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Fun bath time for your ‘Weekly Waits’ – more here

Oi there! Oi Oi! Let me kick off the weekend right with a big ball of gratitude – an enormous triple THANK YOU to Meghan R, Melisa R, and one special little gmonkie. Each of you tickled my tip jar this week (does that sound naughty to anyone else?) and for that I say – “You Rock!” Seriously though, thank you guys so much. The support means everything to me!

Are you ready for the weekend? I’m eager for Farmer’s Market, excited for dedicated TCB, and happy that here on Bonzai it’s time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. I’d love to hear from you, regarding any thoughts you’ve had about the site.

I also want to hear about the things you love! That’s right, let’s keep the tradition alive – a mini love list just three items long (mine = 1. Autumn baby clothes are sooo much cuter omg, 2. coffee, 3. the return of petrichor) Now tell me yours!

In other news, I had another article featured on Offbeat Mama this week! It’s all about vegan pregnancy – keeping confidant and practicing positivity. Check it out!

And finally, just a little reminder that the Great Bonzai Seed Exchange is in the works, so don’t go pulling up summer plants or tossing out the fruit/veg innards, before attempting to save some seeds!

As usual, the Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time. This is your community, so get involved and have your say!

Now have the most wonderful weekend ever!

  • erosan

    1. Enjoying the Saturday. It’s just one of those days you feel great the moment you wake up…

    2. My GF just mentioned how I sort of looked slimmer today. ^_^ (yeah, guy have vanity too)

    3. I had my 2 fav paring knives sharpened… Those are the only ones I don’t sharp, because I don’t want to ruin the looks. All my other knives, I keep sharp with my stone.
    I’ve got a red and a green one.

    … in unrelated news, I’ve been craving vegetarian/vegan food lately… not that I’m considering turning vegetarian though.

  • Dana

    1. Knitting!
    2. We are visiting my parents tomorrow, we haven’t seen them in almost a year… and we are going by train (the journey over there takes almost 3 hours)so I can just keep on knitting al the way over there :-)(We don’t own a car out of principal)
    3.The byrds (the band that is)… I love their songs!

  • Rachael

    1. Sleeping in when the room is just a bit cool and you have a nice big blanket to snuggle in.
    2. A really good cup of coffee.
    3. Getting to talk to my brother one more time before he gets deployed overseas.

  • michelle

    1. a walk with my dog when there is a breeze out
    2. a nap in the middle of the day
    3. kefir with berries and granola

  • sarah

    1. This WEATHER. I know cop-out, I said this last week but it is so amazing right now…
    2. Westport Art Fair… I found one particular local artist whose work is seriously amazing.
    3. My friend David. Most of our friends are married, having kids, busy, moved away… he’s still here and ready for anything, including hanging out till 3 in the morning. Love it.

  • windycityvegan

    1. Realizing at the end of this morning’s 8 mile run (w/my 3-yr old in the jogger) that the last time I ran 8 miles, it was 2 days before I found out I was pregnant.

    2. Grilled hummus and dino kale sandwiches.

    3. Soup weather is on the horizon!

  • Elizabeth

    1. Being able to go home to surprise my little sister for her birthday.
    2. A large assortment of homegrown fruits and veggies from my grandparents
    3. and I also looooooove a good cup of coffee, any time of day

  • Catnip

    1 People who GET it and give me hope.
    2 Lazy mornings after an overnight at grandma’s that include coffee in the hot tub at, oh, around noon.
    3 Most of my housework finally getting caught up after being sick with what was probably pertussis for a month.

  • Manda

    ~Crisp Autumn Mornings!
    ~The trees changing colors
    ~Making chili and other yummy stews
    ~Sweater weather!
    ~Pumpkin EVERYTHING.

    I could go on and on. This is by far my favorite time of the year so I’m in love with all of it. :D

  • Beens

    1. The patch of mint belonging to my neighbours which has overgrown into our side of the garden – free mint tea!
    2. The endorphin rush after a good sprinting interval session
    3. Chopping vegetables with my new super sharp knife – almost no effort required, it’s divine (and makes me want to consume more vegetables which can only be A Good Thing)

  • Kathryn

    1. knowing what the word “petrichor” means and being happy that someone else uses it :D
    2. the club “veggie-might” at my college that i just joined and our vegan potluck we had today :D i made chai rice pudding! YUM.
    3. felting like a crazy person while keeping on top of my homework in an effort to make enough crafts for the student market, haha.

