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November 19th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Can’t walk yet, but boy can he climb . . .

Hello from the land of sniffles and sore throats. This is going to be a quick FFF, because I need to get back to curling up and drooling. So give me your comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions.

Nothing like a little positivity when you’re ill. Love List time! =
1. The first real storm of the season, and the way it makes being inside feel so cozy and warm.
2. All the awesome feedback I’ve gotten as people receive their Bonzai Calendars. So exciting!
3. This shit, which I’m totally addicted to, *cornbread-with-honey-butter* ZOMG

K, now it’s your turn.

Oh also! For those of you with little ones, the awesome Miss Natalie (of Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice fame) put up some really fun Thanksgiving Turkey Love buttons over at her blog. We just love her and the way she brings such a fun veg message to kids. Check it out!

Have a great weekend and STAY WELL!

  • jen

    We’ve got the same superyard… :) we’re only using it to block of the kitchen (babysafe) from the living room (not babysafe) at the moment. Get well soon!

  • Valerie

    OMG it’s so good to finally hear your voice! Waits it super cute. Take as many videos as you can, you’ll all enjoy looking at them as he gets older.

  • Sayward

    @ jen – We inherited it from Damian’s parents who got it for their puppy. =D Waits won’t stand to be left in there, but likes it when we join him!

    @ Valerie – Funny you should say that, I’m pretty shy about my voice! Anyways, I finally got myself a youtube, so yeah . . . there will be many more videos, muahaha.

  • RK

    First of all I have to say that I LOVE that you are listening to Beyonce in the background, she’s one of my faves!

    Second I am SO grateful that you put me up on thrift stores. I am officially obsessed and cannot pass by one without stopping. I have found some of the most amazing stuff!

    Lastly, I am excited to enter into my first veg Thanksgiving. It’s always interesting the responses I get… a person in Idaho who doesn’t eat meat?! Gasp….! Most people here are serious hunters :)

    *Have a great weekend to everyone!*

  • Sara

    “Good dismount.”
    Best line.

  • sj

    I second what Valerie said! It’s fun to get a real time peek into your life! Waits is SO FRICKEN CUTE! He has THE most amazing and expressive eyebrows i’ve ever seen on a babe!
    Love list:
    1. My best friends, my bf and my best girl friend. They are my new family since my other one fell apart this year, and they are what is going to help me get through the dumb holiday season with out losing my mind *completely*.
    2. Quiet time alone in my apartment! Love the bf, but I love the quiet too!
    3. We are moving w/i 500ft of campus! We are gonna save SO much gas walking to class every day, save time by not having the commute, be so much closer to work, be a parking lot away from the gym, and live with two very cool younger lesbians who are very involved in our cities glbt center! I can take my latent desire to be involved in something that matters (used to channel it into ‘church stuff’) and go be kind and help out with something I VERY much care about!

  • Rea

    Holy shit, I’ve been so sick all week! It started out with a cold I inherited (ahem) from my darling K-pants, then I ended up with a sinus infection that’s still punishing me.

    1. I just made the BEST homemade vegan ranch dressing for our pizzas tonight!
    2. My new floors are in my home! So beautiful!
    3. Next week is Thanksvegan break! Say hello to a nice big seitan roast, carrots, potatoes, the works!

  • Cary M

    1. My trial into raw foods. So much energy!
    2. My 4 month old sleeps through the night and beyond.
    3. The almond milk I made today.

    Was wondering if you could ask around to your vegan friends about their babies. Waits is awfully advanced for his age and I know that my little girl is too. She’s also go the nicest personality and rarely cries. My mom thinks this is because she’s a vegan baby. This is the mom who chastised me while I was pregnant because I was vegan and then promptly converted to veganism when she met my daughter :) Any one else out there with vegan babies?

  • erosan

    geez… Like Waits was not cute enough in the photos, now we know he is agile and has the cutest ga-ga voice…

    1. My GF is now on maternity leave officially! only one more month to go before the little kid! yay! (at which point I reserve the right to organize a coup de’etat and de-throne Waits as the king of the cute babies. You have been warned) ^_^
    2. A great night’s sleep yesterday.
    3. Hammocks. Because if you are not sleeping in one, you are crazy and missing out one of the best things in life :P

  • Mat

    It’s great to put a voice to a name. On a message of feedback, “Keep with your current style/pace of posting. I look forward to your posts as they come.”

  • Rebecca

    So funny…everyone else seemed to have the same reaction I did about hearing your voice. Is it creepy we are all amazed to see a real, live bonzai aphrodite?

