A Few Pics From Our Annual Family Disney Adventure, Because Holy Moly, The Kid Is Turning FIVE. And Also, More Tips For Eating Vegan At Disneyland!

March 1st, 2015 - posted under: The Farm » Family

Vegan At Disneyland

Not even 5 and already acting too cool for school. Haha, I love this picture.

Dudes. My kid is turning FIVE. What in the what? How did this happen??!

No but seriously, I’m for-reals actually completely beside myself over this. It just doesn’t compute. I like, literally can’t even.

But okay, let’s just go with it. So my kid is turning FIVE, and like we have promised to do every year from now until he reaches the “OMG you guys are embarrassing me!” stage, we made our annual family pilgrimage to worship at the alter of the Mouse. I wrote a little bit last year about the complicated relationship that I have with Disney (so much nostalgia! so much that’s socio-politically problematic! so much joy! so much childlike wonder! so much consumerism and anti-eco-friendliness and un-sustainability and and and . . . okay, you get the point – so complicated!), but suffice it to say that this yearly trip is something that we love to do together, as a family. And it means so much to all of us.

Vegan At Disneyland 1

First things first: a direct delivery into Tomorrowland, via the monorail. I’d never ridden it before! And very cool to bypass the front gate, since we’d pre-bought our tickets online.

Vegan At Disneyland 2

Vegan At Disneyland 3
We all agreed that Star Tours was a must for our first ride. Star Wars lovin’ geek family forever!! ♥

Vegan At Disneyland 4

Vegan At Disneyland 5
We chowed down on our brown-bagged lunch in line for Pirates Of The Caribbean. Tofu-patty cheezeburgers on gluten free onion bagels. YUM. And just what we needed to fuel our fun!

I do think the key to having a successful “Vegan at Disneyland” experience is really just a little bit of forethought. A few essential food items (dense, protein-rich choices that pack up light and travel well) combined with a general sense of what’s available and where to get it (I did my research the night before, and carried with me a little list of every vegan option/entree broken down by “land”).

Disneyland is actually surprisingly vegan-friendly, and I’m certain you could easily get by without bringing any food of your own, if you wanted to. I feel like every year I bring less and less . . . but it’s still nice to have those backup snacks on hand.

Vegan At Disneyland 6

Waits is a huge fan of the Mamma Chia squeeze pouches, and I love that they have more protein and calcium than simple fruit squeeze pouches.

Vegan At Disneyland 7

Vegan At Disneyland 8

Vegan At Disneyland 9
Thunder Mountain Railroad! Waits’s first real roller coaster, and Damian and I agreed it was our favorite ride of the day. We were both laughing hysterically like a couple of goobers the entire time!

Vegan At Disneyland 10

Vegan At Disneyland coffee
Soy latte (me), black decaf (Damian), and cold soy milk (Waits). Just FYI, the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in Main Street USA is the *only* place in the entire park that you can find soy milk for coffee/espresso.

Vegan At Disneyland 11
Waits and Damian split a soft pretzel. All of the “Mickey Pretzels” sold throughout the park are vegan!

Vegan At Disneyland 12
Goofballin’ in line for Space Mountain.

Vegan At Disneyland 13
Snack attack!

Vegan At Disneyland 14
Quickie hummus + pretzel pack. They have vendors selling hummus, Craisins, fresh pineapple spears, giant pickles (I get one every time, oh yes I do), fruit cups, and chips – all vegan! – all over the park.

Vegan At Disneyland 16
Old school. It’s been revamped, and was much less racist/problematic than I worried it would be. Phew, thank you Disney!

Vegan At Disneyland 17
After nightfall, french fries for three at the Tomorrowland Terrace. Because when in Rome . . .

It was such an amazing day, filled with laughs and love and fun – so much fun that we’re already eager for next year’s trip, when Waits will be tall enough to ride Indiana Jones! Wahoo!

But in all seriousness, this tradition means so much to me. It symbolizes everything that matters and everything that we’ve worked for. And I am grateful for that – for this strange, sweet, safe little space that Damian and I have created where we can raise our son.

So grateful for our family.

Vegan At Disneyland 18

So until next time – we love you Disneyland!

♥ ♥ ♥

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