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February 5th, 2015 - posted under: Furthermore » Feedback

green juice for two

Green juice for two. ♥ Cucumber, celery, burdock root, dandelion greens, apple, fennel, lemon, & mint.

Hello hello, and welcome to another end of another week. Was yours as wacky and wild as mine? Man . . . intense!

First things first, thank you so much to everyone who voted in the poll last week (and it’s not too late). I have to say, the results were sort of surprising to me!

The number one highest answer was “Nailing It” (d’aww, thanks guys! Yay!), and after that it was a tie between WIAW and “More Personal Stuff”, which is really what surprised me. Personal stuff? I’ve always had it in my head that readers want something of “value”, like tutorials or research-driven informative posts. But surprisingly, those categories were some of the lowest rankings. And I don’t know, maybe that shouldn’t be such a surprise to me, since the blogs that *I* most enjoy are always just interesting, well-presented lifestyle blogs.

So alright. It’s sort of hard for me accept that you guys actually want to read about my weirdo little life . . . but alright! More of that, then.

The next highest ranking was a three-way tie: vegan parenting, recipes, and Pictures Of Things + Le Love List. Vegan parenting was another surprise, and I’ve always sort of worried about over-saturating on that topic. But that said, it’s definitely the thing I get the most question/emails about, so I think I’ll include more posts about vegan parenting in the coming year (and you know, I’d love to write a follow up book to Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide! That’s always been a dream . . . )

Gardening posts were ranked nearly at the bottom, which was helpful for me to know. I’ll still probably include a few updates each year (because I love them so!), but I won’t make it a priority anymore. This is such useful information guys – so again, THANK YOU!

Alright, and now a few pics from the past few weeks. I’ve been go-go-going so there’s not very many, but oh well. My life these days:

little boy fairy

This little boy. Oh, this little boy! I told him that the very first of the jasmine was blooming, and he decided that he was a garden faerie. I love him.

homegrown fruit
Homegrown bananas from my godparent’s tree. Navel orange foraged from an alley by my house. Eat local.

rare seeds catalogue
My Rare Seeds catalogue from Baker Creek Seed Co! It’s amazing – so inspirational and making me so excited for spring! And you can get it for free by signing up here.

little boys pink car seats

Carpooling with friends, and oh the shenanigans. (Also, both of these little boys have pink car seats, because screw the gender-normative hegemony, amiright?!)

fixins for green juice
Juice fixin’s.

4 year old skateboarding
We’re learning together. ♥

skateboard little boy
I think it suits him. (Also, holy moly, this pic makes my hearts just BURST! Jeepers this kid . . . )


And now, our periodic practice of petite appreciations. With the one, the only, Le Love List!

Heart-to-hearts. // Job prospects. // When I overheard Waits ask Jeremy, “Why does my straw make bubbles in my milk when I blow?” and Jeremy, without skipping a beat, launched into a totally science-based explanation describing surface tension and how it relates to this little phenomenon. ♥ // Pop culture podcasts (speaking of which, I’m thinking of putting together a blog post on my favorite podcasts, but not sure anyone would be interested. Yes? No?). // Girl talks with new friends. // My students. I have a younger age group this quarter (like 19-20, mostly sophomores) and I’m realizing that I *really* enjoy working with this particular age range. They’re so young, and driven. It’s inspiring to be around so much potential. And this group just seems particularly sweet. ♥ // Skateboarding. I want to be skateboarding, like . . . all the time. // The Thai food I’m about to dig into. // My life right now, which is a weekly roller-coaster tilt-a-whirl rocket ride of up and down, high and low, stress and release, WORK and explode and relax and reload. It’s so good. Crazy, but I like things like that.

It’s so good.

Alright my dears, now it’s your turn! Please tell me what you’re loving lately, and leave your list in the comments below, so that everyone can read and share in all the love around us!

And I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥


Oh and PS! Just a friendly FYI – the incomparable Vegan Cuts is offering a specialty “Chocolate Lover’s Box” just in time for Valentines Day. You can make your V-Day extra special, by making it cruelty free! Check it out!


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