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November 13th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Woo-hoo weekend! Oi Oi! Thaaaank the sweetness I sure am ready for it. So give me your comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. It’s that time!

This month’s mission is all about strengthening our sense of self-worth. This TED talk (love TED!) is a little long but totally worth a watch. Thanks to Sarah for sharing it!

Love List time! I had such a wonderful week, so much better than last week. Thanks for all the well wishes guys, you totally snapped me out of it. And now, onto my list =
1. The lemon frosting that’s still on my fingers as I type this.
2. Waits is teething and it’s so sad, but it just opens my heart bigger and brighter for him. Didn’t think that was possible.
3. Cutting myself some slack, and meaning it.

K, now it’s your turn.

Hope you have the greatest weekend!

  • Rea

    Well my dear, I know this is a really difficult time for you and I just adore you all the more for your hard work for your family, your job, and this blog. It means so much that you keep it up despite all the hustle and bustle in your life, I feel so valued as a reader. Never give up! Nothing can defeat the strength of your will! Still though, give yourself a break where breaks are due!!!

    My list~
    1. The never-ending support of my partner, in spite of all the ways my current struggles with nicotine addiction try her on a personal level–she watched an aunt smoke herself to death.
    2. A truly fulfilling, mentally expanding writing project.
    3. Rediscovering horrible hair metal. *gets her guilty pleasure on*

  • Sara

    Hey everyone! I’ve been looking for fluffy vegan noodles, and all the ones I find have eggs. Any ideas? For some reason, when I google it, I get frosting hits.

    And for my love list!

    1. It’s getting cooler here in Toronto, and I love layers!
    2. Cleaning the house early on a Saturday and having the whole place smell lemony fresh (how I love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean day!)
    3. Harry Potter 7 comes out in 6 days! And you can’t tell me I’m the only one excited for this!

  • Allison

    Ok, so 2 of mine all have to do with working out and getting fit, but that’s just what I am learning about right now.
    1. Working with a personal trainer using free coupons I earned for working out (and learning things I can do by myself going forward).
    2. Free 30 day trial of BodyBugg website where I am using MATH to learn about what combination of foods give me the right proportion of fat/carb/protein.
    3. A kitchen stocked full of so much food I don’t have to even think about going to a grocery store for weeks. (But of course I will, cause I’m a foodie).

    Have a great weekend!

  • Farmingtheburbs

    1. A great blog who posts a link to a great video- one that really spoke to me.
    2. Successful weight loss
    3. Being a great mom. (That was hard to say but it felt so good)

    Today is a great day.

  • erosan

    @Allison: I’m so jealous of your #3! (and of @Farmingtheburbs #2)… wish I could have both of them in my list. Working on it though.

    1. The “looking forward to post something on this list”
    2. The book I’m currently reading “Cooking for geeks”
    3. Aching all over because of exercise. You know, the good kinda ache…

  • torie

    Reading everyone’s three is one of the best parts of beginning my weekend!
    @Sara, our #1s definitely match! And don’t worry, you’re not the only one excited for HP7!

    1. It’s finally cooling down in the desert, so scarves and hats time!!
    2. Got a sweet deal for dance lessons, so I’m going to learn some t-a-n-g-o!
    3. Finally allowing the truth to come out, when I fought so hard to keep it in… and finding out he felt the same way.

  • Squiggle

    My love list this weekend is likely to be a bit jumbled as I’m full of nervous tension! Actually I have a favour to ask of you guys; I’m currently in the process of applying to Uni for Midwifery and if you can spare a second to send some positive vibes my way that would be great! Every little helps right?

    So, my top 3:

    1) Finally getting a chance to tackle the forest that is my front yard and get to grips with my laundry pile. Nothing beats it for instant satisfaction!

    2) Being asked to be Godmum to my friends lovely little boy!

    3) Realising that I can actually afford my own place (if) I get into uni :)

    So that’s my week, hope everyone else’s has been as awesome.

