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October 8th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Oi there! Oh glorious weekend! Farmer’s Market and seeing friends and fall foods, oh my oh my!! And of course, we can’t forget that here on Bonzai the weekend means comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. So lay it on me!

— Check out this AWESOME take on ‘recycling’: National Halloween Costume Swap. What a fantastic idea!

— A Bonzai reader, the amazing Estonian Miss Minna, has sent me some badges to share with all of you. Thanks so much lady, they are so fabulous!

— I also wanted to remind you all that I’m still [excitedly] accepting articles! Email me if you have an idea! As well, I’m considering starting a series (at the suggestion of reader Sara – thanks lady!), called “My Vegan City”. It would basically be a vegan guide to cities all over the world. Is this something you’d be interested in reading? And if you live in a mid-sized or bigger city and you feel like you have a pulse on the vegan scene, is this something you’d be interested in writing? Email me! info at bonzaiaphrodite dot com

— And now the fun part: our weekly love lists, just three little lines. Mine =
1. Playing with PUMPKIN
2. Ginormous plates of dark leafy greens that leave me feeling soooo super nourished
3. Waits’ first tooth!!! It’s poking through! OMG you guys it’s all happening so fast

Now tell my yours! And of course, have a magnificent weekend!

  • Persephonae

    1. Cold weather is arriving!
    2. Evening bike rides
    3. Warm, fluffy beds.

  • B.

    1. Camping in Eastern Washington
    2. Starting my research on Clouded Leopards
    3. The smells of Fall!

  • Rea

    1. Deep breathing techniques and the whistling of my kettle on the stove. Relaxation for this month’s mission. :)
    2. Growing my little herb garden.
    3. Sharing laughter with my wonderful girlfriend..

  • Minna

    1. Going to the countryside for the weekend with my family
    2. My bike that takes me everywhere so fast and lets me sleep a little longer in the morning :)
    3. Decaf coffee!

    “My Vegan City” would be really useful! I would be interested!

    The photos with Waits and Harley are sooo cute (:

    Have a wonderful weekend you all!

  • Tenise Rae

    1. The pictures my mother emailed of my sleeping two year old child during their first “slumber party.”
    2. The past two days without my baby girl (I miss her so much) to celebrate mine and hubby’s fourth year anniversary. It was truly fabulous!
    3. First tattoo scheduled for tomorrow. :D

  • Maureen Thomson

    I posted the Costume Swap link on my FB page.

    1. rain on the roof first thing in the A.M.
    2. driving to Netarts today to perform a wedding–even if it’s raining, it will be gorgeous!
    3. homemade granola and chai tea

  • Sara

    1. Canadian Thanksgiving! I made Seitan Roulade from VeganYumYum and some kick-ass vegan pumpkin pie last night. Can’t wait to eat it all!
    2. Coming back home, and visiting with family, as well as the kids I used to babysit. So cute!
    3. Lounging around for a lazy weekend.

  • Cedar

    Hey there! I love the costume swap idea!

    I was wondering if you had any eco friendly hair removal ideas? Razors seem like such a waste and not to mention way too expensive. I’ve tried several sugar wax recipes but to no avail. Somehow I just can’t get them right but they do end up tasting delicious! ha

    Anyways, fill me in if you have any ideas. I would love to hear about your hair removal ideas. =]

    3 things:
    –Warm breakfast cereal
    –The feeling of the cold rain on my warm face
    –Apples!!! Honeycrisps are my favs and I can eat them up like candy. :)

  • Elizabeth

    1. Visiting my local apple orchard. They make awesome cider.
    2. My co-op just got some kombucha! I can’t wait to try it.
    3. Sunny autumn days.

  • windycityvegan

    Love the My Vegan City article series idea!

    @Tenise Rae: I’m getting my first tattoos next month. I always thought they’d be derby tattoos, but my brother is designing something even better. :D

    1. My daughter’s insistence on being a robot all this past week

    2. Homemade rosemary crackers

    3. Coming home to find that my husband made hummus and almond milk – all on his own! (I am fiercely territorial in the kitchen, he’s lucky I let him boil water.)

  • Carolyn

    1) I’m loving all the dog pix on here!
    2) I participated in my first ever craft fair today and had a blast (and made a few sales)
    3) Fall weather means it is Chili making time. Mmmm.

  • Lily

    1. Plant walks with DH and DD.
    2. Drying herbs and cayenne peppers.
    3. How you make vegan-raw seem like so much fun! (I’m looking forward to trying almond milk, and a pie with the rest of the almonds!)

  • Sara


    I’m certainly not the expert on the matter, but safety razors are a really good option. The only part you dispose of is the blade, and you can recycle that! Also there are a lot of recyclable razor options. I can’t comment on wax options because I haven’t tried any, but I know there are plenty of natural wax options.

    Good luck!

