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October 25th, 2014 - posted under: Furthermore » Feedback

Sayward Waits Rebhal

Gender-binary-reinforcing sunglasses twinsies! Whoops . . . (but so cute, no?)

Well, hello there. Two weeks + one day later. Hello!

As you might have noticed, I wasn’t able to post last week. To say that these are crazy days would be an understatement. These days are crazy, not just for me and mine, but – at least it seems – for all the sensitive souls of the world. I was talking about this recently with a small group of women who are very tuned into this sort of thing, and yes, it certainly seems that something cosmically, collectively, is occurring. At least with the ones who are open to it.

And it’s not necessarily good. *Or* necessarily bad. But it definitely . . . is. Everyone I know who’s extra-sensitive (and I do tend to surround myself with those sorts) is feeling pulled, frayed, moved, restless and rowdy. Are you feeling it too?

So many changes.

For me and mine, it’s bringing many changes. Waits is so big, like just enormous. And he’s been restless in his sleep, waking me up in the night with his dream laughter . . . or sometimes waking me up every 10 minutes to ask me nonsensical questions. He’s growing again. And Damian is going through a major career transition, and I’m so happy for him. But, well, change ain’t easy, and I’ve had to pick up a lot of slack. Which is fine, but it means much more on my already over-full plate. Which is also fine, really. Damian will come out the other side of this shift in such an incredible place, sensitive soul a bit battered but totally intact, and I am just so full of happiness for him. And then there’s my Jeremy. Hoo-boy, the changes with that one. More on that in a bit . . .

So yes, my little circle is all topsy turvy right now, each and every one of us. And fair warning, my posting may continue to be sporadic over the next few weeks. C’est la vie. Such is life. ♥

A few pics, from the past TWO weeks:

tequila brekkies

This is my friend Larry, who I recently enjoyed a long and lovely brunch with. Over the years that we’ve known each other, Larry has been my professor, my drinking buddy, my boss, and my friend. He came to my wedding, and he helped me through my divorce. And as I was walking to meet him on this particular day, I realized that Larry and I have been gathering for our our “tequila brekkies” for damn near 10 years now. A freakin’ decade. And on this particular day, we happened to be celebrating Larry’s 70th birthday. And man, I just feel so grateful, and so honored, that I have such a wonderful, diverse, and sometimes totally unexpected group of people that I call friend. Larry is a good one. So *cheers* to 10 more years.

old canon
CANON! On the pier during one of our morning walks.

old ford tractor
Antique tractor. Pumpkin patch. That razor sunlight. Autumn!

antique tractor pumpkin patch

antique tractor

pumpkin patch

art in the funk zone
Street art stapled to a telephone pole, down in the Funk Zone.

look up
Look Up!

pickled peppers
I made pickled peppers. Well, fermented peppers. Jeremy has been eating them by the fistful and now they’re gone. They were GOOD.

look down
Looking down.


And now it’s time to take a breath, to pause, and to practice a little gratitude. With Le Love List. And this week? It’s Le Love List. – long form edition!

// My Life. No but seriously. Look, life is hard. It’s HARD! And confusing and overwhelming and depressing and frustrating and ugh, so *confusing*. For all of us. But also? On a recent Friday night, Jeremy and I found ourselves sitting in the back yard. Sipping on tall boys of local IPA, at the table in the back yard. Harley on the ground between our chairs. A blankie over our legs. The Oriole’s game on his laptop, while he watched and did some work. While I watched and also read, and tried to understand, a science paper for class. And the sun was going down and it was autumn and the game was on in the back yard and the dog and the blankie and the beer and just . . . man. That’s a goof life, right? It sure felt good. //

// I went on a major Parenthood (the TV show) binge and I basically had a series of epiphanies about my life and I know that that is 100% completely ridiculous but also, it totally happened and it was legitimately eye opening and inspiring and life changing and I KNOW. Ridiculous! But good. Really good. //

// I got an emergency text from my preschool teacher at 3 pm on a non-school day. They had mountains of mulch to move and no way to get it moved before school the next day, but it was considered a fire hazard and HAD to be moved before school the next day. So Waits and I sped off to the school where I proceeded to shovel mulch for hours, until the sun was all the way down and I could literally shovel no longer. It was hard work. Farm work! It’s been a long time since I’ve done that sort of intense, under-the-gun, physical labor. It hurt my body and it felt really, really good. //

// Later, the following week, I went to pick Waits up at preschool and when I arrived there, I noticed that the hood of my car was smoking. And when I went to investigate, I saw that there was scary green stuff sputtering out, and oh dear, that’s not good. Apparently my radiator had decided to kick the bucket. *sigh* With shuttling Waits around, and getting myself out to school to teach, and all the other stuff I need to do to make my life work, being without a car is just not. a. freakin’. option. But, before I could even begin to have my impending panic attack, my preschool teacher, who has become a good friend, handed me the keys to her truck. And she was like, “Meh, I won’t need it for the next couple of days.” And just like that, crisis averted. I am so grateful for her kindness. //

// And then there’s Jeremy. Earlier this week, Jeremy quit his job. He quit the job he’s held for the past 8 years, which was stable and secure and paid him well. He quit the job that gave him insider access and endless opportunities for connection in his industry. The job that taught him so much. The job that he hated, and that was slowly destroying him, both physically and emotionally. He did it. He quit. He jumped right off the edge of the cliff; he jumped for his dream. And I took his hand and jumped with him. Because falling is so, so, so fucking scary.

But flying feels so good.

And I believe in Jeremy and his dream with every fiber of my being. This is a big huge gnarly risky dangerous step. And it’s so right. And I can’t wait to share it with all of you. In the meantime, we will be working our tails off ’round the clock from now until Black Friday. So maybe, if you have a moment, you could send some well-intentioned good vibrations our way? Think of the word “Still”, and send us a little love and support. We could use it right about now. Thank you so much.

To Jumping! //

Okay, now it’s your turn to share your love with the rest of the world! We all want to know what little things are making you smile right now, so please post your Love Lists down on the comments below, and let us share in the love.

And have a fantastic weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

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