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October 10th, 2014 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

sayward rebhal

Highlight of my week: Operation Mermaid Hair is complete.

Hoo boy! Hello!

Well, I made it. I survived my first week of teaching . . . barely. Just joking of course (mostly), but man, this quarter is going to be gnarly. Anywho!

Last weekend I was down in LA enjoying the very first Vegan Oktoberfest, which apparently other folks had a lot of issues with (for many reasons), but which I found to be totally delightful. Maybe because I got there early, and was less interested in the beer more interested in the company? Basically, I just hung out all day enjoying awesome music and awesome food and yes, some awesome beer too, but mostly focused on the awesome vegans! Like the prolific Amy from Fur Free LA, Vegans Of Instagram, and the soon to be opening Vegan Scene, and Cobi from Veggietorials, and Jess from The Vedge App, and The Sexy Vegan (and his wonderful Sexy Wife who SAVED my forgot-to-wear-sunscreen-ass, THANK YOU!!!), and Mr. Vegan Beast Mode, and I know I’m forgetting a bunch of people, plus I got to meet some super sweet BA readers including a couple that I’d met at Vegan Beer Fest 2 years ago (hi guys!), plus lots of other friends who don’t have websites for me to link to. I hate name dropping and try to avoid it, but these are amazing people who are doing amazing things and you should follow the links and check out their work!

A few pics from Oktoberfest, and from the rest of the week:

bufallo cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower with vegan ranch, from the Sage truck.

Vegan Oktoberfest pretzel
Feeling the Bavarian love with Oktoberfest essentials: beer and a pretzel. This was IPA (my jam, oh how I love an IPA) and a gluten-free pretzel, also from Sage.

the vegan boss
The Vegan Boss! One of my absolute favorite things about Oktoberfest was the music, and standing front row to see The Vegan Boss was definitely a highlight of the day for me. He is an incredible performer. Also: easy on the eyes. Just sayin’!

first time at the movies
The next day, I took Waits to his first movie at the theatre!!! He loved it and for his first time, he did SO good. We saw The Boxtrolls in 3-D and it was fantastic. So fun!

mural arched door

taco tuesday
Taco Tuesday!

morning family walk
Early morning walks that start just after dawn. Downtown Santa Barbara is so quiet at that hour.

santa barbara paint and tiles

sayward blue hair
Green juice for LIFE!


And now, let’s get into the attitude of gratitude, with Le Love List!

My buckwheat cover crop is sprouting. The flinging and dancing worked! // Seeing The Vegan Boss perform at Oktoberfest. He is AMAZING live, and there is something really really special about being completely surrounded by a crowd of vegans, all sweating and dancing and fired up, while the dude on stage sings “Fuck the circus! Fuck Sea World! That’s prison shit!” as the hook of a hip hop song, and everyone’s got their hands in the air screaming and singing along. Oh yeah, that’s good. // The new podcast, Serial, by the creators and team behind This American Life. I love true crime stuff and this podcast is SO GOOD. // Singing “Down by the Bay” with Waits on our morning walks, and making up our own silly rhymes. My favorite – “Have you ever seen Master Yoda / Doing hot yoga? / Down by the bay!” // Waking up before the sun. // Jeremy and Waits deepening their relationship. // Panang curry and drunken noodles. // Loving on my Harley dog. // I was about to teach my very first class, and I could hear music coming in the window, and one of my students was like “Oh yeah, that’s Jack Johnson.” And I was like “WHAT?!” and apparently he was playing a surprise memorial concert (he’s UCSB alumni) in honor of the mass shooting here last spring. And I finished up my class early, and I was able to run down to the plaza and catch a few songs before I had to teach again. And how amazing is that?? Freaking Jack Johnson, man. I love him! Such an amazing, unexpected treasure. And aren’t those the best?

Alright y’all, now it’s your turn to show the love! Please share your Love Lists down on the comments below, so we can all read them and revel in the little loveliness of everyday life. ♥

I hope you all have a fantastic fall weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

  • mel

    You’re hair looks amazing!!!!! Please marry me. <3

  • Anna

    Love. I couldn’t resist making two comments: 1. I second the “Serial is SO GOOD” statement. 2. Jeremy is drinking green (not beet) juice this time! I think you are winning him over to your side ^^

  • stephie137

    Fall in Ontario. Being outside. The kids looking so grown up. Filling a tub full of fun things to do at the cottage…baseball gloves and colouring stuff and magnifying glasses and puzzles and Board Games! Finally old enough for board games!

  • Alex

    I love your hair! Can you post about hair dyes that are vegan and not too loaded with chemicals please? I’m itching to dye my hair but I don’t know where to start with dyes…
    Also a few months ago, when one of my friend told me she was pregnant I sent her my copy of “vegan pregnancy survival guide”. A couple of weeks ago I found out I was pregnant so I had to buy a copy again. I just LOVE that book!

  • Rebecca

    Manic panic do great colours and are vegan! X

  • Minna T.

    Ooo, cool hair! So pretty. But it seems like whatever you do with your hair, it always looks great :) and happy for Waits’ first movie and wish I could get up so early and be so energetic to take a walk after dawn. I love early mornings but lately – all I do is sleep :D i guess my body is trying to sleep as much as possible to save energy for when the little one arrives. Just a few weeks left, so exciting! Alright, happy happy weekend!

  • Sarah

    Your hair looks amazing! Love it! I’m making these love lists a weekly habit at the moment, because practising gratitude seems extra important right now. So thanks for giving us an outlet to express the little positives in life!