  • Marisa

    1. Giant pots of bubbling soup.
    2. Cooler weather = 3 snuggly cats in bed!
    3. Fall fruits at the coop, honeycrisp apples and pears!!

  • Saundra

    1 learning to knit/sew
    2 finding really good deals (ex. 3 lb bag noodles $1.50/4 lb bag chicken nuggets 2.99 ps I know I know they’re bad I’m working on it)
    3 PUMPKINS!!! Saw some for sale today sooo excited!!!

    Cool stuff man lol

  • Laura Louise

    1. Different kinds of Japanese puzzles
    2. New allergy medicine that doesn’t make me extremely depressed. It was soooo scary for a couple of days.
    3. Awesome vegan food

    I watched a TED video “weekday vegetarian”
    I think he makes some good points there. Everyone who’s not vegetarian but has thought about it has to watch it. You could even be a weekend vegetarian, if it suits you better. I love the idea.
    I’m mostly vegan myself, at least two of the main meals of the day. I’ve been thinking about all the labeling we make these days and I think it actually harms us. You can be a vegan who drinks kefir or a vegetarian who eats seafood when not at home. Make your own rules, do not give up because you can’t follow the ones someone else made.

    In other news, I started my Christmas list, which is actually a binder full of lists and drawings. I know I’m a bit nuts but I loooove Christmas and I’m making all the presents by hand so it takes time.

  • Neysa

    1 – Finding Bonzai Aphrodite! I only found your blog this week, but I’ve been reading back, and am loving every moment. It’s really making me think hard about some key aspects of my life at the moment.
    2 – The fresh spring produce that is starting to appear here in Australia.
    3 – The fresh loaf of sourdough my bf just walked in the door with!

    I wish I could participate in the seed exchange, but our Customs would have a fit! We have a local one that is amazing, now I just need a garden to play in!

  • Maureen Thomson

    1. Sitting outside on the deck w/ a glass of wine and my honey, enjoying the fall evening
    2. Sitting in bed w/ my laptop and a cup of chai tea reading blogs and the New Your Times
    3. Wondering what unexpected delights the day will bring

  • Lily

    1. working in the garden,picking tomatoes, seeds, and herbs with my husband
    2. spreading out seeds on baking pans to dry, putting dried seeds in jars; experimenting to make calendula oil, thyme oil, and peppermint oil
    3. having breakfast with my family

  • Minna

    1. delicious vegan apple pie that my boyfriend baked :)
    2. my newly decorated room!
    3. cool Autumn weather that brings refreshment

  • Jshan

    Hi Sayward Fans, I’m new here and am loving Sayward, and her fresh inspiring site. xO Sayward!

    Big ‘Smooch’ to Sayward herself who gave me permission to post here about a ‘farm’ and kitchen subject that has inspired me recently:

    Make Your Own Dehydrator

    Dehydrators are so helpful to have, especially when you grow your own crop of anything, or even just have one fruit tree that bursts with fruit once or twice a year. (Or if, like me, you harvest high quality fruit from neglected and abandoned fruit trees everywhere you go this time of year : )

    I have access to a Dehydrator where I live and am loving it – but here’s a great idea for those who don’t.

    Valerie (see Sayward’s Plum post and others who seriously long to have their own Dehydrator, but haven’t got the funds to make it happen yet: did you know you can make your own dehydrator?

    The best homemade model I’ve seen is here:

    It’s made of plywood, with re-purposed shelves from a discarded mini refrigerator (though you could purchase new or used metal ‘bakers cooling racks, or come up with your own rack idea). It’s heated with lightbulbs. (Don’t worry they are placed centrally so they won’t be a direct firehazard!) You can purchase the all-important Dehydrator Screens and Stick-Free Sheets (Paralax or Teflex brand) from most companies who sell Dehydrators. I would definitely not skimp on this – Screens and Stick-Free Sheets are the 2 parts any user will tell you you must have. Personally I would add a mini fan to this Dehydrator to get that air circulating – just the simple old fashioned metal kind (called a personal fan) you would plug in and set on your desk on a hot day.

    Unless you fancy up the exterior somehow (oh and I have ideas – scrap linoleum, contact paper, faux paint treatment), it will definitely look well, very homemade, not clean-lined and sexy as the Excalibur Dehydrator is – but it can be done! You can have your own Dehydrator made with scrap material and the cost of the parts you choose to buy.

