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June 5th, 2010 - filed under: Furthermore » Feedback

So . . . *ahem* . . . the Friday Feedback Forum comes to you on Saturday. See, last night Waits and I passed out directly following dinner, and didn’t so much as stir until after midnight. Whoops! Don’t know what all that was about, but I do know that it felt reeeeeally good. So the FFF is a day late – sorry!!

Check it out! Waits is a supermodel!!! Just in case you needed one more reason to love Herbivore, they were awesome enough to let the wee Mr Rebhal model their brand new baby tees! Perfect for the little vegans in your life!

And now – Oi! It’s the weekend! Time for comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. So tell me what’s on your mind, and tell me what you want to see here.

As usual, the Feedback Forum will remain here at the top of the page all weekend, so if you’ve got an idea or a question or you just want to introduce yourself and say ‘Oi!’, you can stop back by any time. This is your community, so get involved and have your say!

Hope the Saturday wraps up well for you, and your Sunday is long and lovely!


  • April

    OMG! Waits is such a little stud :)

  • Melissa

    GET YOUR SLEEP ON!!!!!!YOU GO GIRL!!!!!Sounds like little Waits is getting ready to have a growth spurt (or just coming off of one).Oh my! Those cheeks…that smile…what a handsome little man! And vegan to boot…

  • Rebecca

    Absolutely the CUTEST! So, obviously you, the hubby, and the new babe are vegans…but I have been wondering…are your dogs (or other pets) vegan as well?

  • Meghan

    HEY! I JUST saw Waits on Herbivore’s website! (I was looking for wallets to show my husband… I’m in town visiting my parents and almmmoooost bought one but decided to wait until Christmas.)

  • Richard

    +1 on rebeccas Question.
    Also do you have any other Lentil recipes your fond off, I know you have at least one but I’ve recently (and very overdue) discovered the deliciousness of Green Lentils. I’ve had them in a soup and might be making a loaf but was wondering if you have any snacks you use them for, (they don’t look stunning though cooked and probably put my family of veganism again …green grey mush …yum).
    food for thought is pretty good as well thanks for the tip.

  • Sayward

    @ April – Haha, thanks lady! Ain’t he amazing?

    @ Melissa – Girl I did and it was awwwwwesome! Thanks for understanding. And yup, he looks way bigger today (amazing how that seems to happen overnight) Definite growth spurt! Not sure what my excuse was . . .

    @ Rebecca (and Richard) – The pooches are not currently veg, but we do have plans to transition them over. I own a book on it that I need to read. I plan to make their food from scratch eventually – we’re just not there yet! The chickens are omnivorous grazers and that’s fine with me, they keep the slugs out of the yard and that’s the way nature intended them to be. =)

    @ Meghan – Hey! Hope p-town is treating you well and the rain didn’t muck up your trip too bad. This weather is ridiculous! Damian has the bike tube wallet and it’s really great – 2 thumbs up. Enjoy the Voodoo bounty! Muahaha

    @ Richard – Hmm, I don’t have any recipes specifically for green (also called French) lentils, but what immediately comes to mind is a cold salad. If you google around a bit there are bunches of variations. Most have cheese that could easily be omitted and are otherwise vegan. This might be the perfect solution for your family especially for the coming summer!

    Glad you’re liking Food For Thought, oh how I <3 her.

  • Rebecca

    Sayward: My pooch looooves veggies (for some reason she rejects blueberries which I think I can get her to enjoy by making a frozen popsicle (made with yogurt and blueberries blended up) on a hot summer day. I am sad that there is not more information on dog nutrition out there (heck…in all fairness, the info regarding human nutrition leaves much to be desired as well). I have toyed with the idea of cooking for her, but have found it a challenge to research how many calories, what types of protein, etc. Although I bet a mixture of veggies, a bit of whole grains (preferably wheat-free), and protein (for my dog that would be some sort of meat) would probably be MUCH healthier than even the “best” dry dog food, my hesitation in cooking for her (beyond $$) is that I always fear that we will be away from home and that I would then have to totally switch up her diet (=tummy trouble) and dry food is much more convenient to bring along. The funny part is that I really have no plans/reason to be on vacation or away from home. So I guess that long response brings me to…does anyone else ever find themselves planning for things “just in case” even though there is almost ZERO likelihood of them happening? Maybe that should be one of my MMM (along with SOOOO many others!)

    @ Richard (I hope I can take the liberty to respond to a fellow reader’s post!):

  • Rebecca

    ha ha..never finished before I hit submit:
    @ Richard: I recently heard of cooking beans with a piece of kombu which should give it just a hint of saltiness/umami and I am guessing it would be good with lentils as well (it also supposedly helps with the digestibility of beans…not as much a problem with lentils but still good to note).
    Also, I usually get this awesome lentil and rice “salad” at whole foods and am thinking that lentils would be a GREAT addition to a tabbouleh ! (and of course throwing them into soups)

  • erosan

    @Richard: Whenever I think lentils, I think

    1) Daal & Garam masala (Indian cuisine)
    2) Mjadrah (Lebanese cuisine)

    Neither of them are traditionally made with green lentils, but then again, I dont see why you couldn’t prepare them with green lentils.

    Oh, and both of them are actually vegan friendly: for the curry just use some oil instead of ghee(clarified butter).

    I also love the way lentil soup is prepared here in Mexico, but that is definetly not vegan. Sorry ^_^;


  • Valerie

    Since we are on the subject of dogs: I was wondering what you do to clean up you’re dogs leavings? What do you think of flush-able bags made from PVA? Here is the site I’m considering buy from

  • Rebecca

    Ok…sooo strange…I just got a package from a friend of mine who is moving to Tasmania (I know, I know) and it was literally full of baggies of dried grains, etc, including a whole bunch of green lentils!

    No note or anything..definitely the most odd package I have ever received (thought it was a birthday present…maybe it was..still bizarre) but hey, I’ll run with it

  • Becca

    Hey – you need a button so I can put a “Bonzai Aphrodite button” on my blog :) Sorry this little feedback was late. You know what it’s like with the wee ones.

  • Meghan

    I don’t mind the rain, I guess I kind of expected it. Saturday was beautiful, at least! I did bang my head really hard running to my parents van, that’ll teach me to try to avoid getting wet!

    I have come to peace with the fact that I may not finish every doughnut… I’ve definitely eaten more than $5 worth at this point, and enjoyed every bite!

  • Sayward

    @ Rebecca – My dogs love veggies too! Pretty much as long as I’m eating it, they want it. =)

    And yes, I totally do stuff like that (planning for unlikely scenarios) although I’m getting better. I also used to never wear my favorite clothes because I was ‘saving them for a special occasion’, which of course would never happen and then all these awesome clothes would just go unworn. I do that will all sorts of other stuff too. Its something I totally had to train myself out of. Ahhh, neuroses. TMI? Haha . . .

    @ Valerie – Flushing is a great idea, thanks for the website. On walks I just use repurposed plastic bags (newspaper bags from the newspaper we get even though we don’t pay for it and don’t have a subscription, grrr!!!, takeout bags, bags from frozen fruit/veg, salad mix bags, etc – there always seems to be something around!) and then toss them. Flushing would be MUCH better, and something I hadn’t really considered. Thanks for getting me interested!

    @ Becca – Great idea! I’ve been meaning to make some banners and buttons for ages. Gotta get on that . . .

    @ Meghan – I’ve always wanted to buy one of the $5 buckets. Oh man, I’m so jealous you actually did it. Donuts for daaays!!!