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July 15th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

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Oi! Hello hello! Happy weekend, my dearests. Did you have a wonderful week? Did you work hard and meet your goals? Were you kind to yourself, allowing relaxation when you needed it? I hope it’s been a spectacular seven days since we last met up in this Friday forum. And if by chance it hasn’t, I hope that you can see a way to make your next seven days shine a bit brighter.

Like, maybe start off by taking a moment to pause and appreciate the little pleasures that each of our lives is offering us, all the time. Here, I’ll go first!

Le Love List

1. Vegan Iron Chef!    The second annual Vegan Iron Chef competition took place last weekend, and I had the pleasure of attending for the second time. This year was amazing! Bigger! Better! Sooo fun, such a fantastic celebration of veganism and our incredible community. Loved it. I posted a few pictures here.

2. Meeting fellow vegans/bloggers in Portland!    I ran into two new friends at Vegan Iron Chef, and it’s always so fun when the interwebs turn into the for-reals-webs. Big hugs and hellos to Janessa and Meghan!

3. Spirulina!    I’ve been eating it in everything this week, like smoothies, cereal, porridge, energy bars, cacao balls, nom nom nom. I’m finally used to, dare I say even fond of, that strange salty green flavor. Hooray! Can’t seem to get enough, and with super healthy food, that’s always a great thing.


Alright guys, now it’s your turn – tell me what you’re loving this week!

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

I hope the weekend treats you like the hot tamale that you are!

  • thais

    I can’t get enough of this website. And I’m not even a vegan :D

  • Stephanie

    Sayward! I was at VIC taking photos and your sweet little Waits kept saying “hi!!” to me every time he ran by. It totally made the heat filled room a little more bearable :-)

  • Beens

    1) All the fruit and veg I ate today came from the garden, including some strawberries and peas straight from the stalk/pod. Wonderful!

    2) New job/new house/new start – as of next Friday, I’m relocating to the rural coast. Can’t wait! I’m living alone and I’m going to implement as many things as I possibly can to get the house paper-free and reusable.

    3) I received a ‘Future Me’ ( email that I wrote to myself a year ago. It totally blew my mind and was such a nice surprise. Maybe at some stage, Bonzai readers can write a future email to themselves, a small MMM perhaps?

    Hope you and everyone else has a lovely weekend x

  • Sierra

    Hot tamale, oh my, thank you! That shall be my theme this weekend:)
    Dude, Vegan Iron Chef – Seriously??? SOOOO cool!!
    My Loves:

    1) Fridays, around 5:29ish. It’s been a long week, nuff said.
    2) Belly Dancing! Belly rolls feel soo good!
    3)Summer in Seattle. I don’t care if it’s overcast 70% of the time, it still beats the scorching, uncomfortable summers in Fresno!!And it stays green:)

  • Selina

    I now have hope that someday, someday I will like spirulina…

    1. My husband’s and daughter’s shared birthday on Sunday!
    2. We’re going to have beautiful weather this weekend, and…
    3. I’ll be at the lake! :)

  • erosan

    @Beens: I love the concept of sending yourself a letter from the past! It’ll be like the ending of back to the future 2! kick-ass! thanks for sharing the link!

    my love list:
    1. My baby is growing 3 teeth, can now sort-of-crawl, and is eating food (not just milk anymore). So he no longer is baby baby, which sort of makes me sad a little, but also makes me incredibly happy. He laughs so much too!

    2. I’m blogging again. Finally! it’s been a long time since I did it, which makes me wonder why do I always stop doing that which I love to do, anyways?

    3. Construction proyects. I have all the materials to build my first prototype of a solar dehydrator. Whish me luck.

  • sara thomas

    1. harry potter. that’s right, i said it! =)
    2. having an endless supply of beautiful fruits & veggies fresh from local farmers.
    3. i feel like i have some balance back in my life again. i have been successfully juggling my home, family & business. i have a ways to go, but i made it through this week! woot!

  • Alina S

    This week went by soooo slowly, probably because…

    1. my last full-time day at my job was today! moving to the west coast in 2 weeks!!


    2. my boyfriend likes green smoothies now, and I’ve made one almost every morning this week for us
    3. looking forward to spending a week in Long Island, spending lots of time at the beach (and applying for jobs and apartments!)

  • Kelly H.

    Ohmygoodness, do I LOVE those curls on wee Waits! Holy smokes…He’s a doll!

    1) Feeling valued and appreciated at my job.
    2) Discovering a new side of myself I didn’t realize was there – Being at once shocked, fearful and pleased by it.
    3) A weekend full of self-care.


  • Michelle Felt

    Hello everyone! I’m new to this community, but love it already. I am working at being self-employed (is that redundant? lol). Love raw food and the life renewal it unleashes.

    1) Learning and practicing coding.
    2) Inching myself into the blogging world one character at a time.
    3) Got back from an apartment hunting trip in PDX and successful located new digs.
    4) Played with a friends new puppy. Always fun!

  • panchu

    i don’t know i want to list le loves, but i have a comment and i want sayward to see it. sneeky…
    i have been obsessed w the offhandedly mentioned sprouted lentil crackers, so my good friend google and i found a recipe.
    and now
    is it possible that it takes lentils about a frikin week to sprout? do i have the unsproutiests lentils in the workd?
    oh fine le things i love right now
    1. i did squats yesterday and i feel it today
    2. my kids are a rucous squabble of fun together. it’s so happy
    3. i epiladied this morning
    4. we now employ a house cleaner and a nanny of sorts. they are two separate people who twice a week try to keep me sane
    5. my husband napping on the floor, our one year old cuddling and climbing over him

  • RK

    1. Pamela’s Gluten Free line of products have been totally rocking my world lately! They are gluten free but taste delicious!
    2. My doggie. She always lets my sleep in until about 9:30 then repeatedly nose bumps me until I get up to let her out. Funny way to start the day!
    3. Community garage sale today! I ‘m going to go check it out.

