The Weekend Send-Off

July 1st, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Rebhal family portrait, by the amazing and talented Nat Smith.

Hello hello! The return of regularly scheduled blogging, the return of The Weekend Send-Off, and of course, the return of the weekend! It’s sunny bright and finally looking like summer here in Portland, and although we’ve got a lot of work to do, we’re really looking forward to a nice long 3-day weekend full of good friends and good food. I hope that wherever you are in the world, in the hight of summer or the depths of winter, you’re having fun and seizing the season. And Americans – happy fourth! May you have blast and may you grill many delicious vegetables and not-dogs. And be safe!

Before we jump into the love list, WHICH I MISSED SO MUCH LAST WEEK, I just wanted to let you know: if you’ve commented on the site or sent me an email in the last few weeks, you’ve probably heard nothing but the sound of crickets in return. My inbox is a pathetic pile-up, but I’ll be working my way through emails and comments in the next few days. I’m sorry, but please know that I read everything and I truly appreciate every single one, even if I can’t respond right away.

Okay . . .

Le Love List

1. That portrait up there!    Isn’t that fantastic?! I love that she put me in the “Vegan” sweatshirt, and Waits in his little stripey shirt, and she even got Damian’s tattoos. She nailed it! So so adorable Nat, THANK YOU! The print will definitely be hanging in our home. If anyone is interested, Nat does custom portraits (people and objects) and you can find her work on her Etsy.

2. My new bike!    I never ever buy myself nice/”big” things, but I took my advance and I done got myself a “yay, you wrote 2 books!” present. Ain’t she a beauty? I’m still trying to come up with a name for her . . . my last bike, Althea, was named after the wife and muse of porn king and political rabble-rouser Larry Flynt. This one, I just don’t know . . .

Also, YES that is an iBert stinger! I’ll be writing all about it soon, but suffice it to say: omg babies in bike helmets is maybe the cutest thing ever.

3) My new tumblr.    So apparently I’m becoming a hobby photographer. This came as a big shock to me, but I’m rolling with it. Also, I used to write an online journal to keep in touch with far-off friends and family, but that’s been defunct for a few months now. So I’d originally intended for the tumblr to be a way for loved ones to stay connected to us (read: get their daily Waits fix), but then I figured I might as well share it here. Y’all are loved ones! And, well, I have a pretty damn cute kid (see above), and I live in a pretty damn cool city, so maybe you, too, would like to see random snap-shots of our daily goings on? Or maybe I’m just a compulsive over-sharer. Either way, I’m having a blast with it so if you’re interested, here it is.

What? You think we should have more than three lovely things? ME TOO!

4. “Little House On The Prairie” in my backyard.    Between the long winter and the book writing and the baby teething, I’d totally dropped the ball on line drying my laundry. But this week I’m back at it, and it brings me indescribable comfort to glance outside and see my linens blowing in the breeze. Why does this bring me so much joy? Maybe because I am, and always will be, a hippie at heart. ♥

5. My kitchen as a playground, not an office.    I love love love raw foods and the razor’s edge of creativity and innovation that uncooking has allowed me to cultivate. HOWEVER, writing recipes on deadline is pretty draining, and when every meal becomes a “job”, it can become less than fun. This week, I’ve been LOVING the freedom to eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat it, which for me really means eating very simple and plain foods. But even moreso, I’ve had the time and energy to re-devote myself to Waits’ diet, and we’ve had a lot of fun exploring new ingredients and preparations (like sprouted rye berries, steamed asparagus and kale, garlic-infused olive oil on quinoa, pumpkin seed powder on everything, hummus fortified with hemp oil, homemade raw young Thai coconut yogurt [why is cracking coconuts SO fun??!], snow peas warm off the vine in our garden, and on and on).

Yeah, life is good.


Alright guys, now it’s your turn – tell me what you’re loving this week!

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Have an amazing weekend, my dears!

  • Monique

    A hippy at Heart.. YES!!!

    Sadly this ones caged.. :o(

    But reading at your place gives me a smile on my face. Everytime again. Thank you!!