  • Rebecca

    Hmmm…let’s try and think of a love list.
    1. Having an amazing life chat with the woman I nanny for.
    2. The fact that my little runt of a dog can keep up with the “big boys” in the neighborhood. She’s little but BOY can she run! Our little “dog park neighborhood” is always amazed. Makes me kind of proud actually. People tend to assume small dogs are spoiled, prissy, etc etc but I raised a strong chick!
    3. Finally buying a new winter coat (long, warm and not terribly expensive). Although saying I am low on funds is an understatement, after getting 3 years out of a $15 coat I felt that I was due for a new one…and this dark green comforter of a coat is awesome (and, surprisingly quite slimming!)

  • Allison

    1. The prospect of taking a trip even though it might have to be postponed.
    2. The Walking Dead and The Avengers; Earths Mightiest Heroes.
    3. Being so sore today from working out good and hard yesterday. I will gain muscle! (And maybe the thought that while I am working out I am growing strong in case of a zombie apocalypse. Not that I think that is going to happen or anything…)

  • Virginia

    Your little guy is just sooo cute! I can sympathize with you when it comes to the sniffles and sore throat. I have it too. In fact I just told my brother a couple of hours ago that my throat was only getting more sore and not better. But then I came home and had some tea and that helped a little. Little being the key word here.

    1. Getting together with family tomorrow.
    2. Getting together with family to eat Thanksgiving dinner.
    3. Having great family that will make gluten free foods for daughter tomorrow.

  • Pat

    Waits is soo cute, i cant wait till mine starts moving more (only 4 months now). does Waits still curls his feet when u touch the soles? I call mine monkey man because of that ;-). they say they wont walk as long as they have this reflex.
    @ Cary M: ur soooo lucky ur baby sleeps through at this age, mine still wakes me every 2-3 hours for a bitta milk…
    love list: 1) enjoying a very easy going, cosy sunday with my hubby and babe, just the 3 of us (very rare!) 2) looking out into the 3 winter weather and enjoying to be inside in the warm.
    3) as u mentioned ur fake honey…this

  • Jeni Treehugger

    hey there
    You’ve won a copy of Becoming Raw in the MoFo HQ give-away. Please can you let me have your email address

    Well done!

  • Sayward

    Thanks everyone! I was actually sort of nervous to post the video, so thanks for the sweet feedback. And yes, Beyonce is FUN!

    @ Rea – I CAN’T WAIT FOR THANKSGIVING YESSSS!! It’s my fave holiday (of course!) – that seitan roast sounds soo good. Have fun on your first veg T-day!

    @ Cary M – Well I can only speak from personal experience, but all the vegan babies I know are RAD! ;-)

    That’s awesome about your mom!

    @ erosan – This throne is big enough for 2 babies!

    @ Pat – He doesn’t curl his feet anymore . . . does that mean he’ll be walking soon!? Pat of me can’t wait . . . part is like “SLOW DOWN BABY”, haha

    @ Jeni Treehugger – Ooh yay for me! Woo-hoo, that’s so awesome, Becoming Vegan is my absolute favorite – can’t wait to read Becoming Raw! Emailing you . . .

  • Laura Louise

    My love list comes late again. For some reason it has moved to Mondays for me. No worries, until I’m still doing them as they help me alot.
    1. A dress with cartoon cats on it. I got it from my cousin. Makes me feel like a kid again and it’s so much fun!
    2. Free writing and drawing as self therapy, at last, I’m managing to work on that MMM from October. Took me a long time to get started, now I have to figure out how not to stop and just enjoy all of it.
    3. Handmade ice cream in a warm cozy cafe while it’s snowing outside.

    The video of you and Waits is so awesome! :)

  • Callie

    I hope you’re feeling better! I second all the comments on the cuteness of Waits.

    My love list is late, but I’m feeling like I need it after this weekend, so here we go…

    1. Finally getting a group together to play D&D (Yeah, huge geek)
    2. Having the coolest cat in the whole world.
    3. A house full of cool and interesting people who all get along and cook and share their lives. Including, of course, the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.

  • Pat

    @ sayward: according to my midwife, he should be walking soon :-)

  • Laura Louise

    I have an actual suggestion. I would love to have a bigger box to write in. No idea if it’s easily done or a pain in your back side but I thought I’d throw it out here.

  • sj

    question! what kind of food processor do you use? i’m looking at gettin’ one and know NOTHING about them! You are the person who’s inspired my cooking and I’ll be copying your recipes anyway, so figured I’d ask you!

  • Sayward

    @ sj – I use a Cuisinart but I don’t recommend it. I’m drooling over the KitchenAid! You can see the model I love in the kitchen section of my Amazon store –