  • Melisa

    Been meaning to thank you, and your ‘playing dress-up’ pieces for giving me the gumption to finally go out of the house in a couple cute, quirky second-hand dresses that I have owned for YEARS and never had the courage to wear out.
    1-Lily Allen’s “F*** You”–Great song!
    2-My awesome hubs who has babied my poor, migraine-ridden self.
    3-Halloween stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

  • Lenn

    -Finally cool enough to cook soups!
    -Fall cleaning!! Can organize without swimming in my own sweat.
    -Kitteh gets #3, she is happy to be able to sit in her windowsill again without baking to death.

  • Melissa C.

    Hey Sayward!

    I love the new badges!!

    I think your (Sara’s?) “My Vegan City” idea is absolutely WONDERFUL. I would definitely love a guide to where I can get some tasty grub in my area.

  • Sayward

    I <3 reading these love lists so SO much! Seriously, brightens my days and I’m so glad we do this each week. =)

    @ Cedar – Oh man, I started reading your comment and thought “ooh! Sugar wa . . . oh” haha. Other that the homemade hair removers like that, I don’t know of much. I think Sara’s idea of a safety razor is probably your best bet. Luck!

    @ Melisa – Yay, work it girl!

    I’m really glad you guys are into the “My Vegan City” idea! Thanks again to Sara for coming up with it. But now, who’s going to write them, hmmmm??? =D

  • windycityvegan

    I was wondering the same thing – I guess those of us who know our areas pretty well could give a shout out – and if there are more than one of us who know an area really well, we can collaborate!

    I am very familiar with the vegan scene in Chicago, and am getting to know my new ‘hood (Chapel Hill/surrounding) pretty well.

  • saundra

    little late this weekend.. but my list is

    1: my whole wheat oatmeal cranberry chocolate chop cookies.. (everyone says best cookie ever lol)
    2: the lovely vendors i have met at the farmers market this year :)
    3: my really pretty bouquet i got from farmers market for $1 with zinnias and basil.
    4: realizing that my husbands aunt is my second best friend..
    5: and my crazy monsters who run around the house screaming and playing until i go crazy and the cute little night night kisses i get when they’re exhausted :)

  • saundra

    chip* man i wish i payed attention to what i type lol

  • Jacquelyn

    I’m a little late to the party but I’ve had this idea brewing for a while and kept forgetting to comment here. First, here’s a little love list:
    1. Portland (hey, I’m still new :))
    2. going no-poo again after a terrible dye-tastrophe.
    3. essential oils and experimenting with all-natural cosmetics.

    Now for the question: do you have any experience with homeopathic remedies? It’s cold and flu season (it hit hard in our house this week! BOOO!) and besides prevention, i.e. awesome nutrition and general self-care, I am wondering about treatments once the yuckies set in. I know all the usuals- humidifiers, steam, rest, fluids, saline drops, neti pot, etc…. But I’m wondering specifically about herbs and tinctures, ESPECIALLY for the wee-ones. If you do know about this stuff, perhaps a series on that would be helpful! I know I would certainly appreciate it!

  • Sayward

    @ Jacquelyn – I have . . . mixed feelings about the things you’ve listed. I guess I should say that I am a huge believer in holistic and traditional healing. But *in my mind*, not all methods are created equal. S for example, herbs as medicine gets a big ‘hells yeah’ from me. I use herbs all the time (alfalfa, chamomile, RRL, oatstraw, etc) in teas and tinctures. I’m also a huge proponent of Chinese Medicine and the herbs they use (though as a veg*n, eek! watch out).

    On the other hand [and this is just my own personal opinion!!] homeopathy is just something I can’t swallow. After reading about what it actually is (dilutions on the magnitude of millionths), the scientist in me just won’t let me go there. Of course having said that, I got some homeopathic teething relief for Waits at the raving recommendation of a friend. They do seem to help, so who knows? I sort of wish I didn’t know the process of homeopathy – I’d be much more likely to believe in it! =D

    As for more specific info, I don’t have a ton of experience but I think it’s a great idea for an article! It’s going on the list . . .

  • Jacquelyn

    Sayward- I’m totally with you. But I sooo want to be a believer! I was reading a book about it just yesterday and I was like, ehhhh…it all sounds kind of hokey! But I don’t know if that is just because we’ve been “trained” to believe all the conventional medicinal schtuff- or in your case, the science just makes no sense.

    However, I have also been reading about herbs and the healing properties of foods. Onions! Raw garlic! Cayenne! Probiotics, of course. Apple cider vinegar teas, etc, etc, etc. Obviously that’s much easier to get on board with. So I’m studying up but don’t know much…. yet.

    Also, do you use chiropractic care? if so, for Waits as well? That’s another thing that I just don’t know about. I swear by chiropractic care for myself but it’s for things like dislocated hips or shoulders. That seems like a given. But for headaches? Allergies? Asthma? I don’t know… and then for the babes, well, it just didn’t seem to me that Owen’s chiro was really DOING anything, you know? Just a few taps here and there….

    So anyway- all that to say that I am really curious about more natural remedies and thought you might be able to help :)

    Enjoy your Saturday!