    My love list this week: booking a two-week trip to Norway and Iceland, to chase the Northern Lights ~ my new keepsake box: it’s decorated with an old-fashioned map of the world, which seems appropriate for my unquenchable wanderlust! ~ the cathartic feeling of giving away possessions before I make a big move across the country ~ books, books, books ~ RuPaul’s Drag Race – I only recently discovered it, and I am obsessed. Sharon Needles is EVERYTHING! ~ well-wishes from my workmates after telling them that I’m leaving to start my PhD. It feels incredible to have so much support as my life hurtles towards such an intimidating, exciting change!

  • Sonja

    love reading your love lists :-)
    My list this week:
    - some warm autumn days
    - the fair trade (and mostly vegan) breakfast I went to this morning
    - unexpected sleepovers
    - backing autumn-esque treats like delicious pumpkin-oat-bread
    - helping some friends
    - the “What I ate Wednesday”- post on ba
    - Still feeling so connected to your last friday-post abput feeling weird and alone sometimes… but it’s so good to have this community here online
    - yoga

  • yogadogwalker

    I love your hair, and thanks for turning me on to The Vegan Boss! How had I never heard of him? So many thanks, he’s amazing!!

  • Red Deception

    Your hair is super amazing. I’m too chicken to bleach my hair to get it such fun colors – I guess I’ll have to enjoy vicariously through others :)

    I have never tried a vegan beer. Then again, with gluten issues, can’t really have beer. But the gluten free pretzel would have been devoured!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you so much! And sorry, I’m super anti-marriage. ;-)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Isn’t Serial AMAZING! I hate that it’s being slowly released, I want to eat it all up ASAP! And yes, you’re totally right about Jeremy. That was 2 days in a row!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Beautiful. Thank you. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Hi Alex! That’s so sweet about my book, and wow, CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancyI Yay vegan babies!

    So I wrote a bit about hair dye in a short series you can read here:

    Part I –

    Part II –

    And also henna –

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Just a few weeks left? Oh man, that’s crazy! I’m so happy for you Minna. Enjoy the next few weeks and I look forward to hear about everything that’s to come. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Love List, Sarah. Also Sharon Needles is my all-time favorite drag queen and RPDR contestant. I LOVE her!!!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thank you Sonja, and I love reading your Love List as well. ♥

  • Sayward Rebhal

    He’s so good right?! I’m glad you like him, and happy to spread the love. =)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh you should do it! Hair grows back – that’s the best thing about hair! It’s all impermanent. =)

    Most beers are naturally vegan so I’m sure you’ve had vegan beer. Have you tried the Omission brand? They’re the best g-f beers I’ve tried by FAR. The IPA is off the hook!

  • vegyogini

    Jack Johnson and I were at UCSB at the same time (overlapping at some point) and, yet, I had no idea until many years later! Apparently, he used to play frat parties all the time, but I never went to a frat party and there you have it. I did see live music all the time when I was there, though.

    Hey, doesn’t Jeremy always get beet juice? Surprising to see him w/ green! ;)

  • katta

    I love your love lists – and thought why not join in so, my first try so here goes:
    - Sourdough bread fresh from my over
    - kids eating veggie fritters and asking for more more more
    - sunshine in the park
    - 6 wonderful candles on a cake
    - arms wrapt tight around my neck at the end of the day and a hot little head snuggled into me
    - twin peaks 25 years later (we’re gonna need some pies)

  • Amanda

    - Discovering I’m not the only one who buys the Restaurant Supply Size bottle of hot sauce. <3

  • Angie

    Your hair is simply amazing.
    My love list this week: pineapple martinis, creativity flowing like a rhyme, brunch, a Monday off, speed interval running and chia seeds in my juice.

  • Alex

    Oh thank you! xx

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Omission beer is the BEST!!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I love your hair!! As soon as mine grows out a few more inches, I’m probably going to add some color. My hair was every color of the rainbow when I was in hs/college (when it wasn’t shaved) – it’s been far too long since I’ve done anything fun with it. I also noticed Jeremy drinking a GREEN juice! My guy has been requesting green smoothies every morning, maybe it’s the weather? Before long, I’ll be making citrus power smoothies to get us through the dark days of winter.

    The return of Agent Cooper! Time to make a cherry pie. // Digging into the Nonhuman Rights Project and brainstorming ways to work it into a future assignment for law school. // Marriage equality in North Carolina, finally!! // baking, every damn day // finding out I did even better on my midterm than expected // Nina, reading The One and Only Ivan aloud to me the past couple of nights. // Nina, finally finally trying – and liking – vegan mozzarella-style cheese! This may bring our nachos and taco Tuesdays to a whole new level. // I took advantage of fall break to (1) knock out season six of West Wing and start season seven; (2) finish season three of The Killing; and (3) catch up on podcasts including Serial, which I absolutely love. // My favorite trilogy by one of my favorite authors – Margaret Atwood – is going to be an HBO series. Yipee!!

  • Lisa B.

    Going to sound like a broken record here, but girl, your hair is RAD (as is your love list!).

    As for me, I have but one thing to share: this weekend, I’m going to Portland to attend the 2014 Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark Law School (see Will Potter (eeee!!!!) is the keynote speaker and one of the big topics of the weekend will be ag-gag legislation (a topic I feel very strongly about). I am BEYOND STOKED and am feeling all the feelings.

    Have a lovely, lovely weekend.

    - Lisa

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Ahhh, I am SO JEALOUS!! Ag-gag legislation is what I’m focusing on for one of my law school assignments this semester, and it’s the area of animal law I’m quite likely to focus on when I finish law school, and hopefully this will be the last year that I don’t make it out to the conference! HAVE FUN!!!! Also, I saw Will Potter speak at another animal law conference last year, and spoke to him for quite a while afterwards…so inspiring. Eeeeeee!!

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