Final Photos From The 2011 Garden-stravaganza

October 30th, 2011 - filed under: The Farm » Flora

. . . girls on the go . . .

What a strange year it’s been in the pacific northwest! A late-start summer that never fully matured, cool weather, early rains and bursts of heat made for a confusing fall and a totally befuddled garden! Since my last update I’ve torn out most of the flowers, harvested most of the veggies, and planted an entirely new crop of greens. Here’s a few of the final snaps, before we button down for the winter:

The tomatoes have been totally bewildered, but they finally started to trickle in around early fall. Waits eats them right off the vine as soon as they’re ready, so they rarely make their way to the kitchen. A wonderful trade as far as I’m concerned!

Second round of spinach.

Baby kales.

Baby romaines.

Last of the mini zinnias.

The cosmos are gorgeous . . . and totally out of control!

Oh beautiful, bountiful beets!

Last week I gathered the first real crop of cherry tomatoes – a whole basketfull! – and brought them inside for a special treat. Tomatoes in late October? Well twist my arm! What a perfect, simple supper:

  • FoodFeud

    The beets look wonderful! Did they come in a varietal mix or did you plant different kinds separately?

  • Sam

    Your pizza crust looks awesome! As does the pizza, mmm.

  • Minna Toots

    Ohh, I would be in seventh heaven if only I could grow my own spinach and kale (or at least get it from grocery store for a reasonable price :/) at that time of the year! Want-want-want!

    Like the simple supper, looks delicious! :)

  • Erin

    Your beets look incredible!

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  • Lou

    Stunning photos!

  • Rachel

    Your garden is gorgeous. My son would eat the sugar peas straight from the garden…not a single one ever made it into the house. Oh well! Good to know he filled himself up with goodness, just like Waits.

  • Sayward Rebhal

    I planted 3 different kinds. =)

  • Sayward Rebhal

    Waits loved the sugar peas too!