The Weekend Send-Off

May 12th, 2011 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Did I ever tell you about how Waits loves to dance? He is quite taken with anything even remotely resembling music, and will start bopping up and down if even a snippet of a song comes into earshot. It’s pretty freakin’ adorable. The SHEER JOY on his face at the end of this video, when he’s doing his “fancy footwork” . . . man, it just melts my little heart.

Soooo, are you ready for the weekend? Any big plans? How’s your MMM going? I’ve been raw for 5 days and I sort of feel amazing. Yeah, I forgot how awesome this is.

Hey, remember how this used to be The Friday Feedback Forum? And I would always ask for “comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions”? You can still do that! Lay it on me!

And now, the goods:

Le Love List!

1. Azaleas. It’s funny how one day you can just see something that’s always been right there. For me, right now, that’s azaleas. They are so incredible with their abundance of blooms! Damian is the bestest husband ever and built me a planter box specifically for flowers, so this weekend I’m getting my azaleas. A yellow-orange, a pink-orange, and a violet. Of course I’m also planting artichokes in there, because who am I kidding – there’s no way I could plant a box without any vegetables!

2. My crazy RAW kitchen laboratory! I’ve got strange rigged jars of fermenting treasures, sprouts spread out drying all over the table, there’s raw breads and crackers in every cupboard, the fridge is overflowing with leftovers, and the pantry is stocked with exotic powders and alluring potions and powerful tinctures. It’s all so exciting!

3) Leslie Hall. Warning! The music is catchy as hell and WILL get stuck in your head. On repeat.

Am I the only person in the world who thinks this is, literally, the funniest and most amazing thing to ever behold? Why did I just now discover her?? I’m completely floored. Like, having a religious experience. Word.

Alright guys, now it’s your turn! What do you love this week?

My darlings, this happy little post will stay at the top of the page all weekend, so stop by any time to leave your Love List, ask a question, or offer some feedback! Or if you’re new, please introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’! This is your community, so get involved!

Have a great spring weekend!

  • SJ Smith

    work that elastic, it’s fantastic…
    HAHAHAhahahahahaha disturbingly funny is what I’d call it!

    OMG WAITS IS THE CUTEST BABY EVARRR! Ok, that’s not even over kill, I LOVE your babe! SO cute!

    My love list:
    1. Carlos and I bought a tent and went camping for the first time ever this week!
    2. We are going to New Orleans in about an hour for a WHIRLwind trip to get his passport, but it’s an adventure, and I’m excited!
    3. I *ADORE* your blog, I’m so excited to see it grow, and see you come into your own and enjoy doing it! I love your projects, I’m buying each book, I love the honesty with which you blog and how you’ve become more comfortable being a little more open in the past few months. I’m seriously addicted to your site, I link my friends to it frequently and while I’m not a vegan or raw, I’m a MUCH healthier eater now than I was this time last year, and I eat mainly raw/veggie too. I love the diy stuff you have on here, and the WHY behind what you do and believe in, THAT is crucial to me and sadly rare to find!
    /gush ;-)

    ok, quick nap, then I’m off!

  • Theresa

    I’ve gotta make this quick but: OMG what a cutie! I love when you share picks/vids of little Waits. It reminds how fun that age is.

    Also, hilarious on the Leslie Hall. Her videos are strangely addicting. One look at the pick and I already the earworm without even clicking on it!

    I’m trying to jump in on the MMM too! I had wanted to do a cleanse for quite some time but I only made it 2 days on the master cleanse. Since I went back to food though I’ve only been having vegan eats and have resolved to really stick to dairy free at a minimum.

    Love List:

    1. Mochas, yum. I feel kind of silly ordering my decaf double tall soy mocha some days but man is it delicious.

    2. Sunshine. I’ve been sweating my butt off working on a field assignment for the last few weeks. It’s incredible what bright blue skies and an ample dose of Vitamin D can do for your mood.

    3. My husband. I’ve been working some pretty obscene hours and he’s been a great sport tending to our pre-schooler and keeping up with the house work. He’s even been watering my garden for me!