    What a fun and empowering project! Any takers? Post if you try, okay?

    xo J

  • Rebecca

    I was JUST thinking how I wanted to create a list of things I love! (Of course, true to form, now that I have the perfect venue my memory is failing me…)
    But here are a few!
    1. Sharpies! (So odd…but I just love writing with sharpies. I could go to town all day making notes in all of my endless magazines with a rainbow of colors of that thick, seductive ink..ha ha)
    2. Magazines! Yep..I work in publishing but I still get giddy seeing bold colors and headlines that, inevitably, do not deliver..(thinner thighs in a day anyone?) but it always feels like christmas opening a magazine and seeing what little gem of information might be hiding inside.
    3. Laptop/internet…enough said, right? As one of my friends puts it the internet is my “lifeline”. I could google all day, night, and everything in between. I just loooove finding out information about any and everything.
    4. Great conversation. Perfect example: I went to visit my step-grandmother the other day for the first time in years and we spent a whole lunch discussing religion and tolerance (not any one specific belief..just religion in general and in a philosophical way). How cool is that? I loved hearing progressive ideas and thoughts from a VERY proper, German, 90-year old woman!
    5. Collecting recipes I will probably never cook/bake, but I simply relish (get it?) finding them and researching them to death. Figuring out healthy substitutions, ways to veganize or make them allergy free (all the while I have no food restrictions and am not vegan..go figure!)
    6. My dog…I got her because I was terrified of them and wanted to get over my fear. As such, I picked a breed that was known to be agreeable, calm, lapdogs. Little did I know that I’d get the spunkiest, most strong-willed King Charles Cavalier Spaniel that ever existed! And I love her for it (even when she tests my patience!)
    7. Fall…the colors, the harvest, the smells, having it be not too warm and not too cold, being able to snuggle in my comforter (with myself mind you..but nestling under blankets is the best, is it not?) Some people think fall means that cold weather is about to ensue and when everything is about to “die” before being reborn in spring. While I am NOT a fan of cold weather (living in New England for 27 years will do that to a gal), I always felt that fall was my “renewal” time. Perhaps because I associate it with the beginning of the school year and I still feel like a student at heart. I always wondered why September always felt more appropriate to me as a rebirth and then someone pointed out that many people also feel that way as it is the Jewish new year. I am 2 religions (one of which is Jewish) so that makes a lot of sense for me…but it can apply to anyone. So I have my “New Year” in September and celebrate in a calm, serene way..and leave January 1st as just another day on the calender. Works for me!
    8. Lazy days…haven’t had one in a loooong while but I love just remembering days as a teen, college student, etc with absolutely nothing to do but putter around..ahhh so nice!
    9. Pickles. Yep..I think I should end with pickles!

  • Rebecca

    Forgive my long post (previous) I just loved creating that list! Like a happy pill.

    I almost forgot 2 of my all-time favorites:
    1. Waking up and realizing you still have more time to sleep
    2. Craig Ferguson. I have a fairly off-beat sense of humor that not many people understand and, for whatever reason, even if I am in the worst funk when I listen to Craig Ferguson’s self-deprecating and ridiculous humor I always know it will brighten my day.

  • jay

    3 favs and a question:
    1) Fall cooler weather (not here yet)
    2) Cooler weather
    3) My new camera.

    Question: You used a Canon 5d for that picture at the top? And is that a 50mm prime lens? f/1.4? I have that lens on a t2i but my pics aren’t that good yet…

  • erosan

    @Rebecca: Have you tried pickling your own pickles? It’s fun and easy! And you get to chose which veggies to pickle… last time I did zuchinni and onions…

    also, that reminds me I should go research how japanese style pickling is done, I ate “japanese pickled eggplant” the other day (at least they told me it was) and I thought it was awesome! (and I don’t like eggplant that much)

  • Kate

    1. The light jazz music at the coffee shop I’m at right now

    2. My birthday just happened and I feel just SO different from a few days ago ;)

    3. AMAZING friends who took me out friday night, and then spent the day with me in gorgeous, eclectic, Jerome, AZ

  • Kate

    Also…What do you do with stuff you purchase that’s second hand that you wear to death? Ie…I murdered a pair of shoes this week. The sides are coming off, the heel is ruined (yes, I am an addict to heels…), the toe is stubbed (pointy shoes!)….what now?! I can’t justify asking a cobbler to mend shoes I bought for $7, which originally cost no more than $20, for $30.

