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October 29th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeenie!!! Are you dressing up? What are you going to be?! I’m so excited for the festive weekend, and of course here on Bonzai the weekend means comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. Lay it on me!

It was a big week here on Bonzai! I released the Mini Mission Wall Calendar, my very first Bonzai merch. I’m so proud! Orders are already coming in and we begin shipping on Monday. Eeee!!!

Next week kicks off Vegan MoFo, which runs the entire month of November. Essentially, this means the whole participating blogosphere will be posting like crazy on all things vegan. So next month expect tons of recipes, reviews, and general vegan-centered awesomeness! It’s my first MoFo and I can’t wait!

And now for the Love List – our weekly recognition of the little things that make all the difference. Mine =
1. Waits’ vegan baby friends and their freakin’ awesome names (like Scarlett, Clementine, and Amelie). Oh yeah, and their mamas are pretty rad too. ;-)
2. BICYCLE HELMET TURTLE! Hello?? Right?! =D
3. Long Hard work days capped off with marathon sessions of Top Chef Just Desserts, which we affectionately call “Top Chef Cookie”. =)

Now it’s your turn!

Have a scary, spooky, spectacular (and safe!) weekend!

  • Minna

    Oooh, Vegan MoFo? YAY! I hope to see some of your awesome scientific texts (or your own theories) about veganism.

    Alright, my list:
    2) Sweet violin jazz music from the 20′s and 30′s that I recently discovered.
    3) The fact that I’ve got tons of homework and the whole weekend to prove myself that I Can Do It!!!

    Halloween is a total alien here in Estonia, but it’s getting a little bigger every year. At least they’re trying to turn it into a thing. So, no dressing up for me and hopefully nothing scary will happen this weekend – I hate horror movies or anything to do with zombies, ghosts, etc. Let’s concentrate on *positive* energy :D :D

    But happy halloween to your family! Hope you have a blast :)

  • Christa

    1. I have the weekend off hurray! (I only get every other one off now… which means I have to cherish the ones I get!)
    2. Applesauce cake from Deb at smittenkitchen. Now I have time to make it (see number 1).
    3. Getting my CSA back… finally… couldn’t afford it over the summer or last school year. I can barely afford it now but I’m making it a priority and I’m sooooo glad I did. I feel so much better having it in the house. If any of you live in VT Pete’s Greens does an awesome winter share AND have a ‘locavore’ share option too with all kinds of local products like eggs, cheese, bread, oils, oats, flour, honey etc.

    So I’m not dressing up this weekend (I secretly find Halloween annoying… shhhh don’t tell) but I will be celebrating fall in all kinds of other ways.

    Oh and Sayward – have you ever listened to Jesca Hoop? If you haven’t she has the most amazing music and an incredible voice. She used to be Tom Waits’ nanny (that’s what made me think of you) and her music is some of my favorite. If you haven’t you should really check her out (either her first or second albums are fantastic) and if you have, isn’t she wonderful?

  • Rachel

    SO. FREAKIN’. CUTE. What a seriously adorable child you have :)
    Current loves:
    1. Seeing Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time last night, LOVING it, and getting so stoked to dress up and see it again at the regular show in Pittsburgh my friend always goes to!
    2. Halloween in general — but especially driving down the streets of a college town and pointing out/laughing at/enjoying all the crazy and creative costumes — “OMG it’s the Brawny man!” “Is that the Burger King walking with Oscar the Grouch?”
    3. Mini-roadtrip with my bf to a part of PA I’ve never been to before… so excited!!

  • erosan

    I think I’ll probably be feeling stupid for asking once I get an answer and realize it should’ve been totally obvious, but… what does MoFo stands for?

    love list:
    1. Its my birthday!
    2. Daylight saving time gets adjusted tonight in Mexico, so I get one extra birthday hour!
    3. Rice! (yeah, I’m aware that was random, but I really love rice…)

  • Tara

    Waits = adorable. Very pumped about the Vegan MoFo! I will take all the recipes, incites, etc vegan awesomeness I can get.
    1. My growing belly and the confidence and beauty it fills me with. I’m not very far along in my pregnancy, but I’m already expanding and absolutely loving it!
    2. Taking this year off of Halloween. My husband and I normally do it up big time, but with all the changes I’m experiencing and the lack of a smoke free venue (we live in a small midwestern town), we decided to kick it at home style. Halloween movies (nothing to graphic or scary as my hubby is not a fan) and a spread of awesome vegan snacks and we’re set. Just relaxing and taking it easy without all of the hassle is a nice change of pace.
    3. Ina May Gaskin! Right? This lady is amazing. I’m currently reading her guide to natural childbirth and it’s rocking my world.