  • Rebecca

    Oh my Waits is the cutest! Fancy Footwork!!! X

  • Minna

    Thanks for the videos, both of them :D LOL!!

    But especially for the Baby B-Boy video, of course :) I recently discovered the page and I’m in love with their Happy Veggie Kids rubric! They’re all SO positive and awesome! Veggie kids are the bestest in the world!!!

    I managed to get a flu with high fever this week (I believe it’s called angina? extremely sore throat etc.) and now I’m taking antibiotics :( I hate it! But there wasn’t any other option, at least they didn’t inform me of them =/ So after days of lying in bed, I’m FULL OF ENERGY and ready for my exam session (which consists of 5 researches and 6 exams in one freakin’ month) I’m ready for it!

    Love list!

    1. I love being happy! I have no idea why I’m happy but I love it and I want to stay it!

    2. Raw organic coconut oil, which I’m so greatful for – I’ve had the same jar for such a long time (a little really does go a long way), I use it for cooking, as a body lotion and whatnot and it smells like milk chocolate <3 It's the greatest thing in the world!

    3. My sister, who was just visiting, and how her being 5 years older doesn't really matter anymore now that I'm a little older, too :) We hang out and get to talk about anything – she's my best friend!

    Have an awesome weekend you all!

  • Liz

    Hey everyone from Richmond, VA.

    Love List:

    1. My first batch of kombucha will be ready on Saturday…can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the tutorial Sayward. I started 5 weeks ago by growing my own scoby, so this has been a long time coming.

    2. Walks to the river: exploring wildlife, sunning on a rock, doing some serious (and not so serious) thinking, and catching up with my husband.

    3. Just started reading A Prayer for Owen Meany, and it is both hilarious and insightful. Looking forward to having more [outside] reading time this weekend.

  • ~L~

    Love list – It’s been a pretty bad last few weeks, but since I’m trying to be more positive, more optimistic, and complain less, I’ll see what I can come up with.

    Bathtub…Our move didn’t work out, so we had to move back to our old house, but when we moved back in the jacuzzi tub had been fixed, so YAY.

    Callie’s outdoor time – my cat has become very ill and is passing, but while we were in the new place it was out in the country and for the first time in her indoor, city life she got to hunt things, go outside, and climb trees. I’m glad she got to do that before she goes.

    …And of course, number 3 goes to my wonderful, loving supportive fiance. Couldn’t have dealt with the last few weeks without him.

  • HeatherG

    OMG that video of Waits is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever witnessed…fancy footwork?! Gah, adorableness overload!!!

    1. Losing 30 pounds in this new year and learning to love myself again; not only because I’m feeling hot hot hot again, but b/c the lifestyle changes I’ve made empower me like nothing else.

    2. A friend remembering a wee detail of my life…I couldn’t believe he remembered this…he *does* listen.

    3. My pooches that allow me to know true love.

    Happy weekend to all!

  • LauraC

    Totally not my love list, but I first found Leslie when she was on Yo Gabba Gabba singing a glitter hands song. Love her.

  • Rachel

    bahahaha OMG I saw a drag queen perform to that amazing song like six months ago but I had NO IDEA it was associated with that mindblowing video!!! LOVE IT :)

  • Cassandra

    In the video of Waits dancing, I noticed not only his incredible cuteness, but the Ikea rug! I have the same one decorating my dormroom floor! :)

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Okay, Waits is the cutest thing ever, obvs, but the only thing that video did for me was make me wonder when the Little Man from Another Place was going to pop out of the woods! It’s been raining for days on end here, I’ve been jonesing for Twin Peaks I guess.

    The Love:

    1. Binta y la Gran Idea: My husband had this cued up for me to watch last night, it made me cry.

    2. Nina has memorized nearly every word of TMBG’s Here Comes Science. I’ll be teaching her the words to Spider and Birdhouse in Your Soul next!

    3. I managed to get my first choice for an LSAT test center. One small weight lifted off my shoulders, now I can just focus on studying for the rest of the month.

