#vkidsdoittoo: Highlights From The Hashtag

August 19th, 2014 - posted under: Furthermore » Inspiration

A few weeks back, as I was preparing for our camping trip, I got to thinking about quintessential childhood experiences. Those cliches, like a hot dog at the ballpark, popcorn at the movies, and of course – s’mores on a camping trip. And there are other, non-food-related ones as well: going to the zoo or circus, wearing cute and fashionable clothes, or joining in extracurricular activities.

There’s a lot about growing up vegan that may need to be adjusted, but I think that’s an importnat point – adjusted. Not deprived. Not missing. Not lesser. Just . . . adjusted.

And thus, #vkidsdoittoo was born, with this sweet little pic of Waits roasting a hot dog on a stick over the campfire. The idea of the hashtag is to show the world that vegan families are just like every other family. We are normal! We do all the same stuff – albeit sometimes adjusted.

And much to my delight, there are now over 75 photos on the hashtag (on Instagram), submitted by all of you amazing folks out there. I love scrolling through them and feeling the solidarity. Our community. Our diverse and adorable community!

And so I wanted to share a handful of pictures here on the blog. I couldn’t possibly play favorites, but these are 10 that I think show a good range and really demonstrate the intention behind the project.

Now buckle up, because here comes a boatload of cute:

vkidsdoittoo donut

phoenyxmama: what happens when kid meets donut for the first time….pure happiness:) #vegantoddler #sugarhigh #vegansofig @voodoodoughnut

vkidsdoittoo sanctuary not zoo

siouxsiemc: who needs a zoo? #vkidsdoittoo

vkidsdoittoo noodle bowl

erinleeho: he’s actually better with chopsticks. #vegansofig #vegankids

vkidsdoittoo mac n cheese

frieddandelions: perfect kiddo (and mommy) lunch! @earthbalance mac and cheese, @fieldroast apple maple sausages, and #organic grapes! #yum #vkidsdoittoo

vkidsdoittoo brownies

jescapesca: schools over. calls for some serious brownie baking. #vegan #vegankids #veganbaking #kids #daughters #schoolsover #summer #brownies #veganbrownies #home #kitchen

vkidsdoittoo licking spatula

michelleisvegan: he always gets the bowl and spatula when he helps make peanut butter cookies #todayjamieate

vkidsdoittoo chocolate cake

belableu: Nothing says Happy Birthday like a racing planes chocolate cake :)

vkidsdoittoo pastry at market

windycityvegan: nina’s saturday morning jam: a vegan doughnut from the farmar! now, we search for brussels sprouts.

vkidsdoittoo popsicle

nutbuttermermaid: blueberry coconut creamcicles on the deck, on a beautiful wednesday afternoon. this kid bites popcicles and ice cream and it makes my teeth hurt just watching him! #plantstrongkids #plantbased #veganlife #vegankids #vegan #whatveganseat #vkidsdoittoo #eatclean #summerinmichigan #blueberries

And last but not least!

vkidsdoittoo pasta face

lgillis03: what vegan kiddos eat!


A big giant THANK YOU to everybody who’s been participating, and to everyone who’s helped spread the word. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to scroll through all the pics and see all your amazing, adorable, thriving vegan children.

Remember that if your profile is private we won’t all be able to see your pics (but they’ll still show up in the number count, so that’s cool!), and also remember that you can go back and retroactively tag older photos (in the comments on the pic).

Alright, thank you thank you, and please keep ‘em coming!

♥ ♥ ♥

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