Master Cleanse Journal – Day 4

May 15th, 2009 - filed under: The Food » Food Styles

I gotta say it again: ‘Really? I’m on a cleanse right now?’

I woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, feeling well rested and mentally alert. I felt totally normal. It’s strange, because last time around my first three days were very difficult, and my fourth day was the hardest. I can only guess that my habit changes over the past year are contributing to this easy detox. For example, I wasn’t even vegan the last time I cleansed. And now I’ve been vegan for almost a year, and this whole March I was RAW. Could this cleaned-up lifestyle be responsible for my mellow cleanse? I suppose it’s possible, but I sort of doubt it. It’s not like I eat that well, and sweets and treats certainly find their way into my tummy. I’m only human!

Whatever the reason, I’m having a really easy time of this. That’s not to say it won’t get worse (I’m quite sure that it will), and I’m really just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like any minute I’ll get faint and flushed, headachy and my tongue will fuzz up with icky sticky funk. For now I’m stuck in this sort of limbo, not quite ‘normal’ enough to go at life full steam, but not so deeply affected as to gain some grand new insight. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I’ve introverted as much as I’d like, and I don’t feel like I’m learning as much as I expected. Ah well, it’s only the fourth day. Six more chances to see . . .

And I’m not without my symptoms. I still get short-lived stabby stabby headaches. My tongue and teeth are the slightest bit fuzzy. My B.O. is rockin’ like crazy and I’m pretty sure my breath is less than optimal. I’m having spots of acne pop up, nothing major, just little blemishes here and there and everywhere. These are all standard signs of toxin release, so I’m not surprised. I’ve also had some emotions come up, like impatience and frustration and envy and resentment. But I’m in a wonderful place of presence and honesty. It’s great to be able to meet these feelings as they arise, to explore them through to understanding, and to accept them. So, maybe I am learning something after all. Hmm . . .

It’s late and I’m spent.  Love and luck!