    B x

  • saundra

    good thoughts to you squiggle :)

    1: cooler weather :)
    2: baking cookies and such yesterday
    3: watching movies with the cranky icky tummy kid (ate too many cookies) all morning and not having to get up and do anything else
    4: hubby getting home at a decent time today so we could have alone time during nap time

  • Sandra

    Your baby is soooo cute! Here is my list:
    1.) Getting over the flu and having a productive week.
    2.) I got the Veganomicon and Vegan Brunch this week, and I have loved everything I’ve made so far.
    3.) Having the time to drink coffee while I’m at work :)

  • Richard

    You know Waits will murder you when he’s older and see’s these pics of him in the nip right? ;)

    1: Starting my own little independant project I hope will blossem into a blog/site
    2: Actually waking up at 8am and getting up even though i have no where to go
    3: Oh picking up How it All Vegan and just loving the simple recipes in there, much easier then TPPK by judge Mcjudgey
    4: Drinking by myself (its not a crime, okay maybe a social one)

  • Sarah

    <3 bathing babies!
    1. Our new daily rhythm and breaking it :)
    2. Backyard fire pit!
    3. Husband's new job… this one is a bit mixed because it's not what he'd like to be doing, but he's so much happier when he's working. This one should just be for my *husband* in general since he's going to be working nights so he can still be the stay-at-home dad during the day. I love him!

  • Laura Louise

    Oh, I’m late. It’s Monday morning already. But I feel like I need the love list right now so here goes:
    1. Having some small hand made presents ready at home so when (not if) I forget someone’s birthday I can just grab something awesome (happened again today)
    2. My cousins. We swap our clothes and accessories and give away things we don’t wear or need anymore. Ah and I got them BOTH excited about thrifting, I’m so proud.
    3. My new mooncup. Why didn’t anyone force me to buy one sooner. Oh how I love it. It’s sooo much better than tampons and now I don’t feel so guilty of using them.

    Thank you again for making me do this! I’m probably thanking you every week but this is how I feel every time I finish this list.

  • April

    1. Showing off my chubby little 6 week old son, and proving to certain ppl that nursing vegetarian mommas can have plump healthy babies too!
    2. Listening to my 9 year old read bedtime stories to his baby brother ::melty::
    3. Finally caving in and buying a stroller. While I love wearing my baby, this mom of 4 needed a little breathing room!

  • Lee Hoffman

    Great video, great message now get out there and enjoy life ,you are perfect!!

  • Gretchen Keller

    I’m not vegan, but I am a vegetarian who sometimes goes vegan. (I love cheese *sorry). I recently hosted a Crepes Brunch for a friend’s birthday and I realized that many of the fillings were dairy-free. If only the batter was vegan… do any of you have a good vegan crepe batter recipe? Something that actually works for the consistency?

  • Gretchen Keller

    oops! i missed the love-list…

    1. vegan pho from saigon in SB when i visit
    2. listening to zach play guitar while i cook dinner
    3. falling asleep sandwiched between my man and my purring cats

  • Sarah

    @Gretchen-I just saw a crepe batter recipe on my rice milk carton this morning :P I’ve never made it, though!

    I found it here too:

  • Sara


    As well, veganomicon has a little section on crepes. It’s a great cookbook that’s vegan and I would definitely suggest it!

    Also, I would suggest giving Dr Cow or Daiya cheese a try! :)

  • Sayward

    @ Squiggle – I’ve been thinking of you and sending my super-across-the-ocean-hippie-vibes at you ever since you posted! Let us know how it goes!

    @ Richard – Haha, though I love the PPK, I totally hear ya. And I just discovered Sarah Kramer and she is AWESOME. What a truly *fun* person, right? =)

    @ Gretchen Keller – Hey lady! So I’ve never actually made crepes myself, but I do know it’s possible because there’s a rad crepe cart in my favorite pod, and the do delicious vegan crepes. So my second thought was, if anyone would be able to get a perfect crepe, it would be Isa! So I’m seconding Sara’s rec on Veganomicon. Or, if you don’t want to go out and secure the book, I would trust this site fr a solid recipe –

    Now I want crepes! =D

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    I’m jumping in so late here, but I’ve been looking forward to it all week!

    @Squiggle: Sending you lots of good hippie vibes!

    So much to love this week:

    1. I’m going home tomorrow!! I miss Chicago so much it makes my chest hurt.

    2. Seeing every single one of my half marathon trainees cross the finish line on Sunday (including one who is approaching seventy!), feeling the pride radiate from their faces and hearing them bicker over which race to do next!

    3. Coffee. Oh how I heart coffee.

  • Kate

    HOLY COW SAYWARD. I am totally realizing this about myself and then I watch this.

  • Sayward

    @ Kate – Kind of amazing, right? =)