose something new every week, that was hers and hers alone to decide how we would prepare it (there were a LOT of stone fruit pies and berry tarts).

    Oh, and I have almost the exact same ‘not a cup’ – I take it with me always (as well as my reusable straw).

  • HeatherG

    Beautiful, beautiful family…

    Last picture of Waits = EDIBLE BABY

    Your Market = Insanely Jealous Heather

    You = An Inspiration…

    Enjoy the wonderfulness of the weekend! Much love to you all…

  • Kiki

    All these market photos are lovely, but yr baby really steals the show! I don’t get down to the market very often, and I’m kicking myself now that it’s ending. People’s Co-op in SE has a year-round one though every Wednesday from 2-7 that I sometimes go to; it’s teeny compared to the glory of the main downtown one, but still a way to keep up a year-round direct connect with fresh food.

  • littlegreenlady

    @Meghan Annie is right that is a roaster. I grew up in NM where these are pretty common. They are made to roast green chile a specialty that comes in many varieties. Just looking at it brings back the amazing aroma of my childhood.

  • Laura Louise

    I have one of these not a paper cups too. I loooove it. Have had it for over a year and I use it almost every day. I also made it some cozies to keep it warm and stylish. There’s a need for insulation when it’s 14 degrees outside. And the colorful coats get it a lot of attention.

    It’s so beautiful at the farmers market, extremely jealous! We’re having about 10 inches of snow falling down to our little country every day. We’re drowning here. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, as long as I don’t have to use any transport besides my legs.

  • Marisa

    These photos are so beautiful and inspiring! (And make me curse the droves of snow currently hammering away at my windowpanes).

  • Chance

    My market is now closing, too. :(

  • Sayward

    Thanks everyone! Aww, ain’t it gorgeous? I’m gonna miss it so much!

    @ Meghan – The contraption is for roasting chilis and it is amazing! The whole market smells like fired chilis and it’s just mouthwatering. We made some amazing enchiladas this fall! =D

    @ Monika – I *love* that idea of letting Nina choose one new thing each week. I totally plan on doing that with Waits – best way to prevent a picky eater is to make eating new things FUN!

    @ Kiki – Thanks for the baby love! I agree. =) Peoples is my co-op and I love it! I’ll definitely be hitting the year-round mini market this winter, but it’s just not the same! Still it’s super awesome that we can get local produce and continue to eat seasonally all through winter. We are very lucky!

    To everyone sad about snow and closing markets, just try to hold on to the thoughts of how amazing it will be next spring!

  • Ffion

    Hello, new reader here! Love the photographs! Its nice that you have regular family time!

  • Chiot’s Run

    Beautiful farm market – sadly most of the veggies are gone for the season around here. I am still able to find lovely mushrooms and bitter greens.

    Love the chili roaster – awesome – was he in OG recently – I think so.

    Cheers, happy holidays.