Spring Break Photos, Because Look! I Got My Photos Back!

April 26th, 2016 - posted under: The Farm » Family

Spring Break title

You guys, I received the best news! The specialists working on my computer were able to make a full data recovery, my entire hard drive was saved, and all my photos and writing have been returned to me. HUZZAH! I am truly over the moon, and I’ve also learned a hard lesson. Backup backup backup! I am converted. Point taken, Universe.

In celebration of my recovered data, I’m sharing the photos from Waits’s very first ever Spring Break. Kindergarten is flying by, and these are a few weeks old already, but looking through them makes me so happy and I am so very grateful to have gotten them back. And this whole process has made me so grateful for this blog. Because if I had lost everything, if all my photos had disappeared, at least I would have had the ones I’d posted here. I’d least I’d have had this record.

So I’m gonna go ahead and keep on recording. Here’s how we spent a very kindergarten Spring Break, 2016. ♥

spring break 2016 1
IMG_9340 (1)
spring break 2016 2
IMG_9391 (6)

It was a really good week.

PS – And now we’re back to our regularly scheduled blogging. YAY!

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