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October 15th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

Hello Hello! First things first, another huge THANK YOU to Melissa R, for leaving a little something in my tip jar this week. All of those donations go straight back into Bonzai, so thank you so much for helping to make all this possible. It means so much to me!

And now, it’s the weekend, and of course, here on Bonzai that means comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. So let me have it!

Just a few reminders: We’re still accepting articles for guest posts! We’re also looking for people who want to write for the upcoming “My Vegan City” series. Email me info at bonzaiaphrodite dot com if you’re interested. Also, we’re still planning the Great Bonzai Seed Exchange! So remember to save some seeds!

And now the best part, our little love lists. Three things that got your heart all aflutter this week. Mine =
1. A super secret project that I can’t talk about, but that will be life changing. Eeee!!!
2. Taking the leap and committing to projects that *really* take me outside my comfort zone. Eeee!!!
3. Making Waits’ Hallowe’en costume (out of Damian’s old bike helmet). Squee!!!

Now I can’t wait to hear all yours! Wishing you the most bestest weekend!

  • Tenise Rae

    Diggin’ Waits’ highchair there momma!! Awesome! :D

  • Rebecca

    1. Cool weather one day (eek!) and then a gorgeous warm day the next (ahh!)
    2. The internet..finally sucked it up and am living up my high-speed (although my previously “free” yet slow wi-fi was greatly appreciated while it lasted.
    3. Flirting ; ) I still stink at it..but it can be fun to have your heart go aflutter..or make someone else’s!

  • Sara

    1. The possibility of a strike at my boyfriend’s university. Sounds bad, but it means he can visit early, as he lives 400km away.
    2. Good old cleaning, with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products. The lemony smell is wonderful.
    3. Boiling chickpeas today! I’ll have plenty of hummus and I want to try out chickpea cutlets! It helps to add a bay leaf while boiling so the chickpeas don’t smell the house up.

  • Sara

    By the way! I was wondering the podcasts you listen to!

  • erosan

    1. I bought a rice cooker! a bargain and it works sooo beautifully! I am a rice fan! I swear I could eat rice EVERY day, every meal.

    2. Having fun creating a list of things I’ll need before the baby arrives, as a wishlist for the baby shower that will be coming soon. (anyone here made a list he/she can share with a to-be-father?)

    3. this baby shower invitation. I want ours to be like that!

  • Elizabeth

    1. Homecoming weekend at my university. Seeing all my old friends who have already graduated is amazing.
    2. Apple cider and pumpkin donuts.
    3. Drawing and writing a book for my partner’s birthday.

  • Minna

    1. Playing with PUMPKIN! (And I’m trying all of your recipes!)
    2. Homework. No, really. I’m gonna be positive – studying/learning new things is so exciting!
    3. My awesome “classmates” (are they called ‘classmates’?) at uni =)

  • Laura Louise

    @ Minna – I think they’re usually called coursemates.

    1. Guest posts here on bonzai
    2. My new fabric wall art
    3. Listening to podcasts while showering (I’ve always hated taking showers as I’m always bored there. never again! :D)

    Also I loooove the weekly Waits!

  • Minna

    Laura Louise – thanks! I was suspecting they are, but didn’t want to risk it :D

  • farmingtheburbs

    1. a glass of wine after the kids are in bed
    2. planning my building my garden for next spring
    3. pumpkins

  • farmingtheburbs

    1. a glass of wine after the kids are in bed
    2. planning and building my garden for next spring
    3. pumpkins

  • Rea

    1. Your pumpkin pie recipe. Oh. My. Gordon.
    2. Curling up with my Nook and my sweet little dog and my girlfriend.
    3. Planning vegan, green, sustainable tactics for home living with her.

    It’s been an awesome weekend so far, here’s to hoping the same for your family. :)

  • Laura

    I am a new reader of your blog and so glad I found you! What a nice combination of topics. And I love your pumpkin recipes!

    1. Writing you an email about articles and writing about vegan options in my three cities.
    2. Working on two big projects that scare and excite me.
    3. Spending a weekend in the country house with my Dad. Love my communing time with him…it’s so rare lately!

  • Tenise Rae

    1. I love my derby team SO much. There’s honestly no words to describe the feeling….seriously.
    2. I love that Mt. Shasta has started their own derby team now.
    3. I love how my daughter repeats everything I say now…and I mean, EVERYTHING! Gotta put a damper on those F bombs mommy!! :D

  • Tenise Rae

    Oh! And @Erosan!! Congratulations!
    That baby invite is absolutely fantastic! Hope yours turns out just as cute if not better. :D

  • Meghan

    Hmmmmm… I really should participate in this more often. Lately I haven’t been in as much of a loving mood as I’d like. I should at least try to force it once a week. :-)

    1. FALL COLORS. I really love the fall. It was always my favorite season, but when I got older (and moved away from the Portland area, where winter is not so bad) I started liking fall less because I associated it too much as a barbinger or cold, dark winter. I mean, I’m all about DECEMBER. I’m not especially religious, but I love Christmas. But it’s Jan, Feb and March that really get to me. But I gotta try to get back to loving fall, it isn’t its fault that it preceeds winter!

