Master Cleanse Journal – Day 7

May 18th, 2009 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles




Wow, today.

The day started off strange, because I was out of salt.  We tried to get to the market in time last night, but didn’t quite make it.  So although I drank my senna tea late last night, I didn’t do a SWF this morning. So, no BM at all today.   =(

Later this morning, I had some BIG emotions come up.  I mean BIG!  I mean, it’s okay – that’s part of this process.  But man . . . I haven’t cried that hard in quite some time.  It kind of laid me out, kept us in bed for a long time this morning, trying to sort through it all.  And we did (I love my husband!!!).  Lot’s of progress today, and lots to look forward to!

The rest of the day was bike rides and long phone calls with family, massive spring cleaning and puttering with my plants, enjoying married life and straight up relaxing.  I feel sort of new after this morning, sort of raw and fresh and maybe even a little dazed.  Also appreciative.  That’s what this is all about, you know?


Ahh, I love starting off the new week with a perfectly clean house.