You Guys, But Seriously. The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!

August 27th, 2013 - filed under: Furthermore » Reviews

By now you’ve all heard me ranting and raving (and making videos) about the Vegan Cuts Snack Box – that delightful treasure chest of vegan and mostly-gluten-free goodies that’s delivered to your doorstep every month. I love it, and Waits really loves it, and basically I’m just a big huge fan of this company, for lots of reasons.

So I was SUPER stoked when they announced a new program, just exactly like the Snack Box, except with makeup. The Beauty Box!

Basically, each month (or just one time, if you don’t want to subscribe) you get a little box filled up with fabulous, 100% vegan, all-natural, totally cruelty-free body care products, delivered to your front door. And just like with the Snack Box, what’s inside is always a surprise – so it feels just like a holiday when you get it! That’s really why I love these things (because who couldn’t use a little more surprise and excitement in their life, amiright?!)

I was so thrilled when I got mine, so of course I made a little “unboxing” video. Here’s a look at what I got in my very first Vegan Cuts Beauty Box (and also oh man, I’m a dork):

As promised, a quick review of everything I got in my box . . .

NYL Rosewater Face Wash. It smells so good! I don’t usually wash my face with anything except water, but this was really nice and didn’t dry out my skin at all. I love that it’s made of mostly organic ingredients, too. Available on

Namaste Makeup Pouch. Cute and durable, I took it on a recent trip and it did the trick. But, you know, it’s a makeup pouch . . . not too much variation there. Available on Amazon

Lippy Girl Extra Virgin Lip Gloss. Not something I’d wear every day, but I prefer a more subtle chapstick-style. I’ve used this for date night though, and KAPOW! It’s so shiny and delightful! Tastes great too. Available on

GlamNaturals Mascara. Not my favorite mascara. It goes on very dark which is good, but it is not even close to waterproof. After a shower I look like a raccoon, haha. Available on

Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face SunScreen – Tinted. This was AWESOME. Holy moly, I’ve never used a tinted sunscreen before and this was fantastic! Smoothed out my complexion and protected my skin, all at once. Plus it was featured in the Environmental Working Group’s “best sunscreen” category for its exceptionally awesome ingredients list. I love this stuff! Available on Amazon

Acure Argan Oil. Another huge hit! I had no idea what this was or what it did, but after a bit of research I learned that it can be used to moisturize the hands, face, and hair. I’ve been using it on my face at night and my skin looks so happy! The only weird thing is that it kind of smells like olives? Not olive oil, but like – olives. Haha. Available on Amazon

LVX Nail Laquer. I’ve warmed up to this color, which sort of scared me at first. So bright! But now I smile every time I look down at my toes, because duh – this brightness just screams HAPPY! This stuff needs a few coats before it’s even, but it’s super strong. Also it’s made in the USA which is awesome. Available on

Essence Of Vali Essential Oil – Sleep. I’ve had a lot of fun anointing my mattress and pillows with this. Are we sleeping better? I don’t know, but man it makes my bedroom smell great. Available on Amazon

The September Beauty Box has just gone on sale and I can’t wait to see what’s inside! The August box sold out, so if you’re interested, hop to it!

♥ ♥ ♥

***I received these products for the purpose of this review, but with no other compensation. All opinions are my own and you best believe I’d tell you if I hated them!***

  • Jim Corcoran

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    21-Day Vegan Kickstart

  • KitteeBeeBerns

    ha ha! when you were like what should i do with the argan oil, i was shouting hair sayward!! hair hair hair! yay!


  • Stefanie

    I was just in the middle of working on a post about the beauty box, too! I use the Sleep essential oil for my daughter (she’s almost 7). When she can’t fall asleep, I pull it out of my secret potions hiding place (read: medicine cabinet) and put a dab on her Hello Kitty sleep mask and have her lay down in bed and take twenty slow, deep breaths to breath in the “magic.” It’s been working like a charm, and my cool points have been boosted since she now thinks I’m basically a wizard.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    It’s so good! Love that stuff, definitely a convert. It may even replace coconut oil (blasphemy!) in my bathroom. Love you Kittee!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    That is so sweet and adorable, I love it! Mama witchcraft IS real magic though, for sure.

  • bitt

    I liked my July box a bit better than my August one. This seems like my July one? Although I got a chapstick not lippy girl. I Love the idea of a vegan beauty box and hope it keeps getting better. I had no issues with the mascara by the way but I only put on a little.

  • Vegenista

    I love your t shirt! Super cute!

  • Elly

    I absolutely love your hair! Is it naturally wavy? If it isn’t, you should do a tutorial :)

  • saraandcompany

    Hey Sayward! I replaced my coconut oil with the argan variety since I figured out that coconut oil was breaking me out (sad trombone).

    Anyways, that stuff does wonders to hair and face and I’ve been using it for 2 years no problems but I don’t like the acure brand because it isn’t as pure (I don’t think it’s cold pressed). I would reccomend a different brand that is cold pressed. However, you mentioned your argan oil smelling like olives and mine had a purfume-y smell which made me think it was processed. The real stuff should smell really olive-y. Maybe acure changed up their oil!

    Oh, and NEVER buy that stuff at a makeup store because their markups are astronomical.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Yup, this was the July box!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Thanks! One of my favorite thrift store scores. ;-)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Aw, thanks Elly. Yeah this is natural wave. I used to hate it but I’m at peace with it now, haha.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Awesome, thanks for all the info, lady. I definitely think Argan is my new favorite product du jour! I’ll look into the various types. The Acure smelled VERY olive-y to me, so I guess that’s a good thing?

    Always great to hear form you! ♥

  • Sarah De la Cruz

    Awesome! My box is waiting for me when I get home from vacation—can’t wait!

    Where did you get your turkey shirt from? So cute! And also, I hate making videos too—I always feel like a dork!

  • Sonja

    love your videos and the shirt is sooo cute! And your honesty about your sponsors and all the monetizing stuff is really great!