  • sara thomas

    oh yes, leslie hall. i love it! not sure if you’ve seen her craft talk video but it’s my favorite! i am a metalsmith (i make & sell jewelry on etsy) & once i was super stressed getting ready for a big art show & this video was the comic relief i needed! that chick is crazy =)

    thank you so much for sharing the video of waits. he is just adorable!! for me, having a son has been the most magical & fulfilling thing ever. each stage brings something new & exciting. i am certainly not wishing the time away, but i am definitely looking forward to seeing simon dance & hear the cute (& maybe not so cute!) things he comes out with when he learns to talk =)

    my loves this week are:

    1. bonzai aphrodite. that’s right i said it! i found this blog a week ago & am obsessed! it has so much if the information i have been looking for & has inspired me big time. my husband & i live in a small town in upstate ny. it doesn’t fit our lifestyle real well but pete (my hubby) is in school right now so we have to wait to move. our plan is to buy property in ithaca (i have wanted to live there since i was 15!) & build our own self-sufficient green home. but that’s still 5 years away. i feel like i have been holding off on doing things because we won’t be here forever & i don’t want to put the work in, but that is keeping me from living how i truly want. so thank you for helping me to see i can have this life here & now, because it’s within me! i feel so free! and now i am going to plant those fruit trees in my backyard like i have been wanting!! =)

    i have also had many questions answered by sawyard and the lovely readers here. i feel like i have a new support group now and can’t say enough good about this wonderful online community. i have passed this link around to my family & friends.

    2. my new penguin!! pete and simon got me the penguin i have wanted for about 2 years now! it makes carbonated water (or crackly water as i like to call it!) but now i have endless amounts that i can make all the time!!!

    3. breast feeding. simon & i are at a point where feedings are super bondo times for us. he makes cute noises and stops & looks at me, smiles, smirks……it’s so cute! & seeing home roll his eyes back in his head like he’s sucking beer from my boob just never gets old!

    hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo

  • Moira

    tooo cute, sayward!

    1. love this MMM. My husband isn’t a fan of the cabbage juice, but he willingly drinks it anyway. I’m convinced that eventually he’ll fall in love the stuff.
    2. love my new 30 day Bikram yoga challenge. I have almost a full week under my belt and I feel amazing!
    3. I made three amazing dinners this week.. that is a record in my history. carrot ginger soup, zucchini/celery/mint soup, lemon ginger mediterranean salad. at the very least, you and spring have inspired me to eat more greens. and i feel oh so good!

  • Carey

    Leslie Hall is so odd in a very awesome way!

  • Kelsey

    Those videos are awesome! I think Waits needs a sparkly dance outfit.

  • Joselle

    That video of Waits makes me want to get knocked-up yesterday. But, ironically, I have to wait about a year until the husband and I go there.

    And yes, Leslie Hall is hilarious. My husband showed me that video a while ago and I was dying!

    1. DC tomorrow! Sticky Fingers Bakery for vegan sweets and Asylum for brunch and free museums because it’s going to rain. I love DC.

    2. Sleeping

    3. Binging on Mad Men season 4 while awake.

  • Sierra Dawn

    What a beautiful child Waits is! Reminds me of my kiddo when he was just a toddler:) Leslie Hall… whoa. What else can I say – Totally AWESOME!

    1. My super cool co workers who make this stuffy clinic secretly fun:)
    2. belly dancing. I have never felt better about my curves and my (after 2 kids) belly!
    3. Hello sun!!! 5 days of rain are headed our way, but, it’s ok Seattle, I still love ya:)

  • Kate in SB

    BAHAHA. Leslie Hall rules. I remember hearing her “Gem Sweater” song several years ago. Have you seen her gem sweater gallery?

  • Callie

    Ah, so I have a question. I feel like you posted a kimchi recipe on the site at some point, but I can’t find it. The more kimchi I eat the more I want (is it possible to get addicted to kimchi?!) and it’s starting to cost a bit. If you do have a recipe on the site already could you point me to it? And if not, I’d love to see one. In the mean time I’ll use teh interwebs to mash together my own kimchi recipe, and let you know how it goes.

