Master Cleanse Journal – Day 5

May 16th, 2009 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles




Another awesome day, and I can’t believe I’m halfway through this already. I started my morning with yet another SWF,  and now that it’s been a few days since I’ve eaten, that salt water just runs right through me! It was making a mighty exit after just half an hour. And what continues to amaze me, is that stuff keeps coming out.  

Skeptics will say that the body is self cleansing, that the colon is shallow and free of debris, and that IF you had buildup along the intestines you would know. And they’ll tell you, that what you put in, comes right out again. But if that’s true, why is there poop still coming out of me?  I haven’t put any food in for 5 days, and there’s still *plenty* of poop coming out. It’s not bile or bacteria or dead cells being shed. This is old food, easily identified as old food, and quite honestly it looks and smells as if it’s been in there for a long time. This is cleansing, folks! EWWW!!!

Today was a gorgeous warm and breezy spring day here in Portland. The sun was out and I took advantage, working by the window, walking the dogs, and running my errands early. I was fine and full of energy when I was out and moving about. However, when I was trying to work I was pretty much a mess. I could NOT, for the life of me, get focused! Bah . . .

In the early afternoon I ran out of maple syrup, but I tried to finish up my work before running back out to the store.  Big mistake.  By the time I was on my way home form the co-op, I was having actual, for-real hunger pangs.  I let my blood sugar drop too low, for the first time on the fast.

Did you know that hunger, real hunger, is not experienced in the belly?  It’s felt in the chest, like a pressure beneath the sternum.  I’d always read that, but had never understood it, until today.  The strangest thing is that it wasn’t painful, or even uncomfortable really.  Just a very odd sensation, constantly reminding that something was wrong.

I made it home fine and fixed up a drink, but even with my blood sugar back to normal, I’ve been sort of strange all night.  Not bad really, just a bit . . . off.  But it didn’t stop me from making Damian dinner, from playing new games, and from having an awesome brainstorming session for long-term planning and development of this little blog!  We’ve got some really awesome ideas in the works and I just can’t wait to unveil them. But now, Damian has promised me a back rub, and I’m going to cash in!

Lots of love and lots of luck!


  • Jen (and Ken)

    We’re on Day 5 now and this morning I felt pretty rough. I wish I could quit thinking about quitting!

    Question for ya… in all your cleanse research, did you ever read anything about doing the cleanse while at high elevation? We live at 8200 feet now, and everything is a bit harder up here, running, hiking, etc… It would seem that cleansing might also be more difficult, or at least different up here. Thoughts?


  • Sayward

    @ Jen (and Ken) – I haven’t read anything in particular, but that makes perfect sense to me that it would be harder on the body up there. I’d especially pay attention to hydration. Luck!

  • Kay

    I have made it to day 5! Only 5 more to go! Today I am experiencing some shooting headaches, also around day 2 I started getting a cold like symptoms. Has that happened to you when you have done your cleanses?

  • Sayward

    @ Kay – Sounds like detox symptoms to me (but then, doesn’t everything?). How’s it going?