The Weekend Send-Off

March 28th, 2013 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Double fisting tacos, ’cause that’s how he rolls.

Happy Friday, friends! Good gracious, this has been a long week and I am ready for some much needed rest. And with so much good stuff on my agenda, I’ll be lucky if I get any. But that’s a good problems to have, right!?

So, I seem to have developed a “weekly song” component to our Weekend Send-Offs, eh? In which case, this little jig is perhaps just the happiest love song I’ve ever heard. And I’ve actually been listening to a lot of love songs lately, which is funny since I have no intentions of falling in love. (period). (ever). But love songs? I love.

Some of them make me sad, and some of them make me ache, and some of them just make me smile. But this one? This one is pure joy, and it NEVER fails to warm me up inside. (Go ahead – turn it up loud. Dance around a bit!)

Now that I’ve been back at blogging for awhile, I have to say . . . I am SO SO happy to be love-listing again! Hope you’re enjoying it too. Here we go!

Le Love List!

1. Anticipation.
I once read a psychology study, which concluded that more quantifiable happiness is derived from thinking about an event, then in actually experiencing the event itself. That’s because we humans love to be excited, to imagine, and to anticipate. And with that in mind, I think the key to sustained happiness is to always having something wonderful on the horizon. Lucky for me, in the past few months I have, and you know what? IT WORKS!

2. Distance.
Making difficult decisions and taking care of me, because I deserve that.

3. Lemongrass.
I found a big lemongrass plant on super sale at the Farmer’s Market, and you best believe I snapped that sucker up. Homegrown lemongrass, hot damn! There’s gonna be some incredible cooking going on around here, pho sure. (oh HA!)

Also! green juice .|. bath time with Waits .|. walking everywhere .|. working late late late into the night .|. my back yard! it’s shaping up to be so pretty .|. lemon water .|. the sound of a guitar .|. being myself, being authentic, not being afraid to be exactly who I am; embracing my creativity, embracing my dichotomies, embracing my flaws awesomeness; finding my kind of people, finding the dark and the light and the balance, finding myself. Can I get a HUZZAH??!


Alright guys, now it’s your turn – let me know what you’re loving this week!

This happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, feel free to just introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Hope it’s warming up where you are. Have a great weekend!

  • Manda Grubner

    I love that song! I’ve heard another version by someone else somewhere but I can’t remember where…

  • Katrina Fleming

    Hmmm… I love the cinnamon raisin bread with coconut Earth Balance butter I am munching on as I write. I love the 5.49/lb coffee I found at Whole Foods that tastes just as good as the expensive stuff. I love that my father is helping us build a shed this month. I love that all the work I did in the fall transplanting and planting new beds is about to pay off. (The beauty is that although I mapped out what is where, I haven’t looked at the map in a while, so everything coming up is a surprise.) I love that my Dad just pulled up and that I get to go work with him now. Have a great weekend!

  • Guest

    Oooh, I can’t wait to see what you do with

  • The Vegan Mishmash

    the lemongrass! Oops…I pressed enter too soon. Anyways, I totally agree about anticipation. Half the fun is the excitement before hand. P.S. Super cute picture of waits…as always.

  • Rebecca

    HUZZAH! Love your blog and look forward to your posts everyday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  • Minna Toots

    Oh man, so inspiring :)

    Thanks for the song! <3 it.

    My love list:
    1. Number one this week is re-discovering your blog :) When you left the blogosphere, I had to teach myself not to automatically come here all the time so I'm still not used to you blogging again. And the awesome part is that I've got sooo many unread posts to catch up on again! Like good ol' times when I discovered your blog a couple of years ago for the first time and had hundreds of unread inspiring posts to read :)
    2. My number two is almost like your number three: two new family members – Lavendel and Thyme on my windowsill. I love lemongrass too, so so much, but I'm afraid it wouldn't grow very well indoors. I recently moved to a new place with large windows facing south so I'm able to grow herbs on windowsill! But Lavendel is my a b s o l u t e favourite thing in the world – the scent of it drives me mad, it's all summery, butterflies, love and rainbows! Makes me fall in love with life.
    3. Number three, number three… Constant self-growth! Guess that's always on my love list. Might sound like a cliche… But it's true! Until you're running away from the obligation to grow spiritually/mentally, you're denying your true nature, denying being a human being. So, I love learning to love taking on these missions of being a human being (very complex :D).

    Also, one very random thing! I think you need a favicon (!

  • Linda Everman

    Love: 1, reading all your posts – trying to get thru each of them; I was a late starter. 2, Planted seedlings and hoping for a sprout soon 3, enjoying the baby steps in healthy and organic living. 4, losing weight after being obese for years (and now enjoying the journey). 5. made kale chips for the first time; need some tweaking for the next time; lol; but edible.

  • Lynn

    Yay Love Lists!
    1. Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning!
    2. Yoga Pants :)
    3. Easter Brunch with the family on Sunday :)

  • lysette

    1)Starting my morning/weekend with an impromptu gratitude list!
    2) Seeing the moon blazing in the sky out my kitchen window at 6am
    3) Having a day off with my partner. I work during the week and he works weekends. We rarely get 24 hours together.

    4) Anticipating how stoked our 9 year old German Shep will be when we walk her together like a pack.
    5) My parents being back safe and sound from Australia and after a month house sitting for them I was so happy this week to be back in my home, within walking distance of downtown. Strolling home after the gym last night rather than driving was sublime.

  • Kathryn B.

    My love list centers around my awesome job being an aunt!

    1. My nephew calling me auntie for the very first time!
    2. Finding out my older sister is going to have another baby!
    3. Getting to spoil all my nieces and nephews at my house Sunday for Easter!

