Pictures Of Things + Le Love List

September 26th, 2014 - posted under: Furthermore » Feedback

people of walmart

People of Walmart?

Welp, my Maryland Vacation has come to an end. And do you know what that means? It means my Summer Vacation is ending as well. Next week I return to grad school, and boy howdy am I having a lot of feelings about that.

This summer has been beautiful. Relaxed and creative and meandering and even a little hedonistic. Inspired and introspective, and very very fun. It’s been a wonderful summer and now it’s ending, which is okay on it’s face – all things do end – but what that means is that other things are beginning. Things like . . . teaching a class at 8 am. *squawk!* And starting my last year of grad school, the first of that final march towards the enormous, looming exit exam that I’ll have to pass. And seeing this big grant project through to completion. And authoring a paper. Learning and teaching. And if all goes well – graduating.

And after that? Another ending that’s really just an even scarier beginning. Because then I have to land the job.

And so, I am feeling lots of feelings, and most of them aren’t especially enjoyable.

It was a good vacation, but also a difficult time for me, very caught up inside my own head. And now I’m back, looking over snapshots, and trying to ready myself for what lies ahead. A few of those snapshots from our time spent in Maryland :

taproot magazine

This magazine (not entirely vegan, be warned) in the morning with coffee, listening to Jeremy’s mama singing on her porch swing. I have fallen deeply, obsessively, excessively in love with this magazine.

road trip sillinessdriving silliness

Silliness on the road to Baltimore.

orioles game
We went to an Oriole’s game! It was legit the most fun I’ve had in ages. And I gots a hat!

camden yards gluten free beer
And we found gluten-free beer!!! Camden Yards, prettiest stadium ever, also has g-f beer. Bestill!

1830s national tollhouse
A tollhouse from the 1830s. Yellow door for the win.

party rock glasses
Party. | Rock.

colorful graffiti rocks
This amazing place. More on this place next week.

peace sign graffiti
Okay just one more. Peace!

maryland black swallowtail

homemade birdhouse

70s basement
I found this in Jeremy’s parent’s basement/rec room. I don’t remember doing it last year but . . . I guess I’m a girl who likes to leave her mark?


And now it’s time for loving, which I really need this week. Le Love List:

Sleep. // Waits’s new bedroom was featured on Apartment Therapy! Squee!!! // Seeing the leaves changing on the East Coast. // Expo East! So many fun and fantastic new products to try, plus old friends and new friends and so much awesome. // Sports. Who knew?! // We ate corn on the cob every. single. night. at Jeremy’s mom’s house. And if that sounds like a complaint, you definitely have never tasted Maryland corn. California may have avocados and almonds and olives, but we can’t grow corn for shit. This Maryland corn is like no corn I’ve ever tasted, and every morning I would ask, “More corn?” and they would get more for dinner that night. Every night. // I *really* enjoyed this New York Times article, The Death Of Adulthood In American Culture. Like, I mean it’s maybe the best article I’ve read all year. Not just in the quality of the thesis – which is legit – but also in the caliber of the writing. It was just a dang pleasure to read. // I’m not particularly excited by Ello itself, but the idea of eliminating Facebook entirely just tickles me pink. So I’m giving Ello a try. @sayward. // Picnics. // Traveling with Jeremy makes me so dang happy. To travel well together is a blessing. // Reunion. Despite all the volatile emotions of these ending-beginning days, I have my Harley dog back by my side, and my baby boy back in my arms. Reunion with these two is the greatest gift of all, and I have endless gratitude for that.

And now, it’s your turn! Tell me what you’re loving (or hell, what you’re feeling) in the comments below. Love Lists are so important for practicing gratitude. But the most important thing is emotional honesty. Authenticity. Always and forever.

I promise.

And, I hope you all have a truly wonderful weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

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