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April 8th, 2016 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

little boy flower crown

Hiyeeeee! Happy Friday, and how have you all been doing lately?

Me, I’m a little up and down these days. Definitely better than I was a couple of weeks ago. A lot of pressure let up around the same time, and that has helped to ease my anxiety. It’s actually sort of wild, now, to be through the other side of that incredibly intense period. I can look back and realize just how much pressure I was living with, from so many sources, all at the same time. I feel so much more relaxed in my body now, and it makes me very aware of how we inhabit stress. Or maybe, how stress inhabits us. It’s such a physical thing, and it’s so nice to feel my body NOT contorted under that kind of pressure, these days.

So that’s good.

But life is still a struggle, and I know that it will be as long as I’m trying to do too many things at once (so maybe forever? that might just be my nature). However, I’ve been working hard to be mindful and present; to allow myself to feel the pleasure of each moment. Sunlight on my face as I’m heading back to the car after dropping Waits off at school. Flowers blooming in the yards as I’m walking to work at the wine bar. Breathing in the seabreeze air as I make my way across campus. Trying to make the most of these moments, and to build on them. I’m through the worst of things (I hope) and now I feel like I can focus on making my life something that I enjoy living again.

So here’s what it’s been looking like, these days:

life of a restaurant kid

Oh, the life of a restaurant kid. Waits is such a good sport when he comes to the wine bar while we set up for the night. He plays games on the iPad and eats fancy olives, and man he’s getting so all-grown-up.

Oh, the life of a grad student. In my natural habitat — surrounded by notes and papers and books and notes and my laptop and also notes. This pic is more than a few months old, but I figured I’d share it because you never really get to see me doing the thing I actually do, pretty much all day, every day!

view from UCSB
With views like this from right outside my office, it’s not a bad place to be pretty much all day, every day.

science project for a 6 year old
Waits had his very first science fair, and we worked really hard on his project and it was a test of my patience as much as it was a test of his scientific understanding of crystals, but I guess that’s to be expected. We grew crystals!

little scientist
My little scientist, doing science things like a little boss.

beautiful juice
Beautiful beautiful vegetable juice. Fresh pressed and in my belly!

rare wines tasting
And these beautiful beautiful super-rare vegan wines we tasted for Five & 1/4, from Hungary, Georgia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovenia. Soooo amazing!

playing cards with cats
When you’re trying to play cards, but cats.

winter in california
My heart outside my body. ♥


And now it’s time to put that mindfulness and presence into action, with my very favorite gratitude practice — Le Love List!

Your Instagrams! Thanks to all of you who left your handles on my last Pictures Of Things post. I’ve loved finding all of you there and getting lovely little glimpses into your lives. Unsurprisingly, you guys are awesome! // Playing Connect 4 with Waits. Playing to win and having him beat me! // Busy busy nights at the wine bar. // Talking to our cook Jerome about someone who was causing drama, and Jerome saying in all seriousness, and in his heavy Sri Lanken accent – “He’s being a Felicia. Just tell him “Bye Felicia!”. // Curling up with Waits on a rainy day, and showing him the original Ghostbusters. // My friend got a Donald Trump piñata for his 6-year-old’s birthday party. Ha! // Following other foragers, wild crafters, and nature collectors, on Instagram. It’s so inspiring. // California wildflower season. Seeing the hillsides blanketed in bright yellow wild mustard, golden orange California poppies, and pale purple lupins. // Sitting in the spring sun, eating a honey crisp apple, and lovin’ life. // Mango con chili. // My baby boy turned six years old. It seems so old — so long — so much life encapsulated in those years . . . for both of us. And it also seems so short. Six is still so very small. And Waits is big and bright and wild and willful, but he is also tender and concerned and innocent and so, so sweet. Six is good. Six is straddling two worlds and I am determined to drink up every little bit of this very lovely, very precious, and oh-so-very fleeting, moment of his childhood. ♥ ♥ ♥.


Alright guys, now it’s your turn! Making a Love List is such a great way to reconnect to your center, remember what’s important, and also, to kick off the weekend! I would so love to read your Le Love Lists, so please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

And as always, I hope you have the most delightful weekend!

  • stephie137

    Im glad things are more manageable these days! You’re a badass and a boss.

    My LLL: Finishing things – good and stressful things – so you can move on to the next. Kid sleepovers at Grandmas. Cracking a hard nut at work and making them laugh and call you “partner.” Having your hard work, that you put all your heart into, recognized. Baby steps.

  • lysette

    I love that I just learned something new from reading Waits’ science project :) I also love the big yellow circle and ‘I grew this’ underneath it. Glad to hear the pressure valve has let off a little bit but also that you recognize your nature to live as fully as possible in this time on earth may mean an overwhelming amount of living ;) Despite when it becomes too much, how amazing is that?! You are always an inspiration Sayward, to keep looking out at the horizon with wonder: what next? What else is out there?

    Love List: watching terrible/wonderful movies with my brother, sending mail/gifts and receiving mail/gifts — listening to west coast black/speed cd’s from my (ex) high school boyfriend catching me up on the music he’s been making over the years, feeling overwhelmed by how many books I want to read but knowing this is a good concern to have. Spring! and all the cold wind and hot sun it brings! xo

  • Rebecca Carnes

    Happy Monday:) Waits is lucky to have your help with Science projects…I’m a little scared when P starts bringing home those assignments lol

    My late Love List…. Phoenyx snuggles, old friends coming into town and catching up, lazy rainy mornings ( I wish for more!), watching P gain more confidence in his karate class- his Gi is the cutest! Flowers EVERYWHERE, planting our “pizza” garden <3 Hope you have a great week!

  • Jo S.

    I’m late reading this, but there’s never a bad time for a love list, is there?? Loving the longer days, my giant new baby and his squashy chubs, barley coffee, homemade bread…

    I follow you on Instagram! @helloseedling
    Jo x

  • Angie

    I am loving Waits’ science project and the fact that life is more at ease for you <3

    My love list: passion being infused into my yoga teaching/whiskey/dancing/more Spanish speaking/doing reiki work on my dogs/morning runs/forgiveness/almond creamer in my coffee.