  • Nat

    Oi sayward!!

    im so glad you are done with your deadline and that you can appreciate the small lovely things again. I love you bike and im so thrilled that you liked your portrait:)
    Love List
    1. water kefir, love it! thanks for teaching me how to make it
    2. the fact that i CANT draw without my steamy cup of green tea
    3. my retro daisy dishes that mum in law got me
    4. that youre blogging again!!! oh, how ive missed the blog entries,thank you!

  • Joselle

    I”m looking forward to checking out the tumblr!

    Love List
    1. Week one of nursing school is in the bag. It was a whirlwind and I admit to having a meltdown Tuesday morning when the weight of the huge change in my life hit me. But I am surrounded by some of the smartest, passionate people I’ve ever met in my life. It’s so great to meet other aspiring women’s health/health care advocates who say things like, “I love vaginas!” I found my tribe.

    2. This week’s CSA is amazing: baby red potatoes, fresh dill, lacinato kale, green beans, beets, napa cabbage.

    3. A glass of wine on a Friday evening all to myself. Needed.

  • Catnip

    1 Backyard campouts with vegan s’mores
    2 I gotta agree with the line dried laundry
    3 My first tomatoes of the year

  • Rachel

    oh my gosh I also love line dried laundry so much!

    my love list totally corresponds to my list of awesome “errands” I was able to run while on my walk home from work today (a big reason I LOVE the town I live in–so maybe that’s actually item 1!)–

    1- picked up a new running shirt for 1/2 off at our local running store–after a couple months of kind of “blah” running I am feeling AWESOME this week!

    2- picked up garlic scapes at the farmer’s market–just discovered them this week via my farmshare and I’m in love, can’t wait to make pesto with them!!!

    3- picked up a 6-pack of a Victory beer I haven’t had yet… cuz it’s a long weekend and I can’t wait to sit in my amazing yard and drink it with my amazing boyfriend tonight!

    also SO with you on the line dried laundry!!! I especially love towels and sheets. and Joselle–I LOVE that “I found my tribe” feeling and I love describing it like that :)

  • Rachel

    …wow just realized I talked about line dried laundry twice. a little TOO enthused :)

  • Kate in SB

    Is your bike single speed? I can’t tell from the picture. Lots of gears make a big difference, especially going up and down hills.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of you and Waits going out for a bike ride. Yay bikes!

    My happy list:
    – Finally feels like summer!
    – Finally starting on a big writing project due next month. It’s been looming for months, so it feels good to finally get the ball rolling.
    – Upcoming trip to my BFs hometown and then my grandmothers cottage.

  • Julie

    1. homemade marshmallows
    2. Waiting to get Becoming Vegan in the mail
    3. Apex Community Park

    Can’t wait for your books to hit the shelves!

  • RK

    1. Summer is finally here!
    2. Going to the pool with the kiddos.
    3. BBQ’s…..need I say more?

    Also, does anyone have recommendations for veggie hot dogs that are also gluten free? Does this exist!? I’ve been vegetarian for over a year and just found out I have a gluten allergy. The *ONLY* thing I seem to miss is a good ‘ol hot dog. Help!

  • Rebecca

    1. …that Bonzai’s back!
    2. The new peanut butter & chocolate flavored Puffin’s cereal (Barbara’s Bakery)…um, yes please! (plus there’s a rebate for the full purchase price inside the box. Score!)
    3. My Grecian fig body wash/hand soap. I normally shun perfumed, sulfate-y products. HOWEVER, when I got a whiff of this and instantly felt like I was sitting under a fig tree (pretty much my idea of perfection) I decided to go for it (please don’t hate me!).
    4. And another contradictory move for me: Botox (for the underarms that is..not the face!). Ok, hear me out on this. While I hear the whole “sweating is natural and necessary” theory, trust me, I sweat plenty. So, if toxins are indeed removed through sweat, I’ll be detoxin’ all summer long! Anyhoo…since middle school I have *constantly* had to worry about perspiration marks, what color, style, and fabric of clothes I could wear, keeping my arms down, and so on. Got the procedure done on Tuesday and already I have noticed a huge improvement! Bright colors here I come!
    5. My favorite response of the day came from the 5-year old girl I babysit for. She always sucks one of her fingers and when I asked her why only that finger she simply stated, “That was the sucking finger I was born with.” Love it!

