The Weekend Send-Off: Feedback, A Video, & A Love List!

January 30th, 2014 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback


I began my birthday with fancy fresh-pressed juice (ginger, carrot, beet, and blood orange), and ended the night with a delicious, hand-crafted cocktail. Because balance, baby!

Hello hello everyone, and happiest weekend to all of you! I am exhausted, happy and exhausted, at the end of another busy week. I’m looking forward to Saturday, my “me” day, when Damian has Waits and Jeremy is at work all day, and I get to just hole up in my house and get all introvert-y. And yes, I work all day, but I get to do it completely alone for the WHOLE day, and it is bliss.

Simple pleasures, right?


So, I need feedback! I’m so excited that Waits and I will be attending the Raw Living Expo this Sunday. With double press passes, even, because he is my media right-hand-man, that one. Anyone else planning to go to this??

The Raw Living Expo is the world’s premier raw food lifestyle celebration, featuring renowned speakers from across the globe, cooking demos and workshops, and of course, lots of food! I’ll be there with wee Waits Rebhal, Instagramming all our favorite finds, but I also plan to write a full recap next week. So, my question to you is – what do you want to see??? With Waits along for the ride, I’m not sure I’ll be able to catch any talks – but I sure can try. Or, would you rather I focus of fun food and lifestyle products? New books and cookbooks? Orrr . . . ?


And now, it’s been a few months since we did one of these silly little videos, but our Vegan Cuts Snack Box came in the mail last week, so I whipped out the camera and filmed a little unboxing video. Waits and I always have so much fun doing these, so I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

If you’re interested in trying out Vegan Cuts, and getting a snack or beauty box delivered to your door each month, you can use those links and I’ll get a little kickback. It’s a great way to support my work on this site, and get something seriously awesome for yourself at the same time!



Who needs birthday cake when you can have fonuts?!

And now, one of my very favorite ways to end the week, with a great big pile of gratitude-y goodness. Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for Le Love List!

This evening (as I write this – Thursday night) I did a 3-hour-long Matlab for my ecological modeling class. It’s always a gnarly experience, but this week for the first time I felt like I was keeping pace with the rest of the class, and I even moved ahead at times. My transition back into school has been rough and rocky, let me tell you. But it’s wonderful to watch my science brain reawakening after all these years. And I’m finally feeling back in the swing of things! // Oh also, 3 hours at MatLab without a single break should always be followed up with gluten free vegan pizza and beer, amiright? // Getting totally random emails from women named Sayward WHO ARE ALSO VEGAN, seriously what are the chances?? There’s only a handful of us Saywards out there, and I always love running into them. Such a small club that me and my name-kin are running, haha. // Exciting lunch meetings with the director of Earth Day (remember last year?), planning and collaborating for a more inclusive, more animal-friendly event this year. I can’t believe where that one little blog post led. Never underestimate the power of your own words!


Having the songs from The Book Of Mormon stuck in my head all week. Better yet, hearing Jeremy humming and singing them too! This was his first musical ever, and he loved it! I am so excited, as a tried-and-true musical theatre geek, to begin to share this with him. // In the past I’ve celebrated birth-weekends, birth-weeks, and even, for my thirtieth when I was pretty depressed, we did an entire birth-month of celebrating. But this year it was a birthDAY, only a day, and it was the best damn birth-celebration I’ve had in as long as I can remember. And the next day we woke up in a hotel in Hollywood, grabbed a couple of green juices (well, Jeremy grabbed them and surprised me with them – best hotel breakfast ever!), and we got right in the car and drove straight back to SB, straight back to school, straight back into business as usual, do not pass go and don’t you dare relax. And, I’m totally okay with that. // Today I got home from class, and my kitchen was clean, my dishes were done, and the floor was shining bright – a distinctly different state than I had left the place a few hours prior. Jeremy strikes again. This man . . . Jeremy has always taken care of me, but since I started school he has been so incredibly supportive, so thoughtful, so helpful. It leaves me speechless. I just don’t know what I did to get so lucky, but I guess I did something right. ♥ //

// Earlier this week I celebrated my birthday with my godparents. They made coconut cream, whipped with maple syrup, over mixed fresh berries. And they plopped a single candle on top and sang me happy birthday. And after I blew out the candle, Waits asked me what I wished for. And I actually got a little choked up as I said it out loud.

“For the first time in my entire life, I wished that absolutely nothing would change.”

I am so happy. Can I just press pause? Because I am so, so happy here . . .


Alright my dears, now it’s your turns! I would love to hear what’s turning your crank this week! What are you loving? What’s got you wild, inspired and swooning? Lay it on me!

And please – have a fantastic weekend!

