Pictures Of Things + Le Love List :: 19/52

May 14th, 2017 - posted under: Furthermore » Feedback


This absolutely beautiful oasis of a place.

So, I recently realized that I wrote this post just a little over a year ago. One year! It’s hard to believe what just one year can bring.

One year ago I was slogging my way out of a serious depression. Feeling helpless and hopeless and like a forever-failure, it seemed as though my life was perpetual spinning of wheels, always exhausting but never actually getting anywhere. And with a string of bad luck on top of it all — just one thing after another after another.

One year later. My life feels so completely different these days, it’s hard for me to believe how far I’ve come (how deep I had sunk, to be honest). And it just keeps getting better. And so, I’m going with that. Onwards and upwards! These days, I work really hard, but I see rewards for my efforts. And I also have down time, and play time. Family time that feeds my heart and friend time that fires my soul. It’s just indescribably different than it was one year ago.

And this is what it looked like, this week:


These beauties are left over from the flower dissections our students did in the plant labs last week — and now our office is overflowing with lovely lilies!

A fancy dinner with my love, and I sat inside an actual confessional to eat! Kinda weird, right?

They held a Mother’s Day Tea at Waits’s school, and it was truly a highlight of my year. Waits was absolutely thrilled to shower me with gifts that he’d made, and to serve me tea and strawberries, and to tell me over and over how much he loves me. The whole thing was so sweet I could barely contain myself. No, seriously. I’m too sentimental for this stuff! I could barely keep from crying!

Beautiful flowers from the childrens’ garden.

Oh my heart. ♥

I know, it’s a terrible picture . . . but it makes me sooo happy! I share an office with my boss, and she’s just as much of a tea lover as I am. So this is our tea station in our office — with always-hot water, a wide variety of teas, and cute mugs to share with visitors. Yeah, it’s good.

Spring is for bikes.

Passionflowers all over my passion vine, and already so many little fruits! It’s going ot be a very passion-y summer, I can already tell.

Hiking in the coastal foothills.

Hiking to find this: a natural sulfur spring. Hot, mineral-rich water seeping into this freshwater stream. Pooling in warm bubbly bathes of strange, smelly, healing, magickal soup. Absolute heaven.

18513417_417260298667122_576799513553928192_n 2


And now, it’s time for the one, the only, Le Love List!

Super fun pizza parties with fellow vegan families! Making friends with another vegan family here in Santa Barbara has been so nice, for me but especially for Waits. We had a pizza party this week and it was such a blast! // When I step outside my office and get hit with the smell of the ocean. // Finding two baby skunks in my garden one night. Finally, confirmation! I always suspected it was skunks because of the scratch pattern and the way things were disrupted. Damn them! But also . . . awww so cute. // Spending time with old friends is soul medicine. // Waits telling jokes. // Visiting new friends and being greeted by the entire household welcoming committee — two excited kiddos, two dogs all up in my lap, and even both of the household cats rubbing my legs and mewing for attention. It was an absolute raucous pile of creatures, and it was awesome. // Homemade green juice. // Harvesting pine nuts, like actual pine nuts from an actual pine nut pine (!!!), and eating them fresh. // C L A R I T Y


Alright guys, now it’s your turn! I really love reading your own Le Love Lists, so please leave them down in the comments below. What are the little things in your life that make you smile this week?

I hope you had a truly magickal weekend, I hope you have a most wonderful week!

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