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October 9th, 2016 - posted under: Furthermore » Feedback


♥ ♥ ♥

Hello! Oi!

Gosh guys, it’s been a long time! Which seems to be the trend these days, as posting has been pretty patchy around here over this past year. And truthfully, that probably won’t change any time soon. I do have a light posting schedule that I’m hoping to stick to (I really want to share with you the wisdom I learned from my father), but here’s where I’m at in life right now: 2 small businesses, 1 part-time job, 1 TAship, 1 action-packed 6-year-old, and the best part of all — I’m in my LAST quarter of grad school! Which means 1 major paper to complete. So I’m still a busy bee, but with great purpose. Because if all goes according to plan, come Christmas time, I’ll be a MASTER (haha), and out of school for good. Wahoo!

It’s exciting. And it’s crunch time. I’m really focused on writing my exit exam so I can just get out and be done with it. Once I’m finished with school I am so looking forward to coming back to blogging. Like, SO much. So please just bear with my long leaves of absence a little bit longer, k? I have reeeeally exciting projects planned for 2017!!!

And now, a little look at our life, lately. Moments captured from the end of summer . . .


I was volunteering in his school garden, and he asked to do some nature drawing.

IMG_4345 (1)
Jeremy built a swinging wine box window seat for the kitties. It hangs on thin chains and sits right below their favorite “world-watching” window, and Herc likes to perch up there all day like a king lion sitting on his throne. And also, ya know, take naps!

Late summer days at the beach with my kid and my dad. ♥


My Bachelor’s Buttons grew so well this year, they became my favorite cutting flower. I can’t wait to plant a million more colors next spring!

Homemade calendula oil.

And homemade ramen, my current obsession.

IMG_0624 (2)
This summer, we spent almost every Sunday with friends, way up in the mountains at our favorite swim hole. We called it “church” and it was truly heaven on earth.



Pretty craft cocktails in the backyard with my beau.

Waits and I spent Labor Day weekend camping with a girlfriend and her son. Mama-baby camping trips are the best, and watching two little boys explore the wonderful world of camping is so much fun, and also sitting outside in the middle of the wilderness, in the middle of the night, polishing off a bottle of Spanish wine and getting real with a close friend . . . well that is priceless.

Long cool hike under the forrest canopy, to find a waterfall tucked into a mountainside.

Seriously and truly, nature is everything!

Oh and speaking of nature, Waits and I put together a little nature altar to celebrate the Autumn Equinox. We were traveling at the time and away from our magical totems and tools, but we spent the morning of the equinox on a lovely little nature walk, and found all sorts of treasures, and were able to create a beautiful offering in celebration of the end of summer.




And now, it’s time for the one, the only, Le Love List!

Watching the presidential debate in my favorite British Pub, over pints of beer and stiff drinks, eating Thai street noodles, surrounded by friends, and shouting at the tv. (That’s the current plan for this evening). // Gardening with children. // Our vegan wine bar won a local award! // When business is building. Feeling successful. // Harvesting wild hops (they smelled DIVINE). // Skateboarding around the neighborhood with Waits. // Riding bikes and bombing hills with Waits. // Climbing oak trees in the park with Waits. // Bouquets of Bachelor’s Buttons. // Cucumber sandwiches. // Homegrown magic. // Plant medicine. // Spiderman. // Maryland corn on the cob. // Hair dye and sheet masks and foot scrubs. // Feeling my body work and grow stronger. // The light in Autumn. Harsh orange-gold light that’s so bright and so stark that it makes the whole world feel like fall. I love the season, and this year it’s particularly special because it’s the end of an era in my life. My master’s degree will be behind me, and I will be able to move on to all the wonderful things I have lined up to come next. I can hardly wait. So bring on the autumn light. Bring it!


Alright guys, now it’s your turn! I really love reading your own Le Love Lists, so please leave them down in the comments below. What are the little things in your life that make you smile these days?

Happy Sunday, I hope you have a most wonderful week!

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