The Weekend Send-Off

October 7th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

These two are my very favorites.

Oi! Just a quick one here while I have some computer time, to wish you a happy weekend my dears! My computer has bitten the proverbial dust and I’m going to have to bite the proverbial bullet, and buy a brand new one this weekend. And by “buy” I mean credit-ize, and thank the shiny stars above that Apple has such a lovely finance program (12 months same as cash, baby!)

So next week I’ll be back to normal and blogging from a super sporty new rig. In the mean time, please forgive me as I lag in my email and comment responses.

Oh what?! You want more pictures of cuteness? OKAY


And now, let’s get with that attitude of gratitude!

Le Love List:

1. My Grandma’s Birthday
Today my grandma turned 85. Woo-hoo! I had an awesome talk with her and she is just so amazing – she was doing Abbot and Costello over the phone and telling me about how she used to perform the routine to put me to bed, ha! My granny is a hardcore Mormon and she left her home in Utah at the age of 18, and went to Hollywood where she got a gig in the Warner Brother’s animation studio. Hollywood in the 1940s . . . she has some incredible stories, man! What an inspiring woman.


2. Bath Time with Baby
Oh how I’ve missed it, and not just because sponge baths don’t really achieve the same level of cleanliness. No, I’ve missed the fun of it! Waits and I used to play in the bath every morning, and now that his little cast is finally off, we’re back in business. *Splashy Splashy* to commence immediately!

3. The “Occupy Wall Street” Protests (all over the country)
I luuuuurve me some pointed and poignant civil disobedience, oh yes I do! And I wish I could be out there with them. I’m fondly recalling my old street-activist days of playing “protest-line chicken” with riot-geared cops, staging “die-ins” in busy intersections, and shutting down the freeway entrance to the UCSB campus (by sitting ourselves right down on the pavement). To everyone who has been out in the streets, MY HEART IS WITH YOU!

Also! Baby-sized rain boots, VEGAN MOFO, dill in my smoothies, the absolutely amazing comments on this post, long walks and good talks with real friends, the veggie plate I’m about to devour . . .


Alright guys, now it’s your turn – tell me what you’re loving this week!

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend until tomorrow because it’s MoFo time y’all, and I’m still POSTING EVERY DAY! However . . . stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Have you ever taken part in a protest? Tell me about it! And please please – have a lovely weekend!

  • Ashlae Warner

    Goodness gracious! That is an ADORABLE child. Vegans must make the cutest babies, because I’ve never seen so many adorable children in one week.

  • Jenny @ Simply Be…me

    Baby rain boots are awesome, except when your son’s calves are so big you can’t fit boots over them :) We had to take a pair of rain boots and cut the tops off them last Fall so they would fit – good thing they were only $2 at the thrift store. Thankfully he has grown taller so boots fit him now.

    I’m loving the upcoming 3-day weekend with my family (Thanksgiving up here in Canada), the butterflies I have in my stomach waiting for my first half-marathon to start on Sunday, the four boxes of tomatoes strewn around the kitchen waiting to ripen, and reading endless books with Lincoln before bed.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Stephie137

    I love that my kid know recognizes Waits and gets excited when he sees him. Nick must see a kindred vegan soul :)

    Also, a whole night to myself, mocha almond fudge coconut milk ice cream, plotting delicious holiday menus to astound and amaze my family, and MOFO – I can hardly keep up!

  • Hyla

    Happy Autumn to you! So much to celebrate and love this time of year!
    1. Another trip around the sun. Growing older, yes. But also wiser and more comfortable in my own skin. Not to mention a full week of celebrating with my loves! Happy Birthday to me!
    2. Slow days. The harvest is coming to a close with local, seasonal food in abundance which makes for yummy homemade soups and goodies. The days are growing shorter and the evenings are lit by candlelight while the wood stove provides us with warmth. I feel myself grooving with the rhythms of nature…slowing down and turning in.
    3. Knit leggings. They are like a sweater for your legs! ; ) Comfy, warm and stylish all in one. Perfect for layering too.

  • Melisa

    I attended a couple massive protests in DC, the first (amazing) one being right before the start of the Iraq war. Words cannot describe. I’ve also taken part in many small street-corner type rallies/vigils, and we marched with a small group when Dubya visited a nearby town several years ago.
    1) Stoked for the Yellow Springs Street Fair tomorrow. A lovely vegan bakery will be selling pumpkin twinkies!!! Does it GET any better?!
    2)Parenting. It’s been a pretty tough few weeks, and a REALLY tough time this week in particular. It is the biggest challenge I’ve ever undertaken, with the most at stake, and it is transforming me, in transcendentally beautiful and heartwrenchingly painful ways, into a better, stronger, more something-or-other person.
    3)Our new pet rats, Sully and Morgan, who are friendly and adorable and totally not icky.
    I really want to read that blog post that’s getting all the awesome comments. As soon as I get more than two minutes of peace…(;

  • Sonja

    Cute pics! And I love the Occupy Wall Street protests as well! It’s so great to get active! Things I love this week:

    1. autumn
    2. pumpkins
    3. going to yoga class every day
    4. having a night out with my friends
    5. cuddling
    6. homemade carob-peanut-drink
    7. that you blog everyday during MoFo :-)

    Happy weekend to everyone!

