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November 5th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Guys, please meet Harley! Harley (how could I resist that name!?), meet the Bonzai crew! As you guys may remember form last year, Thanksgiving here at HQ is all about celebrating compassion. Each year we ‘adopt’ a turkey through Farm Sanctuary. We pledge a small donation and our sponsorship helps to fund the care of these darling feathered rescues. It’s not to late to adopt your own turkey! Why not start a new tradition this Thanksgiving – one that celebrates living and giving.

And now, onto the weekend! So give me your comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. Let me have it!

Ahh, the Love List, which I’m ripe for right now. Iv’e had a rough week, with a teething baby, a sick husband, and very little time for taking care of myself. It’s so easy to slip into stressful negatives – a little recognition of life’s small treasures can help to bring things back to the positive. Mine =
1. I was sooo frustrated and ready for tears, and I buried my face in my hands. Waits started laughing hysterically – he thought we were about to play peek-a-boo! How’s that for perspective? Thanks, little dude.
2. A cookie, when you really really need it.
3. This picture of the Farm Sanctuary turkeys, enjoying their own Thanksgiving feast:

Now it’s your turn!

Have a wonderful weekend, and do something extra nice for yourself!

  • erosan

    1. Pizza. I just had a slice of deliciousness while watching the end of Avatar with my girl. (the incredibly awesome nickelodeon series, not the ‘good sfx, but sucky story’ James Cameron blockbuster)

    2. Greek great tragics: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides… Gotta love all the drama! My current learning ‘obsesion’ is greek mythology, which I loved before and am loving more the more I learn about

    3. Trying my hand at NaNoWriMo… not doing great. but considering I did not even had an idea to begin with… I’m really behind schedule, but my idea is growing, so I’m happy.

    @Sayward: I hope things get better and you enjoy your weekend. Do remember your mantra and the MMM, but more than that, remember that even though we haven’t met, there are a lot of us here cheering for you (and am sure there are a lot more there, closer to you who are also supportive). I would say that you are lucky, but you probably deserve it so it can’t be called luck.

  • Maureen Thomson

    Oh dear. I can empathize with your sucky week. Same here. Maybe it’s a Portland thing. Nah…can’t be–the weather has been too gorgeous this week. For me, business slows down’t dramatically in November and it amazes me how quickly it makes my spirits plummet and I take a long journey to the land of negative thinking–in spite of my overall business growth. You’d think I’d see it coming after 9 years! Oh yes, gifts to be happy about–that IS the topic here, no?

    1. The beautiful leaves scattered across my yard and the colorful patterns they make. Who need artwork–just look out the window!

    2. The way the house smells when pumpkin bread is baking in the oven.

    3. Hubby’s full recovery from last month’s back surgery.

    Hope everyone at your house is feeling fit as a fiddle really soon!

  • Tara

    1. Crocheted “footies” from a local orchard that are keeping my feet nice and toastie as the weather changes.

    2. Organic mint tea with a splash of lemon juice, as it is the only thing that has calmed my morning sickness.

    3. The opportunity to rest and slow down this week. Some relaxation time was most definitely needed and I am so fortunate to have had it!

    @Sayward – I love the idea of adopting a turkey through Farm Sanctuary. What a great tradition of compassion you are growing in your family! I’m so sorry you’ve had a bummer of a week. A tired and sick family can definitely take the wind out of your sails. What a perfect time though to focus on the good we’re surrounded by! <3

  • kate in sb

    Ahhh! Turkeys eating pie! So cute!

    Things that recenter me after a rough week:
    -Alone time. So necessary. Either puttering around the apt, cleaning, watching a show, Or taking a quiet walk outside.
    -Sex. If available.
    -Calling up a loved one, usually mom.

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    @Sayward: I am always floored by how well you keep things positive – never would have guessed you had a rough week. I second what erosan said – lots of us are out here cheering for you. *hug*

    Love, love, love . . .

    1. Watching the 2008 NYC marathon coverage with my kiddo last night. She was over the moon, yelling words of encouragement to Paula Radcliffe (via the tele screen) and so excited about watching the race! I met her father at the Chicago marathon, so I’m hoping a little track and field interest is in her genes.

    2. Rain. It always makes me happy, and I woke up to a lot of it (enough to cancel my training run!)

    3. MoFo!! So many participants this year from ALL OVER THE WORLD, the vegan love and comraderie is unbelievable.

  • Allison

    1. Actually sitting down last night and typing up 4(!) blog posts!
    2. A plan to actually scan the pictures I borrowed from my moms house almost a year ago.
    3. And finally my mom! In March she had been talking about maybe finding a pool where she could start to slowly work out (she was very overweight with really bad knees). I got her and I memberships to 24 hour fitness and we have been going now every week for over 7 months now! And just Thursday, I took her on her first .5 mile hike in who knows how long and she did fabulous!

    Have a great weekend and give that baby of yours lots of little kisses! He is too adorable!

  • Ria

    I’ve certainly had my own run with a not so wonderful week. My roommate and I both sick. But it is the weekend so lets give some love.

    1. The beauty of fall and how it makes the college campus look so gorgeous. I love taking pictures of it.

    2. Spending time with my friends, laughing and learning more about them. New friendships are the best.

    3. A weekend of popcorn, movies, and relaxing laziness. Hey, we owe it to ourselves, yeah?! :)

    I hope you have a much better weekend, yourself! And Harley and the other rescued turkeys are adorable! If I didn’t live in a dormitory, I’d certainly adopt!