  • Rebecca

    Oh..and I totally dig the portrait. From the photos I have seen that illustration seems to capture you to a T! Which made me notice the photo up top on your page (“About”). I totally forgot that I originally thought you looked way different in that photo than on all the others throughout your blog. It freaked me out a little! I used to think you looked way different!

  • Rebecca

    Might as well add another one while I’m at it! While I fully admit the dorkiness of this, if these didn’t cost as much as my dog did (quite literally), I would get one in a heartbeat:

  • Colleen

    She really is just freaking adorable (as is the pup).

    I really need to start the line drying thing. But, ugh, the time.

    LOVE reading about the raw eating!

  • Melissa

    i love my blendtec and veggie smoothies for breakfast. i love my dog and cats. i love my kids and husband. i love the nap i am about to take!

    happy 4th y’all!

  • Fanny

    1. Summer! I just love it.
    2. Being in England – I love travelling and this summer has been all about it so far – and it will continue that way. Right now I am in the southwestern parts of England volunteering at an organic blueberry farm, it´s lovely!
    3. Getting in to the school I wanted for the autumn.

  • Brittany

    Hello! New here!
    1. I love that I found a cute little health food store for essentials in this town I am temporarily living in. I was pretty sure it was mostly a vegan wasteland. There is even a raw/vegan cafe inside!
    2. The fact that I just realized the local Walmart carries Soyrizo!! WHA???
    3. I have been steadily working out and going on walk/jogs for a month now, and drinking green smoothies a few times a week! Yay! I feel awesome!

  • Taylor

    Pictures are gorgeous! Congratulations on getting everything sent in!

    My Le Love List:
    1. I am flying to Maine tonight to see my boyfriend for a week (he’s been interning at a farm there)! I am so so happy.
    2. My garden! It’s awesome and it feels so great to be able to grow food and eat it. So satisfying.
    3. Night runs in the summertime. :)

  • zerowastelifestyle

    That is one gorgeous bike!
    On my love list is the old fashioned train journey I just made with my two daughters aged eight and three up to my parents in Coimbra from Lisbon, Portugal. It was so much fun and so relaxing. The kids loved the little table for eating their snacks and looking out of the window. No stress, no freeway and most importantly no cars……

  • Sarah I.

    I sort of jumped in the deep end a few weeks ago, and went from a vegetarian diet (with plenty of grains) to a mostly raw, fully vegan diet. Your site has been most useful in terms of keeping my food interesting (half the time when I make myself a separate dinner, my kids end up pirating a good portion of it – not that I can complain that they’re eating more fresh veggies than usual), and is much appreciated. As I’m nursing the youngest (2.5 months old) of my three kids, I want to make sure I’m meeting any and all nutritional requirements for the both of us. Do you have any resources you recommend for lactating mothers going vegan and raw? I’m happy to shed pregnancy pounds and do a mild detox, but I don’t want to compromise my supply or the quality of my milk. So far I’ve been supplementing with fenugreek and blessed thistle tea, but are there other supplements you recommend?


  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Oh, how I love line-dried laundry! One of our lines is next to a huge wisteria tree, the other is over a bed of lemon balm and mint. Our line-dried things smell *so* good. I used to love coming home from work and seeing a rainbow of Nina’s cloth diapers strung up outside the back porch.

    @RK: Oh, I hope you can find xgfx not dogs! I haven’t been able to, so I just make mine from scratch. Also, when I was still eating gluten I only ate Field Roast sausages/dogs…sort of a high standard for any meat analog to live up to. HOWEVER, if you’re okay with a xgfx burger, Amy’s makes an awesome one, I think it’s the Bistro Burger. SO GOOD.