    @Sayward – I love the name Amelie! One of my favorite flicks and a name we have considered for our little one!

  • Claudia

    I love Waits as a turtle!! (sorry, I couldn’t pass through my feed reader without saying this!)

  • Cedar

    Your son is adorable! I’m having a son too around Valentine’s day and can’t wait to meet him. :) He’s already very popular around here.

    My loves list:

    1.) Cream of wheat! I take mine with a little brown sugar or fruit preserves and it’s so filling and satisfying in the morning. Plus, it’s on the list of good iron sources my midwife’s gave to me. Win-win!

    2.) This season. It’s so gorgeous outside with all the colors. But blink and it’s over…

    2.)And last but certainly not least, Halloween! We carved our pumpkins last night and tomorrow we will be visiting some cool cemeteries during the day. There’s one close to our house that’s *very* old and has the most beautiful yet unkempt atmosphere. Then it’s time to dress up, watch scary movies, and hand out candy!

    If you dress baby up, be sure to flaunt some photos! Babies in costume=cuteoverload. :)

  • erosan

    @Tara: you could do Nightmare before christmas… It’s perfect for any halloween/christmas/easter/random night. I just love that movie.

  • Laura Louise

    @erosan – MoFo stands for Month of Food. More about it here:

    I’m so totally excited about all the vegan stuff that you’re going to pass on to us!

    My beloved love list:
    1. My new absolutely awesome coat I got from a second hand store for next to nothing
    2. My new dreamcatcher, that I made with my own two hands. I don’t actually believe in them that much but it’s pretty and if I start to believe in it a little more it’ll work just fine. Placebo effect is one of my favorite thing ever!
    3. Postcrossing. I love the idea so much. I sent my first two postcards this week.

  • Ria

    I’ve been following your blog recently (going and reading random past posts and such) and I’ve finally felt ready to comment!

    1 – having freedom of being in college
    2 – taking late night showers just to feel clean and relax because none of the girls are awake on my hall, being boisterous in the bathroom
    3 – just curling up in bed with my book and reading for a good while

  • Shaina

    Shut the front door!

    I was JUST saying how I wanted to really buckle down and be a kick ass vegan starting Nov. 1. I am so on the cusp it’s stupid, and I know I am so capable. THAT, is why I love this blog.

    So. Stoked. Gonna. Scream.

    1. Amazing NYC vegan restuarants, EVERYWHERE!
    B. The gorgeous fall trees I can see from my balcony
    6. The new NON-DAIRY froyo place I found in my ‘hood. (I cried)

    Epic November shall commence very soon.

  • MathTutor

    rice is the BEST :)

    I am having a HORRIBLE month (fall semester in fact), so I need to do this love list more than ever! A certain friend of mine *hinted* that I need to look more on the brighter side, so here goes nothing.

    1. That I am physically unharmed (sounds weird, but with my luck lately I should be grateful).

    2. That I have people that DO care about me.

    3. My best friend is moving in with me in January! :D

    phew that almost made me emotional.

  • erosan


    #3 totally rocks! I lived with my best friend while we were at university, and some years later he was looking for a change in his life and I offered him to move to my house (we live in different states) for a couple of months. It was incredibly fun.

    I’m sure everything will get better, so hang in there!

    If nothing else, think of all the “cool”/”interesting” stories you are accumulating… everyone loves a good ‘hell, I’m the unluckiest person on earth, see the other day, as I was walking…” kind of story, so long as it doesn’t sound like you are complaining. Schadenfraude I guess. So in the long run, this bad luck streak will make you the most interesting person on the room.

