The Weekend Send-Off

May 6th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

*sniffle* *sniffle* Oi! *sniffle* Oi! Oi! *sniffle*

Can you tell I’m sick? I am. But I’m also super happy, super excited, and sooooooooooo squirming to share some big news. *sniffle* Alas, it has to wait until Monday. Until then, I say woo-hoo! to the weekend.

No *sniffle* business *sniffle* today *sniffle*. Let’s just skip right along to the good stuff, shall we?

Le Love List!

1. Finishing and Starting Huge Projects, Simultaneously. Last night I sent off the completed manuscript for The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide. YAY! Damn, that felt good. Of course, I’m already hard at work onto my next endeavor, Super Secret Project Numero Dos™. No rest for me! <3

2. Family Time. I’ve been able to spend this entire week with my mother-in-law, and even though we’ve both been fighting this cold, it’s been so nice to relax together, hang out, play with the kid, and get plenty of bonding time (yesterday we watched Eat Pray Love, oh yes we did!). Such a lovely lead-up to Mother’s Day. <3

3) Mother’s Day. Needs no explanation, right? Last year was my first mother’s day as a mother and Waits was teeny tiny, but he gave me a great gift (he took a really really long nap and allowed Damian and I some *ahem* alone time *ahem*). This year Waits is not so teeny tiny and I have a year of motherhood under my belt. This year I really feel like a mother, and I am PROUD. What a wonderful thing to celebrate with my husband and baby boy – I can’t wait! <3

Alright guys, now it’s your turn! What do you love this week?

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Have an amazing weekend!!

  • MorganInJapan

    I must admit that coming up with three things that I love feels nearly impossible right now, but I will try.

    1. Being with family and friends who love and support me. Especially now.
    2. Not having to take a 17 hour trip back to Japan.
    3. Knowing that I am strong enough to get through this, even though I don’t feel strong at all right now.


  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Happy Mothers’ Day to all the other mamas out there!

    Love List:

    1. My kiddo!
    2. Being 100% gluten free. Haven’t felt this good in a long, long time.
    3. Mother’s Day!

  • Rachel

    Just stumbled on your blog and am loving it! (Read the whole thing from beginning to end and look forward to stalking!).

    My love list:
    1. My fiancé who is actually on board with my new green-ism and joins in!
    2. My mother, who is coming up from NC to NH tomorrow so we can start dress shopping <3
    3. That I am making the time for myself and to explore how I want to live my life.

  • Selina

    1. My babies! <3
    2. Sisters getaway this weekend!
    3. My husband has promised not to let anybody give my 2 y.o. any non-vegan food while I am gone!
    4. The carnation that I got from the bank for being a mom!

  • Alina S

    1. getting up earlier (and sometimes even exercising in the morning too!)
    2. drinking tons of water from my new IonPod
    3. looking forward to performing at my dance concert tomorrow!

  • Court

    1. the grow-your-own mushroom kit i got for my mom
    2. being healthy again!
    3. sprouting: anything!!!

  • sara thomas

    hi! i just discovered this fantastic blog yesterday! woot!

    my lovies:

    1. family: my beautiful baby boy simon & amazing hubby, pete.
    2. living healthy & green
    3. organic wine. Mmmmmmm =)

  • Joselle

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms here. And Morgan, I’m sorry to hear about what sounds like a rough time.

    1. Finishing my last final for all my nursing school prerequisites today! Just 52 days off and then I start nursing school and am well
    on my way to becoming a nurse-midwife.
    2. A weekend of no studying. Just dog day at our local park tomorrow and Mother’s Day brunch with my mom, mother-in-law and husband.
    3. It’s CSA time! Can’t wait to tuck into our first shipment of baby bok choy, mizuna, mushrooms, scallions and rhubarb.

  • Cary M

    1. My first batch of homemade Kombucha… Amazing. I throw blueberries in my morning glass.
    2. My new found crazy running skills. I’ve had asthma my whole life and suddenly it’s gone. I think it’s the veganism. Anyway I went for a 7 mile run yesterday!
    3. Raw week. I’m starting my “refried” bean burritos right now :)

  • Kristina

    1. Getting a juicer for my birthday and using it to make green drinks this week.
    2. Having a delicious glass of organic white wine on a Friday evening after a supper of raw organic vegetables from the Farmers Market and homemade hummus – thanks for the recipe!
    3. A plan to work in my flower bed and garden all day Saturday.

    Happy Weekend!

  • erosan

    mmm… going to be a difficult week, as I have to travel (business related) and be away from my baby for a whole week!


    1) webcams. I will be able to see the kid every day!

    2) baby bablings. He ‘talks’ non-stop these days

    3) smiling. He smiles so much! ever since he was born, I’ve been smiling a ton more, and even more so lately.

  • Sara


  • Christy

    Hey! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never commented before–you’ve inspired me in so many ways!
    Here are a few things I love:
    1. swimming in cold lake on sunny days
    2. laughing till my stomach hurts
    3. water kefir…mmm, so glad you posted the recipe!

  • Moira

    Sayward – must you wait on letting us know about numero dos? If I had to guess, it’s a book on becoming vegan.. reflections on life ;)

    Megan – Lots of positivity and support is here for you! Keep up the love list in this difficult time.

    My love list:

    1. Our first full week of green juice in the morning with our new juicer. Deeeelish!
    2. My husband who got out of bed oh so early this morning only to brew me a pot of coffee so I can get an early start on my studies. <3
    3. New five-finger running shoes. Yay for barefeet.
    4. Totally happy that my Mom and Sis are enjoying a get-away-vacation on Mother's Day.


  • Elizabeth

    1. After 6 years of undergrad I’m FINALLY graduating today :)
    2. Spring weather has finally decided to stick around in Michigan
    3. First batch of bean sprouts=success!

