Pictures Of Things + Le Love List

September 18th, 2014 - posted under: Furthermore » Feedback

santa barbara architechture

Santa Barbara has some pretty incredible cityscape.

Hello hello all the way from the east! I’m coming to you mildly jet-lagged but oh-so-happy, from the small town in western Maryland where Jeremy grew up! And we’ll be here visiting his family for the next week, mostly just relaxing in the beautiful Maryland countryside, but also with a few planned trips in the mix: a Baltimore Orioles game (!!!), a day at the Natural Products Expo East trade show (squee!), and a night in Baltimore with all his old college friends (so excited to meet those guys!).

I’m going to do my best to keep up with the blog while I’m away, but I’m also not putting too much pressure on myself. This is my last hurrah before the next year of grad school begins, and oh mah gawd, it’s going to be a crazy year. I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed . . .

So yes! Relaxing and enjoying is the name of the game. And here’s a few snaps of what we’ve been up to this past week :

urban foraging santa barbara

This was our dessert one night after dinner on the beach. All the fruit was foraged within 2 blocks of my house! Prickly pear (cactus fruit), passionfruit, and figs. Look at all that color!

swimming at sunset
Same picnic, these two crazy fools went swimming at sunset.

moon at 11 am
Oh hello, half moon high in the sky at 11 o’clock in the morning.

twisty Eucalyptus tree
A picnic under this beautiful giant, a “weeping” Eucalyptus.

tire swing
And a tire swing. (when did he get so big?)

morning beach walk
Early morning beach walks – with friends!

teeny tiny asters
Of all the aster seeds I tried to start this year, I only got one plant. ONE plant! And that one plant produced these four teeny tiny perfect blooms – small enough for an espresso cup vase. I ♥ them.

fermented salsa
Suuuuper fun end-of-summer project with my bumper crop tomatoes. This fermented salsa recipe will be up the blog next week!

boyfriend back in high school
And finally, OMG how adorable is Jeremy’s high school senior pic?! Look, he’s a little baby!! So cute I can barely handle it.


And now it’s time for the best part of the week, our most important kick-off-the-weekend ritual, Le Love List:

Our dog sitter keeps sending us the most precious pics of the old pooch. Harley standing on the steps in the pool with the whole family! (Harley’s face: “Oh hey, I’m in a pool.”) Harley with his best doggie friend on our porch at the pick-up! (His face: “Oh hey, we are on the porch.”) Harley with their 18-month old son playing on his back! (His face: “Oh hey, kid on my back.”) It all just makes me so proud and grateful. He is the best dog. I miss him muchly. (and wow, they are the BEST dog sitters!) // Moon magic. // Spending time with Jeremy’s family, in the house where he grew up. // Impromptu playdates with vegan mom friends friends and their wee vegan progeny. // Reconnecting with old not-mom friends for long days of talk talk talk. Well, talk talk talk and vegan Thai and mimosas by the pool and afternoon swimming and and and . . . // Jeremy’s niece is an incredibly accomplished athlete, and she pitches for a nationally ranked high school softball team, AND she just got voted homecoming queen. I am a very proud not-auntie. // Green juice everyday (homemade for the sake of my pocketbook, oi). // Jeremy and I travel so well together, I love it. Simpatico. // Lots and lots of preserving projects! // Driving home from a high school soccer game, and listening to Jeremy and his mama sing along to Johnny Cash. They both have such beautiful voices. // In amongst all the loveliness, this week was also hard, and painful. I got in a fight with a friend. It was one of those situations that starts with a few small errors in judgement, but quickly spins completely out of control. And to be honest, I’m not so used to that. I’m a pretty low drama, low chaos kind of person. Not that I’m immune, of course. I’m human and I sure do make my share of mistakes. Yes, yes I do. And why is that on the Love List? Well, because I learned a lot. And learning is something I’m always grateful for. ♥

Alright guys, now it’s your turn. I hope you’ll share your Love Lists, if the mood strikes you. I do so love to read them! Just leave ‘em in the comments below.

And please please, have the happiest of weekends!

♥ ♥ ♥

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