Another Lost Weekend

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Was Harley partying too hard for St Paddy’s Day? Fast asleep and snoring like a freight train . . .

A good friend of mine sings a sweet, alt-country cover of the über-80′s Wall Of Voodoo jam, Lost Weekend (a spectacular song in it’s own right). It’s super catchy and it’s sort of been in my head for weeks, which is why I’m using a lyric to title this new series – even though the original song is rather forlorn. Quite the opposite of my weekends these days, but never mind that. It’s a great title and really, aren’t they all? Lost, but never forgotten.

My new pal Duchess.

I didn’t really have any plans for Friday night, but when I was picking up Waits from preschool that afternoon, a new mom friend sort of *cough*margaritas*cough*-ed at me, and well golly. Golly!

We met up at her place that evening, after our boys had napped.

Hot tubs – not such a bad way to kick off the weekend!

For dinner I commandeered her kitchen and threw together a batch of hummus using some chickpeas I’d cooked up at home and brought along. We set out a spread (hummus tacos!) and dined while our boys ran naked like wild things, leaping from couches and generally making all sorts of mischief. It was a great night.

Saturday mornings are for me and Waits. And the Farmer’s Market!

Hemp-seeded strawberries.

As I took this photo I thought “Hey, I recognize those red pants.” It was my friend from the night before!

More errands, and then back home.

Steamed rainbow chard and chickpeas topped with sprouts, kimchi, and smokey tahini dressing. *sigh*

After Waits wakes up from his nap, Damian takes him for the rest of the weekend. I spent the remainder of my Saturday, evening and well into the night, firmly planted here . . .

Did I ever tell you I grade college biology exams as [one of] my side jobs? Biochem – FUN! [sarcasm!]

. . . except for a much-needed break at dusk to hang on my neighbor’s porch for a bit. But yes, my wild Saturday night was made up of working and working and more working.

Oh, hello St Patrick’s Day!

You know, I’ve never in my life gone out for St Paddy’s Day. Not once! But this year – well this is my year of musical revolution. And this is my year of grabbing life by the balls, if you’ll pardon such a ribald phrase. So color me Irish.

I started the day, however, with a hearty breakfast and a few more hours of work.

Breakfast Pudla with spinach and roasted red peppers, topped with Daiya and ‘cados, and sprouts. This was, hands down, the best Pudla I’ve ever made. EVER.

Mmmmmm, happy sloppy heaven on a plate.

Jasmine from the yard, stashed around the house, keeps the whole place smelling like sweet springtime.

I worked all morning and through the early afternoon, and then threw together a juice before heading out. Yes, it is totally ironic that I drink GREEN juice almost every day of my life, but on St. Paddy’s Day? RED, for the first time in ages.

Kale, cucumber, beet, tangerine, with a bit of ginger.

All tarted up and ready to rock n’ roll. Heading out to meet my friend – the extra juice I gifted to her and her man, because really, who doesn’t want more juice in their life?

Not juice.

One of my oldest and dearest. And man, what a set of pipes on that one.

A new-to-me band, the Big Jugs were a LOT of fun. That electric fiddle was off the hook!

My brilliant friend and her brilliant mother, who’s also a very old friend of mine. So great to see her!

And then . . . another bar for another round of The Wild Rover.

Where I ran into this cutie AGAIN, this time with his dad.

Then a quick hop back down to our original spot, to catch the final set. Plant-based protein snackage = a must-have for any vegan bar-hopper! (please note my green ring, in case you were wondering)

Last up, The Mutineers, who just so happen to be my new favorite local band. Yay!


My favorite song:

All in all? Flipping fantastic weekend! And yours?

  • Marieta

    I needed to watch this to cheer up my weekend. I share it with you to extend your fun weekend well into Monday. Bonus: your pal Tom on piano.

  • MathTutor

    Ummm…smoky tahini dressing?!? Recipe?!? Help a sista out! =P

  • Amy

    Hehe, not to be particular but it’s St. Paddy’s day. Patty’s are like the burger. Sounds like an amazing weekend. I love seeing all the local bands out for this holiday! It’s the best part.

  • Gena Hamshaw

    Oh look! Glycosidic linkages! I didn’t know this was one of your jobs, but I think you should abandon it and tutor me instead. I will pay you in love, raw macaroons, and salads.

    I didn’t know the word “pudla,” but I make chickpea pancakes/crepes for breakfast all the time! I love the savory flavor :)

  • skeptk_vegan

    That pudla looks so good! I made a really good one this weekend with mushrooms, red pepper, green pepper, jalepeno, pineapple, and tomato. Topped with sprouts and avocado as well. The pineapple was really good!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Pineapple! Genius!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh it’s just my regular tahini dressing (here) with liquid smoke added. It’s my fave!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh dang, thanks!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    I will take raw macaroon payments! =D

  • MathTutor

    Yummmmm, my regular tahini + lemon juice + nooch go to needed a makeover! You’re a culinary goddess!

  • MathTutor

    Also, seeing you eat so many ‘cados finally got me eating them (my father is floored). And i’m gna try pudla once amazon prime ships me my flour! Had a salad with mango salsa as a dressing and i’m eager to try it on pudla….

  • The Cookie Fairy

    I partied with the Irish this weekend and was introduced to my very first hangover… not so fun, but we did have a great night out!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    LOVE IT! I love his voice. =)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Avocados are the best! They make everything better and they make my body hum. =)

    Also, mango salsa is the bomb!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Oh no! Yeah you gotta watch out for them hangovers, haha. The Irish’ll do that to you . . .

  • ingrid

    ahhhhhhh! so much fun! now it’s stadium runs and juice for me for a week! i’m so glad you made it out!

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Yay, I had a blast, let’s make it a habit!

  • Travieso Luna

    Thanks for posting the Mutineers’ Give it a rest. I’m so happy you shared that juice with us, hung at the venue with us, and been a cool new friend to me. Thanks for a fun lost weekend. By the way, Lost Weekend was stuck in my (and Ing’s) head for 37 days straight while me and GC played and practiced that song with him.

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  • Sayward Rebhal

    My pleasure Terry, you guys really are my fave! And yeah, that song is catchy as hell, ha!

  • Rachel Jacobs

    I have been out on St Patty’s day, but not since I was single :) Looks like you had a blast and is that a new dog you have? Friend for Harley?
    Keep the fun coming!