  • Lynn

    Love List!
    -Auditons for the show I am directing in April.
    -Paying off some debt (a lot more to go, but you have to start somewhere!)
    -A possible new job lead for my husband! ( *fingers crossed!*)
    -Trivia at the Pub last night with friends :)
    -My husband making me lunch to take to work :)
    -My morning cup of tea :)
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • theveganchickpea

    you gave me the chills at the end! i’m so happy that you are at a place in your life where you are content and wish nothing would change. what’s that like?

    my love list:
    -my husband asking why the toothpaste tastes like jellybeans when i accidentally got the fennel flavor of tom’s
    -my neighbor who snow blows our sidewalk when it snows
    -making new friends at school
    -going to a talk last night about the heritage of jewish food

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Okay so I think your birthday wish is beautiful(!), but it made me remember all the times I used to want to freeze frame where I was at . . . and for me a really happy place internally was manifested externally by a platinum Madonna-fro, really dark tan, super short cut-offs paired with Birkies and of course, what must have been a reeeeeeeeeally annoying silver bell anklet. I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t eradicated all photographic evidence of that summer, because Nina might learn a few life lessons from seeing just one picture!

    I can’t wait to see your Instagrammed expo experience. What I’d love to know more about are: new cookbooks, food prep/techniques/stylings, and raw body care!

    Time for the happy:
    I love that Nina and I have tons of inside jokes, and right now my favorite way to wake her up/piss her off/make her laugh simultaneously is to stand next to her bed and poke her repeatedly while saying “Bret. Bret. Bret. Bret. Bret.” over and over and over again, until she gets her lazy butt out of bed and we watch some FotC over breakfast and plot how to wake up her dad. // Best-quality Earl Grey tea brewed black as pitch and topped with almond milk. // Kittee’s brownies! // Ni made her first batch of cashew cream cheese all by herself and it actually turned out pretty good. :D // butternut sauce, on everything // making popcorn in my wok // Nina’s obsession with the 1970s Incredible Hulk show // black eyeshadow // a bouquet of kale in the middle of my kitchen table.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • veronika

    wow, that post has some serious flow.
    loved it! it’s impossible not to be happy for you!!

  • Marissa

    I Love your Love Lists! And special birthday ones are even better.
    Mine is: excited for my new venture (Vegan Home Daycare!) that starts up Monday// a quick visit to my parents (hadn’t been there in over a year!)// a great check-up at the dentist// telling my special someone how much I love them// organizing all the craft supplies- we are going to be a super-crafty daycare!// making juicing a priority everyday// day-dreaming about the future.

  • April

    Adorable! Looks as though Waits loves chocolate as much as my Dylan (3) does :)

  • Claudia

    Maybe you feel silly, but I absolutely love your Waits + You opening your vegan box. It warms my heart ;)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Crossing my fingers for your husband! Cross yours for Jeremy as well, k? ;-)

    Also, I’ve always always always wanted to do a pub trivia night. It sounds like so much fun!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aw, thank you! It’s like . . . a little bit like holding your breath. There’s a little bit of fear that it will all come crumbling down, and also a little faith, because so far it just keeps getting better and better . . .

    I love your love list, thanks as always for sharing the happy. And I commented on your blog a few days ago, did it not come thru?

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh my god! I would LOVE to see photographic evidence of that! Sounds like an amazing summer. =)

    Thanks for the feedback on the raw expo. Looks like it may be me sans Waits after all (maybe), so maybe I can check out some food prep/technique workshops for you! I’m pretty excited about this event, it seems like it will be seriously amazing!

    Thanks for the lovely Love List, and have a great weekend my dear!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh thank you Veronika! I’m glad the happy comes through. =)

  • theveganchickpea

    no, it didn’t! how did it not come through?? that upsets me!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Ooh Marissa that day care sounds FANTASTIC! Where are you located? Are there a lot of vegan families in your area? I love that idea but imagine it would have to be a bigger city to support it. Either way, congrats and let us know how it all works out!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    So weird! Lost int he ether I guess. I basically just thanked you for the shout-out and for sharing the Type-A personality article, because hoopdi that applied to me (and Jeremy even more – I shared t with him). Bummer it didn’t go through though!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    He is definitely a chocoholic! =D

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aw, thanks Claudia. We sure do have fun. I’m still getting used to seeing myself on film, haha.

    And thanks for the feedback! Food and lifestyle products will probably be what I focus on. What kind of lifestyle products are you interested in?

  • Courtney Bliss

    Love list:
    Your love lists! I always get such a good feeling after reading your wonderful love lists. They remind me of all the good things that happen every week. ~ “Thirsty Thursdays”. I have one class (Beginning Interpreting) on campus every week. It’s a Tuesday/Thursday class. Someone had the brilliant idea to go out for pizza and beer after class on Thursdays. Last night I went. OMG that was so much fun! One of the best parts, we were all sitting there talking and waiting for the others to arrive. When they arrived we all started either signing and talking or just signing. Why? One of the last people to arrive is Deaf. So it made communication easier in the sometimes noisy bar, and it was great practice. ~ My amazing hubby for supporting me apply to school in DC despite the fact that really doesn’t want to move. ~ Being able to be creative with yarn and fabric. ~ Said grad school having all the parts of my application, finally! ~ Getting control over the previously out-of-control credit cards.