    Thoughts? :)

  • Laura Louise

    @Kate – You could make art out of the shoes. Get a frame without glass, glue some pretty paper (or fabric) to the cardboard thing in the frame and staple or glue one of your shoe(s) in there. You could paint the shoes before, with acrylic paint.

  • Donna Mae

    Hi I am new here for about 2-3 weeks now and love the simplicity of the site. Just feeling very welcomed.
    1) Love the changing of the leaves
    2) The crispness of the air
    3) Knowing winter is right around the corner

    As much as I love summer and look forward to it I definately embrace each season to the fullest. The food changes especially :)

    I would like to hear more about the seed exchange?

  • erosan

    Oh, Oh, oh! I made my first batch of saurkraut yesterday! but I’ve never had it before, so I have no idea how is it supposed to taste, so i’ll wait for a couple of days and ask a friend of mine who happens to be german (how’s that for a plan?)

  • Kate

    @Laura – Do you have any good pictures of the idea?

  • Rachel

    1. pumpkin apple muffins I made this weekend
    2. hammock time on the porch
    3. getting back into running on a regular basis!

  • Rebecca

    @erosan – Yep yep! Have definitely made my own pickles. Sooo easy..sooo satisfying! (especially making them from fresh cucumbers from the Ithaca Farmers Market and making them in a solar-powered home that was built by hand by my friend himself..the one teaching me how to make the pickles! Ahhh..bliss. So glad my Ithaca friends are coming to visit me in lonely Colorado later this week!

  • Felicia

    I’m a bit of a lurker and it isn’t related to the post exactly but I’m feeling frustrated and isolated and hope you guys don’t mind. I just wanted to share a conversation I had yesterday. I very recently made the leap to fully vegetarian (but not really vegan, I still buy leather, silk, & wool secondhand, but baby steps, right?) and no one around me seems to ‘get it’.
    Friend 1: You don’t look so good. Are you okay?
    Me: Yeah, I think I brought a bug back from Florida or something.
    Friend 2: Maybe it’s your diet?
    Friend 1: I wonder if veganism is catching?
    Me: Yeah, it’s spreading like wildfire through the comment section on Bonzai Aphrodite.

  • Melisa

    @Felicia, it can be SO frustrating to be the only veg*n, but forums like this can make all the difference. And hurray for baby steps!

  • Sayward

    Oh man, I just love love love these little lists. You guys don’t even know (or maybe you do if you comment and then subscribe to follow-up comments) what an absolute pleasure it is to have a steady stream of shared joy trickling into your inbox all weekend. LOVE IT!

    I also love that so many of these are related to the changing of the season, particularly cooling weather and the accompanying food. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and it’s awesome so many of you share that glee!

    @ jay – Yup, that camera is Damian’s baby, and he is absolutely in lust with that lens! =D

    @ erosan and Rebecca – Yay pickles! I’ve got my first batch fermenting on the counter right now. Very excited to try them!

    @ Kate – Happy birthday!!! And, about the shoes, I think art is a great idea, as is repurposing them somehow (ie can you use the leather to mend something else? Or if they’re canvas, use that material for something?) I’ve also seen some *really* cool garden/patio art with old shoes, basically planting stuff in them – bushy plants in boots, small things like succulents in heels. =)

    @ Donna Mae – Welcome! More about the seed exchange here, with more to come soon!

    @ Felicia – I know it can be super lonely to be the only veg in the room, but stay strong remembering that you are doing the right thing! It may be tough for us at times, but it’s nothing compared to what the animals must endure. I say embrace the online veg*n community, which is HUGE and so so so supportive. Here on Bonzai, on LJ, on Facebook, on peta2, on – wherever it is that you feel most comfortable. There’s a big ‘ol loving veg*n community out there!

    I just heard something the other day that made me so happy because it’s so true. It went something like this:

    “The good news is that if you want to go vegan, there’s about 10 million people out there in the world who will literally bend over backwards to help you do it.”

    Peace All!

  • Melisa

    I realize I’m a bit late, but I just thought of something I’ve been wanting to ask. I want to re-use chemical bottles for my own homemade cleaners. How do you clean ‘em out? The one I have right now used to hold Febreeze and I want to use it for the fabric cleaner from Make Your Place.

  • Sayward

    @ Melisa – Do you think they could stand a quick boil, or would the plastic melt? I’ve never tried it, but I think that’s what I’d go for first. If not that, then a good soak in some castile soap, lots of shaking and scrubbie brushing.

    Anyone else got any ideas?