the Friday Feed- . . . er, the Sat- . . . er, wait, what happened?

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Oh dear oh dear. Friday afternoon was a messy busy blur. Evening came fast and brought burritos from heaven. By nighttime I was kidnapped, taken (against my will I swear!) to my favorite martini bar, where immaculate pineapple habañero concoctions were imbibed. Bedtime came late that night.

Saturday morning I was dragged out of bed, hauled off (against my will I swear!) to the Farmers Market. It was frozen and wintery and gorgeous. There was errand running, holiday shopping, and discovery of a new dream. Then it was time to make chili and cornbread.

Today has totally gotten away from me as well. Where o where has the weekend gone? Ah well, I can’t complain about time flying from having fun. But I also can’t let the LOVE LIST slip by, as writing mine, and especially reading all of yours, is one of my very favorite parts of the week.

Better late than never!
1. super fancy shmancy martinis
2. having a *great* work week. getting a ton done.
3. homemade coconut yogurt. also, coconut milk in my coffee. and coconut oil on my cornbread. pretty much all things coconut. i should write an article about coconut already!

K, please please leave me yours!

  • erosan

    OMG! coconut milk in coffee! it continues to amaze me that you constantly make me slap my forehead in awe of simple ideas (that sound absolutely amazing) that would’ve never occured to me! I’ve gotta try that.

    My love list in no particular order:

    - I found these guys here in little Merida that sell real tea! (like lose leaves, not stuff in teabags). I am so stoked! I placed an order for some Chinese black tea (tanyang gongfu) which I absolutely loved, and they guy (since I’m a first time customer) gave me samples of 2 teas for free… one Taiwanese oolong (well, technically it is pouchong) and a 1st flush Darjeeling that I have yet to taste. I am totally geeking out on tea.
    - Cooked for friends on the weekend and food turned out great. Also, everyone had second serving.

  • Allison

    At this point my love list consists of one thing and one thing alone.

    Thursday night I leave to spend 4 whole days in Portland! OMG. So excited!

  • Elizabeth

    1. Exam week at my university. Which means after Wednesday afternoon I get 4 weeks off from school!!!
    2. Only more semester of undergrad left. I’m excited and terrified at the same time.
    3. Finding/making vegan food that my meat-eating boyfriend actually likes :)

  • Lenn

    1. Got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Built an entertainment center. Turned out beautifully.
    3. Cuddle time with fiance and my purring calico lap warmer while watching Eureka.

    Sincerely hope everyone in the world had a week as good as mine!!! Can’t stop smiling.

  • sj

    @elizabeth, how exciting for you! i hope you have fun in your last week and i’m sendingyou good vibes for all that happens after!

    lenn! exciting! omg! so happy for you!

    my list
    1. exams! omg i hate it and i love it because i’m ALLLLLmost done with this semester!
    2. we’re moving! (yes in the middle of exams!) i get out of my roach infested tiny apartment and the bf and i get to move into a HOUSE, practically ON campus, SO much closer to work, OMG excitement!
    3. once school is done and i’m moved, i’m SO looking forward to crafting! i’ve got to decorate the house for christmas (i get all of like 2 weeks to 10 days to celebrate, but whatever) i’ve got to knit several scarves, draw and paint several pictures for gifts, draw on some jeans… i’m so excited to WORK and craft!

  • Ellani

    What kind of coconut milk do you use (not brand…)? Full cream or cooking milk (usually a bit thin)…? I would love to try that, it sounds really interesting!
    1 item for the list:
    My daughters’ laughter.

  • Jade @ No Longer 25

    I recently read your feature post over at Gala Darling and I’m now a little bit obsessed with your blog!

    I love this idea, my love list for the last week would include:
    1. Snow!!
    2. Putting up my Christmas decoration
    3. Having my wee sis up to visit for the weekend and doing some Christmas crafts.

    Love coconut too, we often have left over coconut milk from our curry and I’m never sure what to do with it, other than make more thai green curry!

    Have a lovely day,

  • Meghan

    I’ll copy mine from the other post, where I repelled and posted. :-)

    1. Not having to stir my deodorant anymore! I have been using your recipe for over a year and it works great, but has always separated for me, so I’d have to stir every morning. My new house is less warm than my apartment, I guess, because it stays mixed! Woo!
    2. My mom. I think I picked her last week, but it is still true. Could not have survived the move without her!
    3. My Christmas tree! While I wouldn’t buy a fake tree new, I got one on freecycle last year, and it works well for us since we tend to travel for the holidays. Woo!

