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May 21st, 2015 - posted under: Furthermore » Feedback

scoot bike ride

Hello hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic week, and are looking forward to an even more fantastic weekend. Me? Well, things are pretty stressful ’round here these days. All my projects are piling up as the quarter draws towards its close, and of course, I’m leaving town bright and early Monday morning, on a cross-country vegan ladies road trip (!!!) bound for Vida Vegan Con in Austin, Texas. And it’s so exciting and so wonderful but also, oh my GAWD I have a lot of loose ends that I’m trying to tie up before I go. I sort of feel like my head is spinning.

And I need some help from you!! I’m working on my talk for VVC, and I’d love your input/feedback/thoughts! My topic is Facing Failing Health As A Vegan, and this is the description of the talk: “As a committed ethical vegan, I never imagined that I would doubt the safety of my diet . . . until I got sick. My experience of facing failing health as a vegan, of the subsequent guilt and shame and anger I felt while being a sick vegan, and of eventually regaining my health – while staying vegan! – has certainly given me some perspective. None of us plan to get sick, and luckily, most of us never will. But some vegans do, and as fellow vegans, it’s important that we are able to offer a supportive, non blaming or shaming community. So let’s talk about that!

And my question to you guys is this: What would you be hoping to hear if you attended this talk? I feel like there’s a million different ways I could go, and I’m having trouble narrowing things down. SO. I’d love some input from you! What questions do you have? What would you want to hear about? What is confusing to you about this issue? What is interesting?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! THANK YOU GUYS!

Oh and hopefully the whole thing will be filmed, and I’ll be able to share the talk here on the blog. So that’s incentive for you to really leave your feedback, no? You’ll very likely get your question directly addressed!

Okay, so moving along. Here’s what life has been looking like lately:

my church

We spent Mother’s Day high up in the mountains here, like we do almost every single Sunday. We call it Church. It’s one of my very favorite places to be.

mother's day


mothers day church
It was a really great day. ♥

best vegan snack
My favorite new snack. Basically obsessed.

pakistani mulberries
Strange new foods at the Farmer’s Market.

after farmers market visit
And stopping by the store to drop off green juice and fresh flowers, and to say hi to our very favorite guy.

Trying to take splits selfies but the walls won’t let me splits far enough! Still going though . . .

vegan kid protesting
Baby’s first Foie Gras protest! Haha. But seriously, Waits was sooo happy to represent for the animals, and was talking to everyone he could. He’s a wonderful ambassador. Him and Pomi the duck! (Pomi is a paralyzed rescue who loves people. He was very happy to be there getting all the love, and especially likes to have his head pouf scratched. Just in case you were wondering.) Learn more about the incredibly inhumane practice of producing foie gras, here.

gold chrysalis
These assholes ate ALL my nettle plants overnight. Grrr. But at least they made these beautiful gold-studded chrysalises, which we took to Waits’s preschool so the children could watch them hatch. They became Painted Lady butterflies. ♥

go vegan right meow
Go vegan, RIGHT MEOW! (shirt by the awesome BEETxBEET)


And now it’s time to exercise our gratitude muscles! With the one, the only, Le Love List!

Clarity! THANK YOU ALL so much for sharing so generously your personal stories, thoughts, insights, and ideas about PhD versus MA programs. I’ve definitely come to a place of deeper understanding, and all of the wisdom I read here really helped with that. So thank you!! ♥ Now please cross your fingers for me . . . // Being in nature. // No really, I just want to be in nature all the time. // Eating fresh food. // So, um, Food Babe reached out to me after I wrote that Gin + Green Juice post, and I thought that was really cool of her. We have a call scheduled and I’m really looking forward to our conversation. // Dinner and a movie with my love. // WE GOT THE BIG GRANT!! // The fact that [regardless of what I decide to do] all my mentors, every single professor I’ve talked to about it, has enthusiastically urged me to get my PhD. Also my therapist, haha. But really, their confidence has been inspiring (humbling! but very very encouraging) // Spooning. // My growing garden. // The Periscope app, which is totally unique and new and amazing. Live-streaming in real time, no edits, no fancy tricks. Stored for 24-hours and then gone forever. LOVE IT. You can follow me @Sayward Rebhal. Let’s connect there! // Watching and cheering with mama friends as Waits made his first solo swim (with water wings) across the water hole up at Church. It was such a joyful and proud moment, crystal clear in reflection even as it was happening. The kind of thing you never forget. And those moments, my goodness. Those moments are absolutely everything. ♥ //


Alright everyone, the ball’s in your court. I hope you’ll share your Love Lists in the comments below, so all of us can read about the things that made you smile this week. Sharing is caring! Spread the love!

And please, have the most wonderful weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

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