    1. COOKING – been doing a cleanse(ish) for this MMM and it’s really punched up how much of my day I use to cook or prep food and how much I enjoy it. I had a nice busy day yesterday, but was pretty much finished with everything by 8:30 and was like, what do I do with my night now? Usually I’m cooking…
    2. Springtime! – It’s warm again, finally and truly warm! And things are growing, and beautiful people are walking around in less clothes (sorry, pervy, but it’s true), yay.
    3. Speaking of Pervy, Dan Savage is on my love list! I’ve been listening to his podcast a ton lately and just loving it!

    Thanks for letting us babble at you!

  • Mandie

    My love list!
    1. I thinkI say this every week, but my hubs. He’s the greatest :)
    2. My free sewing machine! Our landlord came and said “is that your sewing machine? If not I’m throwing it out.” uh–NO! MINE! Hopefully it works!
    3. Garden garden garden garden!

  • erosan

    1. I am headed home! I’m in the airport at the moment, but by evening, I’ll be home, hugging my girlfriend and playing with my kid.

    2. I won’t switch to high RAW for the MMM until tomorrow, but so far, my plan of bumping the amount of RAW food (and veggies in general) on my diet is coming along just fine.

    3. Good food, good times, great company. There are awesome people here in Boston, and even though I missed my family a LOT, I had an awesome time.

  • Elizabeth

    1. Having enough free time to read. It’s been waaaaaay too long since I’ve been able to sit down and read for hours.
    2. Riding my bike everywhere.
    3. Homemade vegan mac and “cheese” so good even my omni boyfriend can’t tell it’s not the real thing.

  • jenny b

    That video is AMAZING! I want to share it with everyone I know..
    love list:
    1. Getting to watch my brothers band the other night and him putting Rowan on stage for the entire set
    2. Today …hanging out with Wilderness Youth Project and playing in Nature
    3. My amazing family
    4. great friends

  • Annie

    I began with skepticism and I am left with “watch out for my body rolls” running through my head.

    Love list:
    1. I managed to prepare healthy meals all week long without neglecting the kidlets (3yr, 2yrs, and 2mos).
    2. We walked over 6 miles in one stretch, just because the sun was out.
    3. Our strawberry plants are blooming and we found two little green berries in the patch so far.

  • Alina S

    I am thankful for….

    1. this morning’s yoga workshop with a wonderful visiting teacher, Max Strom
    2. truly excellent Italian cooking
    3. a lifted spirit, and this space in which i can share it

  • Sayward

    I just re-read all these love lists (I read them in my email as they come in) and man, you guys make me feel soooo happy and soooooo lucky. Love this community!

    I want to give a congrats to Joselle for getting her gorgeous wedding featured in VegNews, woo-hoo! You’re a beautiful bride my dear, and that food sounds a-MAZING. Everybody, check it out!

    @ Minna – Yup, I love Vegansaurus! I retweet them more than any other site, haha. And I adore their new series with the vegan littles. Also, it makes me SO HAPPY to hear that you’re feeling better. <3

    @ sara thomas - YES! You can do it *now*, it's so true. And if you want fruit trees you can always plant them in giant pots so that you can take them with you when you do finally make it to your dream spot. Girl, I've got a lemon tree growing in my living room!

    @ Kate in SB - Oh yes, I know the glory of the Gem Sweater Gallery. ;-)

    @ Callie - I haven't posted a kimchi recipe, but I did post a sauerkraut recipe, and sauerkraut is just boring kimchi, haha. But really, kimchi is made the *exact* same way, just throw in some shredded carrots and crushed garlic and minced ginger and red pepper flakes and whatever else suits your fancy, and bam – you’ve got kimchi. To make it totally authentic sub the green cabbage out and replace it with napa cabbage. Also the video I link to in that post is a great resource for this sort of thing. Hope that helps!


    Love to everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!