  • @tishushu

    I think I know what the news is… Call it women’s intuition…

    My love list:

    1. 10 months with my sweetie pie! And its been wonderful!

    2. Finished a 5K last weekend! Didnt run as much, but I finished it. I want to get back to doing 4 5K’s a year…

    3. Mother’s Day: My 16yo daughter really pushed some buttons yesterday, but I am so glad I am a mother. I miss my son (14) living with me too, (he lives with his father about 30 min away) but finances, and his need to be around more testosterone, lol, dont keep us from our love! Also, I am making mothers day cards, like I did last year (see my Mother’s day on a budget post on my blog)… FUN!

    4. Spring! Its still lovely here in the South…

    Happy Mother’s day to everyone! We are all mothers, whether we have human children, animal children, great projects and/or careers, or ideas!

  • Meghan

    Soooo… when’s the book coming out? (Not pregnant yet, but maybe ovulating! Hurry up!) ;-)

    1. CHOCOLATE PANCAKES. Okay, so every week that I remember to comment here, pancakes are probably on my list. Whatever. This week’s stop on the Tour de Pancake is chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips. Woot!

    2. The surprises in my new yard! All spring has been full of surprises! First there were daffodils and hyacinths, now there are pretty white flowers and irises and azaleas! There are still other mystery plants in the yard that have not yet revealed themselves!

    3. That I am almost done with the semester. I love what I’m studying. I really do. But lately I just haven’t had school-brain on. I want to garden and houseclean and cook… I’m just feeling more housewife and less grad student lately. My last class is Monday, I have a project due Tuesday, a final next Saturday, then the following Monday. Phew!

  • Courtney

    First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there in Bonzai-land!

    1. Hemp milk! I’ve been drinking it for a couple of months and don’t miss cow’s milk at all. Even better, I’ve been using it in cooking and my hubby hasn’t commented on any strange tastes!

    2. The OSU Ren Faire. My hubby and I went to the Ren Faire that is held every year on the South Oval of The Ohio State University. It’s so much fun to go to and I ended up getting quite a few cool things that were from awesome, local artisans!

    3. My hubby. I always love him, but today, with the Ren Faire and then a stop at a great comic book store, I was able to have a wonderful geeky day with him. It’s been a while.

  • Liz

    1. A beautiful walk in perfect spring weather along the river this weekend.
    2. Celebrating a new marriage with two good friends.
    3. Asparagus from the farmer’s market; I wait all year for it to be in season…love it!
    4. Lying in bed and listening to the birds through open windows on a weekend morning.

  • Sierra Dawn

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s! Ooh, big news? Must tune in tomorrow!!

    1. The sunflower or pumpkin plant (my 6 year old forgot) that my son secretly sprouted from a seed for M’s Day:)
    2. Catching up with my BFF over a bottle of red wine in beautiful West Seattle.
    3. My husbands awesome friend Dug. He is currently crashing on our couch until godknowswhen and it is super cramped in our 800 square feet apt with 3 adults and our 2 kiddos, but…. My husband has been feeling lonely and homesick for months and I can see how happy he is to have a homie again. Hooray for homies!

  • Kathryn

    1. My wonderful husband of almost 5 years who gave me number 2 & 3 on my love list.
    2. Jaden my first born who may look like his dad but acts just like his momma!
    3. My little Bryce who is into everything but always the laughter of the house.

    Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful moms out there!

  • Sayward

    @ MorganInJapan – I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. My good thoughts are with you!

    @ Monika – Happy Mother’s Day!

    @ Rachel – yay, welcome! And happy stalking. =D

    @ Selina – Happy Mother’s Day!

    @ Alina S – Hope the performance went well!

    @ Court – Ooh, link to mushroom kit?

    @ sara thomas – Yay, welcome to the site. And Happy Mother’s Day!

    @ Joselle – Congrats on the finals, that’s so great. Enjoy the stress-free weekend. =)

    @ Cary M – Yay raw week! How did the “refried beans” turn out?

    @ Kristina – ooh birthday juicer, w00t! That is an awesome gift.

    @ erosan – I looove hearing baby updates, so thank you. babbling is so fun! And hooray for webcams, what did people use to do?? Must have been so hard!

    @ Sara – crystal ball? tarot? tea leaves???

    @ Christy – Aw thanks lady, that is the best thing to hear! And thanks for reminding me I need to get my kefir grains out of the fridge and get back to brewing.

    @ Moira – You shall have to wait and see! Muahahaha. Ooh, and congrats on the week of green juice – that’s great!

    @ Elizabeth – Ohmigod CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you’re having a blast this weekend!

    @ tishushu – Aww, Happy Mother’s Day right back at you!!!

    @ Meghan – Oh hello ovulater! I’m totally thinking about you on this Mother’s Day. =) Also, that sounds like so much fun about your garden. How exciting to go through your first season in a new house and all the surprises that it brings!

    @ Courtney – Your post made me so happy. Yay for great husbands and happy geek love. =) (I too am a geek, even played D&D oh yes I did!)

    @ Liz – All I have to say is ASPARAGUS YESSSSSSSSSS

    @ Sierra Dawn – The Mother’s Day plant that your kidlet forgot? Sooo cute. Happy Mother’s Day!

    @ Kathryn – Aww, Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Kate

    Happy Mother’s Day Sayward!!

    Love list:

    1. How easy it is to be vegan when you already don’t eat a lot of dairy.
    3. More time with my best friend in the entire world!!

  • Meghan

    I suppose I should add my mom to my love list, since it is Mother’s day!

    And ALSO my first harvest of the season, .65oz of Slobolt lettuce. Yay!!!!! (I haven’t tasted it yet though…)

    Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are feeling better!