    You know what they say, “if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger”. so you are probably bound to be as strong as Superman…

  • saundra

    @ Tara i totally <3 Ina May Gaskin fav. books when i was preggo.

    1 good friends and learning more about them
    2 Great Husband who i am learning to appriciate even more lately
    3 preggo's and new babys everywhere i'm totally jealous of them but they look so darn cutethat it's hard to stay mad for more than a sec. lol
    4 driving in the country with the radio blaring ssooo relaxingto me (then again im wierd)
    p.s. love turtle waits hehe i saw him and totally thought baby mutant ninja turtles… then it's also 1:30 here and i'm tired and making no sense lol

  • Julie

    1) The vegan chili I made for our Halloween party was the most-loved dish of the evening (and I was the only vegan there).
    2) I have the kinds of friends who often show up to parties with vegan food because they know I’m vegan – even though I’m the only vegan there. (One dude made a GIANT platter of Brussel sprouts in a soy sauce/ginger/sesame glaze. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.)
    3) It was the kind of Halloween party where there was dancing in the living room at 2am. It was fun, and nice, and safe.

  • Laura Louise

    I just found out that it’s pork month here, on the other side of the world. Eww!
    I’ll go with vegan month of food! No pork, thanks!

  • Kelly H.

    Happy Nov. 1!

    Vegan MoFo?! Cool!

    1. Discovering this over the weekend:
    I wish I had known about it earlier!

    2. Discovering I’m almost an entire size smaller due to my cleanse and wondering how I can keep it off!

    3. Having the motivation/will-power/internal strength to do my cleanse.

    @Rachel: I would LOVE to hear about your Rocky Horror Picture Show experience. I almost went for the first time Saturnday night.

    @Erosan: Happy belated birthday!

  • Pat

    @Erosan: I’m glad u asked the MoFo question, i couldnt figure it out either! THANKS ;-)

  • Sayward

    Happy World Vegan Day every one! And happy day 1 of Vegan MoFo! I love these Love Lists and I especially love that some people are going beyond 3 things. Yes! MORE LOVE!!!

    @ Christa – Never heard of Jesca Hoop but I’m super curious now. I’ll check her out, thanks for the rec!

    @ Rachel – Yes! RHPS is SO awesome! Is it making a comeback? I feel like I keep hearing about it these days. There’s a theatre down the street from my house that’s played it every Saturday night since the 70s or something, it’s crazy. I’ve wanted to go for years, I’m thinking I’ll go for my 30th birthday weekend. I haven’t seen Rocky in over a decade!

    @ erosan – MoFo is a play on words because it stands for Month of Food, but ‘mo fo’ is also American slang for the saying “Mother F*#&er”. =)

    @ Tara – Yay for Ina May! And for the whole Farm, too. What inspiring humans!

    @ Laura Louise – I just have to say I’m totally with you on the Placebo affect. Why do people undervalue and vilify it so??! Gah, I could write a whole post on this. Just had to say yes! I agree! Hav fun with the dream catching. =)

    @ Ria – Welcome!

    @ Saina – Yay! Commence the epic November vegan-ness!!

    @ MathTutor – Aw sweetie, I’m sorry you’re having such a bad month. *virtual hugs* Looking on the bright side is so important, but I know that it can be really hard to see sometimes. Remember that if nothing else, you can just put your head down and trudge through it – it WILL get better. It always does. And we care about you! Let us know if there’s anything we can do. Luck!

  • Meghan

    You’re not the only one having a horrible month/semester!

    I ALSO am a big fan of the placebo affect. Heck, I don’t care if I feel better WHY I feel better. :-P

  • MathTutor

    @ eroson, Sayward, and Meghan

    Thanks for all the kind words! I really appreciate it and I am trudging along :)

    *virtual hugs!!*

  • Laura Louise

    @ Sayward – Maybe You could write a post about placebo effect in the future? I think many of us would think differently after reading about how awesome it is. It’s just that the media tries so hard to vilify placebo effect and this influences our thinking.

    I’m so glad that there are other people who love the placebo effect as much as me :)

  • Angela

    Awww thanks for the mention. Eeeeee :)

    I think I should check your blog more often to feel inspired about the kitchen. Your dishes look delish.