  • Meghan

    That should say rebelled, not repelled. :-P

  • Sarah

    Coconut milk caramel recipe plx? :D

    My loves …
    1. My 2yo singing to his baby brother ‘itsy bitsy pider… up… itsy bitsy pider… raaaain… itsy bitsy pider …. sun… itsy bitsy… um… gain!’ and baby brother grinning at him
    2. The smell of simmering cinnamon and cloves on the stove
    3. Warm toasty bedroom for family cuddling (and finally figuring out what space heaters are for :P)

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Everyone has such great love lists this week! So excited for everyone and their upcoming baby/marriage/travels/move/ALL of it!

    @Sarah: Here’s a recipe for coconut fleur de sel caramels I have on my to-do list for the holidays:

    @Sayward: totally on the same coconut wavelength, I’m getting ready to make a mega-batch of homemade yogurt and I make a quick faux coconut yogurt w/o cultures almost daily for my kiddo, and I actually am working on an article about the benefits of coconut *oil* specifically, so we should compare notes!

    1. Snow!
    2. Baking all. weekend. long.
    3. A happy accident in the kitchen this weekend when my daughter added coarse salt crystals to chocolate cake batter – tasted amazing.

  • Meghan

    Oh man, salt + chocolate = yaaaaay! I never thought of adding it to cake batter though!

  • Sarah

    @Monika: Ooo! I’m gonna have to try that one out! Thanks :)

  • Ginger Baker

    My love list for this week:

    1. FRIENDS. I finally got over my fear of planning a birthday gathering (I’ve been burned in the past :/) in time for my 31st. Had an AMAZING time, 20 friends, Korean food, burlesque and a bit of drinking after. Just, awesome. My favorite thing: all my wonderful friends getting to connect with each other and all the glorious friendships that seem sure to develop due to this!

    2. This morning I was rushing the kids out the door to school, into the icy frigid weather, and noticed my older one didn’t have her gloves on. With no time to go back upstairs and try to find hers, I sighed and gave her mine. Walking to school, I told her I didn’t appreciate that MY hands have to be cold because SHE did not keep track of her things (she’s seven – she knows better!) She replied “Well, at least you are a kind and loving Mommmy!” /cue heartmelt

    3. Cashew cream cheese. Just, YUM.

  • Korina

    1) My lovely, wonderful, precious Buddhist meditation community. Gathering with them over vegetarian/vegan fare and just enjoying the blessing of each other. Soaking up the silence together.
    2) Soft hunks of banana bread fresh from the oven.
    3) Kale salad marinated in ginger papaya lime dressing–YUM.
    4) My SCOBY (Scoberella) brewing atop the fridge.
    5) Frosty morning canyon runyons, the city fresh after the rain.

  • Sitara Bird

    1. Noel Night in downtown Detroit with the boy. <3
    2. Knitting so many hats! Yay happy customers!
    3. All the tea to keep me warm in the wintertime.

    Tell us more about coconut oil! I want to learn. [:

    Love & light mama.

  • Sayward

    Wow, there’s so much love and change and excitement in these comments. What exciting times! I’m so happy for all of you, in your growing families, engagements, moves, vacations, graduations, holiday excitement, or just plain enjoying your awesome lives. You all make me SO HAPPY! Thank you.

    @ erosan – Haha, yay! Glad to provide a new idea. It is DELICIOUS, the coconut milk is just sooo rich and creamy.

    Also OMG I’m so excited for you! Baby! Will you tell us when birthday comes? I’LL WANT PICTURES!!! =D

    @ Lenn – CONGRATS! Oh yay, happy happy happy. So amazing! hooray for love, truly – congratulations.

    @ Ellani – Full fat baby! I’m all about the fat, all the way. It makes all the difference in flavor and coconut medium chain fatty acids are great for you.

    @ Jade – Hello! Welcome. =)

    @ Meghan – Yes, it would be difficult t post while repelling. ;-)

    There’s actually a pretty strong environmental argument for fake trees. And getting it secondhand is pretty much as good as it gets!

    @ Sarah – Coconut caramel? Don’t know anything about that, but I wish! =D

    @ Monika – Ooh, yes lets definitely compare notes! I love coconut oil and take a spoonful every morning. How do you do the faux yogurt? That must be so great for a munchkin with all that healthy fat!

    Also, salt + chocolate is one of my favorite combos! Now I want to make salted chocolate cupcakes with fleur de sel caramel frosting!

    @ Ginger Baker – I’m totally throwing myself a b-day bash this year (my 30th!) and it feels great to know it’ll be how I really want it, for once. So glad it worked out for you!

    @ Korina – Scoberella! Love it! =D

    @ Sitara Bird – Yeah, I’m thinking an article is in order. “I Heart Coconut” on the way!

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