  • Kathryn B.

    Lynn, yoga pants should defiantly make the list every week!

  • Carey

    Love the music component and love find the dark, light and the balance.
    Spending time with a good friend tomorrow.

  • coconutandberries

    Had totally forgotten about this song. Love it. Just added it to my current playlist. Jealous of your lemongrass plant, that will be so fun for playing in the kitchen.
    My love list this week:
    Amazing screening of Alice in Wonderland ballet live from the Royal Opera House/ old friend paying me an unexpected visit/ walking my dog in the sunshine!/ lookng forward to seeing the family this weekend for an Easter get together/ trip to Berlin next week!/ my birthday coming up on Weds!

  • Heidi GV

    1. A big yes to a new pantry! Live changing, I just know it!


    3. Back on the eat well wagon. (slipped there for a bit)

    4. Everything in “project land” coming together (slow but sure)

    5. The resolution to an “identity crises” (awfully vague I know)

    5. It’s almost forsythia time!

  • Broke & Beautiful

    OMG all the Tom Kha you want with that lemongrass! Utterly jealous.

    Also, that song saved me during the hardest parts of a long distance relationship. I immediately smile when I hear it, so thank you!

    That anticipation study sounds fascinating! I can definitely relate.


  • Moira

    Thank you, thank you for this song!! Totally making my Friday evening :)

  • Susan McNamara

    Yeahh huzzah! Awesome song, awesome band!

    <3 – my daughter is 35 days old today and its unbelievable how big she's getting. I'll never get over how amazing breastfeeding is. I'm really enjoying my bf relationship with her-my first daughter and last baby.

    <3 – the smell of spring is finally in the air here in Massachusetts. It's going to be 60 Monday I almost cried I was so happy to hear it.

    <3 finding a gluten free beer that doesn't suck – Celia Saison from the alchemist in VT.

    <3 starting to take care of myself again after having the baby – got my nails did, henna-ing my hair(definitely not a word) putting make up on ,fitting into *some* non maternity clothes. It's crazy how much better I feel when I look like me.

    I totally agree having something to look forward to is key to happiness. Double fisting tacos is how I roll too! HAHA

  • Susan McNamara


  • veggiesara

    I’m so in love with that song for 1.5 years now. I still listen to it every week.
    What I love(d) this week was that we had a great meeting with lots of good ideas with fellow vegetarians and are planning to organise some activities this year.
    That I’m finally taking action on some plans I have for some years now. And that I have a weekend where I don’t have to work and can just enjoy the company of family and friends and do some fun things!

  • Ali

    1. Having my juju back after it being MIA for a looong time.
    2. Walks after work with my husband now that it stays light til almost 8.
    3. Being alive and being surrounded by awesome people who are alive too. I think I said something similar last week but I feel like it bears repeating endlessly.

  • Elri

    I´m loving your Le Love List, and your blog! Hot damn! Also; the Norwegian spring which is approaching rapidly, virgin fresh snow (the last this winter?) earlier sunrises and later sunsets every day, a long horizont of atlantic ocean, a lot of sky, my husband, my daugther, my sister, vegan superfood, planting seeds (today chamomille, licorizeroot, coriander +++). Freedom!!! More and more each day! OMG!

  • Rose Hooligal

    Just found your blog while googling a vegan raw tahini recipe. Anyhow, just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I love your blog AND I absolutely LOVE your “Le Love List”!!! Looking forward to reading more =) This week I’m loving our Farmer’s Market, my son’s soccer game, time with family/friends spent in their yard planning our community “Yard Share”, Easter, lunch potluck and family dinner =D

  • rebelgrrlkitchen

    I love this song too! Absolute happy-attack guarantee. Every.time. Have you seen the video of the dad and daughter covering it? It’s super adorbs:

    My love list includes: warming temperatures and rainfalls that melt this persistent minneapolis snow; making an easter basket for my kitty cat that includes an all-natural catnip toy that’s in the shape of a carrot (!); grapefruit smootheis (can’t get enough of them lately).

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    OMG totally crying. That was the sweetest thing ever!

  • Taylor

    Double-fisting tacos=excellent! “Home” makes me cry, but only because it reminds me of really good times with my love. It’s an great song- thanks for sharing!!

    This week, I love:



    -My supportive friends!


    Have a great weekend, Sayward!

  • Brie

    My love list:
    - new glass water bottle

    - warm feet

    - orange streetlights shining through bedroom windows

    - Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi by Brian Leaf

    - snow

    - snow days

    - balsamic vinegar coated spinach leaves

    - the return of the sun

    - discovering the power of my voice and the validity of my input

    - the gathering of the clan for a holiday

  • Rachel Jacobs

    Here’s your HUZZAH! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you snuck in at least a little rest. If you get a chance I would love to see what your gardens/back yard are looking like. I love to see how and what people plant.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Nina’s love of all things ood, and watching her creativity kick in as she designed/made her own Ood Sigma costume for the Dr. Who party we attended .|. clearing out my asparagus and strawberry beds for the season .|. reading “The One and Only Ivan” with Nina .|. putting my foot down and saying No .|. this mix tape .|. construction of my moon garden is finally underway!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Minna! I was wondering what happened to you. WELCOME BACK!

    Great love list (as always), especially hooray for self growth. Also, I feel like I used to have a favicon? I’ll ask Damian about it!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Hello Rose! Welcome, so glad you found the blog!

  • violettfem

    This song was indeed a love song for my 4 year relationship that just ended. Ironic? Coincidence? Regardless, it’s nice to listen and remember…