    Love list:
    1. My little town! Saxapahaw is so tiny, but we have an awesome music festival (live music + FarMar every Saturday during the warmer months), and a coffee shop opened up within walking distance from my house.
    2. My neighbors: their dedication to healthy, safe, sustainable farming; all of the knowledge I’m gaining from them for our own little farm; their managerie of animals, especially their ducks!
    3. I’m getting ready for a 17 day-vacation, woo hoo!

  • Sayward

    As always, you guys bring me so much joy. I hope the love lists are fun for you to write, because they sure are amazing for me to read. All weekend they trickle in, and as I check my mail it’s just this constant stream of positivity. So lovely! Do you guys go through and read everybody else’s? You should!

    @ Nat – Yeah! Thanks so much again. And also, so happy to hear you’re loving the water kefir. I’ve been lazy about making mine, time to bring out the grains from the back of the fridge – thanks for re-inspiring me!

    @ Joselle – This made me so happy! I totally relate to the “finding your tribe” feeling, it is so precious (and often lacking for many, including myself). And “I love vaginas!” is pure love! <3 <3 <3

    @ Kate in SB - It's got three gears and it's got cruising brakes, which is a bit weird to get used to but I dig. My last bike was a single speed and I'm *really* liking this better, especially with a very heavy little boy behind my handlebars!

    @ RK - Tofu Pups? Not certified gluten-free, but no wheat listed in the ingredients and it doesn’t list wheat in the allergen “contains: X” area. Might contact the company and ask?

    @ Rebecca – No judgement here! Whatever works for you. =) Actually, believe it or not I am pretty “pro” plastic surgery. I know, I know, that one always surprises people, haha.

    @ Brittany – Hello! Welcome!

    @ Sarah I. – That’s so great you’re making such healthy changes! I wouldn’t worry *too* much about nutrients (but some – definitely pay attention) but I would be cautious about detoxing while breastfeeding. Toxins are released into milk (part of the reason cow dairy is so bad for you!) so you want to be careful and go slow when transitioning into healthier eating when you’re lactating.

    For covering your bases, I always recommend a multi/prenatal that contains B12, plus D, plus DHA. Those three are key. Also I know it’s practically sacrilegious to say, but make sure you’re getting enough protein! Protein tends to be lower on a typical raw diet and if you’re lactating you need to make sure you keep it up.

    For resources specifically regarding raw vegan pregnancy/lactation, that’s tough. There are a few out there but honestly, I can’t say there are any that I’d *recommend*. But the blog Kristin’s Raw is written by a very high-raw new mama, and she talks a lot about nutrition and her diet through pregnancy and breastfeeding. She’s a smart cookie – I’d definitely check it out and read through the archives.


  • Sarah I.

    Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out. I felt like going raw was a milder cleanse than fully fasting and/or doing a master cleanse (and I haven’t been able to do either for a long, long time since I’ve either been pregnant or breastfeeding pretty much nonstop for the past 5 1/2 years), and so far I haven’t seen any adverse effects in either myself or my babe. Is there something I should look out for?

    Regarding protein, any tips on diversifying my protein sources would be appreciated. My few raw friends are not vegetarian or vegan, and get a lot from smoked fish and raw cheeses. I’ve been eating a lot of nuts/seeds/sprouted legumes, but I tend to feel kind of bloated and headachey (especially with the nuts and sprouted beans) if I overdo it.

  • Sayward

    @ Sarah I. – Totally feel you on overdoing nuts/seeds. They’re just so dense that even though you get good protein, you get a ton of heaviness as well. I do like sprouted lentils a lot, but if legumes give you trouble you might not want to do too much of those. I use protein powders when I’m raw, it makes me feel a little “safer” to know I’m getting a good hit of complete protein in my smoothie first thing each morning. I like hemp the best but there are plenty other raw options.

    Other great protein sources are the pseudograins! I have trouble with grains but the pseudograons or “ancient” grains are great for me. Buckwheat and quinoa are my favorites and both are a source of complete protein. Also millet, amaranth, and hulless oats.Soaked and sprouted, they’re totally versatile!