  • Crystal Dicus

    happy birthday, Sayward! it’s great to see you so happy :). You’re birthday wish made my eyes water (I’m such a sap). Waits could not be more adorable. And I need those donuts.
    + my kitty Gabby is getting better after a urinary issue =^. .^=
    + caring, helpful friends
    + thermal underwear
    + tea
    + standing up for myself
    + a quiet, peaceful weekend
    + cocoa nibs
    + gluten-free vegan chocolate-dipped chocolate cake balls
    + my husband

  • Kirsti

    Oh my! Your video with the vegan snackbox was a great window into your soul reflecting its happiness! I can totally tell, and I am so happy that you’ve gotten to that point in your life! It is so beautiful! Enjoy!

  • bohemianmatka

    Happy Belated Birthday! So happy that you are happy! :) Your child is so adorable!
    At the expo, IDK since its a Raw Foods event, if they might have vegan books/cookbooks focused on cooking for children/toddlers or products/supplements for kids? I’m in a serious rut when it comes to cooking for my 3 yo… one day she likes something, the next she hates it! I’m seriously despairing and need some help with this! I’ve tried lots of different recipes I’ve found online, but she’s not eating it. Maybe I should simplify things, try just beans or greens? She’ll eat fresh fruit anytime of the day, but anything else, no. I’m also starting to worry about whether I should be supplementing, since she’s obviously not eating as much as she should.
    Love List!:*Matt coming home from work… YEAH! A whole month of daddy-mommy-babies time! *dinner and drinks with friends where we can talk about all the weird/crazy crap our kids do, because they also have kids and know exactly what you mean *No ‘poo-ing… 1 week in! Not as bad (greasy) as I thought it was going to be! Pretty much loving how my hair feels now! *My daughter finally FINALLY! being potty-trained! *starting volunteer work for VegFest Austin 2014! I actually can’t attend the festival this year due to a wedding that my daughter is in, but I figured I could contribute as much as I can to the event to help make it awesome for everyone else!
    Hope you all have a good weekend!

  • bohemianmatka

    Sayward, your hair is always beautiful and cool, but I LOVE your hair straightened! Its so chic for a special day!

  • j

    In my LA vegan donut eating experience baby cakes is much tastier than fonuts. The little ones agree. Though I haven’t had either in a long time…

  • theveganchickpea

    that is a bummer! i’ll have to see if i can figure out what the problem is. someone else told me their comment didn’t go through and i have no idea why. i’m glad you could relate to the article ;)

  • lysette

    Happy Belated Birthday or a Very Merry Un-Birthday to you! works too.

    xo – 2 sunny days after a month of grey Northern winter.
    xo – Friends that make my heart sing.
    xo – Working in the family business after a 5 year hiatus and discovering how much I missed it.
    xo – Being around books all day in said family business and “finding old books new homes”.
    xo – Damn fine cups of coffee.
    xo – Walt Whitman poetry course for free through Ed-X Harvard.
    xo – The anticipation of how much my Dad is going to like the Lovecraft t-shirt I’m about to give him.
    xo – Walking along the creek to work.

    Simple things I am blessed to appreciate. Thanks for inspiring this each week.
    Cool you’ve got a press pass for Waits to the Raw Food Expo. My partner just bought us a dehydrator and I picked up a fancy German spiralizer. Look forward to whatever you find interesting at the Expo :)

  • Emma –

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sayward! I am loving:
    – strong eyebrows and stronger coffee
    – people who surprise you with their acceptance
    - and being unashamedly authentic at the moment.
    Your hair looks so different straightened! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  • Tamar Jacobs

    What a wonderful birthday! So much to be grateful for :) I am so happy for you and wish for you that nothing changes, but all continues to be right in your world. You deserve it!

  • Tamar Jacobs

    And, omigod! That video is ADORABLE!!!

  • veronika

    p.s. what i want info on: coconut milk and coconut cream.
    is it considered to be raw food?
    and if so, what kind should i buy (since i don’t make it myself)??
    on the one hand, there’s the can problem. i’ve tried the native forest brand, and it… just… isn’t tasty, isn’t rich enough. or something.
    then i saw this other brand that comes in tetrapak, but people are sayin’ that it’s too homogeneous and questioning whether the ingredients label isn’t telling the truth. short of doing some gc ms on it, probably hard to tell…

    anyways, would love to find out more about the best options for it!

  • veronika

    p.p.s. i should specify: what i’d like to find is something similar to the coconut cream that trader joe’s sells. i buy coconut butter (artisana, etc) and use it as a treat. but i’m looking for something to make my curries with.

  • Sonja

    I adore your unpacking videos with Waits! It’s so cute when he screams “chocolate!” :-)