  • ~L~

    I haven’t posted my love list in quite a while, and its about time I do!

    1. My birthday last week…The wonderful fiance took me out for the day and we went to this wonderfully extravagant Japanese steakhouse that had the best flower chicken ever.

    2. My new Cuisinart standing mixer the fiance got me for my birthday. I’ve already used it about a gazillion times.

    3. My homemade almond milk mocha iced lattes…YUM. Thanks for posting nut milk stuff on here, I’d probably have never tried it otherwise. Moral of the story: Nutmilk. Omnivores can <3 it too. I've completely switched to almond milk now instead of regular (except for cooking).

  • Kate

    1. AirSex this weekend (IN HOURS!)
    2. Rescheduling a flight, and doing only things *I* want to do.
    3. Learning to wait, for just a second, before springing into action.

  • erosan

    Followed the link, clicked on the first video and it was AMAZING… looks like the event is a ball.

    AirSex… who knew it existed? I’ve learned something new, and I thank thee.

  • Anonymous

    WOW. Little Waits isn’t so little anymore! And he is looking more and more like you everyday – which is awesome.

    1. DE-FLEAING OUR HOME. Ugh. I could not be unhappier about this unpleasant surprise but at least we are getting things under control and once this weekend of cleaning, vacuuming and washing all of our clothes is over, I will feel like a million dollars.

    2. My first butternut squash purchase from the farmer’s market! YUM.

    3. Upping the green juice when times get tough. I usually overeat when I am stressed, but this time I am taking care of myself in the most healthy way!

  • Meghan

    Herbivore should be at Wordstock with you and your new book, humph!

    Love list:

    1. SOCK DREAMS. I think that you probably inadvertently drummed up a lot of business for them with your last WIW post. :-) I love love love long socks, but I got a bunch last fall/winter that are SUPER CRAPPY and had holes in them within a few weeks. I got a pair of thigh highs (ordered Thursday, got ‘em Saturday, all the way across the country with free shipping!!!) and they seem very sturdy. Plus, $10 is a good price for good socks that are made in the US! I also got some Chevron sleeves. Sure, I could make my own out of an old sweater or something, but these were only $5, so why not?! Anyhow, I’m really excited, and Sock Dream socks are going to the top of my Christmas list. :-) And despite the morning chill, my legs and arms are toasty warm. Woooooo!!!!

    2. Pumpkin muffins. Enough said.

    3. THE WEATHER. OMG. This weekend has been/is absolutely amazing. Yesterday was sunny, highs in the low-mid 70s. Today’ll probably make upper 70s, which for October is a little warm for my tastes, but after non-stop rain in September this is super awesome.

    4. School! My presentation this week was “a model of clarity and good preparation.” :-)

  • Meghan

    Also, fear not! I will of course turn my crappy holey old tall socks into arm warmers. :-)

    Re: Protests
    I’m not a particularly activisty person (and my values, aside from things like veganism and gay rights tend more towards the conservative side of things… and conservatives that get around to protesting tend to be TOO conservative!) I was a part of the protest at Wells College when the Board of Trustees announced that the school would begin admitting men the following year. We occupied the main academic building for several days.

  • erosan

    Oh, it might not be much, and it is certainly a little late, but…

    I just ran another 10k and managed to beat my prev personal record by 3 minutes! (I’m still slow as hell tough… 1 hour 8 mins)

  • Kate in SB

    So sad about your laptop… my macbook is showing it’s age too… no speakers and streaky screen and barely picks up a wifi signal. I think I may have to buy a new one but hoping it lasts until I graduate and get a real jobby job.

    Happy things this week:

    1. Getting a kick in the pants to work harder in the lab for the next few weeks to get some results before a big research review… and my impending dissertation. It’s been really productive though!

    2. Coming home from lab to find my boyfriend in the kitchen baking cookies. The best!

    3. My parents officially retiring last week and moving to southern Florida… and then me buying tickets to see them (and their heated pool) for Xmas.

  • Melisa

    Whoa! I had never heard of air sex! Brilliant!!

  • kris

    Congrats on your first 1/2 and happy thanksgiving from a Calgary girl who also raced this weekend! You should be totally proud of your finish time and even more proud that you DID IT!
    This was my 5th 1/2 this year but every run is awesome. So glad you signed up for your next! You should feel pretty dang amazing right about now! :)

  • kris

    I think I officially show pics of Waits to people more than most moms do of their own kids. He is friggin frackin adorable.
    I’m so looking forward to your MOFO. I’m stoked to hear of your experiments. I totally get that people’s bodies are different and that what you’ll be posting is your own. HOWEVER it is not only information that you will no doubt share. It is the sharing of your experiences, your reactions and thoughts that are to be admired. No doubt lots of people will have had the same questions as you. And regardless if your answers will be right for them it will no doubt inspire others to seek their own answers. Thank you Sayward!
    Love list:
    *running my 7th 1/2 marathon today (I thought this was my 6th but I miscounted)… in the Okanagan none the less
    *spending thanksgiving weekend with one of my best friends who lives an hour’s flight away
    *having a friend who will ensure my thanksgiving dinner will be about abundance according to my values, even if they’re not hers
    Much love, kris

  • Rea

    That is THE most gorgeous picture of Waits.