On Sale Now! The Bonzai Aphrodite 2011 Mini Mission Wall Calendar

October 25th, 2010 - filed under: Merchandise

Start The New Year Off Right – Organized And In Style!

The Bonzai Aphrodite Mini Mission Wall Calendar is mounted on a 9.5 x 12″ cut of high-quality lumber. Each piece is hand stained in rich walnut, using an eco-friendly oil finish. The calendar pages are printed on heavy-weight recycled matte photo paper.


  • Each month includes a season-appropriate, full-color photograph.
  • Each month offers a unique ‘mini mission’ to challenge and inspire you.
  • This in an international, non-denominational calendar.
  • Think of it as an environmentally friendly investment! Next year, simply keep the stylish mounting, and add the 2012 refill.
  • With built-in, variable hanging options.

The holidays are coming and the Mini Mission Wall Calendar makes an awesome gift! This is a limited addition item, and shipping begins November 1st. Calendars will ship every Monday thereafter.

Order Now!

  • http://www.windycityvegan.wordpress.com windycityvegan

    Woot! I wondered how you were going to showcase some of your amazing photos. This looks wonderful. :-)

  • http://mutualmenu.blogspot.com Joselle Palacios

    This is awesome! You’d better believe I’m ordering one!

  • http://www.mamassimplelife.blogspot.com Mama’s Simple Life

    Great idea! Really awesome!!

  • http://sara-and-company.tumblr.com Sara

    Yes! I am buying one!

    On the sad side, this will end my 4 year streak of buying sock monkey calendars…

  • Nahui

    Oh I want one! but, will you ship internationally? please!

  • Minna

    I would love to buy these as gifts! So cool!

  • Kate in SB

    Awesome! This is a great idea! Totally just bought one! :)

  • http://sdvegan.blogspot.com Allison

    Love it! Ordered!

  • Felicia

    This is such a great idea. Very creative!

  • Rea

    Haha, I just bought a calendar from Herbivore but now I MUST have this one as well! Looking forward to receiving mine and having two beautiful calendars that go to support vegan entrepreneurs!!!

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    Yay, thanks for the support everyone. And thanks to those who have already started snapping up calendars! This is so exciting for me and I can’t tell you how good it feels to put out a product I’m so damn proud of. =)

    To the international folks, I will have this bug worked out for *sure* by next week. One way or another it’ll be available internationally by then.

    @ Rea – One for work and one for home? One for you and one for your girly? Yay for supporting Herbivore too! =D

  • Meghan

    I added it to my christmas list!

  • http://adrienneaudrey.blogspot.com/ Adrienne Audrey

    Just ordered mine! Can’t wait!

  • Rebecca

    that’s awesome!

  • http://www.creativeanomalie.com sarah

    FABULOUS!!! What a great way to start…

  • http://penelopes-prints.blogspot.com Penelope

    Are the calendar pages like a pad of tear-off sheets? How is it attached to the wood? I can’t quite tell from the picture. It looks beautiful! I’ve added it to my wishlist :)

  • Tenise Rae

    @Penelope~ It looks like a pad of paper, or separate sheets of paper, that have a couple holes punched at the top. Then the board has a couple of hooks that the calendar hangs from? That way you can hang more calendars year and year…right? I’m only guessing. :D

  • Morgan


  • Kelly H.

    I LOVE this Say! Well done to you AND Damian! I will be ordering AT LEAST one this payday Friday! :o)

  • saundra

    so beautiful wish list thing for me too :)

  • http://dietplaid.wordpress.com Jen

    That is so cool! I think I might have to order one for myself or my mom!

  • Neko

    I seriously, seriously want one of these! But our bank account is pretty pitiful right now. I hope there are still some around by the time we have the funds to spare (hopefully in the next few weeks).

    Also, though I have been following the blog for over a year now, I just spent the past hour surfing the tags and I have to say: Sayward, THANKS for being so inspiring and awesome. Seriously! I’ve been an on again off again veg*n (off again right now, ugh), but reading here is inspiring me to get serious and pick it back up again. Only problem is that I have a seriously stubborn meat-eating partner (and yes, despite many talks, articles, and many tasty veg*n dishes prepared, he is still adamant) and I have no idea how to get around it :/

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    Thanks everyone! Orders are coming n and it’s so exciting. But don’t worry – there’s plenty to go around! ;-) You guys are the best and the support means the world to me!

    @ Penelope – The pages are hole punched and hang on very small hooks. Easy to remove, easy to replace. =)

    @ Kelly H – Yes! Thank you for saying that – AND DAMIAN!

    @ Neko – Thank YOU so much for the kind words! And as for your partner, well, we are each responsible for our own path, you know? All you can do is live up to your own best standard and hope that he’ll see the great things it does for you. Just work on being the most mindful person you can be, and those around you will be inspired to do the same. Luck!

  • http://penelopes-prints.blogspot.com Penelope

    Oooh okay, I see the hooks in the picture now. Thanks!

  • http://theamberlily.com/ Lily

    Beautiful, Sayward! I love it!

  • http://hidinginpinkcamo.com/ Deven

    I’m adding a link to this from my blog. Hope my readers join in on the veggie fun!

  • Kylie Rose

    Hello, I love your blog = )
    I would love to buy this, how much would it cost to send to New Zealand ?

  • http://bonzaiaphrodite.com Sayward

    @ Kylie Rose – Hello! If you email me your address ( info AT bonzaiaphrodite DOT com ) I can figure out the shipping. And yay! I’m so glad you like the site and that you’re interested in the calendar! =D