    2. The 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques. My therapist recommended that I buy it. I haven’t gotten to the actual techniques yet, but I really like the book so far.

    3. Pumpkin muffins!!!

  • MathTutor

    Waits is seriously super handsome! He looks so healthy and happy :)

    1. Riding my bike everywhere! I only drive on the weekends now and my thighs look great =P
    2. Eating more and more vegan!
    3. Making my first batch of alt milk, took your advice and made some horchata with some good ole’ filberts :D

  • Saundra

    Waits looks so cute! What’s he eating carrots or squash?

    1: lemonade stands :) my four year old had one on Saturday and sold 4 dozen cookies and a gallon and a half of lemonade lol
    2: sleeping most of the day and watching crappy weekend movies
    3: my big cat 6 months old acting like a mommy to my new kitten 5 weeks

    Having a good weekend minus the allergies from going through 30 bagsof clothes a friend of mine had in storage for a loong time lol

  • Adrienne Audrey

    1) Getting the garden ready for spring (planted over 100 bulbs!)
    2) the BEAUTIFUL sunshine we have been having here up north
    3)Bought my pumpkin yesterday!

  • windycityvegan

    1] My husband is *this close* to finishing my first greenhouse!

    2] Doughnuts. Double chocolate glazed, to be precise. (Running out of apple cider was a happy accident!)

    3] I just found the perfect baby blanket pattern, and my best friend has a little one due early 2011. Let the knitting begin!

  • erosan

    I want to add a 4th one! After all the rave reviews, I finally watched “The happiest baby on the block” from Harvey Karp.

    OMG, if it really works as well as it seems to (and judging by the reviews it does), it should be renamed “The happiest parent on earth”.

    I firmly believe it is a must-see for every to-be-parent. And hey, if it does not work, at least it gave me a lot of confidence :P

  • Sayward

    Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was full of Farmer’s Market, pumpkin patch, hay rides, apple tasting festival, long crisp morning walks, amazing eats . . . pretty much a perfect autumn weekend!

    @ Tenise Rae – Isn’t the highchair adorable? Wish I could take credit, but it’s a hand-me-down.

    @ Sara – I am a podcasting junkie! My epic list, all available on iTunes (and of course I do not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed on these)
    Alternative Vegan
    Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
    Animal Voices (Canada, w00t!)
    Fox and the City (warning! graphic and *not* PC)
    The Moth
    NPRs Science Friday
    NZ Vegan Podcast
    Rawkin Radio
    Satisfy the Mind
    Savage Love Podcast (warning – explicit content!)
    Stumptown Vegans (Portland, w00t!)
    This American Life
    Vegan Radio
    VeganFreak (no longer updated)
    Vegetarian Food For Thought
    We Like It Raw
    WNYCs Radiolab

    Whew! Anyone got any other good recs???

    @ erosan – Love that invite! So cute! And yes, HBBOTB is an AWESOME technique. It works. It is lifesaving. Different combos work for different babes – swaddling + shushing was Waits’ cocktail. We still use shushing and it works like a charm to get him to sleep. Luck!

    ps – when is baby due?

    @ Minna – Ooh tell me how you like the recipes!

    @ Laura Louise – I’ve had a radio in my bathroom for years and years. I can’t imagine showering in silence! I’m all about the political talk radio. Makes showering so much more fun & engaging! =D

    @ Rea – Yay! So glad you liked the pumpkin pie!

    @ Saundra – Well I don’t know if he’s actually eating it, haha, but it’s sweet potato!

    Thanks everyone! Love you guys and your lovely love lists!

    For those wanting more Waits pics, I just posted these. =)

  • windycityvegan

    Sound Opinions
    Film Spotting
    The DNA Files

  • erosan

    BOL (cnet’s buzz out loud)
    TWIT (This week in technology)
    Ullrey’s C25k music podcasts
    365 Tao

    The baby is supposedly due on Jan 1st, but since it HAS to be a cesarean, it will probably be scheduled for the week of Dec 20… maybe. We’ve got an appointment with our doctor tomorrow, and I’ll ask her.

  • Sayward

    Ooh thanks for the podcasts guys!!

  • Sayward

    Oh and erosan, that’s right I remember now. =) Coming up so soon!

  • Laura Louise

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the podcast list!!! It has been hard for me to find good ones.
    The only thing I listen to is undergroundwellness, which is not exactly even vegetarian friendly but many guests of the show are really awesome. They talk about some interesting things like fluoride in your water, GMO foods, MSG, food sensitivities etc. Gets me thinking about stuff while showering :D

  • Sayward

    @ Laura Louise – Eek! Yeah, that podcast appears to be from the Traditional Foods/Weston A Price Foundation school of thought, which unfortunately is not a group organizations that I really trust (and I’ve got a lot of experience) But! I’m downloading a bunch of episodes and I’m going to give it a try. There’s usually good information to be found there, if you can get past the “Soy will kill you cancer and give your baby the gay!” and “Don’t breastfeed just feed your baby bone broth and raw milk!” craziness, haha. Ah nutrition, it’s such a terribly imperfect ‘science’ . . . ;-)