  • cathy

    hey… I’ve been a lurker on your blog for over a year now, and this is my first comment! First of all I’d like to say that your blog is an inspiration for me to stay on track with living a more sustainable lifestyle and appreciating the simple things in life.
    My current love list:
    1.The bounty at the farmers market. There are usually slim pickins most of the year in upstate NY, but we’re in full swing now!
    2.My job. I work at a great co-op and get to cook delicious vegetarian food all day long..and I get paid for it!
    3. sunshine.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I’m on vacation and attempting to stay unplugged for a full two weeks, but I *had* to get in on the Love List party! Reading everyone else’s lists always makes me smile. =)

    My love list:
    1. Road trip! The first leg of our vacation was spent in the *upper* Upper Peninsula of Michigan; we’ve hit Milwaukee and Madison in the past 24 hours to see friends and relatives; we’re currently in the Chicago ‘burbs with my family; and we’re ending with a few days in Iowa with my best friend, before trekking home next weekend.

    2. Buying local maple syrup from the dude that actually tapped/processed it in the U.P.. We bought a gallon of the stuff to take home with us, which should easily last us until our annual U.P. vacation next summer.

    3. Interviewing Nina for the vegansaurus veggie kids series. I try *so* hard not to put any judgmental spin on our veganism, and it was eye-opening to hear her four and a half-year old perspective on being vegan.

  • Kate

    1. Your blog. I’ve been reading it like a whore lately.
    2. My diet. 6 days of eggs from local hens and vegan food, 1 day of WHATEVER I WANT TO EAT?! OMG. Best.Diet.Ever.
    3. Life inc general. It’s pretty good.

  • erosan

    @Kate: have you by any chance been reading Tim Ferriss? xD If so, I’m on the same boat and I would have to agree with you.

    Also! I want to add to my love list the fact that your scrubbies got published on congrats!

  • panchu

    me again, with the off topic comments. (is this allowed? does my catholic obidient upbringing shine through the neo-hippy momness?)
    anyway, i think you mentioned why you weren’t mentioning cloth diapering at some point… what’s up with that. i have cloth nappies and i kinda want to revamp them, make them more absorvent as my kid grows and becomes a more powerful peeer. calling bonzai help! plus, i m getting a sewing machine, so c´mon!

  • panchu

    diapering the bonzai bum, i remember, but not so in depth… i will search!

  • Moira

    had a FANTASTIC weekend in NY. 1. reconnected with a dear, dear friend. 2. ate at Angelica’s Kitchen.
    3. finally saw Mana perform live <3 4. Fell in love with my husband all over again.

  • Sayward

    @ thais – Aww, thank you so much!

    @ Stephanie – HA! I think I remember you. That’s so awesome, he was having such a blast running around “meeting” people, haha. Next time you’ll have to introduce yourself!

    @ Beens – Good luck with the move and the many changes! Also, Future me, wow what an amazing idea. =)

    @ Sierra – I’m pretty sure Seattle is having their own Iron Chef soon, you should look into it!

    @ Selina – Haha, yeah it took me a looooong time, but it *did* finally happen.

    @ erosan – LUCK! I am seriously excited about your solar dehydrator project!

    @ sara thomas – Oh man, hooray for balance. i’m getting their too, and man it makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it?

    @ Alina S – Hey, welcome to the West! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your transition time is super fun!

    @ Kelly H. – Mmm, good list! Especially #2, that is so delightful. =)

    @ Michelle Felt – hello! Welcome to Bonzai! (and also welcome to Portland?)

    @ panchu – Don’t worry, I always see every comment! Sometimes I just get behind on answering them . . .

    I am working on a sprouted lentil cracker recipe to post on the blog! Still tweaking, but it’s close. As for lentil sprout time, it shouldn’t take a week. I’d say those are probably goners. Lentils will show tiny tails within 2 days, fully mature tails in 3-4 days (4 days is pushing it and risks molding)

    @ RK – I haven’t tried Pamela’s, are they vegan as well?

    @ cathy – Aw, yay welcome out of the lurk, I’m glad you said hi!

    @ Monika – YAY! Happy vacation lady, lord knows you deserve it. =) Also, can’t wait to see Nina on Vegansaurus, w00t!

    @ Kate – Awesome list. I’m actually doing something similar with sweets these days – 6 days off, 1 day on. That’s awesome that you found something that works so well for you!

    @ erosan (again) – Yes! My traffic shot up and I was like wtf? Yay Lifehacker, and hello to any new folks!

    @ panchu (again) – This is Bonzai, almost anything is allowed! ;-D

    But what is your question? I’ve written some articles on cloth diapering, but are you wanting something more related to this MMM? Like how to make your own or something? Let me know what you’re hoping for!

    @ Moira – Aww, lovely list and #4 makes me all melty. That’s the best feeling ever, falling in love with the person you love. =)

  • RK

    Sayward- The Pamela’s isn’t vegan, it has buttermilk in the mix. Dang it!

  • Jen

    That photo cracks me up! He is all about that banana!

    Let’s see…
    1. Being able to ride my bike farther away every week.
    2. Homemade popsicles! Especially nectarine, peach, coconut milk, flax ones. Mmm…
    3. New active wear. I got a bright blue racer back tank with built in sports bra and it’s changed my life. No more sweaty t-shirts!