  • Mo

    That last picture is so sweet!

  • Rebecca

    @sayward: Man, we always seem to be on the same page…I definitely was ready to slip into a few “woe is me’s” this week (not quite sure how to correctly punctuate “me’s” but I’m sure you catch my drift)

    1. Learning to, and actually saying, “no”
    2. warm weather extending into November (a first for me!)
    3. My oh-so-adorable pooch: whenever I feel like being a lazy bum and staying in bed she will oblige me…yet when I am ready to finally make my way into the land of the living she happily pounces on my face and shakes her tail. Best alarm clock–ever.

  • Meghan

    While I think that Farm Sanctuary does have animals up for actual adoption/rescue, I at least *think* that in this case it is a figurative adoption, where you pay I think $30 or $35 and get a picture of the animal and the money goes to buy their food and stuff at the sanctuary, like those organizations do with kids in far off places.

    I don’t usually do this. I probably should.
    1. Spaghetti squash seeds. I feel stupid for never thinking to roast seeds of anything but pumpkins. I ate them ALL. Well, Aaron had some. But not much.

    2. My adorable vegan boots. I asked for vegan boots for christmas one year. I really wanted like… snow boots. But my mom bought me these really-useless-in-any-kind-of-wet-weather boots, and the cool but mostly dry fall we’ve been having here is PERFECT for them.

    3. Chocolate chip cookies. Aaron made some while I was still sleeping this morning!

  • Adrienne Audrey

    I received my Bonzai calendar in the mail this morning! So fabulous! It’s going to look great hanging in my kitchen. I love the wooden backing. It’s more than just a calendar, it’s a work of art!

  • Laura Louise

    My week wasn’t particularly bad, just very very hard. And I lost my cravings for all the good foods. I only want ice cream, cookies, french fries and pickle sandwiches.
    But here goes, I will think of things I’m happy about. Thank you so much for making me do this every week!

    1. Movie night with friends (I felt so alone this week, this will surely help)
    2. Coffee + cocoa + soy cream powder mixed together. It’s caffeine, food and sugar for your brain all together. This helped me trough the week. Not only by keeping me awake but also the smell and holding a warm cup relaxes me.
    3. Japanese puzzles!

    And a 4th one just because the week was so hard:
    4. My hot gel hand warmers that I can put in my mittens.

    I feel better after writing this :)

  • Sarah

    1) Big gummy babby smiles and coos!
    2) Baby on a beanbag.
    3) Fried Okra!

  • Jeni

    @Sayward – I think the babies are plotting! Mine just cut two of his bottom ones this past week so I can sympathize with your frustrations. Any tips, tricks, or tactics to get those gums feeling better?

    1)wonderful weekend with both sets of grandparents
    2)great sunshine today
    3)yummy food!

  • Rae

    I was on the cusp of overproductivity and finally had a much-needed recharging weekend. The only thing that made me sad was coming home full of ideas and inspirations…only to wake up to Monday and work. Now I have to wait until the weekend to start my new projects!

  • Soapwalla Chef

    Ooh, I love the photo of Harley! Soapwalla’s raising funds to adopt a flock of turkeys this month. Farm Sanctuary is such a special place.

    My love list is overflowing these days. Here are just a couple:

    (1) friends who email me out of the blue to tell me they’re thinking of me,
    (2) secretly planning my girlfriend’s 40th birthday party — so fun!
    (3) my new winter coat.

  • Sayward

    @ EVERYONE – Thanks guys. =) I took really good care of myself this weekend and I’m doing much better. It feels so great to know there’s friends out there rooting for me. Thank you!

    @ Monika {windycityvegan} – I’m loving mofo too but I’m so overwhelmed by the number of blogs! Any good recs? Which are your favorites?

    @ Ria & @ Meghan – Yes! It’s just a ‘virtual adoption’ where your money sponsors their food and board. So anyone can do it! =D

    @ Adrienne Audrey – YAY!!! So glad you like it! All the feedback I’ve been getting has been so positive, I’m so thrilled!

    @ Jeni – Alas, I have no tips or tricks. We mostly use distraction. He won’t take a cold cloth and our homeopathic teething tablets got recalled! (Hylands brand) We just nurse a ton, and Damian and I do a lot of singing, dancing, silliness and other playful distraction. =)

    @ Rae – I know exactly how that feels!

    @ Soapwalla Chef – That’s so awesome that you’re sponsoring a flock! I got your package and have been having so much fun with it . . . ;-)

  • Sarah

    TEDxHouston – Brené Brown

    I thought this was relevant to this month’s theme/ mission <3 It's 20 min, but worth it!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Okay, I just posted a bunch of MoFo links but they disappeared . . . will re-post them tonight or tomorrow.

  • Kelly H.

    Love this!

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Let’s try this again – my MoFo recs thus far:

    I also check out the MoFo Headquarters round-ups (I was included in #8!):

    And even though she isn’t officially participating in MoFo, I can’t not mention my friend Celine (she’s speaking at VVCon!):

  • Monika {windycityvegan}

    Hey, I think my MoFo links are going into your ‘spam’ – I just tried to re-send my comment with all of my recommended links, and got an error message that I was posting a duplicate comment.


  • Sayward

    @ Sarah – Yay TED! Thanks for the link!

    @ Monika {windycityvegan} – Ack, sorry ’bout that. They have now been liberated from the spam folder! =D